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Marvel version 9 (Highly Customizable ROM) - Gingerbread 2.3.4 v20o [Fast, Lite, Deodexed and Zipalligned]

Marvel v 9 is a highly customizable ROM using AROMA installer - Feel the power of your LG Optimus Black , now is all in your hands !!!


1. Of course a rooted LG Optimus Black P 970 (Find infos how to root here: [HOW TO]The Big N00B how-to! - nooby's thread)
2. CWM / ROM Manager / other apps with CWM or capability of flashing from zip file.

How to use:

1. Backup - use NANDRIOD (just in case something went wrong)
2. Copy the zip file in your SD card (copy in root folder)
3. Boot in CMW, Clear Data/cache and choose "install zip from SDCARD" or
Use ROM Manager and choose install zip from SD card.


Question: Why is the ROM so huge in size?
Answer: So you can have many, many installation options to choose from.

Question: Can I install this if I have Froyo, other Gingerbread or ICS ROMs?
Answer: Yes, just do factory reset and clear dalvik cache.

Question: How can I change installation options after installing Marvel?
Answer: Install/Flash again and choose options you need, without loosing apps and data. Just cleak dalvik-cache.
You can just install/flash again and again until you decided what combinations best suites your needs.

Change Log:

version 10 - Coming Soon!

- see planned updates below for details.....

version 9 - Released!

(Note: Please do not mirror the link, so I can monitor the downloads.

General Updates:
- more optimized init.d tweaks (thanks lupp0l0 for the help)
- changed settings layout to ICS - new! (SS below)
- added widgetpicker app
- added AROMA File Manager - the first CWM based Filemanager by amarullz (as featured in TANT Utilities v 1.4)
- deleted "Software Update" under "About Phone" in settings
- fixed line "1" in status bar (thanks huntersoftware for the tip)

Installation Option Updates:
- added Samsung Galaxy S Theme by cyanisblue
- added Holo Launcher app
- added TW Launcher app
- added completely silent camera mod
- added CRT Off Animation - On / Off option (works only in Marvel Framework)
- added ROM Manager Free

- removed ICS Port Theme by gabwerks (this is not working after factory reset until now, I will add again if this will be fully working in the future)

Upgrade Procedures:
- coming from Marvel 7 or 8, just clear dalvik and flash w/o loosing apps and data.
- coming from other ROMs - ICS, gingerbread or froyo, do factory reset and clear dalvik cache.

version 8

added init.d tweaks collection by knzo
- strict minfree handler tweak
- internet speed tweaks
- vm management tweaks
- misc kernel tweaks
- battery tweaks
- removes journalism
- perfect mount options
- flags blocks as non-rotational and increases cache size
- microSD card speed tweak
- defrags database files
- ondemand governor tweaks
- loopy smoothness tweak

new Marvel splash - thanks to cakebomb (changed the countdown version)
set wifi scan interval to 180 - to save on battery
changed default file browser to Root Browser by jrummy16
changed the default to superuser (from SuperSU) - some people are having problems with SuperSU
added clock app with ICS font
added Marvel Wallpapers located at /sdcard/DCIM/MarvelWalls

Inside AROMA installer updates:
updated AROMA installer with multi language support during installation
added System Info inside AROMA installer
added ability to Clear Dalvik, Factory Reset, Reset Battery stat and wipe cache partition inside AROMA installer
added TantrumsModCWM install option
Added the following to the Main Feature customise choices:
- Kernel: added Diana Kernel - credit to Huexxxx
- Framework: added ICS port by gabwerks
- Launcher: added Nemus Launcher
- Boot Animation: added 11th Doctor Flying Tardis
- SuperSU or Superuser : Choose between SuperSU by Chainfire or Superuser by ChainsDD

Upgrade Procedures:
- coming from Marvel 7, just clear dalvik and flash w/o loosing apps and data.
- but FULL WIPE (dalvik, data and cache) is still recommended.

Known Issue/s:
- ICS Port Theme by gabwerks not working in fresh install. But working fine in non-fresh (no full wipe) install. I will ask gabwerks about this scenario.

with 3,775 downloads since April 25 of ROM availability.

Updated AROMA Screenshots :

version 7 - Special Edition

- adapted AROMA installer by amarullz - a fully customized installation for all users !!!
- Gingerbread 2.3.4 v 20o ROM base
- Main features as : kernel, framework/theme, bootanimation, camera, GPS Fix, Keyboard are customizable during install
- For Advanced users: You can further choose your preferred applications, features, LG apps, widgets and live wallpapers
- all features from previous Marvels included plus much more ......

