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If you have a different ASUS tablet, please look at this thread to see if there is a compatible version of this ROM.

I recommend you do a full wipe if coming from another ROM. Choose Wipe – Factory in TWRP. Do not do a full wipe from the bootloader.

You can restore data from Titanium Backups but please do not restore system data or apps from a previous version or another ROM if you want a nice clean smooth upgrade experience.

Don't forget to do a Nandroid Backup first and give the ROM 10 mins to stabilise!

• CROMi-X is a stock based ROM designed from scratch from the ASUS Stock & Jelly Bean 4.2.1 WW releases and 10.6.1.x bootloader. It has its roots in the original CleanROM by scrosler
• CROMi-X is targeted to towards the user that wants a ROM with the ability to pick and choose the options they want!
• CROMi-X is tuned for performance and built for stability!
• CROMi-X is true to stock in looks!
• CROMi-X can be provisioned for US and non US – World Wide (WW) editions during the install process
• CROMi-X Source on github : here
• Thanks to scrosler, elesbb, pjc21, _that, flumpster, timberwolf671, LetMeKnow, Robgee789, elfaure, That’s OK & Thibor69 for their invaluable help in making this possible!
All the testers. Thank you so much for your patience and testing!
Additional thanks to all the File Hosters: @johnlgalt and @workdowg
• A huge thanks to @nomad10002, @Mackis, @mikmock, @RagingHarry, @sgkla, @okantomi and @jtrosky for donating too much money to my CROMI projects!

• BOTH 4.1 and 4.2 GUIs are available - use settings - launchers to switch
• ODEX/DEODEX version available.
• Aroma Installer with the following options:
• Locale: US or WW
• DPI Size: 213 (TF700 recommended small fonts), 240 (Stock fonts), 224 (Medium fonts) & 200 (Small fonts), 180 (Tiny fonts) & 160 (Specsavers fonts)
• Kernels: _that / stock modded kernel variant based from ASUS Stock & sbdags ASUS Stock Modded Kernel, plus Hund's Kernel
• Launchers: Asus Stock, Apex , Nova, ADW
• Boot Animations: CROMi-X Asus Bios, CROMi-X Blue Fire, CROMI-X Yellow Spinner, CROMi-X Fire and Water, Asus Stock, Nexus Google
• Google Apps : Multi DPI Play Store, News & Weather Genie, Gmail, Maps, Talk, YouTube, Google Now and Voice Search, Google Music, Street View for Maps, Document Viewer, Gallery, Picasa
• Asus Apps: File Manager, App Back Up, App Locker, My Cloud, My Net, SuperNote, Video Editor, Web Storage, My Frame, My Dictionary, Splashtop, My BitCast, My Library (Asus Reader – only works on 160 DPI), Screen Saver, Asus Live Wallpapers (Asus Day Scene, My water & My Water II),Parental Control
• Apps Removed: Google Plus, Kindle, Chrome, Press Reader, Vibe, Zinio, CM Client, DM Client (calling home apps), DRM Content Provider
• Misc Apps: ESFile Explorer, Adobe Flash, AdAway, Titanium Backup, DropBox, DSP Manager, Rebooter, LMT Pie Control, Keyboard Manager
• File system and performance tweaks!
• Init.d support!
• Zip align on boot!
• Advanced Power Menu
• Auto Brightness reconditioned (Brighter at lower light levels for IPS+)
• 4.1 or 4.2 GUI Switcher enabled via Settings…Launchers….
• Browser performance tweaks (Extra menu with OpenGL Rendering, Light Touch and CPU Upload Path enabled)
• Browser2RAM init.d scripts (Default Browser, Firefox, Naked Browser and Chrome version)
• Scroll Caching Disabled for smoother in app scrolling
• Fsync Disabled option for extreme speed!
• Data2SD/ROM2SD implemented via _that’s or Hund's kernel
• Over-Clock, Under-Volt and Over-Volt scripts via _that's or Hund's kernel
• Cache2SD implemented via Meldrak's scripts. Full Thread HERE
• Continued Best Support of any ROM!

