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[APP] [UPDATED 9/27/2011]V1.9 Working App to Backup Windows Phone 7 via ZUNE ANY TIME

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By hx4700 Killer, Senior Member on 29th May 2011, 10:43 PM
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30th May 2011, 04:18 AM |#11  
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Well, I got a little further, but I get this message in the cmd:

c:\Program Files\Zune>updatewp.exe "C:\Program Files\Zune\A0CE706D-12B7-45AC-A5FC-AD04DFCA6E86.100.pks" /enablebackup
'updatewp.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
30th May 2011, 04:22 AM |#12  
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There was a prerequisite you needed that I listed. It is the windows phone support tools:

Windows Phone Support Tools:

x64 Windows:

x86 Windows:

updatewp.exe comes from that and is installed in to the zune folder when you install those tools.
30th May 2011, 04:47 AM |#13  
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Nice. Got the backup to work! Thanks for all the help. I'm going to hard reset and see if the backup works
30th May 2011, 04:57 AM |#14  
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quick question: does the backup process backup everything, including word documents?
30th May 2011, 02:16 PM |#15  
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The backup seems to backup anything on the phone.

For instance I used the reg hacks so I could see the phone in explorer. I put a couple of files in the video folder directory as a test and the phone could play them.

Further Zune ignored them and did not consider them as part of the sync process.

When I performed by backup and restore even those files were restored.

I can not speak to folders created that are not part of the normal hierarchy but I suspect that anything on the phone is backed up.

I should stress again that this is the same backup that zune performs when you update your device with the update tool. This is just using one of the support tools that offers command line to trigger the backup when you have a legitimate update file. In this case however the program I wrote is terminating the update before it can begin once the backup is performed. So in other words I am just "tricking" the update program in to running and performig the backup.
30th May 2011, 03:09 PM |#16  
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I just figured out why you were getting that error.

The code checks for the existance of zune and then the support tools specifically by checking for the existance of the files.

The checks do the same thing so I cut & paste the zune check code in for the support tools and didnt change the path to check for updatewp.exe. So basically the code checked for zune twice and then went on.

I fixed the code and updated the DL link in the first post.

Im sure now that you have the support tools installed the code would work as written, or with the new DL link.
30th May 2011, 03:37 PM |#17  
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Hi and congrats for your work (if it works ? hehe, just kidding).

Maybe you would have better feedback in posting this to the dev and hacking section or the software one ?

Just a thought, since here are mostly apps for the phone itself.

Best regards
30th May 2011, 03:43 PM |#18  
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[APP] Working App to Backup Windows Phone 7 via ZUNE ANY TIME
I posted this in windows phone 7 apps and it was suggested that I post it here so don't hammer me for cross posting please.

I have written a .Net app for backing up windows phone 7 via the Zune updater tool. This backup can be used by Zune to restore the device when you use the "Update" option under settings.

Firstly I have to credit this to reading and putting together pieces from several threads on XDA. I read so many to be honest I am no longer sure who all to credit. There was no specific single source I just saw several things and through trial and error put together the pieces that made this possible.

This APP is a wrapper around a tool microsoft produced to perform updates to your phone via command line. Specifically the executeable "updatewp.exe" that comes from the Windows Phone Support Tools. The missing piece that eluded me for a bit was the update package itself which I found here on XDA and will link to later.

Prerequisites that need to installed/downloaded:

Zune Software Installed:

Windows Phone Support Tools Installed:

x64 Windows:


An update package from ANY phone, this one is for an HD2 that I used while working on a samsung focus. Download and Unzip:

If you are missing these prerequisites the app will tell you and even open a web page on request to the DL links.

Please understand this is release 1.0 and as such may have issues depending on your platform and your computer etc.... I coded it for x86 and x64 Windows with the Microsoft .net Framework 2.0 minimum. I tried to consider several error scenarios but one never knows how an end user might use your program that wasnt anticipated and coded for.

If an error occurs you should find the text in your clipboard for easy pasting here on the forums.

To explain the process:

updatewp.exe is meant to update your phone with PKS files theoretically obtained from the device manufacturer. It will also do other things including a command line restore of a backup.

This program launches updatewp.exe with two command line arguments. One is the PKS file name and path and the second is the enablebackup switch.

What happens is the phone performs the backup first, once it completes the process the code terminates updatewp.exe before it goes further. In theory if you are using an update not compatible for your phone it would actually just say that and quit. However terminating the updater keeps it from ever getting that far.

I have used this to make a complete backup AND restore it via the ZUNE Update options under settings for my phone so I know it works.

One could most likely also archive backups by copying/moving from their storage point before creating a new one so as to have a backup that could be reverted to from a point in time further than the last one on record. If there is enough interest in such a feature and incentive I would consider adding it here.

