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[ROM][ED01][5/25/11] Evil Fascination v3.6.0

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By nitroglycerine33, Inactive Recognized Developer on 14th April 2011, 06:14 PM
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General Overview
ED01 based and removed all Samsung apps and bloatware, removed touchwiz components and apps, added in AOSP apps, themed frameworks and some apps. Added in Sbrissens lockscreen mods, no full battery popup, aosp call answer, accurate battery, music controls, some GPS and wifi tweaks, imnuts custom kernel, zipaligned, compressed framework, and other misc tweaks.

How to get ED01 radio
Please follow Adryns instructions here:
EC01 works fine, but if you want to go through the work have at it!

Install Instructions:
If you are coming from a stock ED01 non rooted build follow these instructions:
Download Evil Fascination and place it on your SD card
Download Odin:
Download Recovery:
Install Samsung Drivers for your pc:
Remove battery from the phone
Connect the phone up through USB and hold volume down during the connection
Your phone will be in download mode
Open up Odin and click on the pda button and select the recovery file
Click Start on Odin - phone will reset when flashed
Hold volume up and down and insert battery back into the phone and boot it up. Hold volume up and down while it boots up and it will boot into CWM recovery. If it has boot up to the startup animation you will need to start over and reflash recovery through odin
When you are in CWM recovery continue with the instructions below.

If you are already rooted with CMW 2.5.x.x or 3.0.x.x. installed follow these instructions:
Boot into CWM recovery
Select Wipe data/factory reset
Select Install zip from sdcard and select where you stored the rom
Screen will flash during install
Reboot phone after installation
If you are not voodoo you will be converted to voodoo during the bootup (do not be alarmed by the womans voice during installation)
Install complete!
Evil Fascination v3.6.0 Changelog 5/25/11:
Some of you may like what is new in this version and some of you may not like it.
Reverted back to some older components
MIUI lockscreen and 4 Tab lockscreen have been removed
Handscent SMS, Poweramp and other lockscreen control apps now function (so you can now use the quick reply in Handscent)
Volume buttons will no longer wake phone
Changed to PB&J 50mv kernel to help with music skipping when display is turned off.
Added in AOSP email (force close issues should be fixed.)
Added themes area to the post (screenshots will come soon)
So far there is a honeycomb theme and a gingerbread theme
Upcoming themes:
-Girl Power
-Eclipse (almost complete)
-AOSP (almost complete)
Gingerbread theme is composed of KangBang images and apks from TSM
Added in Google Docs
Added back in Spare Parts
Added back in some color to the AOSP lockscreens (Icons are now red and grey, not shown in screen shots)
Added in some new images
Hide clock and date, etc are back in Date&Time in the settings menus
Hid Setup wizard from settings menu
Evil Fascination Rom v3.6.0 Download
Download Evil Fascination v3.6.0:

Theme Downloads:*Screenshots will come
Eclipse: Coming Soon!
NitroDark: Coming Soon!
Vivid: Coming Soon!
Girl Power: Coming Soon!
AOSP: Coming Soon!

Theme Extras!
Honeycomb non accurate battery: *ThanksTyler1234567!

Previous Version Download:
Evil Fascination Rom v3.5.1 Download
Download Evil Fascination v3.5.1 Full Rom:
Download Evil Fascination v3.5.1 Patch *Upgrade from 3.5.0 only:
Download EC01 Radio:

Alternative LG Launcher (Work In Progress-Screenshots below):
Download LG Home launcher:
**The Alternative launcher will have widgets that do not load upon first launch. This is due to not having the lg widgets to go with it. Just delete them and everything will be fine. You can organize the app drawer and create new categories. You can also select to have 5 or 7 home screens.

Launcher2 controlled with TSM Parts Extras. Launcher Orientation enable/disable (EF 3.5.1 only)
The launcher orientation control will allow the launcher to be displayed in either portrait/landscape or just portrait mode.
Flash in CWR - You will lose all your widgets on your homescreen as this will replace the current launcher2 if you are using it.

Download Portrait/Landscape mode Rotating Launcher: *New 5/6

Evil Extras (Edify):
Flash after first bootup. Do not flash immediately after flashing the rom.
Samsung Email App: *Added 6/2
Backup Assistant: *Added 5/26
Black Google Apps (Gmail,Talk,Voice): *Updated 5/4
Themed Samsung MMS app (with bubbles): *Updated 5/5 (Added in TW voice recorder for sound attachments to work)
Adryns fast media scanner hack: *New 4/29
Black Facebook 1.5.2:
Black Twitter 2.0.1 download:
Car Cradle download:
Remove pwr button to take pictures camera mod:

Stock Samsung ED01 Apps (if anyone would like them - zips are edify):
DLNA allshare:
Memo download:
Mobile IM Download:
Nuance Voice Commands:
Visual Voice Mail:
Pro Tips Download:
Samsung Live Wallpapers:
Samsung Media Hub download:
Samsung MMS App download:
Write and Go Download:
Talk Back Download:
Thinkfree Office download:
Touchwiz Launcher Download:
Touchwiz Wallpaper Chooser:
Touchwiz Widgets download:

Any voodoo froyo kernel should work fine with this rom.


