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i do not have have a one x but i have come up with a solution for the errors in apktool when recompiling framework-res.

i have a rezound and have run sense 4.0 on my phone. the screen res is also very similar to the one x.

there are four xmls in values that need to be rewritten.

a small change in plurals.xml
and raw.xml

the change made in plurals has to be made in all the foreign language plurals if you want to keep the languages. you can however delete them if you like. the framework i am posting has the plurals fixed for all languages though.

i am posting also my version of apktool which i have modified to properly smali htc apks.

to begin.

download the apktool linked here
unzip and place the folder wherever you want on your computer.
pull framework-res.apk and from your rom and place in the apktool folder

open a command window to apktool. (right click on your apktool folder and hit shift at the same time. one of the options will be to open a command window.)

type apktool if framework-res.apk hit enter
then type apktool if hit enter

now your needed dependencies are installed.

type apktool d framework-res.apk framework hit enter.

note im naming the out folder framework. you can name it anything you like.

this will create a decompiled framework-res. i named the folder framework so there will be a framework folder in your apktool folder now.

go to res/values anims.xml

change this

<anim name="htc_ime_decelerate_interpolator">@anim/zzz_htc_ime_decelerate_interpolator</anim>

to this

<item type="anim" name="htc_ime_decelerate_interpolator">@anim/zzz_htc_ime_decelerate_interpolator</item>

go to res/values layout.xml

change this

<layout name="htc_list_item_2text_2stamp">@layout/zzzz_htc_list_item_2text_2stamp</layout>
    <layout name="htc_list_item_2text_bright">@layout/zzzz_htc_list_item_2text_bright</layout>
    <layout name="htc_list_item_image_2text_image_bright">@layout/zzzz_htc_list_item_image_2text_image_bright</layout>
    <layout name="htc_list_item_imageicon_2text_2stamp">@layout/zzzz_htc_list_item_imageicon_2text_2stamp</layout>
    <layout name="htc_list_item_imageicon_text">@layout/zzzz_htc_list_item_imageicon_text</layout>
    <layout name="htc_list_item_separator">@layout/zzzz_htc_list_item_separator</layout>
    <layout name="keyguard_screen_device_unlock">@layout/zzzz_keyguard_screen_device_unlock</layout>
    <layout name="pin_keyboard">@layout/zzzz_pin_keyboard</layout>

to this

<item type="layout" name="htc_list_item_2text_2stamp">@layout/zzzz_htc_list_item_2text_2stamp</item>
    <item type="layout" name="htc_list_item_2text_bright">@layout/zzzz_htc_list_item_2text_bright</item>
    <item type="layout" name="htc_list_item_image_2text_image_bright">@layout/zzzz_htc_list_item_image_2text_image_bright</item>
    <item type="layout" name="htc_list_item_imageicon_2text_2stamp">@layout/zzzz_htc_list_item_imageicon_2text_2stamp</item>
    <item type="layout" name="htc_list_item_imageicon_text">@layout/zzzz_htc_list_item_imageicon_text</item>
    <item type="layout" name="htc_list_item_separator">@layout/zzzz_htc_list_item_separator</item>
    <item type="layout" name="keyguard_screen_device_unlock">@layout/zzzz_keyguard_screen_device_unlock</item>
    <item type="layout" name="pin_keyboard">@layout/zzzz_pin_keyboard</item>
go to res/values plurals.xml

go to line 79

change this

%d of %d

to this

%1$d of %2$d

now remember every foreign language plural needs that change or just delete them.

go to res/values raws.xml

change this

<raw name="fallbackring_htc">@raw/zzzz_fallbackring_htc</raw>

to this

<item type="raw" name="fallbackring_htc">@raw/zzzz_fallbackring_htc</item>

now when all of the plurals are changed or deleted ( do NOT delete the plurals in res/values. that has to be changed.)
type apktool b framework hit enter. this will build your apk.

here are the res/values xmls modded already to make this easy.

download here replace the existing decompiled xmls with these.

now when you decompile to make further changes you will find that three of the xmls

compile back to their original format so save the modified decompiled xmls

this is the modified framework


please post any issues
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