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Jishnu's Camera 4K UHD Sample. Click Here to have a look.

Disclaimer: I"m not responsible if you brick your Device though its tested. Please Don't spam the thread saying I bricked my device and what now?! If you read carefully, you will find a solution and there is always a life line, the "SEARCH" bar.

Changelog for JB Firmware

V1 Details
1) Modified Camera.msm8970 for the Bettery Video Quality. 
2) The Camera Now Shoots up faster than compared to Stock.
3) Increased the Image quality to 99 from 95 in Camera.msm8970
4) Increase The Video Bitrate of the Videos. 
  1080P Videos are now shot @ 30MB/s.
  720P Videos are now shot @ 20MB/s.
5) Better Focusing as changes made in camera.msm8970.

V2 Details 
- Decreased the Max ISO to 1200 from 1600 (The More the ISO the more the noise in the pic)
- Decreased the ISO levels as such-
  Note: It may show the Values of the ISO n settings as Such
     ISO in Settings - ISO In Actual         
           1600           -     1200
            800            -       650
            400            -       310
            200            -       200
            100            -       100
            Auto           -       Max in Auto (1200)

- Increased the sharpness from 90 to 95. 
- Increased the JPEG Preview Quality to 99 from 90. 
- Adjusted ISO to Max 200 For face Detection.
- Increased the Minimum FPS of the 1080P Video to 25 & Max to 40 FPS.
- Increased the Minimum FPS for60 FPS Video to 25.
- Many More Adjustments.

V2.5 Details 
AntiBanding default set to]50Hz
- Exposure Compensation Decresed to -1
- Exposure Compensation Step Decresed to 0.1 from 1.24
- Focus Range adjusted.
- Tried to Fix Video FPS at night to atleast 25FPS. Failed
- Picture Sharpness Decreased to 85

V2.5.1 Details 
- Set FPS at 30 to 60 FPS Range.
- Set Exif Info details.
- Changed the YUV420 formats to YUV422. YUV420 are old formats.
- Decreased Maximum Exposure compensation to 15. 
- Increased Minimum Exposure compensation to -15. 
- Enhanced Smooth zoom.

 V2.5.2 Details
- Turned Edge Enhancement On.
- Turned Edge Enhance off. (Makes the night pics blurry)
- Changed Pic Decoder quality to 99.
- Changed Pic Encoder quality to 99.
- Decreased the Bit rates of the Videos as Follows: 
  [email protected] FPS : 20MB/s
  [email protected] FPS : 15MB/s
    [email protected] FPS : 10MB/s
- Reason, No use of Increasing Bit Rate to Max because of -
1) Increased Size of the Video.
2) Cache Will Fill up so fast that Video wont be able to write on the Memory. 
- Fixed the Low Light Video Lag. 
- Changed the Default FPS to 30. 

V2.5.3 Details
1) Video Preview rate set to 30. 
2) Video Sharpness increased to 22 from 20. 
3) JPEG quality improvements for grains in low light, though should be very marginal. 
4) I really forgot, it was long back though! :P (SORRY)

V2.5.4 Details 
1) Set JPEG Quality to 100%. (Maximum Available Value)
2) Set JPEG Compression to NIL (Zero Compression, should come out almost RAW [Though processed] ).
3) Set Medium Quality JPEG's to 100.
4) Set Low Quality JPEG's to 100.
5) Set Picture sharpness back to 97 from xx in the previous MODs.
6) Set Back Noise Reduction to ON.
7) Set The Secondary MIC OFF (Noise Cancellation MIC) for less watery sounds. 
8) Set Sound Bitrate to 256Kbit/s like Nokia Lumia 1020. 
9) Self enhancing Skin Tone Colors If you notice.

V2.5.5 Details 
1) Sharpness bumped to 99. 
2) 60 FPS Videos should be working now.
3) Low light videos should have a stable 30 FPS constant.
4) ISO tables used by LG were mine! 

V2.5.6 Details 
1) Max FPS range is 60.
2) Min FPS range is 30 (Any Light)
3) Sharpness of the pics are 99 (again)
4) Bitrate of 1080P 25Mbps and 720P is 20Mbps. 

V_2.5.6 EXPT_2 Details 
1) FPS range is max is 90.
2) 1080P & 720P Videos has HFR options.
3) JPEG Compression s "0" or AKA "RAW"
4) Fixed ISO 400.

