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Hi guys,
This is a guide to make ur device faster along with battery efficiency. Well this my method if doing it and it has worked for me for over 6 months. So thought I should share ^_^

I will only be using apps that are available on market along with some useful tips this is ultra simple

*TASK KILLERs (don't use them)
*no frills CPU control



Apps like Advanced Task Killer, the most popular task killer in the Market, act on the incorrect assumption that freeing up memory on an Android device is a good thing. When launched, it presents you with a list of "running" apps and the option to kill as many as you want. You can also hit the Menu button to access a more detailed "Services" view, that lists exactly which parts of each application are "running", how much memory they take up, and how much free memory is available on your phone. This set-up implies that the goal of killing these apps is to free up memory. Nowhere on the list does it mention the number of CPU cycles each app is consuming, only the memory you'll free by killing it. As we've learned, full memory is not a bad thing—we want to watch out for the CPU, the resource that actually slows down your phone and drains your battery life.

Thus, killing all but the essential apps (or telling Android to kill apps more aggressively with the "autokill" feature) is generally unnecessary. Furthermore, it's actually possible that this will worsen your phone's performance and battery life. Whether you're manually killing apps all the time or telling the task killer to aggressively remove apps from your memory, you're actually using CPU cycles when you otherwise wouldn't—killing apps that aren't doing anything in the first place.

In fact, some of the processes related to those apps will actually start right back up, further draining your CPU. If they don't, killing those processes can cause other sorts of problems—alarms don't go off, you don't receive text messages, or other related apps may force close without warning. All in all, you're usually better off letting your phone work as intended—especially if you're more of a casual user. In these instances, a task killer causes more problems than it solves.

Many apps are designed to get automatically launched under certain conditions . For example play store gets automatically launched when an app is installed or uninstalled. This is for the app to send a feed back so that the apps u install or uninstall gets into/out of the list of ur apps in play store. This is actually needed and useful. But many apps also have permissions that they actually don't need for eg many apps as I have observed aldico, music players etc etc (see ss) apps have permission to get auto started when the phone is switched on. Now when all these apps are getting turned on on their own there is a lot of ram used up. This slows ur phone.
Auto starts is an app which allows u to stop these apps from getting started unnessarily.
All u have to do is open it and tap on the function(when phone is booting up, when connectivity is changed,when a downloaded is completed etc etc). It shows what all apps get auto started when that function happens. Use your common sense or intuition and disable the apps that u feel are not required to start when that function happens for example I have disabled apps like aldico, phone etc etc under after startup and I have left apps like CPU controle, dsp manager,advanced task killer etc enabled because they are necessary to be started when the phone boots up
And do not touch servece apps under any function cause it will cause some problems...
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Convert most frequently used apps like ur music player, launcher,file manager browser,gallery, keyboard and internet browser (if possible) etc to system apps (or u can also link then to ur SD card using link to SD .... keep reading ...the procedure is at the end). As I said when u launch an app it will be stored in memory for quick launching the next time u launch it. But as u launch different apps the old ones will get removed from memory. Also if apps are on SF card they are usually less responsive. By converting those apps into system apps u give them a better priority of being maintained in memory also as they are on phone memory they have easy access to their resources and become responsive thus giving u a better,smoother and responsive experiance. U can also convert less used apps into user apps and move them to SD. In my case gmail and social hub and news and whether... lol I have uninstalled them
The app used to move apps from internal to phone, to convert them from user to system apps etc is link2sd
See the video on play store along with app to know how to use it... I don't wana make this thread long and boring by telling all that
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No frills CPU manager is an app which gives u access to change governers ans I/o schedulers for better performance or better efficiency. My suggestion is that
On a normal day put
Governer to bcm21553 and I/o to sio it helps to give both better performance and battery life (sio decreases the time taken between the switching of processes)
On a day u r at home or or ur relatives house I don't care where u can charge easily and feel like playing games put gov to performance and I/o to deadline
When u really want to conserve ur battery gov to conservative and I/o to noop
Over all the best combo is bcm21553 and sio (if u do not have bçm... in ur kernal eg kuro performance and noop will do)
Of course these are my personal suggestions u can use any combo u want as per ur experience once u get used to it
And check apply on boot
Also this is one of those apps which should auto start after boot (goes without saying )
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Do not use one if those full frleatured launcheres like(need no mention) which are heavy etc they drain battery as well as use up a lot of ram (upto 23mb in case of go launcher)
Use light weight launchers lie holo etc etc
Adw will also do as long as it is not adw ex and u do not use any themes. I perefer adw
Also keep a widget of advanced task..... on ur home screen (if u want.. I made mine transpare ) to kill some apps when u think ur phone is laging.
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6. Partitin sd card Link apps to SD card to make them run faster ( this is really effective)
Go to this thread of mine to learn more about it here
That is pretty much it guys... I will update this if I find any more or better tips than existing ones.
Pleez leave a comment if u have a better suggestion( that would be welcome ) or if u need any suggestion from Me

Thank u

Keep calm and hit T H A N K S
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