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[ROM][V6/13/11 Phoenix Reloaded-1.1 for Mesmerize

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By 2fast4u88, Senior Member on 14th May 2011, 12:11 AM
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The base is ee-19. This was not built on pick and pack or anything else. The rom may use piece of a code some where out of another rom or from some one. That I added to work. Everything in the rom was implemented by myself.

Battery Icon is only red when below 10%

The following was taken in order of stock clock to 1300mhz. On Otb Reloaded 1.6. Govenor set to performance to keep cpu from scaling down and scheduler was the defualt. Benchmarks I am not going to argue over so don't bother waisting your time. Performance may also vary as I find either otb or voltage control to be weird at times. Also these are not peaks.

What was removed:
Bloat uscc apps, Some samsung useless memory hog apps, Touchwiz launcer, Stock dialer, Stock mms, Probably some other stuff that is minor,

What was addded:
Phoenix reloaded boot animation from my desire phoenix, 100 percent charge and discharge battery icons/mods, Go launcher, Go plug-ins, Go Contacts, Go Sms, Themed menus, Themed icons, Reboot options, Puzzle lock, Themed market. Blue themed gingerbread keyboard Miui Themed music player, Superuser, Esfile Explorer, Voltage control app, Updated apps that are on the market, Updated host so adds are blocked (No need to use any type of blocker), added malware fix and possibly forgetting something else.

Tweaks done not found in any other rom for the mes:
Entire rom was optimized. This means that rendering images will be quicker in the included apps, possibly gained battery life, and a smaller foot print to boot.
Apps that receive updates or stock apps people may not like that is still in the rom. Are moved to data on boot. This means no duplicates in system or data when the app would get a update. Also means some stock apps can be removed from manage applications.
Entire rom was zip aligned when built.
Added zipalign on boot to the data partition. Why only the data partition? Only it should need done since the rom was. Google zipalign to see what it really does.
Added memory tweaks.
Added ram tweaks so the rom wasn't so laggy. It also will allow multi-tasking a bit better. You will see the quickness once installed. Also by the above screen shots. This should help with battery life also. I play to much to document the truth or not so someone will have to see. There is also some other features I may be missing out on.

Install Instuctions:
Download the following file and place it on you sd-card:
Will be under install instructions.
FIRST DISABLE LAG FIX and be on ee19.
Wipe/format data followed by format system. (Even though the updater-script does this. I still get issues not doing it. Then install zip >
Wait for install to finish and reboot. Reboot may take a min or two so don't freak out. Once booted proceed to the setup instructions.

Setup Instuctions:
First you need to setup go sms to work right since the stock was removed. Go to it and open it. Read the little messages if you want. Then hit menu when at the message screen. Go to settings>important tips>stock sms releated. Check mark stock sms uninstalled. Go back to settings and mms settings. Set maximum mms size to 1m (Max uscc allows).

Go back to settings and Send Settings. Check mark split large messages.

Go back to the home screen. Hit the contacts icons setting it to use default go contacts. Also dial *228 for good measure. I believe this is it.

Help I am roaming or get poor service. Try to move from the spot you are if signal is low and perform a prl update using *228. If it doesn't work try a few times with better signal till the roaming indicator goes off. If it doesn't I am not to sure what to say.

Help my data keeps going dormant. Trying to access the web you get a prompt about your connection. Only way I found to fix it was to odin 2.1 checking repartition. Then update to ec-10 to ee-19. You might get away with doing ec-10. I have yet to find the real cause to it but this isn't the only rom affected.

Official support will be at my forum at the following link: So if you have a problem and I don't answer on here right away please make a post on the forum. Where one of my staff will relay the message to me.

Ante for the base on the market.
Fab for the gingerbread keyboard port.
Avreen & Nrosier for the style of the original Battery Icon.
The guys that designed the g4 icons.
Phidelt82 for the one jar file to enable puzzle lock.
Opps forgot a credit that I didn't mean to. Which was the creator of some of the blue icons and a few other pieces from the steel blue theme. I know Phidelta82 I believe did the port but unsure of the real maker at the moment. In which if someone kindly said who or they contacted me. I will add the said person.

