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The newest version is free with all options...happy sleeping!
Download SleepSense (latest version 1.6 Free)

SleepSense detects your movements during the night by using your phone's accelerometer. It keeps track of all the different phases of your sleep and attempts to wake you during a light sleep phase.

SleepSense uses an adjustable time window (e.g. 30 minutes) before the set alarm time and wake you at the optimal moment. You will feel rested and ready to start the day.

+ Alarm or Wakeup with your Accelerometer
+ View all your Sleepcycles with different Charts
+ Snooze Alarm, SleepTimer, Multiple Alarms
+ Windows Alarm, Repeat Alarm, Adjust Wakeup window
+ It's the complete Sleep and Alarm program

- Monitors your sleep cycle
- Wakes you up gently
- Alarm clock
- Multiple Alarms
- Choose Sounds
- Choose Pictures
- Run once
- Repeated Alarm
- View your Sleep cycle
- Multiple charts
- Sleeptimer closes your player
- Simple or Advanced mode
- Integrates with the windows Alarm
- Snooze alarm by shaking
- Snooze alarm by turning around
- Multiple Themes
- Multiple Languages
- Alarm/Snooze Off protected
- Limit Snoozetime
- Play videomessage to your partner to Wakeup
- Play sounds when Alarm or Snooze button pushed
- Start programs
- Automatic toggle of Internet connections/Phone/BT/Wifi/Volume
- Download option to easily install new languages or themes
On Samsung devices:
- Connect earphone to listen to music in the night..
- In the morning, the alarm sound is rerouted to the external speaker

Touch, Accelerometer

# September 2011, 1.6 It's all free
# December 2010, 1.5 Fixed links and added new License options
# December 2010, 1.4 New MarketPlace License problem with the Pro version
# Oktober 2010, 1.4 Webshop with PayPal is working
# Oktober 2010, 1.4 MarketPlace License problem solved
# Oktober 2010, 1.3 Published on MarketPlace
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18th June 2010, 02:35 PM |#2  
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Question FAQ
  1. After installing SleepSense on the Marketplace, it's still the Free version?

    Microsoft support confirmed this to be a bug at Marketplace but don't have a real solution yet.

    Send me your payment/application details and I will of course help you with a license.

    Uninstall SleepSense.

    Download and install (see link above) the 1.50 version or higher.

    Email me your payment details at: and I will of course help you with a license.

    Please, go to and show the app details of SleepSense.

    Just copy and paste it in the email, like this example below:
    Door: dVision Software B.V.
    Versie 1.3
    Website verkoper:
    4-11-2010 1:32

  2. I have a problem, can you help me with support?

    Yes, but you need to give me detailed information by sending the logfiles or I can only guess:

    > Start SleepSense
    > Choose settings
    > Choose "Use of Logfile" and set this to DETAILED.
    > Save

    > Quit SleepSense
    > Try to repeat your problem (all actions are now logged..)
    > Read below: How to send the logfiles?

  3. How to send the logfiles?
    > Start SleepSense
    > Tick on the ?
    > Scroll down and tick on the Support Email
    A zip file will be created in the ..\My Documents\SleepSense\LogFiles folder

    Please send this to

    If you can't email from your device:
    Send the zip file from the ..\My Documents\SleepSense\LogFiles folder by PC email

    If you can't create the zip file:
    > In the ..\SleepSense folder is a logfile
    > In the ..\My Documents\SleepSense\LogFiles folder too

  4. Does it work on my device?

    It will work on any Touch/Accelerometer device which can use the HTC emulator or Samsung SDK. Please try out the free version first before buying SleepSense.

    SleepSense will work with the X2 too.

    Use this link and install the cab file:

  5. It still doesn't work with on my device?

    Do you know of software that does work with your sensor? Send me a link and the name of your device and I will contact the developer to add your device in SleepSense too.

  6. How much battery power does it use?

    With the proof of concept version, the usage was about 60% on my Omnia II.