Alternative LG Launcher themed for Evil Fascination

HTML Code:
Do not follow instructions or flash items in the changelog.
Evil Fascination v3.5.1 Changelog 5/05/11
Updated to Sbrissens 5/5 TSM settings 2.0 -Sbrissen has fixed 4tab issues and added some cool new features (You can view the changelog on Sbrissens mod page)
In the extras in TSM settings the disable/enable launcher2 rotation is not currently working at this time [COLOR="Red"]*(5/6)-Download new launcher2 below for this feature to work[/COLOR]
Themed mms app to match attachment icons
Fixed sound recording attachments in mms - Added in AOSP sound recorder
Created a separate zip for a rotating launcher2 that I kanged from the Kangbang rom and themed to match EF
If you are currently on 3.5.0 you can flash just the 3.5.1 patch or you can start fresh with the full 3.5.1 package.

When setting up status bar there will be a big black spot where the clock should be. This is due to the clock font being black by default. Change this in the TSM settings. Just change the font color to white and reboot. I have a screenshot to how I have the status bar icons setup. There is a slight lag when changing status bar icons. The charging icon sometimes will not go away if you are plugged in while hiding it in the settings. Try to toggle it on and off in the settings when not plugged in.

5/4 - v3.5.0
Updated framework to Sbrissens latest 5/03 framework
Updated to Sbrissens latest 7 lockscreens with MIUI (Not all is functional with MIUI)
Cleaned up more images
Alternative launcher available (a little choppy but pretty nice)
New pulldown icons (I believe they are chopper's)
Themed launcher more and added some wallpapers
Red market from ante.00 slightly themed to remove the red buttons and headers
I have made the darker look default now.
Some new status bar icons and misc icons throughout the framework.
I am sure that I am forgetting something but here you go! Enjoy!!

For anyone that is having issues with the 4-tab lock or the status bar icons flash this patch in CWM. There is a downside to this though. It will remove the miui lockscreen.

This is not a required patch, but for those who would like the 4 tab mapping to function and/or having issues with hiding the charging icon. You have to assign an app the the TSM tab otherwise it will force close and hot reboot.

If you are also experiencing anything odd or strange (such as extremely slow list scrolling) please flash this patch as well.

Evil Fascination v3.4.2 Changelog 4/26/11
Resolved issue with contacts force closing when selecting a ringtone
Fixed showing full signal when no service is available
Themed some more items
Added in voodoo controls
Added some additional options in the evil extras
Updated black framework to use with this release

Download Evil Fascination v3.4.2:

Evil Fascination v3.4.1 Changelog 4/26/11
Now packaged with imnuts' PeanutButta Jelly Time 100 voodoo kernel
Updated to latest Super User
Some install script changes to set permissions
Some minor tweaks and cleanup (not a big change)

Download Rom
Download Evil Fascination v3.4.1:[/B] [url]

Changelog 4/25/11 v3.4.0
Edify scripting support only
Cleaned up some uneeded files
Removed memo, cardock and dlna (allshare) - you can download below
Should be able to install fresh without the need to install on top of another rom
Added in Gizmos camera mod to use power button to take pictures
Phone proximity tweak so that the screen will come on quicker when you pull the phone away from your ear.
Calling out phone tweak so that the phone rings nearly instantly when making calls.
Increased max windows events to improve list scrolling
removed shutdown sound

[B]Evil Fascination ED01 v3.4.0[/B]: [url][/url]

Changelog 4/22/11:
New stock keyboard with vibrate on keypress working (Dark Android skin) - Gingerbread keyboard
Removed more of the samsung blue
Updated black framework
Themed some more items
Zipaligned all Evil Extras apps
Added dark/inverted apps download (gmail,talk,voice,black/red market modded from ante.00)
Added stock ED01 app download options 

Changelog 4/21/11 v3.3.1[/U][/B]
Removed AOSP Email and replaced with samsung email due to stability issues for some users. If you are not getting email force closes you do not need to flash this.

This is a full rom release. Sorry to anyone who has had any issues. See below for dark framework, EC01 radio (if needed) and install instructions.
Download v3.3.1: [url][/url]
Android Keyboard Force close patch:[/B] [url]
*Version 3.3 and 3.3.1 have a bug in the android keyboard. Flash this patch to resolve.

Changelog 4/21/11 v3.3 - ED01 Based
Changed to adryns ed01 base [url][/url]
Changed back to amend scripting for now
Added in custom host file to block ads in apps
Made some cosmetic changes to some apps
Themed more items (slowly removing all the Samsung blue.)
Removed all the Sammy stuff from ED01 and added in AOSP items.
Added in previous tweaks from older version
New boot and shutdown animations by Optmsprim2 and Sneakysolidbake - good find Hymizzle!
Had to remove AOSP calendar due to integrated sns sync force closes as it was trying to write to the touchwiz calendar. Added back in TWCalendar.
Evil Fascination ED01 v3.3: [url][/url]

v3.2 - edify test
So who would like to have a little fun? I got bored at work today and decided to try something new. I have taken the existing rom, rebuilt it, zip aligned everything, cleaned up some files and is ready for some testing if anyone is up to the challenge. I highly recommend that people new to flashing read up before doing this.


