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By pakidermo5000, Senior Member on 24th February 2014, 11:38 PM
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HuiFei - 2 DIN Pure Android 4.2.2/4.4.2/4.4.4 RK3066/RK3188 Car Stereo Radio Head Unit. KGL/KLD/RM/GS/JY/MD/KYD/BN/HA [ROOTED]

Moderation Announcement (added by @dark alex)
Originally Posted by dark alex

Hi together this is an important announcement!

As you knew Mike an me we were talking about a dedicated section.
This is now achieved and I am requested by him to sort things out from here.

I will split out some Key knowledge posts, for example malaysks Firmware-Post, to new Threads in our subforums.

Please if you create new work open you own Thread in the new forums. If you already have posted here probably wait until I split your post out or write to me to ensure I will split you out if you think I missed you or you have a critical release.

Questionning Users
Please open your own thread for your questions in our new section. I can not split out every question from here. This thread will be left over for searching so please if you have current questions just ask in our new Q&A-Section.

I will start splitting up this thread in about one hour.

You can find the new section at the bottom of this link:

Thank you!

This is a new thread for this car dvd that was first reported on comment #2224 of the AN-21 U thread.

Probably you are here because:
  • you want to root your unit. Only units with ROMs 4.2.2 can be rooted (see below how). The only way to have a rooted 4.4.x is installing a pre-rooted ROM (see below how)
  • you have a problem (no internet, no sound, buttons do not work, bad mic quality, rear camera image not showing, door opening not showing, etc.
  • you want to upgrade your unit to a newer software that has sleep mode, personalized music app, personalized functions, root, xposed, can remap buttons, etc.
All this is covered in this post and most of the problems that you can have are summarized in this post too. Please read this first post before asking. And use the search function of the thread, before asking. Thanks.

Read below and here for basic questions asked and answered 1000 times.

How to root my unit. Only 4.2.2 can be rooted with an app (see below). To have rooted 4.4x you must install a pre-rooted ROM (see below)
Get sound when in reverse (thanx to @Keylo Lo)
Engineering/Factory settings password "126" (thanx to @blankers)
This allows you to change logo, sound volume, SWC codification, etc.
Activate USB debugging --> Go to Factory Settings and enter password "adbon".
System sound is low compared to Radio--> Go to Factory settings and change volume levels
GPS button does not trigger GPS app You need to choose predefined GPS app, in Settings--> GPS

Get Into Recovery
1 Press reset button and power button together
2 After about 5 secs release reset button, but keep pressing power button
3 When booting screen appears release power button.
4 It boots into recovery.
--Update 1-- some units without front USB have a different procedure
Firstly power on the unit and then long press the power button and then reset. Then the unit will get three rings and you loose your hand on the power button and short press the power button again. (thanx @netay)
--Update 2-- some others have this procedure (thanx @R4D3N)
1. Turn off the unit by holding 3-4 sec the power button.
2. Hold the RESET button + POWER button for 5 sec
3. Release the RESET button and keep pressing the POWER button for 2 sec
4. Release the POWER button and wait. The Recovery menu appears.
5. With the Volume knob you can move up/down and long press on Volume/Power button to select the option.

Get Into Bootloader
The process is basically the same, with the difference that you need to have the computer attached to the unit via the front miniUSB (if you do not have a front USB, you will have to ask your seller how to get into bootloader mode)

1- boot the unit as usual.
2- plug the front usb of the unit to your computer usb.
3- Then, push the reset button and the power button at once and keep them pushed. The reset button is the tiny pin next to the mp3 sdcard. The power button is the volume knob. You will hear the power cut throught the speakers.
4- Release reset button and keep power button pushed. Now the unit will reboot. You will see nothing, just a black screen. Do not release the power button yet. Your computer will detect a " new hardware", that is the RolckChip. When you hear the windows noise of new detected hardware, you can release power button. It will automatically install the drivers.

  • MCU your unit, there are many (KGL, KGL1, KGL2, KGL3, KGL4, KGL5, KLD, KLD1, KLD2, JY, GS, KYD, MD, BN, HA, MX), If you install the wrong MCU, you will brick your unit.
    To know which one you have. Go to Settings -->About
    If still not clear, see: here or here.
    If you cannot find it here, it probably means that you are in the wrong thread.
  • Resolution of your unit. 800x480 or 1024x600. If you install the wrong ROM, you will brick your unit.
  • Chip of your unit RK3066 or RK3188. It does not really matter, ROMs and MCU are compatible between chips.
Upgrading is supposed to be a safe operation, but you never know what can happen. So, before updating make sure that:
1- To backup of your system the easiest way is download nandroid root from google play, and do a nandroid backup with TWRP format). Save it in your external SD.
2- make sure you can enter in bootloader mode (see below how to)
3- it is recommended to backup your apps and data (use titanium from google play). The update will do a factory reset.