    During the new development it was around 50%

    After using a new ROM with a permanent internet connection it went up to 80%. After a lot of improving the program it was 70% and I

    thought about stopping the development for WM.

    When my phone provider had problems (in the weekend) with internet, I noticed I could use the phone longer without recharging.

    After investigating this, I found out the battery usage wasn't that high because of SleepSense but because of multitasking. When

    SleepSense is running during the night, other programs are making connections to the internet/email or updating the today screen

    with a "boring" rom/ram size..

    Use the automatic toggle switch in the "Settings" menu. Just disable "Connections" and "Wifi".

    With the following procedure SleepSense uses only 30% of battery power:
    > Start "NoData" to keep the internet connection disabled
    and 20% if you do this too:
    > Stop processes with the name of "Mortscript"

  7. Do I need the keep program running in the background?

    No, if you set a Alarm time and only activate it, you can exit the program but still will be warned when the Alarm time is reached.
    In the Home screen you will see a Clock Icon next to the time..If you see a Pause Icon next to the time, nothing is set.

    If you set a Alarm time with the sleep button, and you have set it up to "repeat every day" then when the alarm goes off, and you

    push Stop, it will set a new Alarm automatically for the next day. You don't have to stay in the program.

    Only if you want to look at the sensor readings of your sleep, or let it wake you up earlier, then you must start it yourself before

    going to sleep..

  8. When i use the "Easy" Menu, i have only the choice of an Alarm. In the "Advanced" Menue i can choose an Alarm and an Wake Up.

    Both with their own sounds, vibrations, pictures and so on. What is the difference?

    WakeUp has it's own background and sound and are used when you are woken up before the alarm goes off (when it senses movement).

    Alarm has it's own background and sound and are used when the alarm goes off.

    In simple menu mode these options are the same.

  9. What is the sleeptimer?

    The Sleeptimer can be chosen when you go to bed but want to listen to music for half an hour. You set the sleeptimer to 30 min. and

    select your music player program.

    After 30 min. SleepSense will close your music player and set video off.

  10. What is Snooze time?

    Snooze time can be chosen when the alarm goes off.

  11. What is "Sensor Adjustment"?

    Sensor adjustment is only needed if during the "Test" your phone notices movement when you are NOT moving. In the "Test" screen you

    see the values.

  12. What is "Power Usage"?

    A different Power usage is only needed when your phone keeps going into suspend mode when it should be reading the sensor. This

    option looks into the script.txt and set different registry settings.

  13. With the old Beta, when i woke up in the night, i could see the current graph of my sleep movings?

    The alarm screen isn't updated during the night to prevent usage of the battery. You can stop the alarm, view the chart and restart

    the alarm. It will ask you "add to readings".

  14. Can I add my own alarm or wakeup sounds? own pictures?

    Yes, SleepSense looks also into the ..\My Documents\My RingTones and ..\My Documents\My Pictures

    The old alarms were copyright protected but you can buy them at and copy the new files to

    ..\SleepSense\Sounds\WakeUp or ..\SleepSense\Sounds\Alarm

  15. Can I set the wake up sounds to start playing a few minutes before alarm time

    If you set up a soundlevel of 80% it will increase to that level.

  16. What criteria does it use to decide what sleep cycle you are in?

    It's movement. The trick is the math done with this sensor data.

  17. How to interpret the sleep chart?

    If you view your chart you can choose 3 patterns >Menu>Chart>Wakeup, Sleep or Sensor.

    A few movements (spikes) can make the chart look like you slept 3 times but this not true. They were spikes and should not be seen

    as being awake. That is why there are 3 patterns to look at. In a real lab they have more sensors and sensortypes to use.

    When a new chart is created, the previous days average and time are used for the new chart. If you remove an average from a chart

    the next day it start with a new average.

  18. Do I need to set all the options again with every update?

    Most of the time you can save the file \Applications Data\SleepSense\Settings.xml before installing an update

    Your charts are still located It ..\My Documents\SleepSense

  19. I was not woken up this morning during the famous « 30 minute phase », I was woken up by the alarm. Did I do something wrong?

