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Kernel taken from official Cyanogen git that is released in in new CM7...
Benefits over my HD kernel should be (NOT WILL BE) are faster, smoother and less battery draining kernel because of the official DHD drivers for 2.6.35 base and not some ported drivers from other 2.6.35 HTC devices...

This is all long done :
This is beta regarding patches for speed, smoothnes and battery, but everything else works. Wlan, camera, audio, video etc... At least for me.
I hope we will develope this kernel together..
Still misses some crucial patches like V(r) scheduler, VDD interface etc... this is first public release

  • Based on official HTC source reworked by cyanogen team
  • BFQ v2.1 data I/O scheduler
  • Patched to
  • Lots of little patches and tweaks that were previously needed to be added manualy
  • vvvvvvvvvvvv
  • Added audio volume boost up to 22% on main speaker
  • Added Battery fix
  • Overclock to 2 GHz
  • CPU freq going from 122MHz (230 default) to 1920MHz (1152 default)
  • Default UV with maximum stability
  • Allocated more GPU memory
  • SLQB memory allocator added and set as default
  • Patched to disable db loops - credit goes to ownhere
  • Enabled TinyRCU Bloatwatch edition v8 by default
  • Hopefully compatible with all AOSP ROMS for DHD - CM7 all bases, MIUI, UltimateDroid...
  • V(r) I/O data scheduler as default
  • VDD interface for using UV scripts (by -snq)
  • Tweaked read/write video buffer
  • 2 way voice recording (don't forget to set settings in Call Recording app, MIUI users enable 3rd apps in your MIUI dialer)
  • Proximity Recalibrator 1.6 ready - thread
  • Lowered WiFi voltage (Ziggy741)
  • Added BFS V404 task scheduler as default
  • Jhash speedtweak
  • Ported more than 70 patches from 2.6.38 base
  • added brazilianwax governor, more agressive version of smartass governor based on new version
  • USB Speed hack - from CodeAurora
  • New governors InteractiveX and OndemandX - credits goes to Imoseyon
  • Ported a lot of code and drivers from and 3.0rc6 kernel - credits goes to Imoseyon
  • I/O schedulers are changeable via No-Frills (who uses it)
  • Longer battery overcharging after it reaches 100% than stock (not dangerous)
  • fixed strobe light while Death Ray mode enabled
  • Wifi driver from 3.0rc7 kernel included
  • Preemped Tiny RCU as default with many, many tweaks
  • Autogroup Scheduling added
  • Block code from kernel 3.0 backported
  • XZ comppresed kernel image
  • Compiled with Linaro gcc 4.6.2 (2011.10)
  • Kernel patched to
  • Hardcoded float for ARM CPUs (now it uses hardware accalerated float calculation)
  • Cleancache
  • Jhash3 speed tweak
  • Kineto gan ready
  • added FAST charging while connectied via USB or cheap Chinese chargers - thanks to Unity Team and seo
  • a lot of other features
  • added Smartass V2

Download section:

Cyanogen kernels:

MIUI kernels: Download normal version, open zip (do not extract), delete file from system/lib folder, close zip and flash

CallRecorder 1.0.27 alpha5 for download here


If you do a full wipe, you must first flash a ROM, than do a first boot with stock kernel! After that you can flash my kernel with any script you want.

Added flappjaxxx's UV script package with alienmind's LorDmodUV application for easier scripts manipulation with terminal commands in second post!!

Use Proximity Recalibrator 1.6 from this thread and minimum nightly 92 for the recalibrator to work
If you want SD card speed patch, put this file into /etc/init.d folder and give it executable perrmision. It can corrupt your SD data! CAUTION - BACKUP

AGAIN - don't FORGET to do a nandroid backup prior to flashing!

