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[INFO] Firmware update (FOTA) changelog

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By stuntdouble, Senior Member on 19th April 2011, 07:33 AM
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If you copy any of this page, please refer back to this post, thanks.

I'm writing at the top here to say a few people have been misquoting my thread. Headings are now colour coded for your pleasure, to make it more clearly marked.
  • The top section shows unofficial (and now official too) ACTUAL CHANGES that people have reported fixed, etc. and from my own extensive testing, in the various FOTA updates already released by Asus. (Screenshots of most these builds at the bottom of the first two posts)
  • In the bottom section (now located in Post #2) is a list of bugs that need/needed fixing in the ICS and honeycomb builds of android respectively.

*For users who have rooted and have CWMRecovery, these firmware updates will FAIL when you try to install. You will have to un-root your device or wait for a safe flashable file to become available. Rooting voids your warranty.*

N.B. This list is primarily based on the Wifi only models. Your tablet/dock may come with an outdated/updated version of the firmware. These changelogs are based on the revisions shown in the screenshots posted below. Now that the TF is available in more countries, the FOTA updates (as of 26th April 2011) are more country dependant. So, if you post with information to be added to the changelog, please specify as many details you feel are relevant, including if you are fully stock or running a rooted device, along with the country you are from and SKU.

(If you have ANY problem after an update, use the 10-12sec force power off trick to try a fix. If that doesn't help, back up everything you want to keep and do a full factory reset, settings>privacy>factory data reset.)

General Info:

The FOTA (firmware over the air) updates will be 'pushed' (sent) to your device when a new version is made available by Asus, as long as your wifi is on at the time.
If your wifi wasn't on at the time, your device will be made aware of the update the next time you switch it on.
If you know there has been an update released, and your device has not detected it yet, you can force an update check, via Settings>About Tablet>System Update. You may need to repeat this a couple of times to get the file to start downloading.
Once your device knows of the update it will automatically download it in the background and then display a notification on the bottom bar near the clock. Click it to start the update.

If you have to manually update your firmware for some reason, the files are usually available from the Asus website THIS LINK or THIS LINK or via the Asus FTP server HERE. (If those links don't work for you then just go to your country specific Asus page and download from there). It takes a while (several weeks after an official FOTA update is pushed out) for Asus to upload the latest updates to their servers so be patient. Old files are HERE (or you may need if you need to downgrade to root.
-Select Download>Android. Download the correct version for your device. (see below for SKU version info)
-Then read the user guide file (PDF) attached to the bottom of this post. It tells you everything about manually updating.

The SKU versions on the asus firmware page, are as follows:

CN = China
TW = Taiwan
WW = Worldwide (for any other device that doesn't have a specific country SKU, e.g. the UK)
DE = Germany
TB = Belgium, Turkey, Luxembourg
JP = Japan

**(any firmware updates after for current DE and TB users requires the 'special' update file available from the Asus website. This will enable those devices to upgrade to the latest WW sku updates when they are pushed out.)**

...make sure you get the correct version for your device (Check your build number and SKU in Settings>About tablet).

Things to know before you update:
  • It usually takes up to 10minutes to update your device (may take as little as 4minutes or a lot longer if you have encrypted your files).
  • If your device is already rooted, WITHOUT recovery installed, the update will remove root. If rooted WITH recovery installed, the update will fail.
  • You must have at least 50% battery charge before clicking the update button. Having it plugged into the mains is optional, however it is recommended (by asus) if you are updating from a microsd card.
  • Settings/files should be kept as is, but this isnt guaranteed. I didn't need to do a backup, but I recommend people do anyway just to be safe.
  • Do NOT touch your device while it updates.
  • Your device should automatically restart itself once finished updating.
  • Updating the dock can be done at a later date if your tablet was not plugged into the dock when you received the update. When you plug in the dock you will get another update notification. Click it to continue.
  • The dock update can take anything from 30seconds - 2minutes. Be patient and don't touch it while it's updating. The caps lock led will flash while it updates. A small message appears onscreen once it's finished, and you can then use it normally.
*I highly recommend you power down your tablet after this process is complete, then power it back up again, to check to see that the update has applied correctly in the system settings. If you get anything strange happening to your device after an update, and no one else seems to have the same problem, do a factory reset.*