V_2.5.6 EXPT_3 Details
1) Back Camera Records 720P Videos @ 90 FPS. [Broken- Max FPS limited by LG is 60]
2) Front camera records 1080P Videos @ 60 FPS.
3) Image quality increased more than EXPT_2.
4) Sharper pictures in both cameras.
5) HFR Bitrate is now 25Mbps.

V_2.5.6 EXPT_4 Details
1) Fixed Back Camera 720P Video. Records at 60 FPS.
2) JPEG quality increased to Max for this Device. [Cant go Higher]
3) HFR FPS tried to stable at 30 FPS at low light
4) Sharpness Increased for Front camera.
5) The Pictures taken can be as big as 11MB's. Don't complain! :D

Changelog for KK Firmware

Version 3.1 For KK Stock ROMs
1) Now 4K recording should work.
2) Now 120 FPS Videos should also work.
3) JPEG Compression is zero.

Version 3.2 For KK Stock ROMs -
1) 4K video Recording.
2) 120fps Slow-Mo Video Recording.
3) Magic Focus Mode from LG G Pro 2. [NEW] Not Completely working but NO FC's or bootloops as well. 

Version 3.3 For KK Stock ROMs -
1) 4K and 120 FPS Recording.
2) New Chroma Flash Technology. Just as the sensor, this flash is also the same as of the G pro 2 and LG G2 has the chroma flash tech which can enabled. Read more Here.
3) New Low light Viewfinder framerate is now stable at a particular framerate and almost lag-less. smoother Viewfinder = less shaky images & Faster capture.
4) Low light Video framerate is stable at 30 fps.
5) Better Image metering as compared to the V3.2 apk which produces much over exposed shots.
6) New Intelligent Auto mode gets much more attention this time. It has much faster shutter speeds as compared to the V3.2.
7) New ClearShot should have much better focusing while the pic is taken.
8) Low light Photo sharpness has been increased as any of you had complaints about it. 
9) Camera switching and start up should be much much faster as well if compared to V3.2.
10) The apk is from the G pro 2 just like the V3.2 . So the apk [ONLY] can be used with the Ported G Pro 2 ROM of @OptimusRs.

Version 3.4 For KK Stock ROMs
1) Removed Magic Focus. It really annoyed me a lot.
2) Fixed the darkness Issue.
3) Fixed Low Light Framerate.
4) New Apk based on the Leaked firmware of a newer LG Device. 
5) Faster HDR Processing.
6) Panorama Size at 10Mp each shot. 
7) New Separate HFR Mode added for Front Camera.
8) Fixed lag for front camera. Better Quality.
NEW APK For 3.3 & Above

What it does?
1) It lets you backup of main files like the Original LGCameraApp.apk and .odex, media_profiles.xml and few other things.
2) It lets you restore your backup app in case you don't want it.
3) It lets you Install the mod as a system app on just a Tap.

How is it helpful?
1) No chmodding issues.
2) Easy to use.
3) Easy to restore stock.

Changelog For CM | OMNI | AOSP based

Beta Release E90
Things working:
1) Camera
2) Video Camera - 1080P Bitrate set at 20MB/s constant for now.
3) HDR
4) Cheeze shutter.
5) Pics while Video
6) ISO Modes
7) Video Brightness - SOLVED! 
8) And everything else.
9) Video recording audio is awesome in this no disturbance for me! 

Not working:
1) Time Machine shot.
2) Front Facing camera - For Pics only it FC's. 

Stable Release F10
Things working:
1) Camera.
2) Video Camera - 
1080P Bitrate set at 24MB/s constant for now.
720P Bitrate is 20Mb/s constant.
3) Fixed the Camera Viewfinder alignment and size.
4) Fixed the Video Viewfinder alignment and size.
3) HDR
4) Cheeze shutter.
5) Pics while Video
6) ISO Modes
7) Video Brightness adjustment.
9) Video recording Audiobitrate to stable 200Kbps and 2 channel dual audio with voice cancellation.
10) Added Continuous Auto Focus for the Camera.
11) Shutter Sound Off Option.
12) Widescreen Screen Preview when taking HD or FHD Videos.
13) Widescreen Screen Preview when taking 8MP or 5MP Photos.
14) Added 13Mp resolution now. 

Not working:
1) Time Machine shot.
2) Front Facing camera - For Pics only it FC's.
3) Continuous shots.
4) Face Tracking.

Stable Release F32

What's new? 
1) Totally New Camera UI.
2) Fixed the Layout colors. Now visible just fine.
3) Now Auto Focus has been Improved a lot.
4) Increased ISO for default. ISO Can go upto 9452 ! (Yes This camera is that good)

What's not new?
1) Everything else from the previous stable version.

