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[ROM] SUPERNOVA Xtreme Official GB 06/Mar/12 | 2GB INTERNAL MEMORY|Optimized KERNEL

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By Droidzone, Inactive Recognized Developer on 22nd April 2011, 08:47 AM
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Yea, the Stable Official Rom with Unlimited Memory that you've been waiting for!

(Sense | Android 2.3.3 (GingerBread) | DATA2SD | CRT TV Off Animation | Trackpad Awake | Seamless migration from Froyo and any other Roms without Data loss)

Official GB 2.3.3 v3.14.405.1 (Stock Sense 1.9) | Stock rooted Desire GSM Rom | ext 4 | Bravo Stock Hboot

Download Links: Supernova Site


While this means that this does not have Sense 2 or 3, this also means that this is based on the Official HTC RUU built for the Htc Desire. So you can expect everything to work perfectly. The difference is that while htc designed the desire to have 147 mb of internal memory, we have redesigned it to have any amount of internal memory!!

No need to meddle with Hboots, use stock Hboot
no need to adjust with incomplete implementations like app2sd or a2sd+. Use 100% of your ext partition!
Install hundreds (or thousands if you prefer) of apps. No need to uninstall anything any more!

Dedicated Site & Support Forum at
Comes with Data2SD

Visit the full fledged SuperNova Site for Download Links, Complete Installation instructions, Latest updates, More resources, FAQs and Quick answers to your questions:

Droidzone's Roms now have their own dedicated Forum to give specific, accurate help to users. Utilize the forum effectively, especially if you are new to the world of Roms

This is a support forum for my Roms and not a competitor forum to XDA-developers. It has a full fledged issue tracker and bug report generation system. NOTE: This does not mean you can demand immediate attention to issues.


SuperNova Team:


Droidzone - ROM Development and Typhon Script
Sibere - Data2SD code


Important Information in a nutshell

Device Required: HTC Desire GSM phone (BRAVO) Rooted
Security Status Required: Any (S-OFF or S-ON)
Hboot Required: Stock HTC Hboot if S-ON, or Alpharev Bravo Stock Hboot if S-OFF (If you havent changed Hboot, dont worry! Your phone is compatible!)
Partition Required: FAT32 Primary followed by One ext4 partition (ext2/3 if present will be auto converted to ext4)
MicroSD Card Preferred: Preferably a Class 4 or Class 6 (Try it if you have Class 2 or Class 10)
Recovery Recommended: 4ext Recovery by madmaxx82 (Anything can be used, but this is preferred)
Radio Recommended: Will work on all Radios, best on the recommended Radio
Base Software: 3.14.405.1
Editions: Supernova Extreme (Classic) Edition (iNtelligent Data2SD)

The main feature of this pure HTC Sense Rom is the stable Data2SD that is built in

The Rom comes with my Typhon Superscript, which acts as a container for the Data2sd script, and adds a vast amount of additional functions.