A few reasons your device may not be receiving/updating via the automatic FOTA releases: (Possible solutions)
  • You have a rooted device #1. Use NVflash to revert back to a total stock device, then re-flash an official rom from the Asus FTP server.
  • You have a rooted device #2. Unroot using the guide HERE. Then reflash the latest official firmware you can get your hands on from the Asus FTP server.
  • You have upgraded/downgraded from another firmware incorrectly. Refer the Rom chef's guide you flashed for info.
  • The file is corrupted. Go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>DMClient. Tap on Clear data and Clear Cache. Force power off the device (10-12sec power button hold), wait 30secs and turn device back on again.
  • It's a fairly large file and your internet connection may be very slow. Be patient.
  • Wifi is switched off. Turn on wifi!
  • Battery has less than 50% charge. Plug it in to charge!
  • It's not been released in your country yet. Be patient.
  • The file transfer was interrupted. Check wifi connection.
  • Your device serial number may not be recognised by the Asus update server. Contact Asus support.
  • A modem/router/firewall is blocking the transfer. Temporarily lower your firewall, or put your device IP into the DMZ option in the router settings.
  • It still doesn't download the update after doing the things above. Try a hard reset.
  • Argh ... Aliens!!! Repent all sins, run for the hills or build a fortress out of tinfoil to protect yourself.



(Dates in bold are actual dates the firmware was released FOTA for the Wifi model (TF101). Info starting with orange text is for the 3G model (TF101G), and may be out of build, or chronological order, in this list. Screenshots have been discontinued due to lack of space for attachments.)

Firmware Revisions:


4th July 2012
(Pushed to TW, US and WW devices.)
  • Build number:
  • Fixed Chrome browser and black screen issues
  • Fixed "Mobile Dock Battery saving mode" bug
  • Fixed movie playback hang issue
  • Enhanced MyLibrary and Vibe performance
  • Enhanced AppBackup stability
  • Enhanced Email stability
  • Updated translations for Settings

TF101G (after 25th May 2012)
  • Build number:
  • Unknown changes.

Warning: Cold boot BEFORE downloading this update! Youtube video showing how here:
17th May 2012
(Pushed to WW devices.)
16th May 2012
(Pushed to TW and US devices.)
  • Build number:
  • Improved system stability.
  • Improved email app stabilility.
  • Improved MyLibrary stability.
  • Improved MyNet stability.
  • Device restart bug fixed for some devices.
  • Added "face unlock" feature.
  • Default email app "sort by" option added to toolbar.
  • Youtube app keyboard overlay flicker fixed.
  • System bar lock feature added.
  • Default email app new features added. (Email download size, threading, "out of office" notice, mail sync schedule)

TF101G (11th May 2012)
(Pushed to WW devices)
TF101G (10th May 2012)
(Pushed to TW devices)
  • Build number:
  • Wifi updated:
  • Bluetooth updated: 8.30

30th April 2012
(Pushed to WW devices.)
24th April 2012
(Pushed to TW and US devices.)
  • Build number:
  • Bluetooth updated: 8.30
  • GPS updated: 6.9.12
  • Wifi updated:
  • Performance and stability tweaks.
  • File Manager zip extension support.
  • Added 'Wifi Direct' setting for peer-to-peer networking.
  • Stock browser 'Always request desktop site' setting option added.
  • Stock browser 'Revert to last working state' app crash functionality added.
  • support. (Possibly region dependant)
  • MyLibrary updated.
  • AppBackup updated.
  • Default email app updated.

TF101G (10th April 2012)
(Available for WW and CN devices via Asus site)
TF101G (5th April 2012)
(Pushed to DE devices.)
TF101G (29th March 2012)
(Pushed to TW devices.)
  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3
  • Build Number:
  • Wifi updated:
  • Bluetooth updated: 8.28
  • GPS updated: 6.9.12
  • Touch Panel version: 1.1 build 1

30th March 2012
(Available for CN devices via Asus site)
21st March 2012
(Pushed to TW devices.)
17th March 2012
(Pushed to WW and DE devices.)
13th March 2012
(Pushed to US devices.)
  • Build number:
  • Bluetooth updated: 8.28
  • Battery usage data enabled.
  • Increased stock browser stability.
  • Volume output reset to original level.
  • AppBackup updated.