Stable Release F40

What's new? 
1) Added 12M Photo option.
2) Added Wide 10M Photo Option.
3) Slight Adjustment for Luminescence Value.
4) Retweaked for better stability.
5) Camera Opens in Landscape mode instead of Portrait. 

What's not new?
Everything good and bugs from the Previous Versions.

Stable Release F50

What's new? 
1) Pictures
2) Videos
3) HDR
4) Continuous Shot
5) Panorama Shot
6) Face Detection Mode
7) Continuous Focus mode
8) Front Facing camera
9) Beauty Shot
10) Cheese Shutter with 5 New Voice Capture tones
11) Smart Shutter Mode
12) Pictures while Videos.
13) Fixed Focus Issue
14) Fixed Orientation Issue 
15) And Everything else.

What's Not New? 
1) Time Capture Doesn't work.

For Better auto Focus adjustment, please make sure when you open the camera you toggle between Auto-Focus and Continuous shots twice. This makes the Autofocus even better. And Use the Continuous focus option for zero lag pictures.

And Use camera mode as "SMART SHUTTER"
Download for JB
 Stock Based 
Mod edit - links removed
Installation of JB
Stock Based
1) Download Root Explorer app from Play Store.
2) Navigate to System/app.
3) Look for these two files 
- CameraApp.apk
- CameraApp.odex.
4) Rename them both to 
- CameraApp.bak
- CameraApp.doex.
4) Download the MOD. 
5) Place it on your sd card and flash it though recovery.
6) Dont complain if you fail to follow these steps.
Installation of KK
Stock Based
1) Download Root Explorer app from Play Store.
2) Navigate to System/Priv-app.
3) Look for these two files 
- CameraApp.apk
- CameraApp.odex.
4) Rename them both to 
- CameraApp.bak
- CameraApp.doex. 


move them both to sd card of the phone.
- CameraApp.apk
- CameraApp.odex. 
4) Download the MOD. 
5) Extract it through winrar. 
6) Place Lgcamera.apk in System/Priv-app and set permissions rw-r--r--.
7) Navigate to system/etc and find media_profiles.xml and make a backup of it on your sd card.
8) Place the media_profiles.xml in system/etc and overwrite the existing one and set permissions rw-r--r--.
9) Reboot.
Installation of KK Version 3.3 & Above
1) Download and run the apk you have downloaded.
Installation of CM Based
1) Download the MOD.
2) Flash it through Recovery.

Installation of F50
1) Install as normal app
M Jathu
KTMrider (Guest)
Credits :
@decomfg For Technical Help
@garyd9 For the kitkat files & the things he deserves thanks for
@bender_007 For the awesome auto Installer and the help & testing he does. Awesome man! Cheers!
@OptimusRs My younger brother who always helps me with the files.
@SREEPRAJAY My Elder Brother who always supports me to go in the right path.
Please tell me if I forgot you.
@xdabbeb For the Idea of faster shutter speed.

This MOD is a work of hours of hardwork. If you feel like buying me a Beer or a G2 for even better Stuff, you can donate to me.

Want to Implement 4K yourself? Remember its real fun. Click here!
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6th October 2013, 09:26 AM |#2  
Senior Member
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Sounds nice. I assume root is needed. I'll have to root soon.

Does this work with t-mobile?

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6th October 2013, 09:45 AM |#3  
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Can I flash it through cwm recovery in D802 device?
6th October 2013, 10:02 AM |#4  
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by moteb

Can I flash it through cwm recovery in D802 device?

Yes u can. I did it thru cwm on d802.
6th October 2013, 11:49 AM |#5  
Flag Beckum
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thanks man, i will give it a try.

photo quality seems to be a little bit better compared to the stock cam. camera response / auto fokus also seems to be improved.


modded cam:
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6th October 2013, 09:52 AM |#6  
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Interested seeing low light video

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6th October 2013, 01:20 PM |#7  
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Just finished rooting and flashing custom recovery. Will give this a try soon.

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6th October 2013, 01:47 PM |#8  
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Thanks , flash it a minit.... You want too share your cirkel battery icon ???
6th October 2013, 06:07 PM |#9  
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Can I flash it on my d803?

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6th October 2013, 06:15 PM |#10  
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I hope so..

Should work if you have a 13MP OIS cam..
Said this coz Optimus G had different cams for various models..

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