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By digitalhigh, Inactive Recognized Developer on 13th April 2014, 06:45 PM
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Announcement from digitalhigh: Lollipop GPE for All HTC M8 Carriers
Team "Brown Eye Winking" Presents:
Digitalhigh GPE - The ORIGINAL GPE for HTC M8
(often imitated, never duplicated!)


If this is your first time visiting, please be sure to read this and post #2 THOROUGHLY, as I have tried to address many common issues and questions in them. If you ask a question that is addressed here, you will most certainly get a facepalm meme aimed directly at you.

Hi! I'm Digitalhigh, and welcome.

What is this ROM?

This ROM is a mostly vanilla port of the International 5.1 Google Play Edition ROM for the HTC M8 with minimal modification and tweaks. GPE Roms are similar to AOSP in that they are lacking in the custom "skin" that OEM's like HTC and Samsung's respective Sense and Touchwiz use. However, unlike pure source-built ROMS, GPE contains certain features found in OEM ROM's. Specifically, this GPE supports boomsound, motion launch gestures, and the Duo FX camera.

What makes this ROM somewhat unique is that the installation process has been meticulously designed to be incredibly modular and allow for as much or as little customization as desired. Aside from the changes needed to make it work on Sprint and Verizon and updates to Google applications and frameworks, it is possible to install a nearly 100% stock GPE ROM. On the other hand, it's entirely possible to tailor nearly every element of the ROM's applications and performance variables.

In short, it's like an erector set for flashaholics who want some Sense in their Cyanogenmod...or maybe the other way round.

Stock Features:

Android Version: 5.1 release-keys (GPE LMY47O.H9)
Stagefright patched!
Multicarrier Support - Tested and confirmed working on Sprint, VZW, Telos, and most GSM M8's.
Built from 100% Stock/OTA base
HTC Duo Camera support
HTC Dot View Case support
Motion Launch Gesture support
Working IR Blaster

Additional (Non-Stock) Features:

Special Sensify Xposed module designed for HTC Theme Integration, as well as stand-alone ability to theme SystemUI and Settings elements (more WIP)
F2FS support via Elite and Beyondstock kernels for /cache, /data, and /system partitions
System/google apps ALWAYS up to date
Integrated OTA support
Latest busybox and SuperSU binaries
ADB Debugging enabled by default
Init.d and Su.d script support on boot to optimize system performance
Cast to Screen enabled
HTC TV App replaced with Peel TV Remote (IR Blaster)
Permissive SELinux

Optional Features:

Mega-Adblocking script - never see another banner ad again
Increased photo and video capture quality
Modpack lite - Custom-designed Advanced Power Menu, Fully working Ambient Display, App Ops
Sense 7 Blinkfeed
Sense 7 Browser
Sense 7 File Manager
Sense 7 Keyboard
Sense 7 Calendar
Sense 7 Music Player
HTC Dotbreaker app
HTC Dot Design App
Security-disabled exchange
Xposed 5.1, Xhangouts, Gravitybox
Optional Google Messenger App
Greenify Battery monitor
Chronus Clock Widget
GSAM Battery stats
Viper4Android Audio Mod
ProjectEra Sound Mod
Select from two different kernels

Made "stock" gapps Uninstallable:



Aroma Installer:

Carrier Selection - One ROM to rule them ALL!
Wipe options - Clean or dirty flash.
Material Themed - Changes color to match your carrier.
Extra app Options
Selectable, configurable sound mod options
Kernel Chooser
Remembers your settings, uses them in future installs!


Shouldn't be any.

How to Install:

A. Update your device to the latest firmware for your carrier. Google it.

1. Download.
2. Put on SDCard
3. Launch Installer (i.e - OPEN ROM .ZIP WITH YOUR RECOVERY)
4. Select full wipe for initial flash, dirty if you're brave. (Mileage May vary)(<-That means if dirty flash doesn't work, don't ask about it, just do a clean flash)
5. Select your carrier.
6. Pick apps.
7. Flash.
8. Choose whether to reboot. If you're using MultiROM, don't select the reboot option, as recovery needs to update your kernel.
9. ????
10. PROFIT!!!