24th February 2012
(Pushed to WW, US and DE devices.)
23rd February 2012
(Pushed to TW devices.)
  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3
  • Build number:
  • Wifi updated:
  • Bluetooth updated: 8.27
  • GPS updated: 6.9.11
  • Touch Panel version: 1.1 build 1
  • 'Evolved' UI.
  • Lock screen actions.
  • Improved spell checker.
  • Dictation errors highlighted.
  • Network data usage charts with customisable cut off and warning levels.
  • Accessibility tools for the visually impaired.
  • Combined contacts app.
  • Updated calendar app.
  • 'Visual' voicemail.
  • New transition effects.
  • Folders for the homescreen (Press and hold an app then drag it onto another icon on your home screen to combine into a folder).
  • Onscreen charger connection icon.
  • Picture edit feature in camera app.
  • Faster camera image capture.
  • Panorama camera capture.
  • Face detection support.
  • Redesigned picture gallery.
  • Redesigned file manager.
  • Live video chat effects.
  • Notification 'swipe to remove' feature.
  • Enhanced screenshot share feature.
  • Enhanced browser page rendering.
  • Saved page visual browser.
  • Offline browsing mode.
  • Improved email client.
  • Improved internet browser.
  • Email app support for EAS v14 certification.
  • Wifi Direct support.
  • Bluetooth Health Device Profile (HDP) support.
  • Enhanced developer options.
  • Asus customisation settings for button behaviour.
  • App Locker app added.
  • Asus Task Manager widget added.
  • Google+ widgets added.
  • Widget previews added.
  • WebStorage widget added.
  • Splashtop updated.
  • Devanagari script support.

23rd December 2011
(Pushed to US, WW, TW and DE devices.)
  • Build Number:
  • Stability update.
  • HDMI fix for newer hdtv's.
  • Various apps updated.
  • Input lag reduction.

TF101G 16th December 2011
(Pushed to WW devices.)
  • Build Number:

16th November 2011
(Pushed to TB devices.)
10th November 2011
(Pushed to TW, US and WW devices.)
  • Build Number:
  • App Backup bugfix.

TF101G 30th November 2011
(Pushed to DE devices.)
TF101G 10th November 2011
(Pushed to US and WW devices.)
  • Build Number:
  • Wifi updated: v5.2.65
  • Bluetooth updated: v6.25
  • Baseband updated: 11.810.09.17.00
  • App Backup bugfix.

4th November 2011 ('86518' Screenshot)
(Pushed to TW, US, WW and TB devices.)
  • Build Number:
  • Wifi updated 5.2.65
  • Improved wifi connectivity.
  • Fixed mobile dock abnormal battery consumption issue.
  • App Backup feature added.
  • Netflix support. (US only)
  • Google Books updated.
  • Google Maps updated.
  • Google Market updated with tablet friendly UI.
  • Asus Sync option added to turn on/off Asus Sync, and fixed noticiation issues
  • Email Client now supports .zip files.
  • MyNet improved device search functionality.
  • Improved browser compatibility. (useragent string fixed)
  • My Cloud bugs fixed.
  • Italian input method added.
  • Supernote bug fix and improvement.
  • Polaris Office now supports large file loading, and improved compatibility.
  • Some notification icons re-sized.

TF101G. 8th October 2011
(Pushed to TB devices)
TF101G. 6th October 2011
(Pushed to WW devices)
  • Honeycomb 3.2.1
  • Build number:
  • Wifi updated: v5.2.64
  • Bluetooth updated: v6.24
  • GPS updated: v5.5.10

Unknown date (Pushed to CN devices)
  • Build number:

Unknown date (Pushed to JP and DE devices)
6th October 2011
(Pushed to TB devices.)
30th September 2011 ('86513' Screenshot in post #2)
(Pushed to WW devices.)
28th September 2011
(Pushed to TW and US devices.)
  • Honeycomb 3.2.1 (security update)
  • Build number:
  • Wifi updated: v5.2.63
  • Bluetooth updated: v6.24
  • Kernel changed.
  • Adobe Flash improvement in the default browser.
  • Polaris office updated.
  • ASUS WebStorage updated.
  • Browser force-close fixes.
  • Improved Wi-Fi stability.
  • Supernote app added.
  • Added more language translations into ASUS Apps.
  • Added Farsi IME support.
  • Czech IME improvement : support Qwerty & Qwertz.
  • JP SKU fixed translation bug and Polaris office font.
  • CN SKU 3rd party app bug fix.
  • Improved Chinese handwriting prediction, recognise characters from each stroke.

TF101G 23rd August 2011
(Pushed to WW devices.)
  • Build number: v8.6.6.10-20110816
  • Wifi: v5.2.58
  • GPS updated: v5.5.9
  • Bluetooth: v6.20
  • Allows wifi channels 12+13 to be accessed for Europe.