NOTE: The Changelog/Features listed below may be of the older version. For latest Changelog, visit
  • Latest HTC Official GingerBread Rom with Sense released on Aug 1, 2011
  • Rooted
  • SuperNova is fully compatible with the latest version of Clockworkmod Recovery (Edify)
  • Init.d scripts supported
  • Busybox-1.18.2
  • Huge collection of optional kernels
  • Latest Additions:
  • New Superuser App and Binary 3.0.2 @ChainsDD
  • Sense 2.1 Quick Settings Bar
  • Light Sensor Fix
  • Automatic Logcat monitoring system
  • Trackpad Wake On/Off
  • Helicopter view Homescreen Rearrange option
  • Kernel: Droidzone's NonOC Non UV based Kernel with TPW, WifiFix, Battfix and Two way Call Record
  • Battfix (Sibere) - Have your phone fully charged on waking up
  • Trackpad press to wake
  • Two way call record (Both streams equally loud and clear!)-Use skvalex's 2 way call record app for recording (Market link)
  • Lowered Wifi disconnection threshold (less chance of disconnection)
  • Increased read ahead buffer size to improve SD R/W performance("sdfix")-256kb (Switchable easily)
  • Option to allow manual switching of Readahead value by user without need of any additional apps
  • Pandora Advanced Error logging system to diagnose any issues and prevent issues before they cause problems
  • SafeShutdown Script-Detects unsafe shutdowns, freezes and Battery pulls, and checks and repairs Data partition on next boot
  • Data Anti-corruption protection with advanced Data partition check and repair scripts
  • EXT 4 for Data2SD
  • CRT TV-Off Animation!
  • Typhon Intelligent Scripts ever by Droidzone-Allows you to Upgrade across any ROM model/Android version, yes, even from Froyo/Cupcake!!
  • Partition Corruption logging and warning
  • Advanced GetLogs Information system-Flashable Log Retrieval System with Easy packaging
  • Getlogs Interactive Functions:
  • Advanced Script with AutoMarketCacheCleanup on Boot
  • Detailed system analysis, Freespace calculation, Space usage calculation
  • Dalvik-cache optimization/reoptimization system prevents force closes due to Dalvik cache errors
  • Fast Classic Market with optional Flashable zip for Market upgrade
  • Market Anti-update protection-Will not allow update of market automatically to any beta Google releases.
  • Trackpad Awake
  • Kernel Mods (For all kernel mods, credits go to snq- or Sibere or Droidzone, depending on whose kernels you're running)
  • CPU Profiles (upto 1152 MHz)
    • Smartass
    • Powersave
    • Interactive (Needs kernel change)
    • Userspace
    • Ondemand
    • Performance
  • Ext4 support
  • Tun
  • Perflock disabled
  • All CPU Powerstate Scaling
  • Data2SD using the extremely stable latest Sibere Data2sd scripts (From personal experience, this appears to be the stablest Data2sd experience for Desire. The emphasis is on Stability and storage, rather than Quadrant scores. This Rom is indeed faster than the stock Sense experience though). Original script has been tweaked by Droidzone to make it a powerful and intelligent superscript.
  • NEW! MultiColor Flashing LEDs show errors in Data2SD installation
  • Added Typhon Automatic Data2SD Module Manager-Autoinstalls Data2sd with a simple reboot

    Other "Normal" Rooted Rom options:
  • /data/app/ support
  • Fully De-odexed (For best modding experience)
  • Zipaligned to improve RAM performance
  • Nano command-line text editor support
  • Bash command shell support
  • 720p Fully Compatible Camera
  • Removed the annoying HTC Boot sound
  • Most extensive Access point lists (APNs)
  • Extensive Multilanguage Support!
  • Android Market Update 2.3.6 (This seems the fastest, so dont get the latest one!)
  • Gmail ** update **
  • Google Maps 5.10.1 ** update **
  • File Expert File Explorer with Root Features 3.2.7
  • Estrongs File Explorer
  • Script Manager app to run Droidzone's GetLogsInteractive utility
  • Adobe Flash Player ** update **
  • Massive APN List
  • Massive Locale list
  • Titanium Backup **** App Updated ****
  • Added Fix for the “Disappearing data partition on reboot bug”
  • Curve Fish App Remover 1.3.3 ** update **
  • Youtube update 2.2.16 ** update **
  • Locale support includes:
    • English (US, UK, India, Australia, China, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, South Africa, Israel, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine)
    • French (France, Germany, Austria, Chile, Spain, Britain, Netherlands, South Africa, Italy, Israel)
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Dutch
    • German
    • Greek
    • Portuguese
    • Norwegian Bokmål
    • Danish
    • Swedish
    • Czech
    • Polish
    • Russian
    • Finnish
    • Chinese (China, HongKong, Taiwan)
    • Turkish
    • Arabic

      and Others!
Instructions for Installation- READ this before proceeding!