5.1 Version:
MD5: 0031b058f03bf14fc2684f937adddaa8

5.0.1 Version (Final):
MD5: 5d3a74ce24382f7c58269a1f272f9856





Updated to version LMY47O.H10
Remove init.d folder, replace with su.d
Modification of fstab mounting for /data on F2FS
Updated sprint settings, binaries.  Hopefully helps with data connectivity/handoff
Added "material-designed" Xposed app
Updated Sensify Module - now handles downloading of Sense apps (and MOAR)
Updated Messenger App
Updated multiple gapps past stock H10 release
Updated HTC Service pack
Added proper-size Marshmallow boot animation
Added Marshmallow Google home app (uses M wallpapers)
Added two additional, unrelease but "official" Marshmallow wallpapers :D
Add extra Xposed Modules (crappalinks, mobileradioactivefix, nodevicecheck, youtube ad away, and minmin guard)
Modpack lite updated to latest version

Re-vamped Aroma installer:
Add "stock" install option - gives a 95% pure stock GPE install
Re-add wipe/dirty flash options
Complete sectional overhaul
Better mounting of f2fs on install
(temporarily) removed reboot after install option
Remove some Sense Apps
Gapp options now REMOVE gapps, not add them.
Re-do sound options

Updated ROM base to LMY47O.H9, now Stagefright patched (Build 666666? Hell yeah.)

Newest Elite Kernel

Added Android M Boot animation
Added Android M System sounds
Added Android M Fonts
Added Android pay APK (To set up, you must NOT have Xposed installed, and SuperSU HAS TO BE DISABLED).

Added beta version of Sensify module

Updated themes for Aroma
Cleanup of unused/unneeded Aroma items
Remove "install gapps to data" option in Aroma.

Updated CM12 AudioFX App
Updated Gapps:

Google App
News & Weather
Play Games
Play Services

Updated "Other" Apps:
Peel Smart Remote
Sensify Xposed
Xposed (v74)

Updated HTC Apps:



Installed Xposed Modules now activated on first-boot, no need to reboot to enable them. 
Fixed reboot to recovery!!
Updated Xposed to Romracer V68
Updated Sense Home, Camera, Gallery, HTC Weather, HTC Calendar, HTC Keyboard
Added HTC OneGallery, Zoe Editor app to camera packages.
Added latest English predictions for HTC Gallery.
Added DLNA addon for HTC Music.
Updated Books, News/weather Widget, Play Services, Play Store, Keep, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google App
Updated Pushbullet, Greenify
Sensify module auto-installed with HTC Apps that need them
Updated Sensify Module to v. 2.1, includes the following new features:
- Support for HTC IME
- Rotation mod for Sense home
- Fixes for HTC FB Addon
- Improved logging
- FIxes for theme picker, themes
Rebased on GPE LMY47O.H6 (That OTA update people have been reporting)
Fixed Elite kernel to use proper dtb.img (full frequencies)
Updated Beyondstock kernel to latest version
All kernels have Zram disabled - improves performance and battery life
Included features of Android M (New Launcher, Photos app, Gcamera, system sounds) - Breaks "OK Google" Detection
Set GPS mode to "UMTS" in GPS.conf.  This is now identical to the config file that's been posted in the thread, and should purportedly fix GPS lock issues
Removed full modpack until Lyapota can update to the new base (too many framework changes)
Updated busybox to latest version, fixed installation errors
Updated a buttload of apps for the billionth time

Google Keyboard
Google Play Services
Google TTS
Peel Smart Remote
Play Store

Extensive overhaul of updater-script and permissions for apps installed to /data
Sprint SMS fixed
Updated the following apps:

News & Weahter
Xposed Alpha
Fixed superCID issue for VZW users
Add /system support for F2FS
Added beyondstock kernel
Added binaries for full F2FS support
Re-add trusted faces support
Add lyapota's modpack as an optional install
Add digitalhacks control app for modpack
God is that boot animation sexy

Updated SuperSU

Updated Gapps:
Google app
Google Services Framework
Google Calendar

Update to 5.1 GPE
Add F2FS support for /cache and /data partitions (needs Elite kernel)
VZW users shouldn't need superCID to boot (fix from 5.1 beta)
Add alpha 5.1 Xposed support
Revert to Sense6 Gallery to fix FC's with Sense7
Revert to vanilla systemUI and Settings 
Tons of updates to Gapps past standard 5.1 OTA