25th August 2011
(Pushed to DE and TB devices)
23rd August 2011 ('8659' screenshot in post #2)
(Pushed to US and WW devices)
19th August 2011
(Pushed to TW and CN devices)
These updates appears to lock SOME users to this firmware with no possibility to downgrade (only upgrade) once applied.
  • Build number:
  • Wifi updated: v5.2.58
  • GPS updated: v5.5.8
  • MobileDock version updated: 0213
  • Bluetooth v6.20
  • Android compatibility mode for apps added.
  • Keyboard on/off switch when docked added.
  • Selectable cursor type option added (arrow or circle).
  • Mouse cursor trackpad movement reversed.
  • More MyZine options added, and now re-sizable.
  • Dock typing lag greatly improved when using stock browser.
  • Multiple languages (with regional dialects) added.
  • Compass issue fixed.
  • Random browser crash fixed.
  • File browsing bug fixed.
  • Ad-Hoc wifi support added.
  • Wifi disconnect bug fixed.
  • Stock browser scroll cursor changed (a more rectangular shape now than oval).
  • Random device reset bug now seems to be fixed.

TF101G. 12th August 2011
(TW, WW and DE devices)
  • Build number:
  • Wifi updated: v5.2.55
  • Bluetooth updated: v6.20

TF101G. 5th August 2011 - Not pushed OTA. 3G Transformer release firmware.
(TW and WW devices)
  • Honeycomb 3.1
  • Build number:

2nd August 2011 ('8657' Screenshot in post #2)
(Pushed to WW, TB and DE devices)
  • Updated to Honeycomb 3.2
  • Kernel changed.
  • Build number:
  • Wifi updated: v5.2.53
  • For the rest of the changes see '28th July 2011' below.
28th July 2011
(Pushed to TW and US devices)
  • Updated to Honeycomb 3.2
  • Build number:
  • Kernel changed.
  • Wifi updated: v5.2.52
  • Bluetooth updated: v6.19
  • GPS updated: v1.5.0
  • Improved hardware acceleration.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Update to Movie Studio
  • Update to Google Movies
  • Update to widget system
  • Update to Google Music.
  • Exchange support.
  • 'Zoom to fill' feature.
  • 'Multi gesture' support. Pinch to zoom and two finger scrolling with trackpad added.
  • Trackpad operation inverted.
  • Proper SD card support (which will allow media to sync, etc).
  • HDMI output resolution quality scales better for greater compatibility with 720p tv's.
  • Mouse cursor changed (now a circle instead of pointer).
  • Smoother home page rotation.
  • Smoother 720p flash.
  • UI speed improvement/tweaks.
  • Weather widget displays last update time.
  • Mouse pointer speed option in settings added.
  • Alt+Tab recent apps keyboard shortcut added.
  • 'System update' renamed to 'system firmware update'.
  • Battery usage stats fixed.
  • Improved typing speeds with dock.

21st July 2011
(Pushed to JP devices)
Update appears to lock users to this firmware with no possibility to downgrade (only upgrade) once applied.
  • Honeycomb 3.1
  • Build number:
  • Kernel changed.
  • Updated wifi driver : v5.1.51
  • Updated bluetooth driver: v6.19
  • Regional specific updates.
  • See 16th July list and below for rest of updates.

16th July 2011 ('84411' Screenshot in post #2)
(Pushed to US, WW, and TW devices) Now available for CN, DE and TB devices via FTP.
  • Build number:
  • Kernel changed.
  • Wifi upgraded v5.1.50
  • GPS updated v1.3.2
  • New Tegra splash screen and circular dot boot animation.
  • SRS sound profile updated.
  • Nvidia TegraZone app added.
  • Video gallery app added (videos are now separated from the image and video gallery). (possibly US only)
  • Option to hide keyboard notification popup on dock connect.
  • Splashtop app updated. (not HD, yet)
  • MyLibrary now shows a book count.
  • Xbox 360 controller support.
  • WMV support added to stock gallery app.
  • Auto-rotate disabled when docked.



**Information continues in the next post...**

Maintaining these lists has started feeling like a job so if anyone feels like buying me a coffee (via the donate button) or a new house (wouldn't say no to that one ) it's much appreciated (I've made it through too many sleepless nights with a cup o' Joe lately). Or if you don't like that idea then please consider donating to The Red Cross, as they certainly deserve it a lot more than I do.
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[INFO] Firmware update (FOTA) changelog
...list continued:

14th June 2011 ('8447' screenshot)
(Pushed to CN devices)
  • Updated Honeycomb to 3.1
  • Build number:
  • Wifi updated v5.1.45
  • Kernel changed.
  • 50+ Chinese language ebooks included in MyLibrary.
  • For list of other fixes/features see the 31st May/1st June changelog below.