None that I am aware of


22/02/2014 CROMi-X v5.4 Full ROM
o Removed CROMi-Control app. After discussions with elesbb he will redevelop as an xposed module
o Reverted Framework (framework.jar, services.jar, systemui.apk, transformer.apk) to pre-cromi-control versions
o Modded systemui.apk and transformer.apk to allow sd card and dock notifications to be removed as an option in installer
o Rebuilt Stock Launcher Lite version - 3 Screens ONLY, New Beach Wallpaper, 4.2 Gui gets 9x6 workspace and draw icons, removed google bar and page indicator
o Fixed framework-res.apk wallpaper inconsistencies. Tree definitely gone now and beach wallpaper formatted correctly
o Added installer option to switch balanced and performance profiles. If you choose balanced you actually get performance. Device boots to performance
o Changed entropy settings to stop kernel rebuilding entropy_avail - result should be less lag
o Updated _that's OC kernel to version 8
o Updated Hunds' kernel to version 3.4.5
o Updated LetMeKnow's ET to Hunds' 3.4.5 kernel
o Updated Google Core Services and libs to latest version
o Updated Titanium Backup to version
o Updated Google Maps to version 7.6.1
o Updated Google Music to version 5.4.1409N
o Updated Google Now to version 3.2.17
o Updated Superuser and binary to latest version 1.93
o Updated ES File Explorer to version
o Updated Asus Web Storage to version
o Updated Google Mail to version 4.7.2
o Fixed issue of ET installation locked into 213 DPI
o Fixed search options missing - Reinstated QuickSearch from Asus
o Minor build.prop fix to remove duplicate entry
o Fixed build.prop for TF300T US users as it was showing the wrong version

18/01/2014 CROMi-X v5.3 Full ROM
o Recompiled framework-res.apk with TF701T default wallpaper. Goodbye Asus Tree
o Fixed Google Keyboard not defaulting on clean install when Asus keyboard is not installed
o Fixed the minutes of lag after installing apps from the play store - it's seconds now - but much better now
o Fixed older version of hunds app in deodex version
o Fixed older version of GPU UV in odex version
o Fixed missing battery widget on odex version
o Extracted libs from Google Keyboard so it can go back to /system/app
o Extracted libs from Google Search so velvet.apk can go back to system/app
o Updated and Extracted libs from Google Framework Services so GmsCore.apk can go back to system/app
o Changes to 50CleanTWeaks script for vm tweaks - should do much better with lag. See below url for explanations
Removed the following kernel tweaks - probably better leaving them default for now:
echo "0" > /proc/sys/vm/panic_on_oom
echo "0" > /proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode
/system/xbin/sysctl -w vm.drop_caches=3
/system/xbin/sysctl -w vm.dirty_ratio=90 from 22
/system/xbin/sysctl -w vm.dirty_background_ratio=70 from 4
/system/xbin/sysctl -w vm.min_free_kbytes=5572 from 4096
/system/xbin/sysctl -w vm.vfs_cache_pressure=10 from 50
/system/xbin/sysctl -w vm.dirty_expire_centisecs=200 from 3000
/system/xbin/sysctl -w vm.dirty_writeback_centisecs=500
o Re-added optimized remounts on boot on /data /cache and /system
o Updated the 3D processing fps limits from LetMeKnow in and
logi "setprop persist.tegra.NV_FPSLIMIT 1"
setprop persist.tegra.NV_FPSLIMIT 1
logi "setprop persist.sys.NV_FPSLIMIT 90"
setprop persist.sys.NV_FPSLIMIT 90
o Build.prop edits:
net.tcp.buffersize.default=4096,87380,256960,4096, 16384,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.edge=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.gprs=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.umts=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.wifi=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
o Updated Extreme Tweaks version to 1.6. Thanks LetMeKnow.
o Updated ES FIle Explorer to version
o Updated YouTube to version 5.3.32
o Updated Google Text to Speech to latest version
o Updated Gravity Box to version 2.9.2
o Fixed Xposed not loading after a clean install - modules still need to be toggled off/on and a single reboot per module
o Removed lagfix. Since I stopped using it I have not had any data corruption. It's on the play store if you want it