    BTW attached are my logfiles..

    Your logfiles show no errors, that’s is good, but the logfile shows a kind of "all or nothing" sensor.

    10-06-23 00:08:00:SleepSense:621059522: 00101:X=-0,412 Y=-0,088 Z= 9,594 M=7 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:00:SleepSense:621059522: 00102:X=-0,176 Y=-0,088 Z= 9,565 M=1 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:00:SleepSense:621059522: 00103:X=-0,176 Y=-0,186 Z= 9,594 M=5 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:00:SleepSense:621059522: 00104:X=-0,176 Y=-0,039 Z= 9,594 M=8 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:00:SleepSense:621059522: 00105:X=-0,363 Y=-0,088 Z= 9,565 M=0 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:00:SleepSense:621059522: 00106:X=-0,461 Y=-0,010 Z= 9,535 M=11 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:01:SleepSense:621059522: Device: POWER_STATE_ON-POWER_FORCE
    10-06-23 00:08:01:SleepSense:621059522: 00107:X=-0,333 Y=-0,088 Z= 9,565 M=9 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:01:SleepSense:621059522: 00108:X=-0,363 Y=-0,186 Z= 9,771 M=11 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:01:SleepSense:621059522: 00109:X=-0,382 Y=-0,186 Z= 9,565 M=18 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:01:SleepSense:621059522: 00110:X=-0,078 Y=-0,010 Z= 9,565 M=9 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:01:SleepSense:621059522: 00111:X=-0,333 Y=-0,186 Z= 9,584 M=7 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:02:SleepSense:621059522: Device: POWER_STATE_ON-POWER_FORCE
    10-06-23 00:08:02:SleepSense:621059522: 00112:X=-0,363 Y=-0,039 Z= 9,565 M=5 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:02:SleepSense:621059522: 00113:X=-0,284 Y=-0,088 Z= 9,663 M=2 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:02:SleepSense:621059522: 00114:X=-0,363 Y= 0,000 Z= 9,584 M=5 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:02:SleepSense:621059522: 00115:X=-0,363 Y= 0,000 Z= 9,584 M=5 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:02:SleepSense:621059522: 00116:X=-0,363 Y=-0,186 Z= 9,565 M=5 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:02:SleepSense:621059522: 00117:X=-0,363 Y=-0,186 Z= 9,565 M=12 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:03:SleepSense:621059522: Device: POWER_STATE_ON-POWER_FORCE
    10-06-23 00:08:03:SleepSense:621059522: 00118:X=-0,559 Y=-0,186 Z= 9,565 M=22 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:03:SleepSense:621059522: 00119:X=-0,363 Y=-0,039 Z= 9,555 M=13 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:03:SleepSense:621059522: 00120:X=-0,363 Y=-0,039 Z= 9,565 M=7 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:03:SleepSense:621059522: 00121:X=-0,363 Y=-0,039 Z= 9,663 M=5 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:03:SleepSense:621059522: 00122:X=-0,363 Y=-0,088 Z= 9,565 M=3 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:03:SleepSense:621059522: 00123:X=-0,353 Y=-0,088 Z= 9,663 M=2 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:04:SleepSense:621059522: 00124:X=-0,186 Y=-0,088 Z= 9,565 M=12 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:04:SleepSense:621059522: Device: POWER_STATE_ON-POWER_FORCE
    10-06-23 00:08:04:SleepSense:621059522: 00125:X=-0,363 Y=-0,088 Z= 9,565 M=10 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:04:SleepSense:621059522: 00126:X=-0,392 Y=-0,039 Z= 9,663 M=1 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:04:SleepSense:621059522: 00127:X=-0,333 Y=-0,088 Z= 9,535 M=1 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:04:SleepSense:621059522: 00128:X=-0,363 Y=-0,186 Z= 9,555 M=7 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:04:SleepSense:621059522: 00129:X=-0,382 Y=-0,039 Z= 9,565 M=6 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:04:SleepSense:621059522: 00130:X=-0,363 Y=-0,010 Z= 9,565 M=2 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:05:SleepSense:621059522: Device: POWER_STATE_ON-POWER_FORCE
    10-06-23 00:08:05:SleepSense:621059522: 00131:X=-0,363 Y=-0,010 Z= 9,565 M=5 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:05:SleepSense:621059522: 00132:X=-0,353 Y=-0,088 Z= 9,584 M=0 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:05:SleepSense:621059522: 00133:X=-0,363 Y=-0,039 Z= 9,486 M=0 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:05:SleepSense:621059522: 00134:X=-0,363 Y=-0,186 Z= 9,565 M=4 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:05:SleepSense:621059522: 00135:X=-0,412 Y=-0,088 Z= 9,565 M=8 P=5000 E=Timeout
    10-06-23 00:08:06:SleepSense:621059522: 00136:X=-0,363 Y=-0,186 Z= 9,565 M=7 P=5000 E=Timeout