Marvel 7 Full Features:


- customized boot countdown (by mdfaisal)
- g-recovery - Press G key during boot up to enter Recovery mode (by Sergey)
- removed LG power off animation (by dertester1)
- USB debugging on by default but not showing in notification
- default to English Language

Customization Options:

Main Feature Mods:
- Kernels : Marvel kernel with boot countdown (default) , stock kernel
- Theme/Framework : Marvel ICS Framework and apps, LG stock framework
- Launchers : Marvel (Modded Zeam ) Launcher, SE ICS style Launcher (by achyut), LG ICS Style Home, LG Stock Home
- Boot Animations : Marvel Animation, Android stock, Blue Robot, Droid Razr, Galaxy Nexus, PC Bios (credit to the original authors)
- Camera : Modded Camera with tone 4 - no sound, stock camera
- GPS Fix : Default GPS, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceana, Philippines, South America (credit to maludroid)
- Keyboards : Marvel, Stock, HTC Black, HTC White
- Lockscreen : Marvel / Stock Lockscreen, Gingerbread Stock Lockscreen

Many apps included
All LG apps included
All LG widgets included
All LG livewallpapers included

4 Install Type Options:
Full Marvel ROM (Recommended)
Marvel Custom
Marvel Custom Lite
Customize All

Upgrade Procedures:
- coming from Marvel 6.0, just clear dalvik and flash w/o loosing apps and data.
- but because this is a new ROM base and is a fully customizable ROM, FULL WIPE (dalvik, data and cache) is recommended.

Known Issue/s:
- I have not found any, so you can tell me.

with 2,723 downloads since April 11 of ROM availability.

version 6.0

- updated Play Store to 3.5.15
- updated latest SuperSU
- added OSP and memo apks
- added ICS calculator by Thomas Barrasso
- more cleanup of useless files (zip file now 170 MB)
- changed apn list to combined v20n + v20b (from CM list in version 5)
- new boot logo - combined efforts from mdfaisal and me.

- fixed white line in music player divider widget
- fixed flickering white at upper left corner
- fixed charging animation

Upgrade Procedures:
- coming from v5 or v4, just clear dalvik and flash w/o loosing apps and data
- coming from v3 and below, I recommend do full wipe (dalvik, data and cache).
- coming from other ROM, do full wipe (dalvik, data and cache).

Known Issue/s:
- some apps with unreadable font/background in notification. e.g. market downloading, music player

with 8,877 downloads since March 19, 2012 of ROM availability. And still counting .......

version 5

- changed default wallpaper
- updated Google Play Music with transparent widget.
- updated flash player
- update Play Store (Market)
- updated superuser
- edited camera app (Shutter Sound Tone # 4 - no sound)
- added Fix incorrect Battery Usage Display by jason600.
- added resized hidden menu and disabled poweroff animation by dertester1
- updated APN list from here.
- added some build.prop tweaks
- fixed silent mode icon in notification
- disabled Marvel boot logo. (I have to find a better boot logo in the next version.)

with 7,033 downloads since March 6, 2012 ROM availability.


version 4.0

- visual integration to ICS for some apps alarm clock, calendar, browser etc. (reported in 3.0)
- new default boot animation by mdfaisal (he's a very good animator)
*Note: You can always put a of your choice in \data\local\ . Deleting the same will revert to the default bootanimation.
- beats audio - credits to RockoDev : (MOD)(PORT)Beats Audio&Xloud(2.3+up)03/03/12
- added CRT off (requested in 3.0)
- added ICS animation (requested in 3.0)

Minor fixes reported in previous versions:
- fixed adding of groups in contact
- fixed wifi animation when turning on (notification bar)
- fixed silent mode on (in notification bar)
- further fix the landscape notification bar, now its perfect fit
- white font for some apps and power menu changed to navy blue.

with 6,322 downloads since March 6 of ROM availability.

