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[REF] doubleshot Developers Reference (Update March 2012)

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By Blue6IX, Senior Member on 8th September 2011, 10:22 PM
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9th September 2011, 01:44 AM |#21  
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Very nice.

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9th September 2011, 06:59 PM |#22  
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Holy crap that's awesome. I wish someone did that for every phone.

Nicely done, and nicely laid out. I'd give you more thanks, but 5 is all I got!
10th September 2011, 09:28 AM |#23  
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Misc. Info.
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Misc. Info:

Dialer Codes:
*#*#4636#*#* - Testing Menu
*#*#8255#*#* - Gtalk

*#06# - imei number

#793# - reset voicemail password to last 4 digits of phone number
#686# - Show phone number

*#61# - Call forwarding status	
##002# - Erase forwarding number
*43# - Activate call waiting
#43# - Deactivate call waiting
*#43# - Call waiting status

#225# - Account balance/payment info
#646# - Minutes used this bill
#674# - Texts used this bill
#326# - Line usage - Family
( If anyone has found any others please share. Thanks! )

Dialer Codes


Hold volume down, power, and the trackpad together to reboot a non-responsive device. (frozen screen, etc...)

If this last resort doesn't work, a battery pull is your next step.

Source: - thanks overhauling!


some scratch notes to be copied forward...

fastboot oem checkSbl1
(bootloader) sbl1 signature checking...
(bootloader) TZ_HTC_SVC_VERIFY_BOOTLOADER ret = 0
(bootloader) sbl1 verified successfully
OKAY [  0.078s]
finished. total time: 0.078s
TZ? Trust Zone?

The original file installs the following images:
[1] Bootloader = hboot
[2] Boot
[3] Recovery
[4] System
[5] Splash
[6] Userdata
[7] SBL1 ...? sbl1
[8] SBL2 ...? sbl2
[9] SBL3 ...? sbl3
[10] Trust_Zone ...? tz
[11] RPM ...? rpm
[12] ADSP ...? adsp
[13] TP ...? tp
[14] Radio_V2 ...? radio
[15] Radio_Cust ...? rcdata ...? radio_config
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10th September 2011, 09:30 AM |#24  
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Restore to Stock
Return to Contents Page

How-To: Restore to Stock
  • [1] - Download Links
    [2] - Notes
    [3] - step-by-step Usage

HTC-Signed Download Links:

First, choose your image:
From Leaked ROM 1.63.531.2 / Radio 11.59.3504.00_11.16.3504.20_2: (
  • - Software Version: 1.63.531.2
  • - Radio Version: 11.59.3504.00U_11.16.3504.20_2
  • - kernel Version:
    Feb 3rd, 2012 - 21:34:43 CST
From Leaked ROM 1.55.531.3 / Radio 11.59.3504.00_11.16.3504.20_2: (
  • - Software Version: 1.55.531.3
  • - Radio Version: 11.59.3504.00U_11.16.3504.20_2
  • - kernel Version:
    Nov 17th, 2011 - 18:32:14 CST
From Leaked ROM 1.28.531.9 / Radio 10.48.9007.00U_10.12.9007.07: (
  • - Software Version: 1.28.531.9
  • - Radio Version: 10.48.9007.00U_10.12.9007.07_M2
  • - kernel Version:
    Jun 27th, 2011 - 13:23:58 CST
This is a .zip file that if renamed to and placed on your sdcard will be picked up by hboot and automatically loaded by the device instead of the hboot menu.

---- Notes:

Pick one of the above files to restore your device to 'factory fresh' for that software version.

Only S-OFF devices are capable of a downgrade at this time, so S-ON ( LOCKED or UNLOCKED ) devices will only be able to go as far back as their current software version.

( We are working on this... )

Once you have the software package downloaded, you will need to rename it as:
...and then place it on the sdcard of your device ( main directory is best! )
Devices that are S-ON and unlocked will need to re-lock their devices before being able to flash these packages
To re-lock the device, boot up to fastboot and then issue this command from the terminal/cmd window on your computer:
fastboot oem lock
The device will then be ready to re-flash, you should do this prior to placing the file on the sdcard.
Second Note:
Devices with S-ON ( LOCKED or UNLOCKED ) will be restricted to flashing ONLY the files that have an HTC signature, which are only these leaked files linked above.

The custom files i've made throughout the rest of this reference will not work for S-ON devices of any lock status.

Step-by-Step Usage:
What you need:
  • - MicroSD card.
  • - A file (links above)
How to make it:
  • [1] - Download an image linked above.

    [2] - Rename it to

    [3] - Format your MicroSD card in the computer.

    [4] - Transfer the image from the computer to the MicroSD card.