  1. Sibere for the Data2SD development for the Rom
  2. Sibere for his massive list of Kernels, and his battfix and Wifi-fix mods
  3. A big thanks to C0urier for hosting my sites and my forum, and for taking a great effort to ward it off against hackers! (Apparently I have enemies here!)
  4. Melethron, whose data2whatever script has been the inspiration for kickstarting my flashable scripts.
  5. theGanymedes, for his help with Native C code compilation, and help with making my Toolchain. See his awesome project here.
  6. Ownhere and Melethron for their fruitful discussions with Sibere, which has paved the way for development of our (Sibere's) Data2sd code
  7. snq- for Kernel mods, Trackpad wake, et al.
  8. snq-, bananacakes, tristan202, Sibere, tobi01001 for contributions to kernel development
  9. Bananacakes for his annotated commits to his kernel on Github
  10. avs333 and skvalex for Call record patch to kernel.
  11. madmaxx82 for 4Ext recovery which offers great support for ext4 based Roms
  12. koush for adding my Roms to his Rom Manager manifest
  13. Mendozinas for having had added support for the initial versions of my Roms to UOT kitchen (Currently UOT files are outdated)
  14. dsixda for his great project, the Android Kitchen, which simplifies greatly the task of repetitive Rom repacking
  15. dmc.kiit for mirror
  16. Alex-V, Neophytex360, Firerat for offering answers to questions about Rom development
  17. deXter (and AdamG & _thalamus), Roach2010 for suggestions to improve the Data2SD code
  18. baadnewz, robocik, coutts, Leedroid, coolexe for their contributions to the Desire Development
  19. Chainfire for Superuser binary
  20. Unrevoked, Alpharev teams for providing S-off
  21. RC Mix team and Robocik in particular for the CRT TV-Off Mod
  22. Alex-V for advice regarding the Helicopter mode Rosie patch
  23. tobi01001 for the Lightsensor kernel fix and patch code for framework
  24. HTC for the Android GB RUU and the Kernel sources, which is the base for this Rom
  25. Last but most important, Donors and XDA users for encouraging me!
  26. Anyone whose names I've inadvertently forgotten (Kindly inform me!)

Donations encourage devs to spend more time on their Roms. It's not because we need the money, but because we feel that our work is so useful to someone else that they felt a need to Donate. If you feel like Donating, use the Thanks button. Alternately, you can also express your affection for the Rom by writing a post or blog about it.

A big thanks to these people for the generous Donations received, and the various past and present users of StarBurst, GingerBurst and SuperNova Roms for their great support and continuous encouragement. Thanks a lot, Guys!

Rom Making is not a business for me and neither should it be for any other person on XDA who calls himself a developer. If you have the audacity to beg for money, you ought to be somewhere else!

Note: Due to some weird Voodoo blackmagic, the Thanks Button on this post is missing. Use the buttons from the next post!!

Food for thought:

What HTC has to say about GingerBread update for the Desire:


HTC: This update is only recommended for expert users who want to experience Android 2.3 and understand the limitations which apply to this update. Due to memory constraints several applications have been removed from this update and we are only offering the ROM upgrade utility (RUU) for you to download. Please note that flashing this ROM will erase your previous customizations, including any messages, emails, contacts, and other personal information.

SuperNova Team: This update is recommended for every user who wants to experience Android 2.3 without any of the the limitations which apply to HTC's update. Every application removed by HTC has been readded! Please note that flashing this ROM will preserve your previous customizations, including any messages, emails, contacts, and other personal information.

HTC: The major changes in this update include:
- All customizations, including operator applications, will be removed
- All wallpapers, except the default wallpaper, will be removed and placed online on the HTC Developer website
- Several HTC applications will be removed and placed online on the HTC Developer website
- The official Facebook application will be removed and is downloadable on the Android Market.

SuperNova Team: We have readded everything.

HTC: This ROM update is for development only and not for general public use. Upgrades to non-authorized phones may result in loss of functionality. In addition certain functions may no longer be usable after re-flashing the ROM, including but not limited to MMS and SMS and HTC also disclaims liability for any unusable functions. HTC also disclaims liability for the loss and/or leakage of any personal data resulting from the re-flashing of the ROM.

SuperNova Team: This ROM update is for everyone, and is for general public use! Upgrades will not result in loss of functionality, if you have the Sense (pun intended) to follow simple step-by-step instructions vide the site!

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22nd April 2011, 08:47 AM |#2  
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Why is SuperNova the Rom for me? - Unlimited Internal space guaranteed!

Most of the users of Desire don't have rooting in mind when they buy their devices. The only thing that bothers them when they use the phone is the extremely low internal memory (147 MB remaining in Internal memory) they get with it.