Attached to this post is a zip file with two folders. x86 and x64. Please launch the appropriate EXE for your platform.

If you do not have zune or windows phone support tools it will tell you immediately and offer to open the download URL on your computer.

If you pass those tests you will need to input a path to the PKS file in the long textbox. There is a button just above it that will open a URL to the download for the one I used here on XDA. There is also a Browse button below the textbox for you to use to browse to and set the file path via GUI.

Once the path is set click on backup and watch it go. If you already have a backup made previously this will overwrite it.

I can not say if this will work with a debranded phone but I don't see why not. My focus is an out of the box stock AT&T phone with chevron unlock on it (which you shouldnt need) and a couple of non-marketplace apps.

Good luck and post feedback, thoughts or issues please.

***Adding Instructions on how to restore as its come up a few times:

Make sure your phone is hooked up to the computer first then from within the ZUNE software you should see a menu near the top right-hand side labeled "Settings". Click on that. On the settings screen look near the top left and you should see "Software" "Device" and "Account". Instead of device it may say "Phone".

Click on Device or Phone, whichever you see. The left edge has several options. Near the middle you should see "Update". Click that. You should see a progress bar for a few seconds and then most likely it will tell you that the phone is up to date. At the BOTTOM of all the text it spits out should be a button labeled "Restore" with the date of the backup.

You CAN'T change the memory size and perform a restore, I already know this doesnt work.
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30th May 2011, 07:39 PM |#19  
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Ok first off all, I have to thanks for you for your hard work! The tool just worked like a charm. I just used the back-up tool and it succeeded made a backup of my Omnia 7. I'm just wondering a few things:

Is my phone identical the same if I use the backup tool? That means the register changes and installed apps??
30th May 2011, 07:50 PM |#20  
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I have used the zune update - Restore function and everything was the same. I have several xbox live games and after the restore I was still at the same place in my games. Further my phone is chevron unlocked and remained so after the restore.

Further, I did the reg hacks to see the phone in explorer when zune is closed and put a couple of small vid files in the video folder. Those files did not show up in Zune on my PC or in my collections but the phone could play them just fine. After the restore they were still there too. So from what I can tell the une backup tool backs up the phones memory as it is no matter what is there. I have not tested non-standard folders that are user created though but would assume they would work all the same.

Further a couple of observations:

During development I found I could unplug the phone at any time during the backup process and it would be just fine. No harm.

In Zune when the phone is hooked up I could see the "memory graph" and it had slices in it and hovering over them with the mouse would yield what each slice was... e.g. Videos, Music, pictures etc... I had a large area that said it was reserved for data "from another computer" or some such verbiage. After the restore that was gone and I had a little more memory back for my own use. The slices seemed to be gone too but had no effect on what zune synched etc... Perhaps a full resynch might change it but I havent done that.

Having re-read your post I am now wondering if you are asking if your phone is the same as after the backup as it was prior to the backup? It should be unchanged. The backup process is the same that would occur if you were performing a legitimate carrier update. The process says it transfers the update to the phone but does not execute it until after the backup. My code terminates the updatewp.exe program before that happens so ultimately you might have the 310k file still on your phone in some "updates" folder somewhere.
30th May 2011, 07:57 PM |#21  
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Performing a COMPLETE backup now! Impressive. I'm on my THIRD Samsung Focus, and on all three, I've run the Updates, but NEVER has it EVER successfully saved a backup. Each time I try to look for a restore point, it says there is nothing. When I go to the Backup Directory, it only has a single xml file, but NO Backup.

THANK YOU so much! I only wish I had found this before my 7390 update so I could revert back to 7004 and unlock again.

Any chance this method could be used to restore a backup from someone else's phone so I can go back to 7004? I'm guessing each backup is completely device dependant, but it's a thought...

OK, I'm putting FULL faith in your work and going to do a Phone Restore now to clear Everything out, then I'm going to try your restore and see what I end up with. Will report back shortly... I'm hoping to see my photos, apps, Text Messages, etc...

DAMMIT! I screwed up! Your Software did a successful backup, but I neglected to copy that backup to a different location. ( at myself) When I plugged in my phone, Zune saw it as a new device, and promptly deleted my backup! ZUNE Backup/Restore SUCKS!!!!! Way worse than iTunes in that respect, and I really dislike iTunes, but at least it does a COMPLETE and safe backup of an iPhone. I've lost 100's of Text Messages I really would like to have kept...

I really prefer WP7 over iPhone, but I hope Microsoft brings Complete backup to Zune soon. That was a Major Fail on their part.

In the mean time, people like you will continue to fill in the gaps that Microsoft drops the ball on. Thank you for your work. I'm going to set up my phone, backup, and restore again and see what I get. I'm sure it will work, I just need to be more careful and backup my backup so Zune does not eat it for breakfast!
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