version 3.0

- Fixed Music Player (no more FCs) - reported in 2.1.1
- Fixed landscape notification toggles - reported in 2.1.1
- Added eRecovery - you can now press "G" key during bootup to enter recovery (credit to Huexxxx) - requested in 2.1.1
- Changed default launcher to Zeam Launcher for more customization but very light in memory with customized ICS icons. credit to the developer of Zeam Launcher :
- Disabled shutdown sound, for faster shutdown.
- More ICS looks in Messaging, Contacts etc.
- Added startup splash of "Marvel ROM" - (not a very good design though) - maybe i need a graphic artist on this.
- Gesture key back to original LG default stock ROM function.
- More ROM cleanup - smaller ROM zip size.
- more to come ...............

with 10,937 downloads since Feb 27 ROM availability.

version 2.1.1 Final

- All FC's from previous versions - Fixed!
- More ICS themes/icons for default apps added
- Replaced Default Launcher icons to ICS icons
- Added News and Weather app (I love this widget!)
- Added Quick boot
- Added Google search app (I don't want the search button of our phone to be useless)
- Set USB Debugging to on but disables notification in bar
- Progress indicators during installation added

with 7,251 downloads since Feb 20, 2012.

version 2.1

- New Fixed FULL ICS Theme - Almost covers all menus and possible apps! (Fixed notification, theme includes, dialler, messaging, browser, etc.) - Now very ICS
- Gallery, Gmail and HiddenMenu added (as requested)
- non-functional music player in notification bar removed (reported bug in v2)
- general overall cleaning and
- further trim down LG apps for maximum memory during startup to ensure fast phone and also battery efficient

317 downloads since Feb 18, 2012 ROM availability

version 2

- ICS Theme (credit to timvdhoorn)
- ICS Media Player - new!
- ICS Wallpapers, sounds, notifications included
- Free ES FileExplorer added
- remapped gesture button to wake up button. (credit to fjsw)
- Galaxy Nexus bootanimation + new boot sound. You can put to \data\local to change boot animation.
- of course lite, deodexed and zipalligned.

180 downloads in 3 days of ROM availability

version 1
- based on Gingerbread 2.3.4 v 20b
- Removed LG stuffs, deodexed and zipalligned all apks.
- .zip size : 194MB
- LG Home retained.
- Updated market, Google search, flash player and hmmmm.....

493 downloads since 02/09/12 ROM availability

version 0
- Removed LG stuffs, deodexed and zipalligned all apks.
- .zip size 164MB
- LG home launcher retained

458 downloads since 01/31/12 ROM availability


(Note: Please do not mirror the link, so I can monitor the downloads. Thanks)

version 9
Download: or MIRROR or MIRROR
MD5: 95FC272779BC7B9F46AB770E0512A0C6
version 8
Download: or MIRROR
MD5: 15BCAA83CB3F4E89954C011B30AB0834
version 7 - Special Edition
Download: or MIRROR or MIRROR
MD5: E4344BE47FEA56E9A9180B248D61D776
version 6.0
Download: or
MD5: 074F29753B0540ABB5653BC00FD28171
version 5.0
Download: or
MD5: 274A3C0762D79EC467C161B8BEB1EA6A
version 4.0
Download: +
MD5: EF8A25901D547A8B8A3497CB2259305B (Marvel v4 zip) + 553EBE1361CD16BD83617C53331BEE1C (Marvel v4 Fix)
Download: or
MD5: D5637FC9BB933B7BB3745756CD60A802
version 3.0
Download: or
version 2.1.1 Final
Download: or
MD5: 13DB5F0466640960B950D3204FE97E82
version 2.1
version 2
version 1
version 0
version 0 Requested ROM - Deodexed and Zipalligned - WITH FULL LG STUFF (v20n based)
Download: Marvelv0_GB234v20n_full_by_tantrums
NOTE : Hope you like it.

Planned Updates:

ROM Development Support:

Thanks for supporting the development of this ROM : Click here to donate.

Donors List :

* archiebrian811
* gblanco
* bluehunter9

* can be your name here .

Addon / Theme / App options :

- dertester1 Pdroid for Marvel v6 -
- gps fixes credit to maludroid : gps fix - included since version 7
- dertester1 personal mod for Marvel v4
- mdfaisal boot animations : *Collection of my cool Bootanimations: CM9 New Bootanimation, Kick iPhone, Andro Dance
- VictorMun Stock LG mod for Marvel : [THEME] Stock LG UI Theme for Marvel ROM (+some apps) - included in version 8
- Gabwerks theme option with extended power menu : [THEME] ICS Port [Updated 2/21/2012] - included in version 8
- CalamitySir theme : [THEME] Zeydra v1.1 - UPDATE
- dertester1 Pdroid :
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