Kernel name explanation for NOOBS:
  • 2WCR - Two Way Call Recording support - now you can record incoming and outgoing calls - thanx to avs333 and skvalex for this thread
  • BFS - Brain **** Scheduler is a task scheduler - major performance increase over stock CFS (Completely Fair Scheduler)
  • VIO - V(r) Input/Output scheduler - controls data input and output (memory card, disk, etc..) - stock kernel has CFQ
  • SLQB - a low level memory allocator/manager - stock kernel has SLAB
  • MIUI - kernel for MIUI ROM
  • AOSP - Android Open Source Project - so don't rlash this on SENSE based roms

Don't replace Vio with BFS.. Completly 2 different things.. kernels come by default with Vio Input/Output scheduler and now also with BFS task scheduler (before was CFS as default in most of kernels)

Difference between BFS and CFS - link
This article is rather old....
Governors for NOOBS:
  • interactive - Instead of sampling the cpu at a specified rate, the governor will scale the cpu frequency up when coming out of idle. When the cpu comes out of idle, a timer is configured to fire within 1-2 ticks. If the cpu is 100% busy from exiting idle to when the timer fires then we assume the cpu is underpowered and ramp to MAX speed.
  • smartass - Is an improved version of interactive governor
  • ondemand – Available in most kernels, and the default governor in most kernels. When the CPU load reaches a certain point (see “up threshold” in Advanced Settings), ondemand will rapidly scale the CPU up to meet demand, then gradually scale the CPU down when it isn't needed.
  • conservative – Available in some kernels. It is similar to the ondemand governor, but will scale the CPU up more gradually to better fit demand. Conservative provides a less responsive experience than ondemand, but can save battery.
  • performance – Available in most kernels. It will keep the CPU running at the “max” set value at all times. This is a bit more efficient than simply setting “max” and “min” to the same value and using ondemand because the system will not waste resources scanning for CPU load.
  • powersave – Available in some kernels. It will keep the CPU running at the “min” set value at all times.
  • userspace – A method for controlling the CPU speed that isn't currently used by SetCPU. For best results, do not use the userspace governor.
  • brazilianwax - Very agresive version of smartass
  • interactiveX - Tweaked Interactive governor by Imoseyon by adding more features like suspend/wake profile
  • ondemandX - Tweaked and ported from 2.6.38 base Ondemand governor by Imoseyon by adding more features like suspend/wake profile
KERNEL UV PACKAGE BY flappjaxxx and alienmind:

This is a full package of all of the undervolt scripts available for the LordModUE Kernel.
It contains -25mV, -50mV, Ultra Undervolt, Pinky Undervolt & Stable Pinky Undervolt by killersloth all activated and deactivated with the LorDmodUV application

It also contains a for those that can't boot after undervolting located in /sdcard/resetuv
There is also a README.txt for Usage and instructions also in /sdcard/resetuv

Just flash from recovery & reboot

Download Here!!

Thanx goes to: Cyanogenmod team - especially Kali- and cyanogen, James Zdiebkowski, LeeDroid, Apache14 (aka BumbleBee), MDJ, avs333, cattleprod, Imoseyon, Savaged-Zen, Zendroid, betatesters, Talon crew, Tiamat crew...

DONATIONS so far: Walker Street, alexmason14, McGyver85, danalive, justaguy84, giant420, HTCinToronto, bjonkers, fidorulz, henrybravo, justin0307, flappjaxxx, baltazar.nilsson X2, heydabop, a user, McKebapp, El Presidente81, alienmind, i_heart_u , joedeuce X2, Jan Handschuh, ...
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Old version links:
CFS , CFS 2WCR , BFS , BFS 2WCR , CFS Kernelizer

