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[CM71] Tablet Tweaks II [Canceled due to bad weather]

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By mad-murdock, Retired Recognized Developer on 20th March 2011, 04:33 PM
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project is canceled. i had to take a long development break, and now that i am (partly) back, things have changed. ICS seems not that far away anymore, and with that baby, all my modifications are gone to waste i guess.

so, lets wait for ICS. i do develop a bit on CM atm, but currently nothing planed for tablet tweaks section.
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21st March 2011, 04:04 PM |#2  
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nice screenshots from 911jason. in case you cant see them (not logged in - they are xda attachments), click here

Archived old first post

Features video tour - thx Decad3nce - you covered it all!
Mod has been merged to CM7
The first part of tablet tweaks has been merged.
It will be in each official cm7 nightly build now starting with nightly 37 onwards... even phone users will have parts of the tweaks in their options

This is work-in-progress of adding highly needed tablet options to cm7 before it gets stable. Once done, it will be merged and this thread used for further development.
Most ideas are inspired or directly taken from the functionality, google added to honeycomb. Thanks to the long discussion and great feedback of this community - without you, this mod wouldnt be that good at all.

its RC2 of tablet tweaks. if i had just called it RC2, people would have asked if it includes CM7 RC4 over and over.
This SHOULD be bugfree. if it is, the sources will be merged to cm sources very soon. this thread will stay open for further development. its not yet over i want to add more stuff - but to catch the cm7 stable release, we cannot include every feature right now.

Find an often updated to-do list here:
Find the sources on cm code review here: and
find a changelog here:

Build for nook color
*REMOVED* Outdated - use nightly or latest stable build

Build for advent vega / pov mobii
*REMOVED* Outdated - get semi-official nightly here

Build for gtablet / gtab / adams tab
*REMOVED* Outdated - use nightly or latest stable build

"nightly" build based on latest sources. handle like any other nightly. flash without wipe. wipe only, if you encounter "strange issues" noone else encounters. if you look closely to the filename, you will figure out, all those numbers are in fact time and date. YYYYmmDD-HHMM. Sources checkout out of cm7 repo aprox. 30-60 minutes earlier.
all mods can be found in settings->cm settings->tablet tweaks

List of modifications (green = new since last build)
  • Toggle status bar top/bottom via cm settings. Changes position on the fly when setting is toggled.
  • Moved carrier and power notifications to bottom for bottom bar
  • Created "Tablet tweaks" menu in cm-settings root to gather all tablet related options in one place
  • Extended power menu with home/menu/back buttons. toggable on the fly via cm settings
  • Custom volume-long-press events (home/back/menu/call/end call/search/start-stop-music/next track/prev track/longpress home)
  • Added same options for both-volume-buttons press and long-press
  • Fixed status bar xml, so soft buttons now appear as big as the .png file is.
  • Solved issue about soft buttons not clickable. Their size is now determined smart by the real size of the buttons
  • Added option to move soft-buttons left or right
  • Added submenu to choose which soft buttons to display.
  • Added Quick-Notification-Area-Soft-Button - instantly opens/closes notification area since swiping it open is a long way on tablets
  • Added a Dead-Zone option, so the middle of the status bar is not clickable. Happend a lot before people click it when trying to hit space
  • New graphics from Drakknar in extended power menu - thanks!
  • Added option to toggle extended power items seperatly
  • Added option to reverse power button behavior (switch short-press with long-press action)
  • Cleaned up the options and created new submenu
  • complelty rewrote volume button handling to handle all our new demands
  • integrated Drakknars great new design and wrote code for it
  • lotsa tiny fixes / bugfixes
  • Added option to disable/override fullscreen
  • Added option to disable lockscreen
  • Disabled the animated text for ongoing notifications when softbuttons enabled. this "ticker" did hide the soft buttons for a short while
  • Used same status bar size for nook color than for vega now. buttons should be bigger and not stretched this way. awaiting complaints about status bar too big
  • added hdpi icons for resized statusbar via overlay for vega and encore this way, status bar items dont look blury anymore
  • added search button to list of soft-buttons - its off by default
  • added long-press to home, back and search soft-button
  • extended fullscreen handling: when a fullscreen app is running, an additional
    hide-softbutton is displayed. once pressed, the app gets real fullscreen
  • added option to choose unhide button for fullscreen
  • improved hide-button handling for special situation, like app-starting-app (i.e. astro file mananger starting movie player, which does fullscreen request) and more
  • Bugfix release #1
  • Bugfix release #2 (aka tt.RC1) removed volume remapping for cm7stable, because source of too many possible bugs considering all the uses of volume buttons + lockscreen disable + reverse
  • code cleanup - moved most stuff to Cm classes (CmSystem, CmPhoneWindowManager, CmStatusBarView, CmButtonTracker) - am satisfied with the code now
  • improved fullscreen overriding in Window class. not only setFlags, but also setAttributes is intercepted now
  • modified stock terminal emulator, so it doesnt crash the system anymore, when disable-fullscreen is selected
  • further improved fullscreen handling after all feedback i got. RC2 and probably merge ready code