0- Do a back up (copy the files somewhere safe) of your internal SD card memory. It will be wiped during the process.

1- Download the ROM (Resolution 1024x600 or 800x480) and MCU (KGL, KLD, JY, GS,RM, MX, BN, HA) for your unit.
ROMs--> repository This will get you a file named update.img. There are different "flavors" of ROMs.
- @coudu (rooted, stock). Early v4.0 and v4.1 have some problems.
- @Malaysk (rooted, with very useful mods, some come with NEXT launcher)
- @dsa8310 (rooted, almost stock)
MCUs--> Latest MCUs by Malaysk are here . This will get you a file named mcu.img

2- copy the update.img you have chosen to the root of your GPS card.

3- copy the mcu.img for your specific unit to the root of your GPS card (if you do not want to update mcu.img, you can skip this step)

4- insert back the GPS card to the unit. If no window pops up, reboot the unit. At boot, the presence of update.img will be detected and a pop up window will ask you whether you want to update your unit. It will automatically reboot into recovery mode and update your unit. Once done, remove update.img and mcu.img from the root of the gps card or you will be asked every boot for an update.

5- In some Coudu´s (sd partition of 3Gb) and Malaysk´s ROMs versions, it is necessary to do a factory reset just after the first boot so that everything works properly.

6- If you lost buttons or radio after the upgrade --> Go to Factory settings (password 126) and choose the proper canbus for your car and the radio chipset. You can change boot logo if you want.

* If you get Google services error after upgrading to KitKat see this and this

- Boot Up:: time is around 30s. 
- GPS: GPS positions very fast. TomTom, Navigon, Sygic,  and regular off-line GPS work. Navigon and Sygic have some problems with some ROMs
- Stand by mode: Latest ROMs and MCU have the possibility of choosing stand by mode with various times chosen.
- Radio: radio stations are saved as frequencies
- Bluetooth contacts: contacts are saved on the device.
- Works fine with Bose system (Audi)
- Possible ground loop noise that needs some tricks to be removed (see section problems) 
- Torque works and can run in parallel with A2DP
- ELM327 works (might need special app like CarService in very weird cases)
- Camera works (might be better to get the one with RK3188 chip)
- There is no automatic brightness control because the unit does not have light sensor, but there are apps that can help
- The touch screen is extremely responsive. It works as good as most phones.

Instructions to get root (thanx to @webdude12)
It only works for Android 4.2.2. If you want to root 4.4.x you need to take apart update.img and inject SuperUser app (this is only for experts as @coudu, @Malaysk, @dsa8310 ). The alternative is to install a 4.4.x pre-rooted image and you do not have to do anything else. See below in HOW TO UPGRADE YOUR UNIT section how to do it.

If you want to root your 4.2.2, download Root Master 2.1.1 here
1- Install the APK.
2- Make sure you are connected to WiFi and you have an internet connection.
3- Open Root Master (do not upgrade to newer version unless you can read chinese, The newest version has different options, all in chinese. Version 2.1.1 just has a button that says "root".))
4- Press root button
5- Chinese characters will flash across the screen.
6- A second popup box will appear, press the purple button.
The app will automatically install SuperUser.
This program connects to servers oversea sending hardware information. The downloads a script that will attempt to root the device. If the first script fails, it downloads additional ones. Future goal is monitor this communication with a data logger and find which script works, so that a unique program can be written to achieve root.

How to install TWRP recovery (thanx to Abdul_pt from Freaktab and 1-2-Hak and coudu)
You do not really need to install TWRP unless you wanna mod the rom yourself, if you mod roms you will know that already.
- a.t.m. you need a mouse to use TWRP because touch is not working yet
- if you install TWRP, you will not be able to update the update.img and mcu.img the way it was explained above.