Older links here

22-12-2011     LorDmod UE 8.6 - Skyrim Edition
  • fix for Inspire Buttons
  • fixed Inspire audio issue
  • added a lot of patches from Kali- regarding network data in ICS
  • cgroup: speed up access to cgroupfs mounted entries in /proc/mounts
  • Backport genlock driver needed by ICS from msm-3.0 kernel - modified by LorD ClockaN for DHD
  • video: msmfb: Put the partial update magic value into the fix_screen struct
  • Fix iomap resource size miscalculations
  • power: Add option to log time spent in suspend
  • msm: vidc: Fix handling EOS with bitstream error
  • PM: Fix printing IRQ names for pending wakeup IRQs
  • Move x86_64 idle notifiers to generic
  • ARM: Call idle notifiers
  • ARM: Move leds idle start/stop calls to idle notifiers
  • ARM: idle: call idle notifiers before stopping nohz tick
23-11-2011 LorDmod UE 8.5 - No Time Edition
  • PM: Introduce library for device-specific OPPs (v7)
  • Fixed ext4 disk write performance regression
  • msm: kgsl: Remove idle command submission
  • msm: kgsl: Use timer instead of loop count to wait gpu to idle
  • msm: kgsl: Remove superfluous printk from 2D driver
  • msm: kgsl: fix race condition between devices
  • msm: rpc: free the buffer if read fails
  • msm7x30: updated lte driver - from cyanogen kernel
  • ace: enable dual mic for nam device
  • driver: msm: updated camera driver
  • Implement lagfree governor with a fully working sysf - Ziggy471
  • Add User changeable frequency table - Zigy471 - modified for my kernel by LorD ClockaN (usage)
  • modified CIFS to use workqueue instead of slow work - Imoseyon
  • removed some obsolete governors like userspace, smartass...
  • ASoC: msm7x30: audio update
  • net: wireless: bcm4329: Prohibit FW access in case of FW crash
  • cpufreq: interactive: fix possible Division by zero
  • net: wireless: bcm4329: Skip dhd_bus_stop() if bus is already down
  • net: wireless:bcm4329: Fix Unknown escape '%'
  • vidc: 720p: Set DB line buffers in case of reconfig
  • ARM: msm: only create rpcrouter pdev once
  • msm: rpc: remove unused variable
  • msm: rpc: Remove timeout in client's read thread
  • qup_i2c: Calculate combined write length for multiple write transactions
  • i2c_msm: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference
  • i2c-core: fix runtime_pm issues
  • lots of Interactive governor patches and tweaks
  • net: wireless: change the expire time about each entry of scan results
  • android: logger: bump up the logger buffer sizes
  • ext4: check for ext[23] file system features when mounting as ext[23] - modified for DHD by LorD ClockaN
  • some other patches regarding rtc alarm, LEDs...
  • disabled SFB net scheduler
  • disabled experimental MEMCPY config option
05-11-2011 LorDmod UE 8.2 - ICS Edition
  • vidc: 720p: Add IDR Frame type support for H264 format - CodeAurora
  • mmc: Add helper function to check if a card is removable - CodeAurora
  • USB: gadget: android: Use "rndis%d" for RNDIS device name instead of "usb%d"
  • msm: cpufreq: Improve initial frequency selection
  • TWEAK: Set rr_interval to 2 for BFS kernel
  • added TUN and CIFS modules by request - lampz
  • kernelizer tweaks in seperate kernel - CFS only
  • mach-msm: dal: use strlcpy instead of strncpy
  • init/calibrate.c: fix for critical bogoMIPS intermittent calculation failure
  • init/calibrate.c: remove annoying printk
  • init: skip calibration delay if previously done
  • tracing: don't trace the BKL
  • memcg: move memcg reclaimable page into tail of inactive list
  • mm: reclaim invalidated page ASAP
  • mm: simplify code of swap.c
  • mm: check PageUnevictable in lru_deactivate_fn()
  • mm: filter unevictable page out in deactivate_page()
  • mm: batch activate_page() to reduce lock contention