Also for future reference before pulling something out of my rom to put in another one. At least ask first. Don't take it the wrong way as I don't mind to help or share anything. The other thing is it may not work or cause other issues depending on what is nabbed.
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14th May 2011, 12:58 AM |#2  
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First!. Had to say it
Keep up the good work

Just when you think you have it idiot proof, they come out with a better idiot.
14th May 2011, 02:21 AM |#3  
2fast4u88's Avatar
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Did you flash it or just first to post in the thread? lol Thanks either way. If you flashed it let me know how it goes. I missed the icons on the power menu but I will get them when I get done building aosp.
14th May 2011, 03:01 AM |#4  
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Hey i flashed it and it works well only thing i see is when i switched to OTB ver 1.3 the bootanimation has the android flashing in and out while the orig us cellular animation is still running. not a big deal thou.
also the media scanning icon in the status bar is sometimes themed and somtimes not. again not a big deal.
otherwise very nice work

Edit: i flashed this in CwM2.5 then put 3.0 back on so didnt think to ask if this was amend or edify script?
14th May 2011, 03:34 AM |#5  
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Awesome, its great to see more devs for the mesmerize. Welcome
14th May 2011, 03:40 AM |#6  
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My thoughts exactly. Looks like quality work too. May through this on and try it out next day or two when I get some time. Thanks to you and all the devs for making this phone rock.

14th May 2011, 10:19 AM |#7  
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I flashed this last night, also running the tw1.3 kernel, could use a custom boot animation to fix the dueling boot animation, also the launcher still seems a little laggy but everything works and looks nice, would the ec10 no clock work with this? I may just give it a whirl and check later today seems like quality work. It worked fine flashing over pnp v.5 with just a cache and dalvik wipe.

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14th May 2011, 12:27 PM |#8  
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The launcher isn't laggy if lagfix is enabled. Then go to adw settings > zoom effect > set it to around 400. Then screen pref's > desktop scrolling > set to around 225.

If you still get lag then it isn't a problem with the rom but the kernel my phone runs better on the stock kernel with no lag fix. With any of the kernels I get constant force closes and reboots. Along with lag out the rear. Not talking crap about the kernels but a few reasons why it happens is the scheduler sucks and so does the default govenor. Like right now I am running otb also where my phone hates it. On the stock voltage settings. I can even lower nearly every clock by 100mv's and my phone will run fine but still the same problems as not touching the voltages.

I recommend to ditch sio then use cfq or bfq as my phone seems to like those a little better. The other is conservative plain sucks for performance. It might be better for battery life but that is a debate for another day. On demand doesn't seem to be much better really. I plan to compile a kernel and see what I can do with it.

As for the boot animation I have a boot animation made. Just can't get it to work on the mes but work fine on the desire. Still have to look at that. The ec-10 no clock I am guessing removes the clock on the taskbar? If so it should be fine. I haven't looked at it as I prefer the clock where it is .

Can someone do me a favor and go to my forum website using the web browser? Does the web browser reboot when the pop up for tapatalk comes up or is it just me? All other web sites work fine that I tried but none have tapatalk I tried.

Edit: This also doesn't you a updater-script but your old plain update-script. So clockworkmod 2.5 is needed. Forgot to put that in the first post I converted it to updater where it installs but won't boot so I have to look at it when I get time.
14th May 2011, 01:14 PM |#9  
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Tried the no clock mod and it works fine, also tried the browser and I had no reboot of it at your site, though previously when I loaded the rom the wallpaper wasn't there when I loaded the no clock mod it was. Did some fooling around in voltage control 1300oc/25uv seems to have fixed the lag issue. Also changed scheduler to cfq.

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14th May 2011, 03:11 PM |#10  
2fast4u88's Avatar
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Odd it does for me As I said my phone hates the kernels we have... The wallpaper should have loaded though as it does for me. As I put it as the default in the framework. I will have to look at it though.
14th May 2011, 05:47 PM |#11  
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whats quadrant scores on this ROM at stock speeds??? trying to figure out whether this is just a different, nice looking ROM or if its a lil faster....btw...nice work...great to see a new dev on the scene!!!
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