    The M= values are almost never above 22. I guess it didn’t sound a lot during the test?

    If you look at the chart you’ll see that 30 minutes before the alarm, there is a spike en between 8:00 and 8:30 nothing. SleepSense

    looks for your last sleep cycle before 8:00 and will wake you up if between 8:00/8:30 is notices a new sleep cycle.

    You can change the wakeup period to 60 minutes. In your case it would have woken you up at 8:03.

  20. I made some test with the position of my HD2. When I lay it down near my head, it doesn´t react. When I lay it near my chest

    it is better, but not much. I still think the sensor sensivity is too low, for some mattresses especially mine.

    For those with an HD2 and a hard mattrace: Go to the advanced mode an turn down the sensor sensivity to 8,7 or 6 then it will work


  21. When viewing charts and using the Previous and Next buttons on the top of the screen to cycle through the available data, it

    seems like when going to a previous day, SleepSense selects a different type of Graph. I.e. when I'm looking at today's data in

    Sleep View, when hitting Previous it shows me yesterday's data in Sensor view. When hitting Previous again, it's shows me the data

    from the day before yesterday but in WakeUp view. Is it a bug (or a feature )?

    It's a feature . Every day a chart is created with the option "Sleep". If you choose "Sensor" the "Sleep" chart is removed and is

    overwritten with the "Sensor" chart.

    The Xml and Chart are saved with the Alarmdate in the filename. This is only problematic if you set an alarm twice one day.

  22. Furthermore, about the charts: I understand what I'm looking at when looking at the Sensor graph, but can you explain me the

    WakeUp and Sleep charts some more? What am I looking at?

    I think the "WakeUp" option will be removed in a later version. It gives the developer info if its time to wake you up.

    "Sleep" is based on the sensor readings but then spikes and other noise is removed.

  23. Last, but not least, a feature request: It would be nice if SleepSense remembered the Detailed and Color view ticked when

    shutting SleepSense down and opening it the next time.

    In the advanced settings there is a field: DefaultChart: "WakeUp,=Sleep,Sensor,Detailed,Colors";
    Change it to:
    DefaultChart: "WakeUp,=Sleep,Sensor,=Detailed,=Colors";

  24. Furthermore I would really like to see some more detailed statistics like the approx amount of hours of sleep last week, month

    and so on...

    When a new chart is created, the previous days average and time are used for the new chart. If you remove an average from a chart

    the next day it start with a new average.

  25. Aaaaaah!!! How do you turn the alarm off?

    Normally with the Stop button!

  26. It seems the program stopped before it could turn of the alarm.

    It will keep reminding you of this because in it's settings the alarm still exist..
    > Could you copy and save the file \\Application data\SleepSense\Settings.xml
    > After this delete it
    > Reboot and the Alarm will stop
    > Start SleepSense
    > Click on ?
    > Click on support email and send it to me + the above file

    Please send me the logfiles!

