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nb: try it at your own risk,.

- Hypercore Kitchen
- Garmin XDA ATOM ROM Cooking Sets (UPDATED 14/03/08)

- WM 6.1 SYS files

Usage Of Hypercore Kitchen
- Creates OEM and anything related to OEM

Usage of ATOM WM6 Kitchen
- Dump your diskimage_ver.nb0
- Build your new diskimage_ver.nb0

Already have it all?? Alright, now lets start working,.

1. Extract "Garmin XDA ATOM Cooking Sets" to somewhere you like, (There will be an original OEM and SYS folder, don't erase those, it required for dumping process,.)
2. Put your diskimage_ver.nb0 into ROM folder, (overwrite the original file there,.)

3. Run "DumpFiles.cmd" , (Then you'll see a working progress, until it ask you to press any key) ---- press any key then,.
4. There will be a new window come named "Package Tool", then Open where the "dump" folder is located, (The package tool help you build your OEM and DSM,.)

5. Go to \Tools\Build Package, you will not see a working progress, when the content of the Package tool was changed, ITS DONE!!, and your diskimage_Ver.nb0 was dumped,.
(The original OEM and SYS folder will be gone,.)

--- Now go to "dump" folder and you'll see OEM and SYS folder ---

nb : If there are some files outside OEM / SYS folder, put it where it should by reading the last line of your package tool, after building a package,.

----------> means that these file should be in \SYS\NetCF folder,.

OKAY, take a rest first, have some experience with that OEM and SYS folder,.
You may change, add or remove some folder there, but BECAREFUL, some of them are SYSTEM file!!!

Satisfied experience with OEM and SYS folder?? Lets Continue,.

6. Now move your OEM and SYS folder (inside "dump" folder), to the first page (Where the original OEM and SYS is located)

7. Run "BuildOS.cmd" (You will see a new window "BulidOS",.) press the green button,.

8. When done, (you could see on the bottom left corner, written "Done"), close the BuildOS by pressing the [X] Button, (dont close the BuildOS.cmd)
9. You will see in the BuildOS.cmd, a progress, wait till it ask you to press any key,. ----- Press any key then,.
10. There you are, your new diskimage_Ver.nb0 is inside "FLASH" folder,.

Nb: For a tutorial about building an OEM, could be seen HERE, and How To Port XIP and SYS folder, could be seen HERE,.

nb: For WM 6.1 Cooking, you couldn't DUMP your ROM, because it removes all manifest to be one,.


Happy ROM Cooking to all of you,.

- Kumara -
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