05/01/2014 CROMi-X v5.2.4 Full ROM
o Fixed Adobe Flash Player so works with Amazon Prime. Now loaded to /data for compatibility
o Updated Hosts file for adblocking option
o Updated ES File Explorer to version
o Updated Titanium Backup to version
o Updated You Tube to version 5.3.28
o Updated SuperUser and binary to version 1.86
o Updated DropBox to version 2.3.12
o Updated Google Play Store to version 4.5.10 for non TF700 users
o Updated Gravity Box to version 2.8.5
o Updated Hunds kernel to version 3.4.4 beta
o Updated latest Lucius Tweaks for non ET versions. Thanks lucius.zen
changed scheduler to SIO for Hunds based kernels and tcp congestion control to lp
changed OV table values for CPU and GPU
o Tweaked vm settings in init.d scripts to see if it eliminates some lag
/system/xbin/sysctl -w vm.dirty_ratio=22
/system/xbin/sysctl -w vm.dirty_background_ratio=4
/system/xbin/sysctl -w vm.dirty_expire_centisecs=3000
/system/xbin/sysctl -w vm.dirty_writeback_centisecs=500
o Moved UserDictionaryProvider back to /system/app to fix Thumb Keyboard issues - thanks meldrak
o Updated and in /system/lib to stop google play service redownloading. Thanks meldrak
o Fixed Stock Browser with better compiled version - helps search bar consistency. Thanks meldrak
o Replaced QuickSearch functionality with better version. Thanks meldrak
o Recompiled the AsusReader.apk with Alice in Wonderland epub removed. Still creates a 0 byte stub
o Updated cache2sd scripts to version 1.5. Thanks meldrak. Thread is here
o Added Keyboard Dock remapping option to installer - LOCK key = DELETE and SEARCH key = LEFT ALT

Older Versions:
16/12/2013 CROMi-X v5.2.3 Full ROM
o Updated CROMi-Control to fix the reboot issues. Thanks elesbb
o Updated Hunds TF700T kernel to version 3.4.3
o Updated LetMeKnow's ET to Hunds 3.4.2 v1.5
o Moved the XT9 user databases to the Asus Keyboard installer
o Updated read ahead values for stock based kernels to 4096KB for internal and 6144KB for external SD
o Removed redundant sysctl entries in 50CleanTweaks (Both normal and ET). Thanks lucius.zen
o Set midrange_freq = 760000, max_normal_freq = 1300000, timer_rate = 20000 and min_sample_time = 40000 in 50CleanTweaks. Thanks lucius.zen
o Changed the default hunds hotplug interface settings to 2 4 6. LMK's ET is still set to 0 0 0
o Zipaligned all apks in the ROM
o Updated Google Music to version 5.3.1316M
o Updated Google Keyboard to version 2.0.19133.927933a
o Updated Google Maps to version 7.5.0
o Updated Google Calendar to version 201308023
o Updated Google Mail to version 4.6
o Updated multi-dpi playstore to version 4.5.10
o Updated ESFileExplorer to version
o Updated Keyboard Manager to version 2.11
o Updated Xposed Installer to version 2.4.1
o Updated Xposed GravityBox to version 2.8.1
o Updated SuperUser to version 1.85
o Fixed ThumbKeyboard issues - thanks meldrak