  • posix-timers: RCU conversion
  • cpu-hotplug: Add the function 'cpu_hotplug_inprogress'
  • printk: Don't allow cpu to get console lock during hotplugging
  • rcu-tree: Check for extended quiescent state at start of gp
  • sched: Do not block when waiting to free old root domain
  • fix for TS driver to be used in ICS - only in ICS version of kernel, by request
  • genirq: fix handle_nested_irq for lazy disable
  • lib/crc: add slice by 8 algorithm to crc32.c
  • partition_sched_domains: Do not destroy old sched domain on cpu_up
22-10-2011 LorDmod UE 8.1 - BFS Edition
  • tcp: increase default initial receive window to 10 ms
  • tcp: Increase the initial congestion window to 10 ms
  • ondemand governor patched to perfection :) - my guardian angel "a user" is very happy!
  • retweak ondemand governor to ondemandx settings
  • Backport 3.0 kernel block driver code - from KangBangAOSP kernel - we use only loopback - modified for DHD kernel by LorD ClockaN
  • Increase camera FPS to 60 - taken from Unity V10
  • fixed a script to remove modules before copying new ones
  • kernel compiled with newest Linaro GCC 4.6.2 (2011.10)
  • kernel compiled with "Use kernel mem{cpy,set}() for {copy_to,clear}_user() - EXPERIMENTAL" option
  • Updated BFS to V413 - code ported from kernel 3.0 by LorD CLockaN - world's first mobile BFS413 kernel
  • disable console output during boot (This will suppress printk output during boot to speed up kernel boot time) - Talon kernel tip
  • lowered min battery power for disabling flashlight/flash from 15 to 10% - LeeDroid
  • removed CallRecorder app from 2WCR kernel and can be downloaded from first post
15-10-2011 LorDmod UE 8.0 - Ass Edition
  • msm: vidc: Fix performance level computation
  • added ZRAM as a module (not in use, so disable compcache in CM perf menu))
  • msm: vidc: Fix performance level computation
  • ZRAM patched to latest version (not yet in use)
  • Make ZRAM module compile after ZCACHE patch - fixed by LorD ClockaN
  • ADD: Frontswap for Zram
  • sched: Move sched_autogroup_exit() to free_signal_struct()
  • cpuidle: Make cpuidle_enable_device() call poll_idle_init()
  • sched, autogroup: Fix reference leak
  • PM: wakelocks: Don't report wake up wakelock if suspend aborted
  • PM: wakelocks: Display wakelocks preventing suspend by default
  • msm: Quiet remap message
  • arm: msm: smd: convert unsigned addr to unsigned long
  • cpuidle: delete NOP CPUIDLE_FLAG_POLL
  • rcu: add an rcu_dereference_index_check()
  • rcu: improve kerneldoc for rcu_read_lock(), call_rcu(), and synchronize_rcu()
  • rcu: update obsolete rcu_read_lock() comment
  • rcu: permit suppressing current grace period's CPU stall warnings
  • rcu: fix _oddness handling of verbose stall warnings
  • rcu: call __rcu_read_unlock() in exit_rcu for tiny RCU
  • rcutorture: add random preemption
  • rcu: using ACCESS_ONCE() to observe the jiffies_stall/rnp->qsmask value
  • ARM: Factor out common code from cpu_proc_fin()
  • ARM: mm: enforce pageblock alignment when freeing memmap entries at init
  • ARM: mm: cache-l2x0: Correct l2x0 initialization
  • ADD back the "old" and good ondemand governor and make it compile with new CPUFREQ code - by LorD ClockaN
  • added real Smartass V2 governor from erasmux (tunables @ /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/smartass)
  • tweaked smartass2 a little
  • reduced vm_dirty_ratio 20->10
  • beta10- reenabled CFS tweaking capabilities
  • vidc: venc: Return the correct error code for IOCTL
  • cpufreq: add deep sleep detection scaling - by existz from Talon - modified with my freqs
  • ext4: fix memory leak in ext4_free_branches
  • set deadline I/O scheduler as default
08-10-2011 LorDmod UE 7.5 - The Day After Edition
  • msm_serial: Use spin_lock_irqsave() and spin_lock_irqrestore() apis