If you still want to install TWRP:
Android 4.2.2 800x480
Download files here
And follow the post by 1-2-Hak

Android 4.4.2 800x480
Follow this: this

TWRP for 1024x600
See this post

  • Install app without adb when regular install does not work
    Sometimes the app won't install normally and you need to sideload it.. This means that you need a computer and adb wifi. There is another way with which you won't need a computer. You just need to install a terminal emulator (you need root ).
    1- Download the terminal emulator app you prefer
    2- Download the app you want to install to /mnt/sdcard
    3- Open terminal emulator
    4- On the terminal navigate to /mnt/sdcard by typing
    - cd /mnt/sdcard
    - su
    - pm install "NameOfTheApp".apk
    Done, you are app is now installed.

  • Modified Radio Apps
    To install radios you need to copy the app using ESExplorer or Root Explorer straight to /system/app in place of MTCRadio.apk
    Radio version 4.2.2 800x480Radio version 4.4.4 800x480[INDENT]Radio version 4.4.4 (Malaysk v1, aka alive)
  • Car Service. Allows to use SWC and buttons with 3rd party apps (Latest Malysk ROMs already include it).
    Download here (thanx @@KeiserSozeyFr)
    If it does not install, copy directly to /system/app
  • Microntek HeadUnit Service Latest Malaysk ROMs include it. It allows to use SWC with non native apps. It allows to make calls and send messages from Android part of HU, and to show toasts. You can find it straight on Google Play.
    There is a modified version (probably outdated) with early start of services here
  • Moded Music app. Two versions. One is the original with expanded list, so full names can be seen, and the other one has the list integrated in the background so it is always visible. (thanx to @dark alex)
    anoher one here
  • Set Loud Latest ROMs do no need it.
    Method 1:

    Just install this app: (thanx to @dark alex)
    Method 2:

    You need Tasker or Automagic or similar app.
    Set up a task that runs at boot with the following code as "shell command"
    am broadcast -a com.microntek.irkeyDown --ei keyCode 44
    How to:
  • Speed-sincronized volume increase (AKA GALA)
    This app will modify the volume of your unit according to the speed. The amount sensitivity can be adjusted. (thanx to @dark alex)
  • PowerAmp Toast (thanx @agentdr8)
    This app will show title/album/album art when tracks change while PowerAmp is in background.
  • Rear Camera without icons (icons were included in the KitKat version 4.4.2) (thanx @typos1 and guys)
  • KLD Launcher 4.4.2 with bigger date
    Launcher see picture


Some of the firmwares are... (list not updated)
  • Custom KitKat 4.4.2 by (RK3066)
  • Coudu's 4.4.4 v4.2 (RK3066) (January 2015 release), see here
    - Coudu v4.0 and v4.1 have some problems. v4.2 is good (specially releases 150113 for KLD and 150113 for KGL). You might need MTCControlSettings.apk as in these latest releases coudu removed it.
  • Malaysk's roms (RK3066) w/ and w/o NEXT launcher, also 4.4.4 here
  • JY Android version is this one
  • Malaysk's roms (RK3066) version 24/05/15 Download here. It allows the remapping of the radio buttons.
  • dsa8310 JY rooted ROM 150513 (RK3188) Download here