05/12/2013 CROMi-X v5.2.2 Full ROM
o Updated thatv6 kernel to thatv7 test for sdcard fixes and tcp congestion control
o Updated TF700 Hunds Kernel to version 3.4.2 Beta
o Updated LetMeKnow's TF700 ET to version 1.3 and best bits from 1.4
o Updated 50CleanTweaks Init.d script (thanks LMK and lucius.zen):
/system/xbin/sysctl -w fs.file-max=131072
/system/xbin/sysctl -w fs.inotify.max_queued_events=32768
o Set swapiness back to 0
o Set read ahead KB to 4096KB
o Dropped GPU UV by 15mV - 45mV in 91GPUUV init.d script
o Dropped CPU OV by 10mV - 40mV in 89OV init.d script
o Updated file system tuning tweaks in installer (should fix kernel forced reboots to reoptimize)
o Changed TCP congestion algorithm to westwood for all versions (should help wifi performance)
o Updated Google Keyboard to version 2.0.19123.914326a
o Updated YouTube to version 5.3.24
o Updated Titaninum Backup to version
o Updated dropbox to version
o Updated SuperUser app and binary to version 1.80
o Updated Google Services to latest version
o Updated Android Terminal to version 1.0.54

17/11/2013 CROMi-X v5.2a Full ROM
o Fixed rebooting issue when flashing _thatv4 kernel (v5.2a)
o Fixed the missing Settings Status which was causing force closes
o Fixed WiFi slowing down after sleep issues - thanks LMK
o Fixed missing keyboard permissions
o Fixed Android is Upgrading message on every boot for ODEX version
o Fixed missing busy box symlinks
o Fixed ROM2SD installer script - installs the correct pre-init script to internal /system/boot
o Updated and resized the Stock Bootanimation to the new TF700T JB4.3 Asus Stock
o Updated _thatv5 kernel to newer _thatv6 rebased to and 4.3 compatibility
o Updated CleanTweaks interactive governor control to go max a little earlier
o Updated Google Play Services to latest version
o Upated SuperUser and SU binary to version 1.69
o Added Android Terminal Emulator to ROM as option
o Moved to Asus Reader option
o Moved FaceLock to be an option in the installer

10/11/2013 CROMi-X v5.1.2 Full ROM
o Fixed build.prop files to have correct version for all devices
o Fixed issues re-optimizing dalvik cache on reboot for ODEX users
o Added Rom2SD compatibility to ROM. Thanks to _that. You must use Gparted to create Fat32, EXT4 and EXT4 partitions and be on your fast microsd
o Added miniCROMi-X Launcher - debloated Asus Launcher (all wallpapers removed and one TF701T added)
o Updated LetMeKnow's ET to version 1.1
o Updated EXT 4 tuning options to safer data journaling enabled versions in the installer
o Updated fix from LMK for slow wifi performance for all editions
o Updated CleanTweaks fs.file-max=65536 as recommended setting for 1GB RAM
o Updated CleanTweaks interactive governor control to be a bit more battery friendly
o Updated the egl.cfg file for the GPU Rendering : Disable Software Rendering option
o Updated Hunds App to version 2.4
o Updated Google Boot Animation to larger size
o Updated Google Play Services to version 4.0.31
o Updated Google Keyboard to version 2.0.18933.905102a
o Updated Google Calendar to version 201306302
o Updated Google Maps to version 7.4.0
o Updated Google Music to version 5.2.1301L
o Updated Titanium Backup to version 6.1.3
o Updated ES File Explorer to version
o Updated AdAway to version 2.8
o Updated AdBlocking Hosts file to November version
o Updated GravityBox for Xposed to version 2.6.9
o Moved Google Keyboard and Libraries to be an option
o Moved Google Live Wallpapers to be an option
o Moved Asus Email, Exchange and Widget to be an option
o Moved Asus Keyboard and Libraries to be an option
o Moved Asus Taskmanager to be an option
o Moved Asus Battery Widget to be an option
o Removed mms.apk and phone.apk as not required
o Removed the TF701T Weather Widget and App - will offer as a separate download
o Removed ES File explorer classic theme - you can download this from the store
o Removed GoLauncher HD - hasn't been updated in a year and who uses it really?
o Updated ME301T audio and camera modules from for MemoPad 10 users

