[Script] AAHK2 - Root, Debrand, SIM Unlock, S-OFF, SuperCID & Custom Recovery

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By 3498BoyZ, Senior Member on 17th July 2013, 03:27 PM
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4th August 2013, 12:42 PM |#31  
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I did managed to have a current version 2.3.3 of the software that I have uploaded from this description but I have a problem why I jump out massive errors to close an application like android market, google contacts?
4th August 2013, 03:00 PM |#32  
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Originally Posted by pawel1178

I made prior to the operation WIPE and format the SD card and still have the same problem

Your problem is not script specific.
SD card is okay. ADB has no permission to push files to your internal storage.
Don't know why - that's not normal.

Create a textfile and write it to your storagy with "adb push <filename> /tmp/".
When you get this working AAHK2 can do its job.

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5th August 2013, 01:21 PM |#33  
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Good to know AAHK2 is on xda! Even I rooted and S-off my DHD using AAHK2 before it was on xda.
Phiber2000 provides great support in case you encounter any issues (which you shouldnt because guide is now in English )
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5th August 2013, 09:05 PM |#34  
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Hey guys, nice to see that S-OFF is easy again... Just a simple question why is not this thread in the dev section??
5th August 2013, 09:28 PM |#35  
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I asked some mods and they said the thread is in the right section

[email protected] from my Mobile [email protected]!
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5th August 2013, 10:56 PM |#36  
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Originally Posted by 3498BoyZ

I asked some mods and they said the thread is in the right section

[email protected] from my Mobile [email protected]!

Ok, so I guess it is then.
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13th August 2013, 03:05 AM |#37  
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Which rom should be flashed before using this tool to gain s-off?

i have already unlocked bootloader through htc dev and touch recovery
13th August 2013, 04:48 PM |#38  
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While preparing HTCdev unlocked devices (choose in main menu), the correct rom will be flashed automatically.

13th August 2013, 07:18 PM |#39  
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Hi guys! I have been reading a lot lately on these forums.

Before i begin, i just have to check with you guys.

I am running totally stock and have done nothing with my HTC Desire HD.

Its version 2.3.5 with Sene 3.0.

I really really want to flash this ROM and if i follow this guide for the AAHK2 Script, I will gain root acces aswell of flashing the ROM i desire in the end, right?

- Anyways, the only thing I am uncertain of at this moment, is the requirements stated as:

original ROM
Original boot image ( this is not the HBOOT)
original Recovery

I am not sure about what these requirement means. I hope you guys can enlighten me on this subject.

Thanks in advance!
14th August 2013, 08:01 AM |#40  
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You can run AAHK2.

~Sent from the place behind you~
14th August 2013, 04:06 PM |#41  
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I had succes, but experienced an error on the way.
Hello guys!

I just wanted to inform you guys that when i used the script, the whole thing went good. I downgraded and did exactly like the script told me and all was good.
This was untill this stage:

Ace Advanced Hack Kit 2

1 - Hack Ace <----------------------------+ * S-OFF |
| * SIM Unlock |
h - Prepare HTCdev unlocked device | * SuperCID |
| * Root |
| * Touch Recovery |
| |
************************************************** ********************
t - Toggle Flash Method - current method is fastbootRUU
************************************************** ********************