3rd June 2011 onwards. Possibly not pushed out FOTA, and pre-loaded on some models
(US and WW devices)
  • Build number:
  • Wifi v5.1.42
  • Bluetooth v6.17

1st June 2011 ('HC3.1' screenshot)
(Pushed to US and WW devices on this date)
31st May 2011 ('HC3.1' screenshot)
(Pushed to TW devices on this date)
  • Updated Honeycomb to 3.1
  • Build number:
  • MobileDock version: 0209 (No update occurs, unless your dock was out of date from before)
  • Kernel changed.
  • GPS upgraded v1.3.1
  • Wifi downgraded v5.1.42
  • Bluetooth updated v6.17
  • General CPU optimisation, improved loading times performance.
  • General GPU optimisation, improved graphics performance.
  • Smoother UI experience.
  • Greater stability.
  • More responsive multitasking.
  • Re-sizable widgets.
  • Decreased app loading times.
  • Added more USB device support (gamepads, etc).
  • Added more Bluetooth device support.
  • Added one click USB importing of files from external devices (cameras, etc).
  • Wifi icon shows data activity.
  • Debug mode icon changed.
  • Task manager list now scrollable.
  • Task manager list order now shows according to last used apps (bottom to top).
  • Browser 'quick controls' updated.
  • Browser speed improvements.
  • Full flash support (720p).
  • Embedded HTML5 video normal size enabled.
  • Browser now supports saving webpages to web archives (saves as .webarchivexml filetype to Downloads directory).
  • Scrolling tab for easier page navigation.
  • Browser pinch to zoom improvements.
  • Default gallery now displays 'high quality' images.
  • Default gallery now shows videos in front of images.
  • Tapping the home button now takes you back to the last screen you were on, not always the centre screen.
  • Mouse tracking improved (using dock).
  • Mouse cursor vanishes after a few seconds of inactivity while browsing plugged into the dock.
  • Mobile network signal battery bar removed.
  • Movie Studio app added.
  • Zinio Reader app added.
  • Amazon Kindle app added.
  • Mouse-over events now working in default browser.
  • Default email app received emails counter increased in size.
  • 'MobileDock battery saving mode' option added to settings.
  • 'Use location for Google Search' option added to settings.
  • Internal storage in settings now shows items in categories.
  • 'Touch & Hold delay' option added to settings.
  • Youtube app search box now functions when docked, but only for initial screen.
  • Polaris Office app 'Google Docs' account option added.
  • Market now remembers to return to last page viewed instead of resetting to the start page.
  • Market now stays on app page when installing an app.
  • Faster updating of market data.
  • Wifi off when screen off default email updater bug fixed.
  • Scroll responsiveness changed (stickier, rather than flowing).
  • MyZine FC issue fixed.
  • MyZine has a settings icon so you can actually edit the options now.
  • MyLibrary 'newspaper' category added.
  • Asus date widget renamed to 'Asus Time' (wtf?!!? )
  • Widget adder now updates all icons correctly.
  • Certain default widgets renamed.
  • 'Holo Spiral' live wallpaper added.
  • Android Market 'shop' shortcut icon added to apps menu.
  • 'Google Instant' option added to default browser labs settings.
  • 'Fast scroller' option added to default browser.
  • Media cards in the dock now re-mount when device wakes (when docked).
  • Gmail widget removed (seemingly for roughly 50% of users).
  • Keyboard options renamed.
  • ADB now outputs TF debugging info in the command line.
  • Wallpaper gallery picture import now shows a proper template on-screen.
  • Various tags/descriptions updated (eg. 'Orientation lock' changed to 'auto rotate screen')
  • Dock sd card icon no longer remains in the notification bar when undocked.
  • Javascript improvements.
  • File manager no longer shows root access folders by default (click top right settings icon to show).
  • File manager colour scheme changed (now yellow instead of blue).
  • Apps list now lets you click and drag to an info icon for more details.
  • Android Market content filter options added.
  • Default browser address bar is now at top of the screen instead of at the bottom (or just above the keyboard).
  • Extended support for http proxies for high speed wifi connections.
  • Email app can send emails in plain text and HTML. To conserve battery power and to minimize data use.
  • Contacts application allows you to find contacts easily using the full-text search.The search return results matching all stored fields of a contact.
  • Calendar grid larger.
  • Gallery app now supports Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP), so we can connect our cameras via USB and import their photos to the gallery with a single touch.
  • Extended browser support for CSS and 3D animation web standards.
  • Support for playback of video content compatible with HTML5.
  • Support for plug-ins that use hardware acceleration.
  • Joystick and Gamepad support.
  • Support added for networks of preferred download (PNO), a detection capability in the background that keeps saving battery power in cases where Wi-Fi network must be available continuously.
  • Tweaked UI elements for faster loading times.
  • Default camera app onscreen viewfinder, used in low light scenarios, has improved fps.