28/10/2013 CROMi-X v5.1.1 Full ROM
o Updated missing auto brightness profiles from Deodex version
o Updated auto brightness profiles for Prime to match Infinity ones
o Changed Rom Build Name as breaks TWRP backup naming convention
o Updated CROMi-Control to version with fixed Res Changer - thanks elesbb
o Updated Google Play Store to version 4.3.11 for non TF700 users
o Fixed PlayStore reverting to older version for TF700 users and updated to Multi-DPI version 4.4.21
o Moved updated Google Play Services to /system/app - solves issues of update on new install
o Updated GravityBox Xposed Module to version 2.6.5
o Updated YouTube to version 5.2.27
o Updated Google Music to version 5.2.1233L
o Updated Google Maps to version 7.3.0
o Updated Asus Reader to TF701T version
o Recompiled Asus Apps with TF701T equivalent App Icons
(Browser, Email, Calculator, Download Manager, File Manager, Contacts, Settings, Sound Recorder, Calendar, Gallery, Camera)
o Removed GMSCore.apk (Google+) as redundant in /system/app
o CROMi-X Bios bootanimation speed improvements
o Switched the data2sd card layout to hunds method as a bit more logical than _thats - one consistant approach now
o Rom now wipes cache on every install - option in installer is now only for dalvik cache

Extracted TF701T Wallpapers - available in a separate download in post 2 - just extract to microsd and use gallery to set as wallpaper
13/10/2013 CROMi-X v5.1 Full ROM
o Rebased from Asus Stock so updated to version 5.1
o Re-Odexed as new framework base & recompiled Asus Browser with speed tweaks
o Updated CROMi Control to version 1.0.2. Thanks elesbb
o Updated the Asus Weather app to the one from the new TF701T Tegra 4 rom as a trial
o Updated Hunds App to version 2.3
o Updated TF700 Hunds Kernel to version 3.4.1
o Updated LetMeKnow's Extreme Tweaks v1.0 with Hunds 3.4 kernel
o Updated Xposed Installer to version 2.3.1
o Updated Xposed Module GravityBox to version 2.6.1
o Updated Titanium Backup to version 6.1.1
o Updated cache2sd to v1.4. Thanks meldrak. Don't run this if you are already using data2sd
o Fixed missing incorrect symlinks for Hulu Plus fix - thanks flumpster
o Fixed SD-EXT shows correct size in installer now if you have an EXT partition on the sd card
o Fixed BlueTooth name - no longer Nexus 4 by default
o Removed Rebooter app as could be causing data corruption with fsync disabled
ChangeLog from Asus:
1. Improve system stability
2. Update Polaris Office to v4.0.5030, to fix Spanish IME issue with keyboard dock
3. Support HDMI 1080P output when play Full HD video clip
4. Fixed the issue that sometime the Weather widget will fail to update weather data

Start by choosing the scenario below which reflects how your tablet is currently configured.

Scenario One

Factory Stock Android Operating System & Bootloader (Asus 10.6.1.x)


1. If you haven’t yet, unlock and root your TF700 by following these instructions.

2. Install the latest version of Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) - TWRP XDA Thread

Download and install the Scott's TF700T Recovery Install Tool. Once downloaded, extract the files on your Windows PC, connect your tablet to the computer and run the Recovery Install Tool.bat file.

3. Skip Scenario Two and Jump to the Installing CROMi-X section.

Scenario Two

Custom recovery such as TWRP or Clockworkmod installed with a Custom ROM package


1. Update your bootloader to the latest one for your device by flashing from your existing custom recovery and then choose reboot from the menu.
Please don't flash these at the same time as a ROM package as the latter will cancel the bootloader/TWRP flash.

