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This tool is now deprecated. To root your Evo 4G running Gingerbread you will need to use the Revolutionary tool that can be found at

I'm sorry to do it but due to the ridiculous amount of people who are still asking for help rooting gingerbread, I will no longer be supporting this tool what so ever. Any further emails I receive about it will be deleted.

I am proud to present the HTC EVO Auto Root script! It took me awhile but I finally got it fully automated, it probably would have been easier using VB to write it but I wanted it to be readable by everybody. I don't have working scripts for Linux or Mac yet but for older phones you should be able to follow the Alternative Method and use the code included at the end of the post with minimal changes. If you are new to rooting the Evo you should check out the Rooting Information and Common Problems thread to familiarize yourself with some of the screens you will see. At times your phone may shows ominous looking icons that look bad but really aren't, at times like that it is important that you don't panic and do anything that could damage your phone.

This will make a backup of your WiMAX partition and the RSA keys that are stored on it; backing up your RSA keys separate is not necessary. It will save it in the AutoRoot folder so be sure not to delete it.

If you run into any problems please include the following information with your post: Any methods you have previously tried to root with, what it did last plus any error messages it may have given (if you can right click, select all and copy it from the terminal), and if you are in the bootloader we need to know what the top two lines say. Running this will create a log file named: autorootlog.txt. Please post this as well.

Any feedback no matter good or bad is appreciated! Let me know how it works for you.

Randy (randyshear on youtube) has made a great video of the process if you would like to get an idea of what to expect before hand. It is important to note that, depending on your phone, the process may be slightly more involved or require more or less time.

This has been confirmed working with:
Software versions 1.32, 1.36, 3.29, 3.30 & 3.70
hBoot Version .76, .93, .97, 2.02 & 2.10

Thanks go to
HTC for making the phone to begin with
Sebastian Khramer for his rageagainstthecage exploit
Toastcfh for his tutorial and all of his work on improving the Evo, a lot of this is borrowed from his previous work
Amon_RA for his recoveries and for his quick work creating a recovery compatible with the new NAND blocks
Calkulin for collecting all of the radios and update images
Whosdaman, Football and Sniper911 for sharing the RUUs with us
The Unrevoked Crew for all of their hard work on the Unrevoked Forever s-off tool
amoamare and Zikronix for all of their hard work on rooting phones with the 2.02 hboot
chris1683 for his Sprint Lovers ROM
Netarchy for all of the great kernels
A huge thanks goes out to Dan0412 who took the time to debug this for version 003 2.02 phones
Schnick1 and tauzins for their help with getting ADB to act right
Props go to RyanZA and anyone else who worked on the z4root app. I wouldn't have got 3.70 rooted as fast as I did if I didn't have their app to learn from.


You Will Need:

  • A windows machine
  • HTC Sync that can be found on Sprint's website. HTC Sync 2.0.35.exe
  • At least 1 GB of free space on your SD card
  • A full or close to full battery (your phone will not charge during part of this and if it dies you will be SOL, aka Bricked)
  • ADB debugging enabled (Settings > Applications > Development > ADB Debugging)
  • Your phone connected to your computer as Charge Only and HTC's Evo drivers / HTC Sync installed.
  • The File that can be found in this post
  • I highly recommend you have the appropriate RUU, or PC36IMG, downloaded before you start. It is always good to have and if something does not go as planned it can get your phone back up and running with minimal down time.



  1. This will try to back up your apps but it's not always able to, you will also lose all of your settings. Titanium Backup works well to save your apps however you will need to use z4root to temporarily root before you will be able to use it.

  2. Download HTC Sync from Sprint's website here and install it. You may need to use the 'Repair' option for it to replace any old drivers.

  3. Extract into a folder that is easy to find and then open the folder.

  4. Right click on 'AutoRoot.bat' and run it as Administrator.

  5. Once it finds your phone it will start by checking out what kind of setup it uses and then attempt to get root access. If it fails usually it's from too many active apps or the phone being used, if so you will need to restart it before trying again. If you are using 3.70 it will let you know when it is running by blurring the screen.

  6. When it is ready it will reboot your phone into the boot loader. Then, depending on your phones setup, it will either enter RUU mode and automatically flash the debugging firmware or give you instructions on how to flash it from the hBoot.

  7. If you have to flash it manually just push Power to select "BOOTLOADER" and say Yes when it asks to flash the It will complain part of the way through about Boot Loader and/or radio errors and then skip them, this is normal. Once it finishes say No when asked to reboot and use the Vol Down button to highlight Recovery. Then press Power to select it.

  8. If you are entering the Recovery your phone will show a Red Triangle with an Exclamation mark inside, at this point the script will take back over and attempt to flash Unrevoked Forever.

  9. After it finishes flashing the engineering bootloader, or Unrevoked Forever, it will reboot into the bootloader and see if your NAND is unlocked. If so it will flash the Sprint Lovers ROM along with the Recovery and updated Radios. Afterward it may boot into the ROM and attempt to restore your Apps before finishing, try not to interrupt it until it tells you it has finished.

  10. Once it's fully rooted and you have your phone set back up it's a good idea to make one more NANDroid with everything up to date. Then make one more backup of your WiMAX partition in case something happens to the first one.

If you have an older phone and don't want to flash Unrevoked Forever or Sprint Lovers w/ the radio updates you can have it skip them. It will just flash the engineering bootloader to unlock the NAND and then flash the recovery directly from there. You will need to update everything and flash a custom ROM on your own. This will only work if your phone has a version .9x hBoot.