    [5] - SAFELY EJECT the MicroSD card from the computer.
Before installing a file you should be on the latest clockworkmod recovery if possible. Also see this post.
Boot into recovery and then:
  • [1] - Go to 'Mounts and Storage'
    [2] - format /system
    [3] - format /data
    [4] - press the hardware back button
    [5] - choose 'power off' from the main menu
This will ensure that you will not have write issues during install.

See notes at the bottom of this post.
How to use it:
NOTE: Make sure you have a full battery!!!
  • [1] - Power off the doubleshot. Remove the battery and MicroSD card.

    [2] - Insert new card from above. ( or back up current card, make, and re-insert )

    [3] - Replace battery and backplate.

    [4] - Holding the 'Volume Down' button, press the 'Power' button.

    [5] - Wait for the loading bar to fill.

    [6] - When ready, it will ask you if you want to start the update.

    [7] - Select yes by pressing the 'Volume Up' button. Press 'Volume Down' if you just realized you have a low battery.

    [8] - Allow the update time to flash to your doubleshot.

    [9] - Let it sit for a minute or two after it says finished, then press power to reboot.

    [10] - Follow on-screen instructions until finished.
  • [1] - Reboot the doubleshot.

    [2] - When fully booted, open the settings menu.

    [3] - Go to "SD & phone storage" and choose "Factory data reset"

    [4] - Yes, wipe the sdcard too.

    [5] - Follow on-screen instructions until finished.
You now have your doubleshot returned to 'factory fresh' for whatever software package you chose to download, through and through. We showed the method to include the sdcard so you would have the device in a state as close to:
"Just like new!!" possible.

If you are S-OFF and would also like to S-ON the device, proceed to this thread:
How-To: S-ON from S-OFF
If you advance your device beyond the 1.28.531.10 software/1.44.0007 hboot to the 1.55.531.3 software/1.45.0013 hboot ( or beyond ) while S-ON you will NOT be able to S-OFF the device at this time.

S-OFF can only be achieved while on the 1.28.531.9/.10 software and 1.44.0007 hboot ( hboot is what's important here ) at this time.
One last thing...

I am unsure why but I have recently been having issues when it gets to the system partition on the update, where it will unzip/update multiple times in a row before it okays and moves on.

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7th February 2012, 02:22 PM |#25  
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my unlocked hboot image
here is my unlocked bootloader that every one says is unlockable
Attached Files
File Type: img hboot.img - [Click for QR Code] (1.00 MB, 36 views)
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14th February 2012, 06:17 AM |#26  
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-community projects
-dropbox all makes sense if you read it through, but it's a complete thought in this post and not really short...

So, I got around to putting a donation link in my profile. I refrained for a while, because this has been and is my stance on donations:

Originally Posted by Blue6IX

Appreciate the compliments - the best way you can donate to me is to spend time helping other people out around in the community.

Especially with how small the MT4GS forums are, that kind of general helpfulness from everyone is worth more to me then any amount of money.

I come here to learn, teach, share and be excited about what we're doing and accomplishing and learning together - when i'm ready to take my knowledge and commercialize it i'll dump some apps in the market.

For everything I do on XDA, my time to the community is given freely and I feel that accepting monetary compensation would cheapen that and make it something different then it is now.

I appreciate the offer from you and others, but helping each other out and spending some time being patient with someone who needs it is a much better gift to me.

( Goodness knows some people have been pretty patient with me when i've just had some stupid moments, even on this project. )

...and honestly, that really is the best thing that anyone can do, is to take the time to nurture the spark of curiosity that draws us all here.

I had mentioned in another post ( I don't feel like tracking down, if someone needs me to I will...) a while back that maybe at some point I would put up a donation link when I felt like i'd given enough time here so I didn't feel guilty about it.

That said, i'm hitting a bottleneck in my ability to share information with all of you.

I take a lot of notes and whatnot for my own personal knowledge, and have never really had a place like this to turn projects like my Android adventure into an online body of knowledge others can access. This is great!

It helps me learn, too, because people can point out where i'm wrong about something (...and if kind, the why! or a clue ) or suggest ways to do what i'm doing better, and also i've put together a lot of stuff that has to be hosted somewhere to share.

So about the money thing...

I don't mind shelling out the money for my hobby for me - phones, parts, cables and other accessories - the earned aquisition of each of these things is part of the experience for me. It just wouldn't have the same value if I didn't earn it.

The forum is a free way to share the information, and is the best way to pull a whole mess of ideas from random people around the globe into one location. For any of those individuals to convey a body of research and knowledge, though, it does have disadvantages to offset it's advantages. A website is the proper method to communicate charts and graphs and an indexed library of apps.