Basic info on everything
Another wiki with general info here

Unfortunately the first issues with the promising unit arrived.
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25th February 2014, 12:02 AM |#2  
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There's another video here (also in chinese) showing a 4.2 unit. It may be the same one. Hard to tell, though....
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25th February 2014, 04:58 PM |#3  
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Donate to Me
Here is the official manufacturer product page for the RK3066.
  • Process • 40nm low power process
  • CPU • Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9, up to 1.6GHz
  • GPU • Mali-400MP4 Quad-core GPU, up to 400MHz
    Graphic Computing
    • High performance dedicated 2D processor
    • 1080P multi format video decoding (H.265 and VP9)
    • 1080P video encoding for H.264 and VP8
    • Stereoscopic 3D H.264 MVC video Codec
  • Flash • Support MLC NAND, eMMC
  • Memory • Full memory support, DDR3, DDR3L, LPDDR2
  • Display • Support dual-panel display, max for 2048x1536 resolution
  • Camera • Support dual camera
  • Connectivity • Rich peripheral and connectivity
This one seems to be from an dutch ethusists webiste RK3066 info.
  • 2 sofas, 8bits/16bits Nor Flash / SRAM interface
  • 8 banks, 8bits/16bits Async Nand Flash, LBA Nand Flash and ONFI Nand Flash Sync 8bits to 60bits hardware ECC
  • 2GB total memory space for two beds, 16bits/32bits DDR3-800, LPDDR2-800, LVDDR3-800
  • Total 3 channel SD / MMC interface MMC4.41, SD3.0 and SDIO3.0 (eMMC) support
  • 2 Channels TFT LCD interface with 5 layers (layers) and 3D display, 1920 × 1080 maximum display size (resolution)
  • Tx HDMI interface version 1.4 with 3D video support 1080p @ 30Hz 2 channels, 8bits CCIR656 interface and 10bits/12bits raw data interface with image coprocessor
  • Many audio interfaces including 2x 2channel I2S/PCM + 1x 8k channels I2S/PCM tx + SPDIF (optical digital)
  • 1x USB OTG 2.0 and 1x USB 2.0 Host
  • 10/100Mb network RMII interface
  • High Speed ​​ADC interface TS stream interface
  • Various interfaces peripheral worth under I2C 5x, 4x UART, SPI 2x, 4x PWM
  • ARMv7 Architecture
  • 1.6GHz clock frequency (safely overclockable to 1.8GHz provided adequate cooling)
  • Mali400 Quad-Core GPU @ 250MHz
  • Advanced SIMD which is better known as NEON or MPE (Media Processing Engine). The NEON processor is a combination of 64 - and 128-bit SIMD (single instruction multiple data) engine to accelerate media.
And of course the adb drivers and other drivers.
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26th February 2014, 12:29 AM |#4  
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I will have my unit Friday. Cant wait to start playing with the rest of you.
26th February 2014, 12:56 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by webdude12

I will have my unit Friday. Cant wait to start playing with the rest of you.

I don't think anyone has this unit could be the first !
Mine has also shipped but I don't have a tracking number yet, so don't know where it is, or when it will arrive.

If yours arrives before mine I will be interested to see your review......
26th February 2014, 05:38 AM |#6  
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Being in the car stereo industry for years and only ever owning Alpine radio's, it took a leap of faith for me to order this, but since I was able to put it on business AMX, that offers me 100% buyer protection, I decided why not.

Since it will only take about 10 mins to install in my A4, sure I will do the second I get it. But will try to do a little unboxing video too
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26th February 2014, 11:03 AM |#7  
OP Senior Member
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Originally Posted by webdude12

Being in the car stereo industry for years and only ever owning Alpine radio's, it took a leap of faith for me to order this, but since I was able to put it on business AMX, that offers me 100% buyer protection, I decided why not.

Since it will only take about 10 mins to install in my A4, sure I will do the second I get it. But will try to do a little unboxing video too

Nice !
I am really looking forward to it. I am about to order a unit for myself and I would appreciate if, when you receive it, you could share your experiences on:

- boot time
- sound quality from radio and SD card files. Also radio reception.
- gps response and use
- screen brightness on direct sun
- bluetooth utilities, A2DP, micro and call quality,
- internet surfing experience in general and for streaming like spotify, pandora, ... etc

I will update the first post with all the info that you provide.
26th February 2014, 12:05 PM |#8  
Account currently disabled
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26th February 2014, 02:05 PM |#9  
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Warning !
I was doing a transaction with the seller for an universal 2 DIN UNIT

and i just learn that there is 1 month delay because android 4.2.2 motherborad are not available at this time.
they need to re-stock.

I hope the model you wish will be in stock ^^

26th February 2014, 03:40 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by m0gs

Warning !
I was doing a transaction with the seller for an universal 2 DIN UNIT

and i just learn that there is 1 month delay because android 4.2.2 motherborad are not available at this time.
they need to re-stock.

I hope the model you wish will be in stock ^^


Which seller have you been dealing with ?

I've just received the tracking number for my shipment.....
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26th February 2014, 03:50 PM |#11  
Senior Member
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Here is the seller I ordered from:

Like I said I got it for $490 shipped to the US. Remember, I know that sounds high compared to the $260 + s/h, but I am getting all the pieces and parts that make it intergrate into the rest of Audi (i.e. CAN-BUS, so the remote display between my speedometer and tachometer still shows radio info, direct steering wheel controls, etc)..

The seller has confirmed its the same unit as mentioned in the first post.

I should be able to comment on all items except screen in direct sun. My windows are tinted with 15% window tint on the side, and 50% tint on the windshield. I will try to roll down the windows and see what I can feedback on.
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