28th May 2011 (Leaked Build)
(No public FOTA release on this date)
  • Same as public release build listed above.

19th May 2011 ('Update 3' screenshot)
(Pushed to WW devices on this date.)
13th May 2011 ('Update 3' screenshot):
(Pushed to US, TW and CN devices on this date.)
(All region release)
  • Build number:
  • MobileDock Version: 0209
  • Kernel changed.
  • Wifi updated v5.248.35
  • Bluetooth updated v6.12
  • Disconnect wifi bug while using the dock fixed.
  • Tablet/Dock random disconnect issue fixed.
  • System now powers up to the first Asus logo in 4 seconds instead of 6 seconds (so a slightly faster bootup time).
  • System now re-mounts sd cards when dock is active.
  • Low power state for dock when inactive, improving, but not totally fixing, the power drain issue.
  • Asus MyZine widgets renamed and now appear at beginning of widgets list.
  • Asus MyZine now updates icon in widget view.
  • MyCloud settings icon now fixed and working correctly.
  • Two finger multitouch pad use added for home screen navigation.
  • Home screen bounceback issue fixed.
  • Improved battery in standby.
  • Improved responsiveness.
  • Notable video camera 'screen delay' fixed.
  • Repeating key issue fixed, due to dock disconnect fix.
  • Screen auto-brightness polling speed is now roughly 5secs instead of 30secs.
  • Screen auto-brightness can now increase above the level the slider bar was set to automatically.

11th May 2011 (*thx to graffixnyc* 'Beta1' screenshot... ignore the kernel version) Link
(Limited Release Beta Firmware *Was only pushed to select users who had docking problems*)
  • Build number:
  • MobileDock version: 0208
  • Fixes dock disconnect issue.
  • Wifi updated v5.248.32
  • Disconnect wifi bug while using the touchpad fixed.
  • Battery dock meter added. (was not included in final release build

26th April 2011 ('Update 2' screenshot):
(All region release)
  • Build number:
  • MobileDock Version: 0207
  • Kernel changed.
  • Wifi updated v5.248.28
  • Bluetooth updated v6.11
  • Fixed video camera stutter. ('Youtube' mode = [email protected] and 'High Quality' mode = [email protected])
  • Fixed 'speaker always on' issue.
  • Minor bug fixes.

19th April 2011 ('Update 1' screenshot):
(All region release)
  • Build number:
  • Kernel changed.
  • Wifi updated v5.248.26
  • MyNet now in English not Spanish.
  • @Vibe app moved to MyCloud.
  • My Cloud has been added. Adds MyContent, Mydesktop, @Vibe. (requires a download from Asus site)
  • Asus Web Storage added (windows version). (
  • Adds Splashtop Remote desktop for free. ( Works pretty fast via wifi, and just mirrors your desktop, as if you were using hdmi. Change the option from 1024x768 to 1280x800 for proper operation.
  • Generally things feel a bit snappier.
  • New MyZine widgets. (adds a slideshow of your pics, shows calendar daily notifications and weather in your location. Also shows last visited bookmark and last played song, email unread count, event count, stored ebooks counter)
  • Green camera issue fixed.
  • Asus Web Storage option added to sharing options menu.
  • Added independant alarm ringer volume bar to settings.
  • Added option to make any photo a contact photo from gallery.
  • Added Layar app.
  • Compass fixed.
  • Asus E-mail widget now shows an 'all accounts unread mail' total.
  • Wifi connection settings now support WPS setup.

