Another(Really WORKING) battery life hack - temp fix bug in all ROMs

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By zcdg, Senior Member on 19th April 2011, 05:16 PM
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After a lot of playing with T-Mobile US HD2 WP7 i found one interesting thing:

If i start camera with green button and then switch to video mode there, wait for autofocus and after that just simple go out to main screen by pressing windows(middle) or back button then standby Battery Current drops to -5-6 ma from regular -40-42 ma(minus means discharge). (Switching to video is important - if not switched no results found)
It stays -5-6 ma on standby until next reboot. If i reboot and don't do this camera play current is -40-42 ma. But if i start camera -> switch to video -> out - Battery Current -5-6 ma. To measure use Battery Tool.
After hack/trick applied I used phone in different ways - talk internet email - standby still low 5-6 ma. I gave it 12 hours try - lost only about 12-13 % of charge. Checked battery outside of phone with load - real lose of charge was about same as Battery tool shows. Will continue to test longer but can expect at least few days with some usage of phone. Did the same trick with my friend's phone - same results. It looks like really a bug some where.

This problem really exist and found in all ROMs.(a little difference between TMOUS and EU HD2)

Aug 30, 2011
FOR this trick to work on any ROM versions(including all Mangos) software WP7 radio must be lower then 5.62, so only from 5.51 to 5.61 works. Recommend to use 5.51 or 5.51T soft radio and trick will work all the time.

History Update:
As of Apr 29, 2011: Confirmed to work for most people. This has to be done ONCE ONLY if you reboot phone.

Confirmed one phone has low standby current 3-7 ma after reboot without this hack - but model of phone is ORIGINAL HD2, not T-Mobile US. ROM is HD2O 1.04.
One T-mobile US shows low standby at bootup. XBmod 1.04.

If your phone shows 3-9 ma standby after reboot without this trick - then this not for you. Your phone has good standby already.

Real battery life vary from about 4 hours(continues usage of cell data and browsing) to 4-5 full days (standby only no usage at all-just few short calls, location on, data on, bluetooth on, xbox off, wifi off).

May 17
Tested HD2O 1.12 nodo - trick works perfectly right away getting 3-5ma!!! After a day of use(not much use) - battery life is amazing!!!

Tested original NODO(YukiXDA) one more time(total two times flashed this rom to be sure) - couldn't get stable low standby - unpredictable, most of the time 40-42ma sometimes even higher. Tried so many times. I don't know why results are not so good. Update: Yuki original ROM used different WP7 Radio - 5.66 - which is not working with trick on TMOUS HD2. For trick to work TMOUS must have 5.51 or 5.51T Radio.

May 18
Tested XBmod 1.10 nodo - trick works perfectly right away getting 3-5ma!!!

June 02
Continue using of HD2O 1.12 - battery life is amazing!!!(T-Mobile US HD2) Didn't have any single stability problem for 2 weeks!!! Speaker volume can be adjusted with registry hack.

Jun 07
Update: Yuki original ROM used different WP7 Radio - 5.66 - which is not working with trick on Eu and TMOUS HD2. For trick to work for 100% in 2G and 3G, ALL HD2 must have 5.51(original DFT) or 5.51T(from Ansar) Radio(part00.bin).
From my experiments 5.51T looks a little better than 5.51 overall(not sure 100%). There is no any benefit for me of use 5.66 Radio. Just use any WP7 ROM(even Yuki's ones) and replace part00.bin for trick to work. It was TESTED on all Yuki's ROMs.

Jun 08
Yuki's v3 final works exactly the same for standby current - radio 5.66 in ROM trick doesn't work, if replaced with 5.51T - trick works as usual 3-9 ma in all modes

Jun 09
Tested HD20 1.14. Much better than Yuki's for me(TMOUS) - more stable, feels solid no stability problems at all. For the first time HD2O changed Radio to 5.66, so i had to change part00.bin back with 5.51T to have good standby - 3-7 ma in any mode 2G or 3G with the trick. HD2O 1.14 is the best ROM overall again! Overall best and battery life is amazing after radio changing!!!

Jun 17
YukiXDa made the best ROM now with V4 lang2. I have never had so good battery life before!!! I have used 5.51T(TMOUS) with trick.
Excellent work Yuki!!!

Jun 29
Yuki made even better - V5. I am able now to get to some registry enrties i need!!! Enerything is perfect for me, except too many shortcuts to all setup settings.
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19th April 2011, 05:57 PM |#2  
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Yes you are right.I´ve tried it out like same way and in that second i noticed that my Proximity sensor turn on.
I mean ive set my backlight to auto,but no proximity funktion.But when i turn on my camera bla bla then the proximity sensor turns on to function and my Backlight turns brightness automaticly,like ive set it before.
Thanks for sharing this info bro.
19th April 2011, 07:20 PM |#3  
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where are u seeing if the drain is 5-6 ma or 40-42 ma?
19th April 2011, 07:42 PM |#4  
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In Battery tool - Battery Current. Start Battery tool leave it on screen send phone to sleep. Wait a 2-3 minutes or so then wake it up slide to unlock and wait 10 sec with tool on screen - it will show current when it was on sleep/standby. if you were quick enough. Do it several times you will see it. I did this tests periodicaly last month with different roms - aprox same 40-43 ma with radio and data on(radio off gives 2-3 ma and phone lives forever). I have verified battery tool is correct or not by connecting once real multimeter between battery and phone. tool is correct. If divide 1230ma(battery) by 40-43 can get at best 30 hours of standby.

May be need to wait more than 2 minutes to get real sleep/standby - it depends on previous state. After few tries you will see. Stable average of lowest figures after few tries is your standby current.
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19th April 2011, 08:06 PM |#5  
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intresting....just testing now........

well bugger me sideways, it works! nice one mate
20th April 2011, 12:39 AM |#6  
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Interesting finding man! But i wished i had my HD2... Still a weird bug but
20th April 2011, 01:05 AM |#7  
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Where can I find the battery Tool? It's not in the market.

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20th April 2011, 01:15 AM |#8  
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Here you can find. It is XAP and need side loading
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20th April 2011, 05:19 PM |#9  
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Dont know for sure what it does.. but semms to solve my problem testing since 6 hrs.. still gonna test it for some more time .. lets see..
20th April 2011, 05:56 PM |#10  
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Looks like when camera closes from video mode it stops one or more of the running in background process which take some drain all the time. Probably that process should not be running at the begining. Develovers like DFT or Cotulla may be should look at it closer. Big thanks to them for hard work.
20th April 2011, 06:09 PM |#11  
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I feel like this may be finally the solution to our battery drain issue. Since I noticed that at first, when I install new rom to my HD2 the battery life is fine, but when I take a first picture with camera (or simply restart the device aswell) the battery starts draining itself. But maybe that's just me, anyways I'm gonna try this and if it works I will report back,thanks to the OP
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