  27. The Default-Alarm-sounds are very loud. I think, the Wakeup-sounds should be available also as Alarm-sounds as default.

    If you copy the ..\SleepSense\Sounds\WakeUp files to the ..\SleepSense\Sounds\Alarm folder you will then see them on the list.

  28. I'm woken up by the wakeup sound, what to do next.

    If the wakeup sound plays, you can choose >Menu>WakeUp>Off and continue sleeping or >Menu>Stop.

    The snooze option is only for extending the alarm time.

    If you turn the device around during the wakeup sound, you can sleep and the alarm will continue to sound.

    You can disable the Snooze With Movement functionality through the advanced Settings page.

  29. What does Power Level 1-3 mean?

    Depending on this level other registry settings in script.txt are set/unset. Only needed if you have problems with auto suspend


  30. What's the meaning of "Vibrate LedNo"?

    If you have trouble with vibration you can manually choose an ID.

  31. Remove spikes?

    Again only when you have problems with the sensitivity, you need to change this.

  32. Sensor sensivity?

    Some sensors are not sensitive enough and you need to adjust the value. In test mode you can see which value you need.

  33. ..Please make a less-limited version so I can at least get a chance to try this...

    Yes, it's changed. The Free version will ask if you want to save the sleepsense data once. You can bypass this.

    If you save the folder ..\My Documents\SleepSense and reinstall SleepSense you can try it out again.

  34. It would be nice, when I install the SleepSense on the sd-card, that all data will be stored there.

    You can use a program "Advanced Configuration Tool" to change the location of My documents to the sd-card. But I have implemented in

    "Advanced Settings" a "My Documents" location setting.

    \Storage Card
    \My Storage\Documents

    Some logs will be created in the default My Documents but you can move ..\My Documents\SleepSense to \Storage Card\SleepSense

  35. How to translate? Do you need a translator?

    Yes, please, translators will get a free copy of SleepSense

    Open a SleepSense log file from the ..\My Documents\SleepSense\LogFiles and search for line starting with:
    "CurrentCulture:". In my dutch language the CurrentCulture is "nl-NL".

    In the ..\Program Files\SleepSense folder you can find the original "Language.xml". With the free "Firstobject XML Editor" you can

    edit it.

    Download and Install the editor from

    Copy the file "Language.xml" to your desktop.

    Open it with the XML Editor and press F8 to see all texts.

    Save it as "Language_nl-NL.xml"

    Do NOT translate parts of text between {}.

    Copy the file back to ..\Program Files\SleepSense and select the language from within SleepSense.

    After a few days, reply to this topic and add the file "Language_nl-NL.xml" as an attachment. This way others can download it.

    After a few weeks send me an email and I will add it into SleepSense as a automatic download option.

  36. When you start the alarm, and you choose a sleep timer, the 30 minute timer ADDS 30 minutes to the sleep time, it doesnt

    change it to 30 minutes. (the 5 15 20 minute ones change to the appropriate time)

    This is a feature There is logic in it. This way you can setup a Sleeptimer of 3 hours.

  37. When you use the directional pad to move, the time in the top box will jump around.

    Again it's a feature This way you can see if the Accelorometer is ON.

  38. Will the market place be the only place to purchase the application or will you set up a let’s say website for purchases, you

    know for people who cannot access the market place one way or another

    For my day job I develop in Dynamics NAV aka Navision. We are developing a webshop with NopCommerce in combination with Navision and

    will use this to sell SleepSense too as a demonstration site. But this will take sometime.

  39. Also what will the purchase entitle us to? I mean with some purchases you get the indefinite free updates on the upcoming

    versions and with some other charge you for an upgrade, which one yours will be.

    I think most of the updates will be for version 1.xx and they are included. I don't think MarketPlace has an option to use updates

    or newer versions.

  40. Will there be others versions?

    Yes, I will create an Android and iPhone version. The Windows Phone 7 version is for 65% finished. I'm waiting for a WP7 device.

    I have saved all the tips and hints in this topic and will develop some as a separate option or include them later on.