8th April 2011 ('Original' screenshot):
(All UK original shipment devices, and possibly early units in other regions)
  • Build number:
  • Android Honeycomb 3.0.1
  • GPS v1.2.4
  • Wifi v5.248.24
  • Bluetooth v6.10

__________________________________________________ _____________________________________________

Things added but not sure which update added them: (If you know please pm me)
  • MyLibrary 'share on facebook' feature.
  • Cloud feature for highlighted text and comments, so you may allow others to view your history/annotations.

__________________________________________________ _____________________________________________

Things needing to be fixed

If you notice any items on this list have been fixed in your firmware version, please post details (firmware version, your country, item fixed, number of days you have tested, etc). If a few people confirm an item is fixed I will remove it.

ICE CREAM SANDWICH (Current build):

  • Overall max volume level decreased.
  • Apps battery % data unavailable.
  • Occasionally device restarts itself when in sleep mode then gets stuck on asus bootscreen.
  • Occasionally device shuts down from sleep mode (was in HC builds also, possibly hardware related) and reboots.
  • Flickering diagonal graphics glitch. Possible overlay or screen refresh rate issue. Can be re-created by opening the Youtube app, then opening the notification area.
  • Incorrect cursor placement when editing text boxes in stock browser.
  • Frequent stock browser lockups and crashes when viewing web pages with lots of flash animations/videos.
  • Default email client doesn't automatically sync emails based on the time interval stated in the settings.
  • Incorrect clocks. Notification bar clock, lockscreen clock and extended notification clock occasionally show different times.
  • Stock browser text selection arrows occasionally stay onscreen after you have finished editing text.
  • Frequent MyLibrary app crashes on opening pdf files.
  • Stock browser closes itself seemingly randomly.
  • File manager closes itself seemingly randomly.

  • TBD

HONEYCOMB (Obsolete build):

  • Text selection indicators in default browser can be extremely inaccurate.
  • Speaker imbalance. (louder in right speaker) (some units) (Fix for rooted users HERE) ASUS PLEASE just make it so users can select from 2 different profiles (the srs_processing.cfg file is all that needs editing!) or something. This is such an easy fix to implement and it would 'fix' so many peoples device sound. We shouldnt have to root to get this to work ourselves.
  • Default e-mail app gets stuck 'searching' for emails. No way to tell if it is downloading an amazingly large file or if it's hung. Some feedback from the app saying what it's doing would be helpful.
  • Wifi frequency band HC option missing in the settings. (all units)
  • HDMI only outputs at 720p. Possible flickering screen issues. (some units)
  • Speaker 'pop' issue. After a period of inactivity with the speakers, and then suddenly they are required to play a sound, a small pop is heard, before the rest of the audio plays properly. (some units)
  • Disk full error. (HC bug. Disk gets filled up with... nothing. A full reset is required to fix it) (some units)
  • Asus weather widget text display problems. (workaround: either remove and re-add widget, or grab the widget and rotate the screen then dump widget down again.) (some units, perhaps based on the length of the place name?)
  • Encryption problems. (some units)
  • Random times, soft reset issue, when connected to the dock. (some units)
  • No sound after device wakes from standby. (some units)
  • Plugging in headphones and still getting sound coming from main speakers. (some units)
  • Speaker fails to resume working after bluetooth a2dp disconnect (some units)
  • HDMI while connected to some models of tv only gives a black screen. (Most likely a tv rather than a tablet issue. Update your tv firmware.)
  • Occasionally when trying to move a widget, the widget gets stuck and can float around the screen, wherever you place your finger, but cannot be placed down normally. Pressing the home button dumps the widget back into it's original position, but then device becomes non responsive. Requires powering the unit down to fix. (very rare bug) (all units)
  • Email list widget doesnt always update when email is received.
  • No way to save currently taken camera pictures to a different location (microsd card, etc).
  • Finger/mouse 'click events' not showing in default browser (not showing what was selected before the page loads).
  • When editing text a few times the green selector mis-aligns making it harder to select what you're trying to highlight or edit.
  • Cannot use front facing camera with a flash application in browser.
  • Songs pause at the end of each track, requiring input from the user to proceed when using the default music app, while device is in standby. (App HERE to use in the meantime)
  • When pressing the fixed 'back' button at the bottom of the screen or the 'back' quick control, while using the default browser, sometimes does not populate the screen with exactly the same page as before (missing text/pictures e.g. going 'back' a page onto a previously displayed google search page shows the google logo and search box, but no search results. Seems to do the same thing with facebook pages too.)
  • Sometimes website thumbnails in the default browser only show a default icon in the bookmark tab instead of a page preview.
  • Bookmark widget not loading links properly when clicked. (Temporary solution is to undock, rotate the screen to portrait orientation, then rotate back to landscape)
  • Default email client shows incorrect notification text (showing previously deleted (or just older) emails info instead of new incoming email) occasionally.
  • Stock browser infrequent screen lockups.
  • Random speaker popping when device is in standby (Speaker stays active even when volume is set to 0, ie. 'off').
  • Spell checker disabled while using the dock.
  • Problem with the dock battery. Avoid allowing your dock battery to empty itself fully, or you may no longer be able to re-charge it. Possible fix HERE.
  • Problem with standby, early dock units (B4, B5 and B6 keyboard docks) Link HERE.
  • No way to tell the level of internal dock battery. (unless you plug in the charger) (all units not running the old beta firmware) (XDA member made apps for this HERE and HERE)
  • Keyboard key delay. (possibly caused by text prediction being enabled. Try turning off and report back.) (some units)
  • Weather widget vanishes from screen on connecting to dock. (HC 3.2) Remove and re-add widget to fix.
  • The spacebar key in the youtube app search box (while viewing a video) doesn't function properly. More details HERE.
  • Stock gallery does not show pictures from USB sticks.
  • There's a potential problem with all game controllers that require power from the device. As even when you plug in the charging lead, the keyboard dock doesnt seem to charge itself unless the tablet is fully charged already, and the controllers draw power from the dock battery, making any gaming session short lived.
  • Not able to recharge some dock batteries once the charge is fully depleted. (some units)
  • Known fault with a specific model of charger. (Info HERE)