Added deepdark theme by @Moelle
Updated Xposed to v2alpha
Added working Blinkfeed apps
Fixed "backup/restore of aroma settings" in installer

Fixed MMS for VZW users (removed adblock entry)
Updated CM12 Apps to 3/5 versions
Updated Hangouts
Updated Youtube
Modification of Xposed installer to match install appearance
Removed some unneeded files from SenseCamera install
Updated CalendarGoogle to fix "can't launch this app" issues (reported with Root Explorer)
Removed some unneeded files from /system/customize
Extra permission added to etc/permissions/platform.xml (might help some Sense apps)
Updated VZW framework-res to use latest apns and antenna settings (data improvement?)

Update Google Play Services to v7.0.87
Update TalkBack to v4.1.0
Update Youtube to v10.08.53
Update Drive to v2.
Update Play Store to v5.3.5
Update Hangouts to v30.087531466
Update Cloud Print to v1.16b
Update Google App to v4.2.16.87075793
Update Calendar to v5.1-1739691

Update MOAB adblock script to 2/10 version

Added script to su.d folder for Xposed
Added CM12 Sound recorder as optional app

From @loserskater - 

Double tap lock screen to sleep 
Hide search bar in recents 
Hide & and move clear all button in recents 
Ambient display options 
Heads up display swipe option -left = dismiss, right = background 
Add left option to one finger QS pulldown 
Add new QS tiles 
Auto hide QS panel on tile toggle 
Fix center clock not animating when using ticker 
Fix volume link toggle not updating 
Fix flashlight tile disappearing 
Update CM apps 
Fixed AppOps (now uses built in files instead of app) 
Update busybox to 1.23.1 
Update aroma binary to 3.00b1

Updated Google Docs/Sheets/Slides
Removed Google Photos - Comes with Plus Now
Updated Chronus
Fixed themed calculator not showing up.
Removed Unused Blinkfeed apps (for now)
Updated Viper4Android
Merged build.prop - using separate carrier properties copied on install
Updated to latest Aroma
Added framework for backup of Aroma settings (not working currently)
Updated SuperSU
Moved HP Print Plugin to data/app, should fix it
Added PIE-independent FSTRIM on boot
Update internal networking stuff to match Sense better
Added Su.d support
Moar Narwhal
Updated Google Play Services, HTC Service Pack, HTC TV, Google Play Store, and Google Search
Moar features from @loserskater

Updated and fixed Viper4Android
Integrated Xposed on installation
Added HTC Browser
Updated Google+
Updated Maps
Updated Youtube
Updated Chrome
Updated HTC Video Player
Updated HTC Weather, Clock apps for Blinkfeed (Still doesn't work, but it's a step in the right direction)
Re-enabled adding HTC Weather as an account in Settings, which may be a needed step for making it work with blinkfeed
Added several other social media widgets from LolliSense for blinkfeed - Only G+ and twitter work ATM. They're just there for me to work with so I don't have to keep re-downloading them
Updated Google Play Services
Experimental - Use Bluetooth files from LolliSense
Slight modification of adblock HOSTS file to fix certain issues
Change OTA app to use tried and tested RomDB app
Fixed issues with Sprint/GSM people not having correct OTA app settings.
Integrate RomDB app with Settings.apk
Updated beyondstock kernel, fixes issue with touch on MultiROM
Updated elite kernel, improved smoothness
Clean up unused install scripts
Fix dark themed Google Launcher
Fix issues with Google backup

From @loserskater's ROM:
Customizable NavButtons 
Customizable NavRing 
Navbar height on the fly... no more reboots 
Expandable volume panel 
Volume marker sound on/off 
Ability to remove lock screen short cuts 
Weather in notification pull down 
Date in clock mod 
Ambient display / notificaions only, pick up is disabled
Change DPI (play store still thinks 480) 
Audio boost (testing)


EXPERIMENTAL - Merge of APN's from CM12, hopefully allows for unified framework-res. May cause issues for Sprint/GSM users. 
Minor update to Elite Kernel 
Slight changes to permissions on /data/app in install, hopefully fixes errors. 
Added wipe to dalvik-cache, should help with certain issues. 
Fixed incorrectly sized "back" key when changing navbar height. 
Added newest "dark" extrasettings app - adds Quicksettings options. 
Updated "01houskeeping" script to fix persistent settings that should be set on first boot only. 
Added line to disable "nuplayer" to build.prop...hopefully addresses some playback issues for people. 
Updated adblocking HOSTS hand. MOAB seems to be done, so I made this one myself.

