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[Theme Engine][XHDPI/HDPI] Mixer Theme CM9-CM10/10.1 On Play Store.Updated 5/26/2013

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By MrDSL, Recognized Themer on 1st April 2011, 02:11 AM
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Thank You Section:
B_boy - Pretty much for anything inverted or transparent. I couldn't do it without this guy..
dustinb17- image editing and dealing with my BS
sonnysekhon- for helping and teaching me so much about theming
kroz- For some images and inverted code.
ebs512 for Color Variants

update: 11/28/12 v0.1.8
Adjusted pulldown transparency so it should be easier to see text etc now.
Merged this version into the Jelly Bean base now. Still too many users on ICS so if you're on JB then be sure to run the JB only one linked below.
update: 5/26/13 v0.2.2
Fixed Google Music FC
Added Google Hangout smilies
update: 5/25/13 v0.2.1
Tweaked Play transparency
Google Music themed (thanks kroz, dustinb)
update: 5/15/13 v0.2.0
Trans Gmail and Apollo
Fixed Google Music crash and varies other small bugs.
Added CM ClockLock widget
Added CM launcher
Added Blacked Instagram (thanks B-boy)

The only difference now between the Play version and JB ONLY is the Play version doesn't have transparent contacts/mms so if you want those and are on Jelly Bean use the link below.
update: 9/30/12 v0.1.7
More JB support
Calendar widget fix and other fixes
Google Music, Deskclock
update: 8/5/12 v0.1.6
Added Jelly Bean support.
Themed Google Now
Varies other fixes and image changes
Removed Mms theme- If I theme it for JB it breaks ICS and vise versa. You'll still have the colorful icons. If you really want a custom Mms app then I suggest flashing the one I made below
JB =

If you're running this theme those should work with your phone.
update: 7/22/12 v0.1.5
Added Email/Gmail/Play inverted
Partially inverted MMS (the most i can do with engine)
Some framework image changes.
update: 6/23/12 v0.1.4
Fixed bugs and other image issues from last release
Changed nav bar images back due to visibility issues in sunlight
Fixed Apollo widget.
update: 6/21/12 v0.1.3
Added XDA,Tapatalk,Rootzwiki
Added Swype
Added more icons
Fixed bugs
Redid calc and keyboard
update: 6/07/12 v0.1.2
Added 2nd battery option for those on AOKP under circle bat
Darkened calculator for better visibility.
Fixed missing images and added some.
Fixed contacts favorite icon
update: 5/31/12 v0.1.1
Changed battery images(subject to change)
Fixed inverted talk display and email
Fixed signal misalignment when data connects
Got rid of notification icon fade
Redid statusbar pulldown
Made keyboard more eye friendly
Added more app icons and optimized apk
Other things I forgot
update: 5/26/12 v0.1.0
Fixed inverted apps display
Added more apps..calc,calendar,dev tools etc
Added Apollo Music
Added other things I forgot
update: 5/23/12 v0.0.9
Removed PCB
Fixed 9 in dialer and other bugs
Redid pulldown
Added many app icons (all app icons are in mipmap)

update: 5/18/12 v0.0.8
Fixed SMS link text color and a few other bugs.
Changed some images out and themed more missing images.

update: 5/13/12 v0.0.6
Fixed statusbar for HDPI users
Reverted back to original battery images
Blacked out Dropbox

update: 5/12/12 v0.0.5
Finally cracked statusbar and pulldown..All customized now
Themed more of email/gmail
Added some custom app icons like FB, dropbox, go sms, handcent, panora and many more
Added custom app drawer icon to apex and nova
Other things I forgot
update: 5/11/12 v0.0.4
I can't remember what I did here but it was something cool

update: 5/10/12 v0.0.3
Started CM9 theme
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File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (4.95 MB, 2490 views)
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1st April 2011, 02:12 AM |#2  
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Mixer cm7 stuff...archive..
This is my first theme for cm7..There are so many people to thank..I want to first thank t3project for his work on project bliss and yoe-cu for his iNexus theme. They were my starting point and I added things from there.

I did NOT make any of these images and I do NOT take credit for making any of them. I put this all together for myself and decided to share with everyone else. I like a lot of colors in my themes so hopefully people will like this as much as I do. If I forgot to give you credit for something please PM me and I will take care of it. This theme is mostly based off of yoe-cu's iNexus theme..Many thanks to him..I also want to thank sonnysekhon for helping me out. I also want to thank UOT for the statusbar and battery

Remember there are some things the them engine can't handle so that may be why they arent themed..For example the lock screen and reboot/power options. You can use metamorph or Zipthemer from the market to apply zips(2nd post) that will finish the parts the theme engine can't do.