I won't waste my time or anyone's patience with a free hosted website (ad supported) because none of us want to go there. I have my information, but we could benefit from my being able to share other parts of it in a more concise fashion - which means a domain registration and web space.

So anyone who wants to donate to me can find the link in my profile.

Any money will be put towards a domain registration and it's renewals, because that is of benefit to the community to supplement the forum postings here.

Something like the app reference, which is now a smaller part of this dev reference, is murder on the forum. It's a whole lot of data that isn't conveyed well because of the character limit imposed by individual postings. Further it's a lot of strain on the forum database that could be alleviated by shifting that information to a medium more suited to it.

I could make individual pages for each app and show a lot more information about each one, like those descriptions and so forth in a nice little hyper-linked library. But i'd never host it on ad supported pages, especially since domain registration and hosting is pretty cheap.

Besides, that space in what this reference has become would be much better served on kernel explanations and how-to's.

As far as webspace and paid hosting options, well, i've got dropbox so i'm set for me and my friends. You could help me by hitting my dropbox referrel link if you sign up for an account:

To some limited end I could use it here, but it's not the right answer for the kind of work i'm doing here... so sharing my work on a larger scale...?

The free hosting options are not so great anymore. Places like my file host - targeted to Android are good - and without them I don't know where i'd be on sharing things with the community.

With the recent shake up of some online storage banks of our tools and knowledge, and what was lost, anything we want to survive needs to multiply. So if the community thinks the website is a good idea and it's up, then this is what any other donations will be put towards.

So my current file host is my home, as is XDA. The next addition of hosting is paid space, so if the community is content with my free Android-specific hosting site that's fine by me.

If anyone has hosting to share to mirror things pm me and let me know, the more places things exist the more likely they are to survive.


Someone donated to me the other day ( Thanks! ) and here's what I did with it:


So if there is something the community needs to get something figured out or helped along, that could be the third way donation money could be spent.



Okay, this part has you puzzled, but it's simple:

My lady collects care bears, much the same way I collect information (as some may have noticed that part... ). I like to get her care bears to add to her collection from time to time. But not just the bears, there is a ton of cool stuff out there that is care bear official merchandise that is interesting.

Everyone likes to get gifts and I like to see my lady smile, and her being happy is directly related to how much time I get to spend in development. So if I occasionally use some donation money to buy something cool care bear I find for her you know that now before you click that button.

If you have something care bear that is around that no one is interested in anymore, maybe you or your siblings, cousins or other family/friends have outgrown them and they aren't being used? They would be a nice donation and would get them to a place where they would be cared for and maintained.

Send me a pm and we'll work something out.


So let's recap all of this:

My preference is that you help someone else and donate your time to the community - that's what built it and how it grows.

You could sign up to dropbox using my referral link:

Otherwise, if you have any old care bears or care bear stuff laying around that's not seeing any use, that would be my second preference. If you want to help me directly, then help me do something nice for my lady if you can, pm me and we can work it out.

If you do want to donate money, the funds will be spent to:
-establish a website ad-free.
-establish a reliable mirror for files.
-help in the community from time to time?
-occasional carebears


So - my hobby is something where the actual earning process of each thing is part of the experience.

The rest of that stuff above is for sharing what I find, so if people want to help make that happen in other ways that's what i'll do.

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6th August 2012, 04:06 AM |#27  
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BIG thanx to Blue6IX for such a great thread indeed!! my question for you and anybody else who can help is what are the code numbers for the long-press function of the 4 buttons on the front of the phone and not the keyboard. I want to change them and I’m not exactly sure how.

I know the original function for the quick-press is like this:
# physical keys
key 102 HOME
key 139 MENU
key 158 BACK
key 188 FUNC_4

I’m trying to change the long-press function of those buttons. Also does anybody know what the button for the key number 107 goes?? It says that key 107 = ENDCALL but there is no physical button for that function anywhere 0_o
29th September 2012, 08:58 AM |#28  
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That system unzipping/installing loop almost gave me a heart attack! I was rereading this thread to see what I'd missed and preparing to shout for help (without touching anything...) when it finallly moved on.

and, after following directions, bootloader reports itself as 'relocked.' which isn't the exact result I was hoping for, but it will have to do.
29th September 2012, 07:46 PM |#29  
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WoooW! This should be scripted, so that we can get this info for every new phone we get here!
1st October 2012, 11:26 PM |#30  
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Can some o e plaese post a mirror or something with working pg59img . The newest one. Filefactory wont complete download and now wo t let me even try.

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21st November 2012, 09:33 PM |#31  
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After 1.28.531.9

But every time it gets a captcha nothing happens.

I only want just in case i do something silly

On the same note any custom Kernels capable of OC/UV on the above ROM?

Thx for post.
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