There have been earlier implementations to overcome this procedure like Google's own Froyo Apps2sd, and the A2sd+ by Cyanogen and Darktremor. However the fact remains that even with all those, one can barely install about 20 or so apps before Internal memory gets over. Even modifying the size of the MTD blocks (with different Hboot sizes or Data++) can install a maximum of about 30-50 moderately sized apps (much less if you use Firefox, Games, Themes etc). If you're a fan of games, things will inevitably become bitter very soon.

However Sibere came up with an innovative and simple solution called Data2SD, which though similiar in concept to so called Data2ext/Data2whatever codes, uniquely provided a stable footing to prevent any reboots/loss of memory to prevent data loss. The code changes the whole /data mount to an ext4 journalled partition, so that you can add any amount of Internal memory for your Desire. This means that you can use any amount of space from your sdcard as Internal memory. Problem solved! It doesnt need you to S-off (though that would make the installation simpler by one step), or changing your Hboot, or your MTD partition allocation.

With Sibere's help, I have fully integrated his Data2sd code in my automation scripts for installing/updating Data2sd automatically, a.k.a Typhon, into the SuperNova Gingerbread 2.3.3 Rom so that after installing the Rom, when users reboot for the first time (S-on users will need to flash another file instead of directly rebooting), instantly the Internal memory shoots up to 2Gb (this depends on the amount of space you have partitioned for ext4). It is completely Idiot-proof (no hardcore knowledge needed at all. You dont even have to know what adb is!), in case there is an issue with the installation, the advanced Typhon script included will pinpoint exactly where and when the installation faltered, and can provide logs for instant troubleshooting.

SuperNova also has a dedicated website and support forum at where a complete wiki/user manual is available for a complete walkthrough wizard during installation. Including the Stock HTC Gingerbread Sense released by HTC a couple of days back, it is the ideal upgrade for those wanting HTC Gingerbread experience in all its pristinity, but with the dream of more Internal Memory come true. Of course being completely deodexed, users are at liberty to theme it at will.

As of August 2011, the built-in files available on UOT Theme kitchen (an awesome endeavour by the way), are outdated framework files and are incompatible with the latest SuperNova Rom's framework. Flashing the themes cooked on the basis of their built in files will result in a bootloop or system hang. Flashing themes cooked after directly uploading the requested files (framework-res.apk, SystemUI.apk) is therefore recommended. You're welcome to request the UOT themers to add this Rom's correct framework files to their list, as my requests for this have been ignored so far. As a sidenote, kindly note that at no point of installation of the Rom/Kernel/Themes should you wipe Cache or Dalvik-Cache (even if asked to, by kernel devs/theme modders)

Specific Thread Rules (Warning: Will be enforced)
We hope the Rom works flawlessly and quick like it does on the majority of MicroSD cards. If, woe betide, your microsd card is one of the few incompatible cards, you may notice significant lags. This is a clear indication of the card's incompatibility, and since this is a hardware flaw, we cannot correct this with any software we write! Understand that. Any flaming or irresponsible remarks like "your Rom s*cks", "lags as h*ell" etc will not be tolerated (when a simple search or browsing will reveal 100x times users thanking us and reporting that the Rom shows awesome performance for them.

Requesting ETAs also annoys developers in general, and us too. We do have a life outside of XDA, and our Roms do not provide any significant source of income. So, we release code when it's ready. It doesnt help with you asking when it's going to be released.

This is also not the place to discuss other roms, or why this Rom doesnt have some particular feature in comparison with another! Any such posts are in violation of XDA forum's generic rules, and that of the Desire subsections' rules in particular, and will be reported to Forum mods for necessary action. This thread is about development and we dont want a few users spoiling the experience of the majority of users.

Although you're free to ask questions and clarify doubts, you're expected to research your questions (Try google. No really, just try it!) before asking basic questions. Expect that the developers will ignore basic queries. That's not the purpose of a development forum, it's of the Q & A forum. Most questions that you have on your mind have already been asked in the thread, and a targeted search will yield them. Most of the queries have also been compiled as a list of Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) on my site

Requesting some mods/features is fine, and constructive criticism is welcomed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting THE Rom for our Desires (pun intended)..
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22nd April 2011, 08:48 AM |#3  
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Angry Installation issues? Help us help you..
For anyone with issues installing the Rom:


SuperNova has an automated Error logging system. There is no point in asking for help regarding installation, unless you fill out the Reporting form available on the site from the link below. If you cant boot, you should also flash the Getlogs Tool and attach the generated zip file. Don't worry! It's very easy!