When you apply it, it will say missing assets...Just ignore..

Make sure to reboot phone after applying theme

Latest Downloads

Direct Downloads HDPI
Direct Downloads MDPI

update: 12/25/11 v1.6
Changed framework to more favorable older images.
Added new dialer (thanks dully79)
Redid text msg bubbles.
Added Google + (fernando sor)
Added Dropbox (rujelus22)
Added Youmail
update: 12/3/11 v1.5
Added Plume. Adjusted incoming msg bubble color to see links. Added new framework images(thanks jstine671 and dully79)
update: 11/26/11 v1.4
Adjusted Market colors. Tested sms timestamps and all working. Added new framework images(thanks jstine671 and dully79)

update: 11/17/11 v1.3
Adjusted Market colors to be as transparent as possible yet readable. Themed the SMS app and added chat bubbles to convo(select black background option). Fixed a couple bugs and changed some images. Themed some of Amazon Market and MP3 app. Themed default Email and Google CarHome app. Some other things I forgot.

update: 10/24/11 v1.2
Re did the Market

update: 10/22/11 v1.1
Market release
Fixed a couple bugs
New dialer (thanks S39)
Added some xperia widgets
Added new youmail app
Themed more of superuser

update: 9/25/11 v.8
No version change just minor fixes..Just uninstall old and redownload and install new.
Fixed Go launcher menu background
Fixed clock..Had to remove setting background till further testing.
Added honey/circle battery
Updated all alternate colors (thanks dustinb17)
Added two new colors CyanOrganen and Rustic (thanks dustinb17)

update: 9/21/11 v.8
Fixed some image bugs
Added some Twitter theming
Added settings background
Added ADW Launcher EX
Added pendos Market(its a bit off because i cant do smali edits. I suggest flashing his transparent market on top of this for the best results.)

update: 7/26/11 v.7
Fixed Go Launcher EX
Finished Tapatalk, XDA Pre and XDA
Changed some icons
Fixed Gmail missing images
Changed Facebook a bit.
Added custom twitter notification icon
Other varius fixes
Maybe fixed browser bookmark tab? Anyone?

update: 7/12/11 v.6
Removed Twitter widget (They changed all their text to black..not my fault)
Added Google+ (WIP)
Added more icons
Fixed music widget color
Added Tapatalk Pro

update: 6/28/11 v.5
Changed pulldown animation
Changed some more icons..(yes calendar and music)
Fixed keyboard text
Probably other things I forgot..Work is crazy today..
update: 6/16/11 v.4
Adjusted FB Notification bar.
Changed some menu images
Changed popup menu
Added Fedes Musicapp Alpha
Changed some icons
Changed slider images and progress bars
Added animated status bar pulldown (you will need to have this built into your system files..If you do then you'll get a custom animation with the theme. The easiest way to add this would be to use the UOT Kitchen)
update: 6/9/11 v.3
Changed FB and twitter widget background darker
New animated Music and alarm notifications (dustinb17)
Made Music widget transparent again
Transparent Market!
Added incoming call accept/decline icons
Added Timberwolf671's awesome keyboard
update: 5/30/11 v.2
New signal wimax images
New keyboard images
Various other new images
Updated music images
Added Facebook (WIP)
Added Go LauncherEX (WIP)
Added Google Carhome
I'm sure I forgot stuff to mention
update: 5/7/11 v.1
Finally fixed the dialer bugs!
Finally finished theming browser, calculator, calendar and gmail
Changed more images out.
Fixed 4g icons for GSM and CDMA
Added ic_menu icons to MM file in 2nd post. This should theme many app buttons cause most use those as default.
update: 5/3/11 v.09
Added midnight color to go better with overall theme.
New icons and other small graphics.
Added a MDPI version but preview doesn't work.(2nd post)
update: 5/1/11 v.08
Got rid of v07 I had some old images in it and a few errors..
Got most of the market working except for that damn green banner
Hopefully fixed choppy fade animations
New upload/download images
New custom email/gmail notifications
Changed some more images
Added some more apps
Added green/red call backgrounds for end beginnging calls
Fixed small errors here and there for images
update: 4/18/11 v.06
Custom notifications for gosms/youmail/dropbox/k9/talk/gps on/gmail/gvoice/
New download images
Fixed gesture popup window in LauncherPro
Removed app drawer images from ADW
Removed unneeded images from both ADW and LP
Android unknown phone images
XDA app support
Random things I forgot along the way.
update: 4/16/11 v.05
All fading notification icons redone custom for Mixer by dustinb17
New fading icons for gmail/email/sms/voice mail/handcent/google voice/missed call/youmail..
Hopefully fixed this installing on a MDPI device? Someone let me know
update: 4/12/11 v.04
Changed statusbar pulldown
update: 4/9/11 v.03
Added blink sms/gmail/missed call notification.
Added and swapped more images.
Narrow dialer fix.
Fixed lock screen addon to work with metamorph.
update: 4/4/11 v.02
Fixed preview image..It doesn't fit right even though its the right size but it shows up damn it!
update: 4/3/11
Added flip transitions..(theme engine will only do status bar animations (when you will get new notification/open-close) and when you will go to system > apps > manage apps (the list) will refresh using new animation.)
Changed that ugly volume slider etc
added more icons
added version number so i don't get lost..
I know I fixed and added some stuff
update: 4/2/11
Added all camera and music images.
Changed statusbar pulldown footer
Added settings icon support for Ultimate Droid,SalvagedMod,Savaged
I dunno I'm sure I fixed something else.
Oh got rid of unneeded stuff in lock screen addon