Fixed the fact that all the CM12 apps I added couldn't actually install
Hardcore overhaul to the installer.  Well, hardcore for me.  Couple screens changed for you.
Added a partially-broken Blinkfeed.  Give me time.  
Updated a bunch of gapps.  It's hard to keep track, but if it came out between the last release and now, it's in here.
Added pushbullet...because it's awesome.
Added HTC Keyboard.
More fun stuff in extrasettings.  Woot woot.
OTA.  It kinda works.  I said that already.
Gapps can be uninstalled again.
The gapps you pick get installed, instead of the one below it.
Updated Sense Camera to latest version, then hacked it to enable all the features.  *puts on cool sunglasses*
Stared blankly at the .smali for Sense Facebook app for like an hour and got nowhere.
Robots will eat your brain.  Ooga booga.  

Removed Lyapota's modpack, replaced with "Extra Settings" courtesy of loneskater & team. This features *most* of the settings provided by Modpack - only you can control them from the control panel. Very awesome. Includes longpress on back to close app with configurable timeout, left, center, or normal clock; options to hide battery indicator, have it circle, or horizontal; show or hide battery percentage; configurable volume panel timeout; disable ime notification; use volume keys to move cursor; disable alarm icon; toggleable quick pulldown on right; toggle for double tap to sleep on statusbar; disable heads up notifications; change heads-up timeout; volume buttons control music; quick unlock on lockscreen; scramble pin pad; customizable lockscreen shortcuts. Bam.
Added app ops to settings menu, again, courtesy of loneskater.
And again, dark theme from Loneskater (optional)..
Added voicemail fix for sprint users.
Added CM AudioFX, CM12 Browser, CM12 Email/Exchange, and CM12 Music app
Removed dropbox and ROM toolbox from installer. 
Updated google play games, play services, HTC Services, HTC TV, Google Messenger, and Youtube. 
Removed "mods" menu entirely from installer, condensed remaining mods into apps menu, now called "addons". 
Added OTA Support

Fixed "Hey, you said the Duo FX worked but they don't!" - Re-added PhotoEdit apk - needed by gallery.

Potential memory leak fix included from LolliSense
Sense Cam/Gallery now 95% functional.  Only thing not working is Zoes.
Updated to SuperSU 2.45 Stable
Updated Youtube, GMS core to latest versions.
Added option for Gcam to save to /SDCard

Updated HTC Gallery to stock lollipop APK. (Note, duo fx are missing atm...working on it)
Updated HTC Camera to stock lollipop APK. (Note, zoes not working...working on it)
Updated to HTC Framework from stock lollipop. Not sure if it matters, but we've got it.
Updated to supersu v 4.42 beta. 
Updated google search box to latest.
Updated hangouts to latest.
Added quick pulldown as an option in installer (pull down from right corner to get to QS immediately)
Fixed Google Play Music not installing on selection.

Updated to modpack 008, adds "Disable safe volume" and "battery percentage beside battery indicator." options
Updated SuperSU to 2.41
Fixed gapp uninstallation issue
Made gapps installable on a per-app basis
Mod installer smartened up - specifically checks for chosen backkey functionality and doesn't give up till it gets it

Updated a bunch of apps:
Docs (again)
Google Videos
Google Camera
Cloud Print

dated SuperSU to latest version, fixed installation issues.
Fixed numerous issues with installer script (Thanks @Captain_Throwback)
Updated the following Gapps:
GMS Core
Play Store

Full incorporation of Lyapota's Modpack v007, with the following new features:

Center Clock
32, 34, 36 dpi NavBar Mod
Enable/disable battery perecentage
Enable/disable back key to kill app
Enable/disable persistent navbar menu
Enable/disable search widget in recents screen
Clear all recent items