Where is the volume remapping?
Its disabled for cm7 stable release. it will be re-enabled in cm71 nightlies. The reason is simple: its a very BIG source of possible bugs. we got volume buttons to silence phone calls, to control mp3's when screen is off, we got lockscreen disabling and we got reverse behavior of volume buttons - this is toooo much in the short time left until cm7 stable - i dont wanna be the dude who is responsible for an unstable release.

  • to use back long-press, go to settings->applications->development->stop-app-via-long-press
  • to use search long-press go to settings->cm settings->input->search-key-behavior
  • Nook only: If Bluetooth does not turn on, power off the nook color and turn it back on. Do not select reboot from the power menu. This is not connected to my modifications, but a often discovered cm problem on nook color. Thanks to KitF for this hint.
  • A better task manager? install free "task switcher" from market. on next home click, select adw as usual as standard home action. go to settings->cm settings->input->long-press home settings - select use custom application. as application, select task switcher. if you long press home now, you get a nice task switcher with recent apps instead of the build in solution.
  • Nook only: Have to enable wifi on each boot?

bugs to fix
all bugs should be fixed with RC2 - details at

List of known, unfriendly apps
Note: these apps break google's API in one or another way, and so are not compatible with our fullscreen handling. hopes are, they get fixed for honeycomb, and then work here, too
  • Clock and calendar popups: Handle fullscreen theirself - and fail!
  • Kindle App: Handles fullscreen itself without request - and fails!
  • pocket legends: does not resize when hide status bar is executed
  • quick office / quick office HD: overrides fullscreen handling - does it itself and fails.
  • power amp - has problems with bottom status bar

Whats next?
hopefully merging this night.

I am not a cook. I am a cyanogenmod dev and member of teamdouche. i dont intend to build roms, once this project is merged to cm-sources. i only do this openly for two reasons: for one, i think, feedback improves code quality. Second, its not much time until cm7stable - i need as many testers as i can get so this will get bugfree.

Thanks to Drakknar, who did all the graphics involved. Again, he did great work. I love team-working with him. We already did the new lockscreens.

Thanks to Samuel Halff <[email protected]>, who not only inspired all this, but also did a rough first version of bottom status bar. Without his initial work on the idea and on the CM-Crew (telling us, this is absolutly needed), this patch wouldnt exist.

Thanks to the Nook Color community, for mental support, feedback and the help on getting a tablet for me. Without it, i couldnt do this at all.

scroll to second post. this post is long enough already...

Hello spiders
my real name is sven dawitz and i hope, mentioning this here, shows up this thread above all the disgusting ultimate droid links on my google results
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21st March 2011, 04:31 PM |#3  
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Is this something that is going into the normal nightlies?
21st March 2011, 04:36 PM |#4  
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Hey this looks great would love to see it on all nightlies.
21st March 2011, 04:49 PM |#5  
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PLEASE update the OP with a screenshot?!?! It would help us all out. THANKS!!
21st March 2011, 04:55 PM |#6  
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Sorry, don't have time for a screenshot.
And I don't see how a screenshot would "help" you. Can't be that hard to imagine. Fell free to post your own..

Sent from my Desire HD using XDA App
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21st March 2011, 05:22 PM |#7  
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looks fresh and new, I'm a fan. Thanks!
21st March 2011, 05:25 PM |#8  
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I'm on the CM7 SD card build (the newer one that can be refreshed easily) with Dalingin's OC kernel. Is this something I could update in my current build easily or does it conflict with what I already have? Sorry...just don't know how all this hangs together yet, but I'm VERY excited that someone took the time to do this!
21st March 2011, 05:28 PM |#9  
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which nightly is this based off? theres been 2 nightlies the past couple days per night
21st March 2011, 05:38 PM |#10  
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Is this a whole rom or just a flashable zip that makes the changes to your current nightly install?
21st March 2011, 05:48 PM |#11  
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Whole rom. You can tell from the size of the download.
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