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Sorry my friends, but so many work for one man.
I discontinue Throttle to work on Manilla.

Hi all,

Finally I found the proper source to create these two fantastic roms!

- L26KDV12 (HTCHome 6 tabs)

- L26 KaiserDiamond Throtthle Launcher (beta 6 page 114 post #1138)

Last view days I started playing with Throttle Launcher and TL_TouchFlo3D.
I was stunt of the possibility’s and graphics. This rom is far from perfect but if you start playing with it you will be amazed I’m sure.
I hope to collect all the bugs and improve the rom.

A special thanks I like to give to:

  • Alfonso Presa (the creator of Throttle Launcher)
  • Gullum (For creating the OEM Package and being a Throttle expert)
Info about Throttle Launcher can be found here:

Release notes about TL 0.9.3 Beta, the version in this rom:

I highly recommend to post your findings about Throttle Launcher rom in this thread (not in L26KDV10 Htchome) to keep things clear!

This is a hybrid with HTC 19212 as base and ported Diamond SYS and XIP 20273.1.3.3.

Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
CE OS 5.2.19212 (build 20273.1.3.3)
Rom version: 3.29.707.0 WWE
Rom date: 08/10/08
Radio version: (other radio recommendation:
Protocol version:

Pagepool: 18mb

HTC Class Action D3D drivers included (19-08-08 release): (thanks to Chainfire and the people who working on it.)

This rom is UC compatible (credits to Slueth255, thanks)

I would like to recommend SPL 3.29 (thanks JockyW)

Base Apps:

  • ThrottleLauncher
  • TL_TouchFlo3D
  • Touch Pro keyboard
  • Office, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote
  • 10 button Commmanager
  • Games, All_Mobile_Mines, Chess, Freecell, Hearts.
  • acbToggleBT
  • destr0_VOIP + SIPConfig
  • HTC_AudioManager_1_2_1813.3129
  • MusicID
  • HTC Streaming_Media
  • Youtubeplay
  • BCR_World_Card
  • Calc-SPB_Diamond_Black
  • PHM Notepad
  • HTC_Random_Acces
  • Dialer_bluemetalaxe
  • HTC End
  • HTC_Enlarge_Start_Menu
  • Class Action D3D drivers (update 19-08-08)
  • Test programs for D3D drivers
  • HtcOneNoteFix
  • Kaiser_extra_Slidingsounds
  • moBluev2_1
  • NETCF 3.5
  • PocketCM Imageviewer v.0.9 beta (uninstallable)
  • Startup_Sound
  • Total Commander_ 2.51
  • WMP_Diamond_skin_Poorlyduck
  • DotFred_Task_Manager_ver.3.0
  • ESMERTEC_JBED_20080428_2_1
  • KaiserTweak
  • Mortscript_4.1.0.5_Longkeypress
  • Schap's_Advanced Config 3.0
  • SpbScreenshot
  • SpoonAlarm
  • Diamond_TaskManager BB
  • Opera
  • iContact Burt edition 6.2
  • Thumbcal
Many thanks to all the Developers who created this beautifull apps included in this rom’s.

Also thanks to my friends and the people who give support.

Without you I couldn’t create this rom.

Probably I forget someone, I’m sorry if I do:

Beasty (Great help and good friend)
Alkapone02 (The best admin in the world haha..!)
Mcmexican, (for support and beta testing.)
Hellojoep, (for support and beta testing.)
Asfoor, (for support and beta testing.)
P1Tater (he’s always around, great friend)
Alltheway (thanks for your tips\hints\Radio’s.)
Hang.tuah (for some tips.)

Raiisak for helping me out with so many things.

Raiisak’s cabcorner rocks, have a look in it:

Ababrekar (Great Guru)
htctouchp (thank you to man for your support)
JimmyMcGee (for your great humor and support, love your picture’s.)
Mikulec, (for support and beta testing)
Redbandana, (for support and beta testing)
Jcespi2005, (the kitchen)
JugglerLKR, (the kitchen)
Poorlyduck (Cool Diamond graphics)
Bluemetalaxe (for the beautifull Diamond dialer skin)
Phouki (for Opera)
_Alex_, (the kitchen and doing so much for this community.)
Bepe, (I love your Package tool)
Ervius, (Package creator rocks)
GSLEON3, (the device unbricker)
Hang tuah, for some tips
jockyw2001, (Not only SPL)
Kyphur, (for the pagepool patcher and support)
Mamaich, (your godfather of all)
OliPof, (do I need to say more)
TehPenguin, (I hope to see you back in TP section)
Nikagl, (for Kaisertweaks)
Fabliv, For the beautifull HTC Action screen
Larna, for iContact
Deuzeff, for support and Throttle tweaks
Joubertvasc, for Remote Tracker

Beta 6 (page 114 post #1138):

Beta 5 (page 91 post #902:

Beta 4 (page 65 post #643):

BETA 3 (post #589):

NETCF3.5 and Schap's Advanced Config updated to 3.0.

BETA 2: (post #452):


Rapidshare, thanks to Asfoor.

4Shared, thanks to P1Tater

4Shared, thanks to me haha…

Blueroomsolution, thanks to Evolutionscr.

Filefront, thanks to Fulcrum.

Pass: 100808L26KDV10TL



If you like my work and want to give me something back for the time I'm spending on cooking rom's.

Thanks a lot for your support!

Received donations:

7,40 from Lilbusa996
15 euro from Christopher
20 euro from Biker_M
10 euro Wgfreitas
15 euro from Jeroen
15 euro from Tim
25 euro from Angerous
10 euro from Tian
8,88 euro from Drdre69
10 euro from Slaphappy100
10 euro from Ian
5 euro from Dulal
10 euro from Eaglesrest
10 euro from Joshua
25 euro from Keirmccann
5 euro from Darrin
10 euro from Jorge
5 euro from Ars Vitae
5 euro from Skullball
50 euro from Dinis
15 euro from Gester
5 euro from Phoeki
10 euro from Lieuwe
5 euro from Jmep
5 euro from Omar
15 euro from Torrin66
25 euro from Juw
16 euro from HHumbert
15 euro from Jeffrey
15 euro from Frankbel,
10 euro from Deuzeff,
10 euro from Fauzan,
10 euro from Rene,
6.50 euro from Bill,
10 euro from David,
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