Updated HTC Gallery to new working version
Fixed logic in installer for selecting custom status bar
Moved carrier framework install earlier in installer, should fix statusbar issues
Updated HTC Service Framework, Youtube, Gmail to latest versions
Fixed Google+ Issues - Was missing libs
Added HTC Weather APK - WIP (Does not get location ATM, added for testing)

Updated Maps, Play Games, Videos, Youtube, Search, Chronus to latest versions
Updated installer logic for moving files to /data.
Fixed all mod installs now - REBOOT REQUIRED after first boot for DB changes to show up
Updated Skydragon kernel to latest version
Sense Camera - Using *actual* M8 APK, versus modded M7 Version. All changes done by me. 
Video recording now works in Sense Cam. 
Gallery images now show in lower-right. 
FX Should work now.
You can view recorded videos.
ZOE still crashes, gallery doesn't fully load.
Overhaul of installer - dialogues should now be formatted the same.
Modified SuperSU installer to match installer theme.
Updated mainver to correct value in firmware (not required to reflash if coming from the 05 or 05bugfix release, just aesthetic)
Updated SD logic, doesn't try copying to internal SD, as there's no point. 
Incorporated Lyapota's modpack changes to android.policy.jar.
Probably more...but was a late night.

Added Sense Camera. Zoe, slomo not working yet...WIP. Mileage may vary...but it's something.
We're up to FOUR different kernels. Elite by Buckmarble, BeyondStock by Captain_Throwback, Skydragon by HolyAngel, and plain ol' stock.
All mods in mod section are now working. Sexy, sexy SQL injecting. 
Fixed NFC. Duh.
Fixed G+ issues

Updated to offical OTA build (like we need it)
Updated system apps in brand-new ROM to latest version.
Updated ambient display sensitivity thresholds, brightness.
Removed wifi sensitivity mods so nobody can whine.
Likewise, used suggested GPS.conf for placational purposes.
Added MOAR tweaks from Lyapota's modpack.
NOTE:  Battery Percentage and longpress to kill app is not fully implemented yet, won't work.
Created separate tweaks section installer to hold it all.
Made "move Gapps to /data" optional.
Set preferred governor to interactive at kernel level.
Modified housekeeping script to fix errors. SQL injection method completely overhauled.
Updated installer to reflect correct version of project ERA.
Re-unified firmware, because we don't need two now.
SD Card access fixed.
Wallet works.
Exchange3Google updated.
Temp disabled AOSP browser till it's fixed.

New 5.0.1 base (No, really)
Update SuperSU to v 2.37
Update Era, Viper4A to latest versions
More, but I'm just too tired to think right now...

Added Advanced Power Menu with custom Material-themed icons
Busybox updated and installation method improved
SuperSU updated to latest version
Wifi thresholds lowered for more aggressive wifi/cell handoff
Custom performance tweaks, tuned for M8
Adblock HOSTS file made optional
Updated adblock HOSTS file
Added Lollipop File Manager as optional app
Installer now has automatic multicarrier detection
Updated installer graphics with material design icons
Cleaned installer progressbar timings
Unified multicarrier framework-res
Updated 5.0 firmware for Sprint users - fixes touchscreen in MultiROM
Fixed Viper4Android, updated version
Added Viper4Android sound profiles
Fixed ProjectEra's Dolby F/C
Custom default wallpaper

Adjusted logic for firmware installer - should now pick between SD/external automatically
Added ProjectEra and Viper4Audo sound mods to installer
Updated "extra" apps to latest version
Added "cast screen" fix to init.d script

Added script to detect presence of SD Card and extract firmware to correct location.
Added logic to make it boot into fastboot from installer...and it actually works!
Cleaned up graphics, colors in installer. Should be a lot more purdy now.

Added "remove BrowserProxyProvider" as an optional "app/mod". This *seems* to fix the lag with Chrome, and possibly facebook as well?
Left chrome in place when installing - will work out moving it to make uninstallable in future releases.
Added init.d script to delete firmware from SD after first boot. Houskeeping, yall!

Modified android-info.txt in firmware to reflect proper mainver value of 3.10.1700.5.
Standalone FW now same as what's in ROM. My bad!

Updated play services to latest version.

It's a celebration, bit#hes

11.18.14 (2)
Updated Google Play services to 6.5.  You may want to delete google play app data after flashing.