If you dont do these two things, dont post some incomplete information and expect help! You WILL be ignored! The questions you need to answer are on the link. Copy the questions, post in XDA with the answers, attach the .tar.gz file generated when Getlogs is flashed.

Preview of Form:

Copy the entire form from the site, fill it out as detailed as you can. In addition, if you get stuck during installation, you should let the phone hang for upto 20 mins. Then, pull the battery, and restart into Recovery mode. Without wiping anything, immediately flash the Getlogs tool. Once Getlogs is finished, log files will be produced in /sdcard/Data2SDlog.tar.gz. You should attach this file to a new post, along with the filled out form above and any additional details.

You can download the flashable Getlogs tool from here: If this link does not work, the latest Getlogs can be found on the site.

An additional log (OPTIONAL) extremely useful for finding out what went wrong is an adb logcat. If you would like to read about how to create one, see the following link:
Note that flashing the latest Typhon beta (available on my account here) means you dont have to worry about creating manual adb logs. The highly intelligent script will do that, you lazy flash-maniacs (Sibere's expression )

How to create an adb logcat: Guide


Remember!! SuperNova Rom is provided free for you. The developers have spent a tremendous amount of time working on this project. So dont expect that posting a help request/flashing the Rom/corrupting anything on your device in any way requires the developers or volunteer users to help you out. If your post is sufficiently detailed, and if one of the developers is free at the time, and is willing to help you out, he may (or may not). If your question is unanswered dont repost it, as it just irritates us and makes us want to ignore you! Wait patiently till your request is answered.




If a working phone is important to you, or your phone is mission critical, dont use a custom Rom. You're better off with the official HTC RUU. We will not be responsible for any microsd card fries, phone getting bricked, dead, or stolen, any damage to any accessories including the battery and microsd card, electric shocks, your wife leaving you, your boss firing you or anything else which may have the remotest connection to flashing this Rom. There is absolutely no warranty of any kind. Whatever text or description is provided on the forums or site, Droidzone and Sibere, the developers, give no warranty or support of any kind, express or implied, or an assurance, express or implied, to reply to your posts, or fix any issues you may have resulting directly or indirectly from the use, or misuse of the Rom, our site, any attached texts, or instructions. In no event shall the developers be liable for any special, accidental, incidental or consequential damages, whether asserted in contract, tort, or otherwise. site owner and administrators cannot also be held responsible for any mishap resulting from flashing the rom and any consequences thereof. The posts or views expressed in this thread is the personal opinion of the users and is in no way endorsed by the developers or site owner or administrators.

By rooting your phone, you knowingly and of your own accord, dispose of any manufacturer or operator warranty for your phone and its accessories.

By proceeding to download this Rom and installing it on your phone, will be regarded as having accepted the terms and conditions of the disclaimer.

In plain words: If this scares you, this is the last chance to get the hell out!

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22nd April 2011, 08:48 AM |#4  
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Fan ware
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22nd April 2011, 08:49 AM |#5  
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Arrow Latest user feedback
Jan 2012
Latest Newbie to flash it:
Originally Posted by cfs_mihai

SUCCESS !!! 873 mb internal storage. Thanks a lot for guiding me trough it! Gonna go celebrate with a nice dinner.

Originally Posted by renuk11

Thanks for an amazing rom.

Originally Posted by cammyhorne

after using a few 3.5 ROMs over the last few week and getting pi$$ed with with taking abttery out as it crashes, its time for a reliable stable ROM.

Nov 7, 2011
Originally Posted by dysje

There's not much to say about, roms just don't get any better. It's fast, smooth and solid.

Originally Posted by rusty27

Thanks for your effort..its really satisfied...thanks a million time...

Originally Posted by pepsican

Stability is EVERYTHING. Without it, what is the point?!? You're driving along, looking on Google Maps and then your phone crashes?! Or you have an important call and the same thing happens? Spontaneous reboots?

Nope. Don't want any of that. I only tried Starburst and Supernova because they promised stability. Don't care about anything else.