This is a metamorph addon for the lockscreen and other various things the theme engine doesn't do. I personally suggest using Zipthemer from the market and have it build a flash-able zip for you..It will also create a flash able backup/undo zip.

Mixer v1.4 MDPI

Mixer v1.4-MDPI Honey battery

Mixer v1.4-MDPI Circle battery
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	snap20110710_095723.jpg
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Name:	snap20110710_110648.jpg
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Name:	honeybat.jpg
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Name:	preview2.jpg
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Name:	preview.jpg
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Name:	mrdsl-barcode.png
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Name:	Mixer_donate.png
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1st April 2011, 02:12 AM |#3  
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Different colored Mixers
Purple and Cherry Mixer are variant's of Mixer by dustinb17..This won't replace Mixer so you can have them both installed.

Cherry Mixer v1.2 HDPI
Cherry Mixer v1.2 MDPI

CyanOrganen Mixer v1.2 HDPI
CyanOrganen Mixer v1.2 MDPI

Purple Mixer v1.2 HDPI
Purple Mixer v1.2 MDPI

Rustic Mixer v1.2 HDPI
Rustic Mixer v1.2 MDPI
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	1.jpg
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ID:	757402   Click image for larger version

Name:	2.jpg
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Name:	3.jpg
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Name:	4.jpg
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Name:	snap20111224_193207.jpg
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Name:	snap20111206_172301.jpg
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ID:	829237   Click image for larger version

Name:	preview.jpg
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ID:	829238   Click image for larger version

Name:	snap20111225_101845.jpg
Views:	14158
Size:	29.2 KB
ID:	829243  
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1st April 2011, 02:39 AM |#4  
poontab's Avatar
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tapatalk sigs are a waste of everyone's time
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Looks great thanks!
1st April 2011, 03:50 AM |#5  
Senior Member
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Yay!! Thanks so much!

Sent from my PC36100 using XDA Premium App
1st April 2011, 04:52 AM |#6  
reverepats's Avatar
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This is great...props to the OP....can't wait foe future updates....keep up the great work...

Sent from my PC36100 using XDA Premium App
1st April 2011, 04:59 AM |#7  
Senior Member
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man would love to have this but my device is MDPI
1st April 2011, 05:10 AM |#8  
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lockscreen metamorph added to 2nd post..
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1st April 2011, 06:08 AM |#9  
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tapatalk sigs are a waste of everyone's time
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Hey that's a sick lockscreen. Thanks!
1st April 2011, 07:29 AM |#10  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 29
Awesome and thanks for a great theme. I've been using your theme as a flashable zip file for a while now. I'm glad you're now supporting the theme engine.
I have a question related to CM7. Is there anyway of using the lockscreen widgets and still have some type of security on the phone. When you designate a Pattern lock, for example, it bypasses the feature. Even if you set it to not lock right away.
Thanks again
1st April 2011, 10:22 AM |#11  
poontab's Avatar
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tapatalk sigs are a waste of everyone's time
Thanks Meter: 125
How would I go about only using the lockscreen from the MM?
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