  • writeback: do uninterruptible sleep in balance_dirty_pages()
  • deactivate invalidated pages
  • jbd2: fix fsync() tid wraparound bug
  • returned vfs_cache_pressure to 50, due to possible lag
  • vmscan: move referenced VM_EXEC pages to active list
  • fs: mark_inode_dirty barrier fix
  • Updated Speaker AMP driver from Pyramid (Sensation)
  • msm: rmnet: reschedule read tasklet in low memory conditions
  • ARM: 6407/1: mmu: Setup MT_MEMORY and MT_MEMORY_NONCACHED L1 entries
  • ARM: 6419/1: mmu: Fix MT_MEMORY and MT_MEMORY_NONCACHED pte flags
  • ARM: 6387/1: errata: check primary part ID in proc-v7.S
  • ARM: 6412/1: kprobes-decode: add support for MOVW instruction
  • ARM: 6380/1: Introduce __sync_icache_dcache() for VIPT caches
  • arm: remove duplicate DONT_RESERVE_FROM_MOVABLE_ZONE entry
  • ARM: 6431/1: fix isb regression on CPU < v7
  • ARM: cache: detect VIPT aliasing I-cache on ARMv6
  • check_preempt_tick should not compare vruntime with wall time
  • clocksource: Add __clocksource_updatefreq_hz_khz methods
  • clockevents: Remove the per cpu tick skew
  • sched: disable GENTLE_FAIR_SLEEPERS
  • mm: Allow compaction without HugeTLB
  • rcu: optimize rcutiny
  • pmem: fix buddy free memory corruption bug
  • ARM: Stop irqsoff trace on return to user
  • ARM: vfp: Move exception address fixup into vfphw.S
  • PM / Suspend: Fix ordering of calls in suspend error paths
  • PM / Runtime: Use alloc_workqueue() for creating the PM workqueue
  • use clear_page()/copy_page() in favor of memset()/memcpy() on whole pages
  • Freezer: Fix a race during freezing of TASK_STOPPED tasks
  • Fix typo
  • Revert HRTICK
  • ARM: dma-mapping: free allocated page if unable to map
  • vidc: 720p:Increased the default input buffer size
  • block: tweak io schedulers for flash devices (vio and sio this time)
  • added and enabled memory COMPACTION
  • enabled PM_RUNTIME (allow I/O devices to be put into energy-saving (low power) states at run time)
29-09-2011 LorDmod UE 7.3 - BlackIce Edition
  • add Saga (Desire S) support (commit from CM, but this kernel is not for Saga)
  • msm-fb: display: Fix for the green patch issue in rotation cases - modified for DHD by LorD ClockaN
  • vidc: vdec: Copy the End of Sequence flag - modified for DHD by LorD ClockaN
  • msm: kgsl: Use ringbuffer WPTR drop prevention workaround only for a20x GPU - modified for DHD by LorD ClockaN
  • increased 720p enc and dec frequency (needs testing)
  • AIC3254 powerdown sequence not needed anymore because of the new libaudio files - thanks to Kali-
  • iosched: tweak deadline i/o scheduler for flash usage
  • XZ: Fix incorrect XZ_BUF_ERROR
  • lib/checksum.c: optimize do_csum a bit
  • mmc: core: Increase write data timeout value for bad SDHC cards
  • Bluetooth: Fix kernel hci_dev_open timeout reset
  • msm: dma: use __raw variants of readl/writel
  • msm: dma: add proper handling of spurious interrupts
23-09-2011 LorDmod UE 7.2 - Valentino Rossi Edition
  • Retweaked ondemand(x) governors
  • USB: gadget: Add 10 microsec delay before fetching setup_data
  • mmc: core: put eMMC in sleep (cmd5) mode before suspend
  • vidc: 720p: Handle profile unknown as bitstream error
  • vidc: 720p: Memset MPEG-4 recon buffers to black
  • vidc: vdec: Fix 720p driver memory alloc failure handling
  • RTC: Release mutex in error path of rtc_alarm_irq_enable
  • incorrect unlikely() and likely() cleanups
  • vmscan: prevent background aging of anon page in no swap system
  • Bluetooth : RFCOMM Frame size change
  • sched, autogroup: Fix reference leak
  • ported calibrate.c from 2.6.39 - by zachariasmaladroit
  • add the Stochastic Fair Blue (SFB) network scheduler
  • added Zcache (please activate swap in CM performance menu)
  • [cpufreq] cpufreq.c: update policy restoration via CAF