Instructions for Quick method:

  1. This will completely wipe your phone. If you would like to back up your apps you can use Titanium backup to save them. It also has an option to save the system files but this can result in a buggy ROM afterward.

  2. Extract into a folder that is easy to find.

  3. Open a DOS prompt by running the OpenShell file.

  4. Type 'autoroot quick' and press Enter

  5. It will then flash the engineering bootloader and the recovery through fastboot. Once it is finished you can use the bootloader menu to boot into the recovery and make a NANDroid, flash a ROM, radios, etc.



AutoRoot v2.5 - Full Root Zip (MD5: 5E1BF365F3B5479329896BD55C33678E)
AutoRoot v2.5 - Tools Only (MD5: 5DBA70A8CDD052A9908E4F43D6BBC669)

The following are the ROMs pulled out of the RUUs, you can flash them by renaming and putting it on your sd card or from your computer with fastboot using the included FlashZip script.
Sprint Evos (USA): (MD5: 2F5046C0FC6FE61114EBC53D5997B485) (MD5: 4A2CAB264244C79B2E2BE9E3CFE2B503) (MD5: 7056D42812AA5DF03FCC8DDDC2B64E85)

KDDI Evos (Japan): (MD5: 78F9E8BFEE705F34790A46C258268F02)

How to unlock Nand Protection ~ Part-2
RA-evo-v1.8.0 (a modified version is included)
RUU to restore 3.29.651.5
RUU to restore 3.30.651.2
RUU to restore 3.70.651.1 (Thanks to 911Sniper for the original mirror)
Sprint Lovers ROM (a modified version is included)


Changes for v2.5

  • Script now checks for Admin Priveledges and kills HTC Sync Services for Sync 3.05
  • Fixed issue recognizing build numbers
  • It will attempt to back up Apps now
  • Checks branding in order to recognize KDDI Evos
  • Unrevoked forever will now be retried if it doesn't get run the first try
  • Changed it so it will leave the phones in Fastboot mode if it fails
  • Recognizes ADB issues easier now

Changes for v2.4
  • Updated the ROM and Recovery
  • The working directory is now saved correctly when the path has a space in it
  • Fixed an error checking the firmware version that would cause the script to close
  • Made it more capable of recovering when the phone is in an unknown state
  • Fixed the SD card not being recognized with Eclair
  • Some parts will check for the 'daemon' error messages and will call to fix it
  • Made it so the MTD data is not saved unless it is recognized
  • The script will continue if it times out while waiting on Unrevoked Forever
  • The WiMAX partition is backed up through the ROM at the very beginning instead of through the Recovery

Changes for v2.3:
  • Updated the ROM, Recovery and Radios
  • The script will now recognize your phone at any point in the process and will continue where it left off
  • Fixed the FlashRecovery script and made it so you can choose what to flash, just put your PC36IMG of choice in the folder with it and let it do the work
  • Fixed the version checker so it doesn't get confused with custom ROMs anymore
  • Quick mode checks your hboot version from the ROM now so it won't even try if you have a new bootloader
  • It is much more tenacious going into the recovery, hopefully fixing the issue with ADB dropping out there
  • Fixed a bug where the MTD block sizes were not always being remembered correctly
  • Added more checks to make sure the phone is where it's supposed to be throughout the process
  • Made it try harder to get the recovery log so it doesn't get missed as much
  • Tweaked the timing some so it moves a little bit quicker and you only have to hit a button twice to exit instead of three times
  • Fixed the infinite loops so they are now 95% shorter

Changes for v2.2:
  • Updated the recovery to Amon RA's version 2.2.1
  • MTD information for each phone is saved in case it is restarted and unable to find out.
  • Fixed a bug where pre 3.xx ROMs were not being recognized correctly.
  • Phones are explicitly called by their serial number to prevent confusion if an emulator starts or another phone gets plugged in.
  • Unresponsive ADB daemons are killed to help prevent them for hanging or randomly restarting.
  • Changed autoroot.log to autorootlog.txt to make it easier to attach
  • Minor bug fixes.

Changes for v2.1:
  • Updated the recovery to Amon RA's version 2.2
  • Minor bug fixes

Changes for v2.0:
  • Added an app to give ADB root and keep it active in 3.70
  • Updated Sprint Lovers and Amon RA
  • Removed the two separate kernels/recoveries for new and old phones
  • Added a battery life check before flashing
  • Checks Firmware versions in both the ROM and hBoot
  • Checks that the Misc partition was flashed properly
  • Fixed all of the bugs with Quick root, it no longer flashes Sprint Lovers if you run it with S-OFF
  • It automatically restarts adbd where it would occasionally reset itself and get hung up
  • It also kills adbd when it finishes so you can move/delete it
  • Changed the bat that restarted adbd so it kills it instead
  • Added a bat to flash AmonRA through Fastboot with non-Eng hBoots
  • Added a bat to open a Cmd prompt already in the autoroot folder
  • Rewrote a good portion of the script and cleaned it up a lot
  • Made it more flexible so it doesn't get lost as easily
  • Plus more I forgot


Contents of v2.5 Include:


Recovery is recovery-RA-supersonic-v2.3 with Netarchy's 4.3.2 CFS NoHAVS NoSBC NoUV is EVO_Radio_2. 0_003 is the Unrevoked Forever S-OFF tool is the Unrevoked Forever S-ON tool


As always, this will void your warranty and may possibly damage your phone. You and you alone are responsible for anything that you do. Everything contained in this thread is for informational purposes only.

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