TF700 World Wide WW SKU Users: WW Bootloader and TWRP DOWNLOAD 1 WW Bootloader and TWRP DOWNLOAD 2 WW Bootloader and TWRP DOWNLOAD 3

md5: ef765b8aec5f28cdea3d0c1381ee573f

TF700 North American US SKU Users: US Bootloader and TWRP DOWNLOAD 1 US Bootloader and TWRP DOWNLOAD 2 US Bootloader and TWRP DOWNLOAD 3

md5: 3032bebe982920208eea4c4893ab01cd

TF700 Taiwanese TW SKU Users: TW Bootloader and TWRP DOWNLOAD 1 TW Bootloader and TWRP DOWNLOAD 2 TW Bootloader and TWRP DOWNLOAD 3

md5: 2555a7b2071ba89a2d64c25ac31b5cbb

TF700 Japanese JP SKU Users: JP Bootloader and TWRP DOWNLOAD 1 JP Bootloader and TWRP DOWNLOAD 2 JP Bootloader and TWRP DOWNLOAD 3

md5: 9e2b696fab3c3d1b96374290195d9da2


After the blue bar fills your device will reboot back into your normal ROM but you will be on the new bootloader and have TWRP installed

2. Next Step, please go to the Installing CROMi-X section.

Scenario Three

I'm upgrading from CROMi-X 4.x.


1. Congratulations. Jump directly to the Installing CROMi-X section.

If you followed the appropriate steps for your scenario above, you now have a compatible bootloader installed and a custom recovery such as TWRP.


1. Download the appropriate ROM package below and save to your internal or external SD Card. Do not unzip the file. Join the debate about which manner of packaging files is better (ODEX or DEODEX) or just use DEODEX since it allows for a bit more customization possibilities. ODEX may boot slightly faster but then again, it may only boot slightly faster the first time. Google ODEX vs DEODEX if you really want to understand.


CROMi-Xenogenesis 5.4 DEODEX Full Mirror 1

CROMi-Xenogenesis 5.4 DEODEX Full Mirror 2

CROMi-Xenogenesis 5.4 DEODEX Full Mirror 3

MD5 Sum: ead2750ffb5110ae022e971811a08151


CROMi-Xenogenesis 5.4 ODEX Full Mirror 1

CROMi-Xenogenesis 5.4 ODEX Full Mirror 2

CROMi-Xenogenesis 5.4 ODEX Full Mirror 3

MD5 Sum: 69451bc3bb546238520d9412b9c574ff

Browser Key on Keyboard fix DOWNLOAD

Click here!

If you want to back up a ROM2SD installation or flash a different ROM onto your micro SD then please see instructions here. Thanks _that!

ROM2SD Thread

2. Boot to recovery – Either choose Boot to Recovery from the Power Menu - Restart in CROMi-X or from a tablet power off hold the volume down button and press the power button. Once your see the flashing RCK icon, press volume up to select. If another icon is flashing use volume down to move between icons.

3. Using your recovery make a Nandroid Back up of your current setup

4. Select install and navigate to where you saved your ROM zip file.

5. Choose the CROMi-Xenogensis zip file and follow the on screen prompts to customize your installation.

6. Reboot and enjoy.

About Fsync

Explanation by _that:

About the Experimental Features

During the install some features are listed as EXPERIMENTAL. I have left them as an option so you can play and enjoy debugging Please let me know if you used the experimental features like Extreme Tweaks, Cache2SD, Overvolting, Undervolting. if you want a stable smooth experience flash _that's kernel, with fsync disabled and one of the normal WW or US editions.

If you are a speed freak and don't mind the odd bug go for hunds with experimental tweaks, software rendering disabled and GPU OC, CPU OV and GPU UV.

Cache2SD is very experimental and may cause other issues so I'll leave that one up to you

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