New Aroma theme.
Baked-in lagfix.
Option to copy CFW to SDCard.
Cleaned up installer, removed options.
"Extra" Gapps moved to /data, can be uninstalled.
Possible BT Streaming fix.

Fixed stuff.

Fixed SD Issues
Fixed Lag Issues
Added Writeprotect removal module
All quiet on the Western Front?

Updated to v 5.0
OP needs updating!

Updated Following Play Apps:
Play Services

Fixed SystemUI.apk to use correct buttons.
Added working Google Fit app.
Added HTC TV app.
Added modules, init.d script for CIFS support.
New GoogleEars.apk from play store - moved to data/app
Updated Herathon-based theme to v 3.1 version.

10.23.14 - 
Added a buttload of actual Lollipop apps:
Gmail w. Exchange/outlook/yahoo integration
Play Music
Google Home
Google Search
Google Now
Messenger (Think MMS.apk with material design)
Play Store

Additionally, the majority of other included apps feature material design, including:

It also has all of the fonts, sounds, wallpapers, and the boot animation from the latest preview. File's at 18% now, should appear in the link I posted with the screenshots in a bit. I need to sleep. :P

Also included latest Heads Up! apk, the herathon/material theme, and HK Theme Manager as an option in installer.

08.07.14 - 

Fixed issues with Lunar kernel causing bootloops in certain cases.

08.04.14 - 

Made "L" stuff more optional - framework-res for animations, systemUI for IC stuff, settings.apk for settings, and a new headsup app. You can pick each component to install.

All three MMS apps in the ROM are now fixed for size stuff. Because I'm replacing a core system app (Hangouts), there *MAY* be issues if you have an updated version of it installed as well. I got a bunch of google f/c's after dirty flash - rebooting seems to fix this.

Replaced the heads-up apk with a better one that's free, and works in all rotations.

Forced rotation is now an optional system mod in the installer.

SD camera is now an optional system mod in the installer. 

Hot reboot now works as expected, instead of making the phone bootloop.

The torch apk works as expected. As an additional happy accident, the flash mini-app in the dotview mod module for xposed now works.  

Re-added several of the init.d scripts for optimization (not the one that makes it optimize apps every time )

Added the proper ART fix.

Now with free cookies!

08.03.14 - 

Add MrJayDee's data drop fix.

Modify framework.jar to force all apps into auto-rotate.

Complete overhaul of VZW/carrier settings from Stock.

Android L features made optional again.

Updated to latest Luna kernel.

Luna kernel now has working CIFS!  (requires CIFSmanager, must mount share to mnt/cifs/foo)

Updated Kernel tuner to kernel tuner 2014.

Fixed wipe settings in installer to allow selection of wipe options.

Updated several system apps, including dotview and HTC TV.

Optional camera app modded to allow writing to SD_external.

More sprockets than ever!


Refer to post #2.

Kernel source:


Elite GPE:


Captain_Throwback - For beta testing, bouncing ideas, and letting me babble at him when I get stuck
Enewman17 - For the base ROM, testing, etc.
Amarullz - for Aroma
Chainfire - for SuperSU
Lyapota - for his excellent Modpacks
Zhuhang - for Viper4Android Audio Mods
ZeroInfinity - for ProjectEra Audio Mods
Jakeday/Okibi - for SQL injection method to fix Screen Casting
Google - For this awesome software.
Buckmarble, Captain Throwback, HolyAngel - awesome kernels
BSDgeek_Jake - For Mother of All Adblocking Scripts
All of my users for testing, ideas, and helping make the ROM better

XDA:DevDB Information
GPE For HTC M8, ROM for the Verizon HTC One (M8)
digitalhigh, Captain_Throwback
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 5.1 Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: 4.4.4 Carrier-specific, 5.1

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 1.0.0

Created 2014-11-30
Last Updated 2014-12-12
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Addendum/faq/bug reporting
Reporting Bugs:

I have a limited amount of time, and there are a TON of posts made to this thread asking for help. I try to answer as many as I can, but sometimes the questions are so redundant or vague - it's not worth my time. To avoid being one of these the following...

Since this is now a multicarrier ROM, the number of variables involved in solving some issues has increased threefold. If you are reporting an issue, is is going to be very beneficial to both you and I to let me know a few things. What version of this ROM did you flash (post the filename), carrier you're on, what firmware you're using, what kernel you installed, and if you did a dirty flash or restored apps with TiBu.