Ensure that you have a froyo touchwiz kernel installed ahead of time as a kernel is not supplied with this rom. 
If you are not on the EC01 radio please flash through Odin before or after the install

Install Orange clockwork which is only edify compatible - some themes and zips are not yet setup for this
Boot into Orange recovery
Wipe Data
Wipe Cache
Wipe Dalvik Cache
(Repeat wipes)
"Install from zip" -
Reboot phone
Cross fingers

Only people who are comfortable testing please try.
Download Evil Fascination v3.2: [url][/url]

Changelog v3.1:

I have not had any issues flashing this after a clean wipe but some people might have to odin back. If you already have the EC01 radio you do not need to flash the radio. If you do not have the radio flash the radio in Odin.

[B][U]Rom Download:[/U][/B]
[B]Download v3.1:[/B] [url][/url]
[B]Download EC01 Radio:[/B] [url][/url]

Changelog 4/19 - v3.0:
Removed more unneeded Samsung items
Fixed Dialer font colors
AOSP Email
AOSP Calendar
Updated Market with 2.3.6
Cleaned up framework and app images
Removed Myfiles and replaced with Cyanogen File Manager
Added in new version of Gmail in attempts to fix force closes
Added Spare Parts back in
A few more themed icons
I almost have all the Samsung blue removed (work in progress)
Nearly every app is now AOSP
Removed samsung keyboard due to force closes.

Changelog (4/18):
Fixed longpress search
Added in crutch
Added in Samsung Video player to resolve playback issues
Added in Adryn Stay Awake settings mod
Added a red theme to it and removed a bunch of Samsung blue
Just a bunch of theme related items in this release
Updated Gmail (hopefully fixed FCs)
I wasnt going to theme anything but it started out with me just wanting to clean it up some more and once again got out of control. So I decided to give the rom/theme a name that matches. This now has red accents (buttons, progress bars, etc..). Some people may not like it, but you have plenty of theme options out there. :)

-Removed Samsung apks and widgets
-Removed Live wallpapers
-Removed Droidtips
-Removed Samsung deskclock
-Removed Samsung Desk craddle
-Removed Samsung music player and replaced with superclean
-Removed Thinkfree office
-Removed Nuance Voice
-Removed touchwiz wallpapers
-Removed Vsuite
-Removed other unneeded stuff
-Added in google voice with Adryns dialer remapped to GV
-Added in boombuler's app widget picker
-Modded blue windows to be black (popups in framework)
-Modded blue tabs to a charcoal color
-Replaced the touchwiz launcher with launcher2 from superclean.
-Added transparency to the notification bar with superclean pull down bar.
-Changed spinner icon to a cleaner round one
-Changed crappy blue popup windows with black for a cleaner look
-Removed blue tint header from mms.apk and replaced with black
-Modded mms bubbles colors
-Added in Sbrissens mods
-Added in superclean music player
-Superclean Deskclock with a small mod using nitsuj17 sense analog clock widget
-Some misc framework and twframework edits
-Added in Spare Parts
-Superdark swype skin - ThatDudeButch
This is a full rom and flash in clockwork. Flash the Modem using Odin.

[B]Download Evil Fascination v2.0:[/B] [url][/url]
[B]Download EC01 Radio:[/B] [url][/url]
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14th April 2011, 06:37 PM |#2  
Senior Member
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Awesome! Thank you.. this one i will flash!

Samsung Fascinate
SuperClean 2.9.2 , jt's 4/8 voodoo kernel, EC10 radio

Member of Android Anonymous, as a recovering Android bricking addict. I have been brick free for over 30 days.
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14th April 2011, 06:38 PM |#3  
Senior Member
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gonna try this out, no bloat
14th April 2011, 06:40 PM |#4  
Flag Austin, TX
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Sounds good, will definitely be trying.

Sent from my SCH-I500 using XDA App
14th April 2011, 06:46 PM |#5  
representingcochran's Avatar
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thinking about giving this a shot but just got my phone back to the way I want it and I don't want to have to go thru all the changes again......

Might put it off for a day before I get flash happy again.
14th April 2011, 07:06 PM |#6  
Senior Member
Flag Ohio
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I will def give this a shot...very happy to see another rom come out for our phone :) thank you!

Sent from my SCH-I500 using XDA App
14th April 2011, 07:15 PM |#7  
representingcochran's Avatar
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we do not need to odin back to stock for this right? can we just flash the rom and then odin the radio if we are already on ec01?
14th April 2011, 07:20 PM |#8  
nitsuj17's Avatar
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Originally Posted by representingcochran

we do not need to odin back to stock for this right? can we just flash the rom and then odin the radio if we are already on ec01?

if you already have the ec01 radio, there would be no point in pushing it again
14th April 2011, 07:25 PM |#9  
GrainOsand's Avatar
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14th April 2011, 07:27 PM |#10  
tmlhodge's Avatar
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If its themed its deodexed

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14th April 2011, 07:29 PM |#11  
GrainOsand's Avatar
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Yeah just realized that...prob should read OP before I post...oops.

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