  41. Only one thing I do not like, when STOP is chosen, phone is going into suspend, and I need to switch it on and unlock. Then

    its still in Sleepsense and then another STOP is closing app.

    In >Settings>Advanced Settings you can change the value of "VideoOffAtAlarmStop" to false;

  42. What is the "toggle" option? Wifi, Sound, Internet connection, etc.

    In the start screen and clock screen, you have an toggle option in the menu. >menu>Toggle>..
    You can see this as a "direct toggle" switch on/off

    In the settings you have an option "auto toggle" which will work during start/end sleep.[/B]

  43. What is "Alarm/Snooze Off protected"?

    There are 2 new protections in the settings:

    "Maximum snooze time"
    Hoe much snooze minutes can you use..

    "Questions at Alarm"
    If you set this to 2 then when the alarm goes off you cannot use the snooze or alarm button until you have answered 2 sums. etc.

  44. What is "Connect earphone to listen to music in the night..In the morning, the alarm sound is rerouted to the external


    At this moment it's working on the samsung audio driver.

    You can try it out directly:
    > Play some music
    > Connect Earjack
    (you only hear music through the earphone)

    > Start SleepSense
    > Choose >Menu>Toggle>Speaker

  45. While in sleep, I went to >Menu->Sleeptimer->application and that is empty. If I wanted to use window media player to play

    music until the sleep timer times out, how do I do this?

    Start your media player. Now you can select it with >Menu->Sleeptimer->Application

  46. When running, I hit menu->stop and it kills the program, is this supposed to be the same as exit? I expected it to just turn

    off the alarm and potentially bring me back to the home page. If exiting is the expected behavior can you just rename it to exit?

    When the alarm is active the "Stop menu item" stops the alarm and exits.
    The "Home menu item" stops the alarm too but returns you the the Home page.

  47. It happens quite often that I can't start the advanced settings. Instead the program is immediately terminated. Then I have to

    restart the phone to get into the advanced settings.

    Yes, for this you need a lot of memory. I never intended to edit the xml directly but at request I created advanced settings. There

    are just to much settings..

    You can edit the settings too with a XML Editor.

  48. But the View chart >Menu>"Color" seems to do nothing here...

    >Menu>Color and >Menu>Detailed are menuitems to toggle settings On/Off. After this you need to recreate the chart with Wakeup data,

    Sleep data or Sensor data.

  49. Can you explain what "Pick up Timeout" is?

    When you pickup the phone. The sensors are paused for .. minutes and whatever movement you make, it is regarded as "awake".

  50. Can you explain what SleepTimer is?

    With this you can go to sleep while listening to your media player. In the same menu you can select an already running program and

    the timer. When the timer is up it will stop/close the program.[/B]

  51. Can I only buy from MarketPlace?

    No, before the end of october there will be a Website too with Paypal.

  52. How to install the license?

    The MarketPlace license is installed automatically by the MarketPlace program. When you buy a SleepSense license from our website you received a license number. If you bought it somewhere else, we will confirm this by sending you details of how to get the LicenseNo:
    > Start SleepSense
    > Choose "Settings"
    > Change "Interface" to "Advanced"
    > Choose "License"

    If you know your LicenseNo, then Respond "CANCEL" to the question "View at Marketplace"

    If you do NOT know your LicenseNo, then Respond "NO" to the question "View at Marketplace"

    > Remove the text "Type in..." and type in the LicenseNo.

    The website license is based on your mobiles "Owner Name". You can find it by going to >Start>Settings>Personal Information

    If you still can't find it follow:
    - How to ..Owner..
    - How to ..Mobile..
    - How to ..HD2..