  • compiled with newest Linaro gcc toolchain 4.6.2 (2011.09)
06-09-2011 LorDmod UE 7.1 - Legendary Edition (naming by alienmind)
  • added ondemand governor from latest 3.0 kernel (like ondemandx, but without sleep profile code)
  • added tunable suspend_freq (by alienmind and LorD ClockaN): echo 'freq' /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/ondemandx/suspend_freq
  • added tunable for disabling charging if someone wants that (by alienmind): echo 0 > /sys/devices/platform/rs30100001:00000000/power_supply/battery/charge_on_plug_enabled
  • backported BLOCK driver code from 3.0 kernel
  • retweaked ondemand(x) governors
  • ARM: prevent multiple syscall restarts
  • lower vfs_cache_pressure again 75->25
  • vm: fix vm_pgoff wrap in stack expansion
30-08-2011 LorDmod UE 7.0 - Not HAVS Edition
  • updated G-sensor driver from HTC
  • add down_differential tunable for user adjust ondemand and ondemandX governor decrease
  • reverted some patches due to increase battery consumption and lagging that was reported by "a user"
  • removed kineto gan module, used better GAN device without module
  • sched: enable HRTICK+
  • msm: cpufreq: Create cpufreq workqueue for freq changes
  • msm: cpufreq: Use INIT_COMPLETION instead of init_completion
  • added Fast charging while connected via USB (or cheap chinese chargers) - enabled by default - thanks to Unity Team and seo
  • tweaked ondemand(X) governors by "a user" instructions
  • [CPUFREQ] calculate delay after dbs_check_cpu - fixes possible ondemand governor lag
  • Fast battery charging via USB enabled by default
23-08-2011 LorDmod UE 6.9.2 - NoName Edition
  • added Kineto gan module for wifi calling (mdeejay)
  • added back "old" Interactive governor by request from "a user"
  • optimized SHA1 routines
  • ARM: 6380/1: Introduce __sync_icache_dcache() for VIPT caches
  • ARM: 6999/1: head, zImage: Always Enter the kernel in ARM state
  • vidc: vdec: Set correct divx codec type
  • ARM: 6890/1: memmap: only free allocated memmap entries when using SPARSEMEM
  • ARM: remove duplicate DONT_RESERVE_FROM_MOVABLE_ZONE entry
  • PM QoS: Correct pr_debug() misuse and improve parameter checks
  • ARM: 6252/1: Use SIGBUS for unaligned access instead of SIGILL
  • ARM: 6431/1: fix isb regression on CPU < v7
  • ARM: 7008/1: alignment: Make SIGBUS sent to userspace POSIXly correct
19-08-2011 LorDmod UE 6.9.1 - AC/DC Edition
  • added CFQ and Dead Line Data I/O schedulers to the no-frills list
  • modified default voltages and hopefully fixed random freezes
  • forgot to mention that couple of last versions are compiled with "graphite optimization" flags of newer gcc toolchains
  • kernel builded with new Linaro gcc 4.6.2 (2011.07) toolchain
15-08-2011 LorDmod UE 6.9 - Over Cleavage Edition (name copyright by Capychimp)
  • slow charge tweak after 95% till 100% - by Imoseyon (needs testing)
  • little tweak for smartass2 and brazilianwax
  • fixed cgroup system error in logcat
09-08-2011 LorDmod UE 6.8 - The Speedy Gonzales Edition
  • scheduler tweak (nohz limit)
  • pmem tweak
  • mm tweak
  • added real Jhash3 speed patch
  • hopefully finaly tweaked brazilianwax
  • compiled with Linaro gcc 4.5.4 (2011-07)
05-08-2011 LorDmod UE 6.7.1
  • fixed Wifi problem with scanning channels
05-08-2011 LorDmod UE 6.7 - The Random Reboot Edition + Pussy Edition for BumAround
  • added around 23 patches/tweaks for zimage maniplation during compilation
  • added around 7 patches/tweaks for cgroups (read: CFS)
  • added Cleancache tweak
  • added Hard Float to ARM cpu compiling and optimization building flags
  • kernel patched to
  • some more RCU tweaks and optimizations
  • kernel build optimize by speed -O2 flag added
  • wlan tweak: PM_MAX -> PM_FAST
  • OndemandX as default governor