I'm a big fan of logcats, especially when it's an issue that can't be easily reproduced. As this is basically a vanilla ROM, the issues should be minimal, but if you do have a problem that can't be easily reproduced, then you need to post a logcat, or I may ignore you or say something snarky instead of providing assistance. Obviously, a description of the issue and how to reproduce it help as well. Saying "my phone dun not work" isn't going to help.

Now, read below and see if your question has already been answered.

Common Issues/FAQ

My wifi turns off when the phone goes to sleep.

Flash the firmware in the OP.

GPS Isn't working(GPS ISSUES)
Flash a stock sense ROM.
Get a GPS lock. (gps only) - You can verify this using GPS Toolbox.
Reboot to recovery.
Flash my ROM.

This doesn't always work on the first try, but once you fix it, it should stay fixed. I've personally had to try like three or four times to get it to stick...but then it's flawless.

Update: People have also reported success by flashing sense - copying gps.conf from /system/etc, flashing back to GPE, and then putting gps.conf back into /system/etc.

What does kernel XXX do?

Look here.

What's this firmware?

It is the wifi, chipset, touchscreen, sensorhub, and adsp (sound) firmware from the official 5.0/5.1GPE release for GSM devices. I have removed the hboot, tz, boot.img, recovery, and repartitioning done by the firmware, as well as modified it to be flashed to any carrier device.

Is this stock HTC/Sense 7 App included? I want it.

The list of current working HTC Stock Apps are:
Camera (Zoe not working)
Music Player
File Manager

I've already got the ROM installed and want to do an update...should I wipe first?

Probably not? It depends on which version you're on, but for the most part, you should be fine dirty flashing. My approach is always to try first, and then if there are issues, do a wipe and rebuild my apps and stuff. Most changes I'm making at this point should not require a wipe. If I feel it's wise, I will state as such when posting news of a new release.

If you're NOT currently using GPE, then YES, you need to wipe.

I tried a dirty flash, and the device *almost booted* but it's stuck at "starting apps". Now what?

Sorry. It sounds like you're one of the people where a dirty flash won't work. This is *usually* a result of updating google play services and skipping revisions. You could try manually deleting the folder /data/data/ using TWRP file manager. If that still doesn't work, then you should probably just do a clean install.

I tried a dirty flash, and the device booted, but a bunch of apps are crashing/not working/complaining about files missing. What is with this *&^# ROM?

Dirty flashing is called "dirty" for a reason. You're taking a running filesystem and trying to insert a bunch of new programs. Sometimes this works, sometimes the jump from app versions is so much that it breaks those apps. The simple fix is to do a clean flash. If you're feeling more intrepid, find the folder for that app in /data/data and delete it using root explorer or TWRP file manager.
Will Xposed work with this?

You betcha! This has the "alpha" Xposed for 5.1. It is very solid. However, the modules that have been updated to work with 5.1 are still a little scarce, so you will have to test some of them to see if they work.

For your convenience, I have included Gravitybox and Xhangouts with the installer.

I installed this ROM, and now my screen/wifi/touchscreen/etc isn't working correctly!

Have you read through the firmware instructions in the OP? Please do.

Will I be able to use other ROMS with this firmware?

Probably? All I'm doing is replacing hardware bits with the latest ones. If your wifi doesn't work on a different ROM...flash the stock firmware back.

Okay, so does the Sense camera not work with this ROM or not?

IT DOES! For the longest didn't. But now it does, and it's included with the ROM.

A few of the features (like Zoe) are not available, but this is the only Sense 7 Camera/Gallery combo with working Duo FX.

I flashed this ROM, and now my SD card is gone in recovery!

Your stuff is still there - your recovery just isn't smart enough to see it. Update to the latest version of TWRP by Captain_Throwback from here and you will be fine.

HELP! I flashed this ROM, and now my LTE doesn't work...even on other ROMS!