Originally Posted by howdid

i flashed your rom today everything is smooth, like on my dads desire and its just awesome to just hit restore on titanium and have all 250 apps installed, with no thinkings about omg my memory is getting low ect.... i think and hope that i will/can stay with this rom Sense 3.0 ect all nice things, but at all, i want to use my phone for more and with sense 3.0, 2,1 roms u cant realy multitask.... and they suck your battery like ****... btw my setup is a pvt1 desire with a class 4 card, no laggs

Originally Posted by ZaPP187

I use the and it is the fastest Supernova ROM i had until now! There are NO lags and NO freezes at all! That is exactly the way it had to be

Thanks Droidzone for your work and kind help! Hopefully the ROM will stay that stable

Originally Posted by garag99


I upgraded from 2.0.2 to 2.4 (after downgrade from 2.1. to 2.0.2 again because of lags)

Upgrade prozess: no problem (just install over 2.0.2 and wait 5 minutes)

After a few hours my comment: Supernova 2.4. is great! Best Supernova ever. No lags, no freezes and the fastes Supernova ever!


Originally Posted by Merkes

Hi there,

First of all thank you for this nice ROM, really like the unlimited storage for apps. Now I can install all the apps that I would like.

Originally Posted by cartus

just installed , from after full wipe of data and sd
first installed rom, shutdown
installed data2sd, shutdown
internal space 850mb
now it moves very well, almost no lag
quadrant 1501 points ( 3 times a desire 2.2 and almost double a galaxy s)
tomorow is playtime with asphalt 6

keep up the good job man

Originally Posted by Sexywacko

If only all roms were this helpful

Originally Posted by briga69

...anyone who may be in doubt on the upgrading procedure.
It's simple and smooth .... as long as you don't do anything unproper.

Originally Posted by fredfox_uk

Thanks DZ running great. I had a few lags on with my class 6 Transcend card (after I sorted my issues out ) but 2.4 is so much faster I thought I'd finally unwrap my class 10 card and give it a go.

Wow, amazing a little hesitation now and again when swiping left / right and opening contacts but otherwise magnificent. Quadrant score of 1406 (if that means anything)

Originally Posted by filipefumaux

Hell yeah!
Its working...
One thing.
After first reboot.
It started great!

Originally Posted by Shapanor

Have now upgraded to 2.4 from using Amon Ra 2.0.1 and so far i have not noticed any problems. The rom as always is smooth, fast and reliable. Thank you once again for this rom. It stands for me as the best rom i have used to date. Keep up the good work.

Originally Posted by roloj

Hi, took the plunge and updated to 2.4 from and all simple and easy and working great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by carlo0810

Hi DZ, Big improvement from 2.1, used to have random reboots of htc launcher from that version of Supernova, but now with 2.4 never had a single reboot and everything zips along nicely, no lags or anything great work

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22nd April 2011, 08:50 AM |#6  
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A word about Download links...
Where to download?

All downloads are hosted at
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22nd April 2011, 08:56 AM |#7  
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First poster - yay! Looking good. Will download and test asap!
22nd April 2011, 09:08 AM |#8  
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Download links are up.

Note of caution:
Data2SD installer/reinstaller is different for this version!!
22nd April 2011, 09:30 AM |#9  
kl_arnet's Avatar
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Downloaidng. [done]
Backing up (titanium). [done]
Pushing to SD [done]
Wiping [done]
Had Ext4 working fine so did not repartition SD Card
Installing [done]
Booting up for the first time (thanx for removing anoying boot sound) [done]
Rebooting to recovery - remember to go to Applications > Fast Boot (switch off) [done]
Installing Data2sd script (turn off signature verification) [done]
Booting up
Booted up all fine with apropriate disk space according to ext partition size!
Theming (Checking new PCB theme) [done]
Kitchen Mods [done]
Sending virtual beer to DroidZone (after next payday)
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22nd April 2011, 09:42 AM |#10  
Thanks Meter: 5
Great droid, I hope this Rom will become as good as Starburst

Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA Premium App
22nd April 2011, 09:50 AM |#11  
Senior Member
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Thanks Meter: 20
Sorry i'm looking forma download link.. i'm in stick with all roms in download pavesa
Please help me with direct link ..
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