q - Quit

[Select and press Enter]1
Android version is exploitable.
1341 KB/s (19240 bytes in 0.014s)
2095 KB/s (4564992 bytes in 2.127s)
1904 KB/s (4458496 bytes in 2.286s)
2279 KB/s (557962 bytes in 0.239s)
1366 KB/s (9796 bytes in 0.007s)
1649 KB/s (572752 bytes in 0.339s)
1544 KB/s (134401 bytes in 0.085s)
1239 KB/s (13968 bytes in 0.011s)
Setting up for Gingerbread restore...
2279 KB/s (2801664 bytes in 1.200s)
2559 KB/s (2830336 bytes in 1.080s)
2685 KB/s (285981 bytes in 0.104s)
2585 KB/s (285981 bytes in 0.108s)
1 file(s) copied.
Linux version ([email protected]) (gcc version 4.4.0 (GCC) )
#1 PREEMPT Thu Jun 9 14:20:29 CST 2011
Kernel version is Gingerbread... Using fre3vo to temproot...
fre3vo by #teamwin
Please wait...
Attempting to modify property...
id: msmfb
smem_start: 802160640
smem_len: 3145728
type: 0
type_aux: 0
visual: 2
xpanstep: 0
ypanstep: 1
line_length: 1920
mmio_start: 0
accel: 0
xres: 480
yres: 800
xres_virtual: 480
yres_virtual: 1600
xoffset: 0
yoffset: 800
bits_per_pixel: 32
activate: 16
height: 106
width: 62
rotate: 0
grayscale: 0
nonstd: 0
accel_flags: 0
pixclock: 0
left_margin: 0
right_margin: 0
upper_margin: 0
lower_margin: 0
hsync_len: 0
vsync_len: 0
sync: 0
vmode: 0
Buffer offset: 00000000
Buffer size: 8192
Scanning region faa90000...
Scanning region fab80000...
Scanning region fac70000...
Scanning region fad60000...
Scanning region fae50000...
Scanning region faf40000...
Scanning region fb030000...
Scanning region fb120000...
Scanning region fb210000...
Scanning region fb300000...
Scanning region fb3f0000...
Scanning region fb4e0000...
Scanning region fb5d0000...
Scanning region fb6c0000...
Scanning region fb7b0000...
Scanning region fb8a0000...
Scanning region fb990000...
Scanning region fba80000...
Scanning region fbb70000...
Potential exploit area found at address fbb9b200:e00.
Exploiting device...
/dev/block/vold/179:65 /mnt/sdcard vfat rw,dirsync,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime,
uid=1000,gid=1015,fmask=0702,dmask=0702,allow_utim e=0020,codepage=cp437,iocharse
t=iso8859-1,shortname=mixed,utf8,errors=remount-ro 0 0
tmpfs /mnt/sdcard/.android_secure tmpfs ro,relatime,size=0k,mode=000 0 0
Creating goldcard...
HTC android goldcard tool Copyright (C) 2011, Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr.
Original code by B. Kerler. Special thanks to ATTN1 and the XDA team.
Donations can be made to the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

or to B. Kerler:

0+1 records in
0+1 records out
384 bytes transferred in 0.002 secs (192000 bytes/sec)
Setting mainver lower to allow downgrade...
--set_version set. VERSION will be changed to: 1.31.405.6
Misc partition is "/dev/block/mmcblk0p17"
Patching and backing up misc partition...
Starting flash process...
< waiting for device >
erasing 'cache'...
OKAY [ 0.131s]
finished. total time: 0.133s
Sending update...
This takes time. Please be patient!
sending 'zip' (18223 KB)...
OKAY [ 2.990s]
writing 'zip'...
(bootloader) adopting the signature contained in this image...
(bootloader) signature checking...
(bootloader) zip header checking...
(bootloader) zip info parsing...
(bootloader) checking model ID...
(bootloader) checking custom ID...
(bootloader) checking main version...
(bootloader) start image[boot] unzipping & flushing...
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,boot,0
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,boot,31
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,boot,68
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,boot,99
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,boot,100
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,boot,0
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,boot,100
(bootloader) start image[recovery] unzipping & flushing...
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,recovery,0
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,recovery,20
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,recovery,44
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,recovery,66
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,recovery,89
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,recovery,100
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,recovery,0
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,recovery,100
(bootloader) start image[radio] unzipping & flushing...
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,0
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,8
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,13
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,20
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,25
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,33
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,41
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,49
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,57
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,62
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,70
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,79
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,86
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,94
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,99
(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,radio,100
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,0
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,6
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,14
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,19
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,27
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,36
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,44
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,51
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,59
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,68
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,76
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,85
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,95
(bootloader) [RUU]WP,radio,100
OKAY [ 93.969s]
finished. total time: 96.962s

finished. total time: 0.158s
Radio downgrade complete. Starting unlock process...

The cmd was going no where and my phone was on the HTC Boot logo screen and was sitting in that state for like 30 mins before i decided to try my luck and do something.
Well, i decided the first thing to do was to press enter in the cmd prompt and well, the whole process went on with it's thing and now I am at the stage where i need to flash a custom rom.
So the script worked perfectly and I am very happy right now

I just wanted to give you guys a heads up if you experience this.

Thanks to 3498BoyZ and of course Phiber2000

Have a nice day!
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