First off, chill out. This is a known issue with HTC devices as a result of nothing more than flashing ROMS over and over and over and over again. While it is alarming, it's fairly easy (albeit involved) to fix. Read below:

Anyone having radio issues: The NV partition, which handles the radios, may be corrupted. Especially if you do a lot of ROM and firmware flashing. You can flash all the ROM's and firmware you like but it will not change the fact something is corrupt. The only way to reset the partition to out of the box stock is to flash your carrier's 4.4.4 firmware and the stock recovery for you device. Reboot to recovery and select factory data reset and let it do it's thing. If you watch the reset log you will see it mention resetting the NV partition. Then just flash back your recovery of choice and ROM of choice. This has been the proven fix for HTC devices for a few years now.
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13th April 2014, 06:45 PM |#3  
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Kernel/Mod Addendum:

BeyondStock Kernel: (by Captain_Throwback)

Original Thread (May be more up-to-date than information here)

Compatible with all M8 variants!
System write protection disabled
HD Audio enabled for full HK compatibility
Dirty file record disabled
kexec-hardboot added for MultiROM support
WiFi module built from source
NTFS support
CIFS support

Skydragon Kernel (by HolyAngel)

Original Thread (May be more up-to-date than info here)

Kernel Built with latest SaberMod 4.9.3 Toolchain
Ofast Optimization throughout kernel
Universal Kernel for all m8's running GPE 5.0.1
Flar2 Wake gestures
Kexec Hardboot for Multirom support
Graphite Optimization on GPU
Added schedulers: BFQ/FIFO/FIOPS(default)/SIO/TRIPNDROID/VR/ZEN
Added Governors: DanceDance/Interactive/Wheatley/Adaptive/SmartassV2/Lionheart/Lagfree/IntelliDemand/IntelliActive
Arm CPU Topology
Linaro enhancements (Power Effecient Workqueue's, flags, etc)
Overclocked slimbus for better audio
All TCP profiles enabled (Westwood/veno/reno/bic/highspeed/hybla/htcp/vegas/scalable/lp/yeah/illinois)
Undervolting capable (Thanks to Flar2)
Added 2-way Stereo call recording support
Latest Optimized LZ4 Compression/Decompression
FastCharge Support
LCD KCAL Support
Sound Control Support
HD Audio enabled
Franco's High Performance Sound
Battery Life Extender
Idle-Stats Reporting (faux clock app)
Tons of background fixes to give better battery and performance

Elite GPE Kernel: (by BuckMarble)
Original Thread (May be more up-to-date than post here)

Cpuboost driver enabled
Optimax Gov
Cpufrequency limiter driver
Faux Sound Control
Exfat support
NLS/CIFS Support
Graphics boost
LZ4/Linaro 4.9.1
Fsync Control
Added SIO scheduler
Added FIOPS scheduler
Fastcharge with thermal control
Kcal color/gamma control
Customizable wake gestures
Sweep 2 sleep
OC to 2.4ghz
Max screen off freq
GPU simple gpu governor
Simple GPU algorithm
Entropy Tweaks
Write Protection disabled
Optimized crypto algorithms
Voltage Control
High Performance Audio
Zcache Improvements
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Good to see

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13th April 2014, 07:12 PM |#6  
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Is it presently still not possible to incorporate HTC sense framework to have things like Zoe , Gallery, Camera, and... Well I guess that's all I really care about haha. I want to take advantage of the dual back cams, but other than that, I want my AOSP style back!

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13th April 2014, 07:15 PM |#7  
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Thank you and GPE does take advantage of dual cam when you take pic it should pop up for edit.
13th April 2014, 07:16 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by fronc

Is it presently still not possible to incorporate HTC sense framework to have things like Zoe , Gallery, Camera, and... Well I guess that's all I really care about haha. I want to take advantage of the dual back cams, but other than that, I want my AOSP style back!

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This is a port of the GPE, correct? so I think the camera software was included! (at least according to a video I saw)
13th April 2014, 07:17 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by bigmixxx

This is a port of the GPE, correct? so I think the camera software was included! (at least according to a video I saw)

If someone can confirm, I think I may make a switch... Thanks!

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Originally Posted by fronc

If someone can confirm, I think I may make a switch... Thanks!

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I'll let you know if it works on this one soon. But it should, I read somewhere a while back where HTC supplied the ONE M8 GPe with the camera firmware to make it work. And since the software for the GPe devices come from the manufacturer not from Google, I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work.
13th April 2014, 07:22 PM |#11  
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Awesome, installing now!
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