Things I'd love to see added
  • A startup sound during the boot animation sequence.
  • To be able to click a button to refresh all email accounts at once while in the combined view of the default mail app.
  • Custom speaker level app built-in.
  • A way to hide the google search box, voice input, apps and + onscreen items.
  • A way to hide the various media card icons in the notification bar.
  • A way to select the specific pictures you want to show in the MyZine picture slideshow window. now an added feature

*I'll add details of fixes when I find them. If you find something not listed then please post the info in this thread and I'll update this post. Thanks.*

Maintaining these lists has started feeling like a job so if anyone feels like buying me a coffee (via the donate button) or a new house (wouldn't say no to that one ) it's much appreciated (I've made it through too many sleepless nights with a cup o' Joe lately). Or if you don't like that idea then please consider donating to The Red Cross, as they certainly deserve it a lot more than I do.
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The Following 18 Users Say Thank You to stuntdouble For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift stuntdouble Ad-Free
19th April 2011, 07:38 AM |#3  
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Originally Posted by stuntdouble

A new firmware update has been released. You can download it via Settings>About Tablet>System Update. If you have unrooted, I'm pretty sure you will need to re-root. I'll add details of fixes when I find them.

Before and after screenshots added of system revisions.

Do you need to back up your data/apps or does it not affect those?
19th April 2011, 07:45 AM |#4  
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Originally Posted by dreadnought001

Do you need to back up your data/apps or does it not affect those?

Nope didnt need to. Worked nicely for me, but I'd still recommend you do anyway.
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19th April 2011, 07:46 AM |#5  
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If you have flashed MoDaCo's MCR ROM, this update won't install.


19th April 2011, 08:07 AM |#6  
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New Widget - MyZine.
19th April 2011, 08:11 AM |#7  
Senior Member
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is the video camera frame rate fixed?
19th April 2011, 08:16 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by Gabe3

is the video camera frame rate fixed?

Doesn't seem to be.
19th April 2011, 08:34 AM |#9  
steftymo's Avatar
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Hmm the myzine widgets won't move to the screen and I can't seem to access google on my chrome browser. Also the asus site seems to be running very slow. Is it just me ?
19th April 2011, 08:37 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by steftymo

Hmm the myzine widgets won't move to the screen and I can't seem to access google on my chrome browser. Also the asus site seems to be running very slow. Is it just me ?

They are massive widgets so you basically need an empty screen to add them. As for your other issues I'm not getting those.
19th April 2011, 08:53 AM |#11  
steftymo's Avatar
Flag Liskeard, Cornwall
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Originally Posted by stuntdouble

They are massive widgets so you basically need an empty screen to add them. As for your other issues I'm not getting those.

Wow...I see what you mean. Why does a widget that seemingly is pretty useless take up so much space ?
My problem with google is getting igoogle. I can get basic google search on dolphin hd but when I log into igoogle I get a blank screen
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