  53. Do you allow refunds?

    You can send me an email if you used the wrong owner information and you can try out the Free version before buying. No need for refunds I think.
18th June 2010, 02:35 PM |#3  
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Change the language.
If your device has a internet connection you can install a new language from within SleepSense:
> Start SleepSense
> Choose "Settings"
> Choose "Language"
> Choose Download
> Select a new language

You can do this manually too by downloading a language from here:

> Download the language zip file
> Unzip to ..\Program Files\SleepSense
> Start SleepSense
> Choose "Settings"
> Choose "Language"
> Select the language

Screenshot: Hardy's Theme

Change a theme.
If your device has a internet connection you can install a new theme from within SleepSense:
> Start SleepSense
> Choose "Settings"
> Change "Interface" to "Advanced"
> Choose Save
> Choose "Alarm at .."
> Select "Theme"
> Choose Download
> Select a new theme

You can do this manually too by downloading a theme from here:

> Download the themes zip file
> Unzip to ..\Program Files\SleepSense\Themes
> Start SleepSense
> Choose "Alarm at .."
> Select "Theme"
> Select a new theme

You need to set a theme for every alarm.
18th June 2010, 03:03 PM |#4  
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Hi Eric,

Downloaded and will give it a shot. The pics look great.
18th June 2010, 07:23 PM |#5  
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OMG Nice work my friend i have SLEEP APNEA so this will be very usefull to me thanks
18th June 2010, 08:12 PM |#6  
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Thanks so much. have been looking for a program like this and had tried the previous beta. The UI looks awesome.

thanks once again.

18th June 2010, 10:09 PM |#7  
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Hi Eric,

thank you so much for your great looking new Beta!
I have used the "old" Beta for nearly two months on my HTC HD2 and i loved this App very much.

Yesterday i downloaded your .4-Version and tried it last night. Here my experiences, issues and Questions.

When you start first time, a licencetext comes. This window is not scrollable at the HD2. So i can't read all.
When i use the "Easy" Menue, i have only the choice of an Alarm. In the "Advanced" Menue i can choose an Alarm and an Wake Up. Both with theyr own sounds, vibrations, pictures and so on. What is the difference? It should be explained in the programm (maybe a tooltip?).
Also some other functions are not selfexplaining (I hope, this word exists. Sorry for my bad english). For example, how works the Snooze, what is the Pic up Timeout, the Vibrate LedNo, how to set the Sensor Adjustmemt or the Power Usage and some more.
It would be nice, if the chart graphic would be bigger (fit the screensize). At a 800x480 display it looks really small.
With the old Beta, when i woke up in the night, i could see the current graph of my sleep movings. Would you implement this nice feature again into the "sleepscreen" please?
When i woke up this morning, it was due the Alarm-Sound. Not the Wake up-Sound. I was unable to deactivate the alarm. After every Stop the screen went black and after 3 secounds the Alarm started again. After some trys i did a softreset but after the restart the Alarm started again. I stopped the application with the taskmanager and did a new softreset. But the Alarm came again after the restart. So i stopped it again due the TM and uninstalled the app.
Tonigt i try your new .5 Beta and can say you the result tomorrow.

Thats all my Thougts at the Moment.
Thank you agaim for your energy, time and motivation! This app goes to be a real SuperApp!

Many greetings
20th June 2010, 05:49 PM |#8  
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wow [pretty cool
21st June 2010, 08:31 AM |#9  
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This is a great app you developed. Keep up the good work. But after beeing woken pretty radical this morning I would like to make a few suggestions.

It would be great if you could:
-add other alarm sounds than those implemented. For example an mp3 file of your favorite song.
-set the wake up sounds to start playing a few minutes before alarm time if you are still in deep sleep. That way you are eased out of your deep sleep a little more gently, than the alarm sound does it. (I was pretty startled this morning, when the alarm sounded)
-set the display to light up in bright white before alarm time. For me beeing eased out of deep sleep by a little light has proven a very great start into my day. At home I use a "Light Alarm clock".

Keep up the good work and I hope you can implement my suggestions.
21st June 2010, 08:53 AM |#10  
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Just to let you know i am on a HTC HD2 with the latest HTC ROM and this worked perfectly.

Thank you very much for this app, stopped me thinking about getting an iphone.
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