  • default kernel freq set to 230/1152MHz
  • removed zram, keeped compache if someone wants to enable it in CM perfmance menu
  • added Pussy Edition for BumAround so he doens't ask one in the thread :)
01-08-2011 LorDmod UE 6.6 - The Crying Baby Edition
  • sched.c tweaks from CodeAurora
  • Introduced macros for memory copy functions
  • Improved those macros
  • added XZ decompressor for initframz
  • added XZ compressor for kernel (reduced kernel image from 1.9 to 1.8MB)
  • video: msm: fix memory leak from CodeAurora
  • mm: add vzalloc() helpers
  • WENT COMPLETLY CRAZY and enabled swap, but replaced old ramzswap with new zram from 2.6.39 kernel (needs testing) - ENABLE COMPCACHE IN CM PERFOMANCE MENU if you want to use it or disable it
  • added timer clock subsystem for cgroups
  • added autogroup scheduling feature for cgroups
  • a lot of sched patches
  • vfp: set mfpu=neon
30-07-2011 LorDmod UE 6.5 - The Sleeping Dragon Edition
  • kernel builded with gcc 4.5.2 (smaller zimage and wifi module, hopefully some other benefits)
  • backported WiFi driver from 3.0rc7 kernel base (cherry picked from KangBang kernel)
  • fixed 2WCR patch that I screwed in 6.3
  • tweaked back Brazilianwax
  • tweaked OndemandX governer a little
  • tweaked InteractiveX governor a little
  • power managment tweaks from CodeAurora
  • added and set as default TINY PREEMPT RCU (Bloatware edition)
  • added TINY PREEMPT RCU read-side speedup to TREE PREEMPT RCU
  • added RCU_BOOST tweak for PTRCU
  • added a lot other rcpu based tweaks
  • added new netfilter quota2 from CodeAurora
  • added a lot of mm (memory managment) tweaks and patches from CodeAurora
  • some other patches taken form CodeAurora
  • added Ck2 patchset (some)
  • added one patch regarding volume from CodeAurora (I need feedback on this if there is any change)
  • new CallRecorder 1.0.27 build 05 included in 2WCR kernel version
25-07-2011 LorDmod UE 6.3 - The Last Man Standing Edition
  • added few tweaks for Wifi driver (don't know if they are noticable)
  • again tweaked brazilianwax a little
  • added back "old" ondemand governor with working sysfs support
  • enabled full EXT3 support for older file systems if any
  • enabled JBD2 EXT3 and EXT4 debugging
  • added new 2WCR module (should work with new CallRecorder 1.0.27 build 05 only, if using old app, than everything works, but module is not in use)
  • enable CPU_IDLE with code from 3.0rc6 kernel
22-07-2011 LorDmod UE 6.2 - Disco Edition
  • fixed strobe light while Death Ray mode enabled
  • lowered voltage by 0,200V for SD slot
21-07-2011 LorDmod UE 6.1 - Little Lord Edition
  • fixed BT issue
  • added a lot of patches from unreleased Cyanogen source that was merged from HTC vivo GB source
  • enabled per page table option in video drivers
  • added some patches regarding video drivers from CodeAurora (flash speed increase reported)
  • added script modification from flappjaxxx to remove CallRecorder prior to install when flashing
  • added newest CallRecorder 1.0.27 alpha
  • Little Lord Edition
16-07-2011 LorDmod UE 6.0.1
  • fixed issues when installing apps from market and/or moving them to SD
15-07-2011 LorDmod UE 6.0
  • increased max voltage for VDD to 1550 mV
  • implemented Simple I/O scheduler (Vio is still default)
  • added option to chose other I/O schedulers in No-Frills (BFQ, Simple, V(r) so everybody is happy)
  • tweaked brazilianwax, so hopefuly will scale more freqs
  • tweaked charging to slowly "overcharge" more than 2 hours after it reaches 100%
  • tweaked cacheV7 - v7_coherent_user_range from the galaxy s kernel
  • tweaked BFS a little (for BFS kernel off course)
  • More increased VM_MAX_READAHEAD from 512 -> 4096 kb
  • added MD driver backport from kernel (by Imoseyon)
  • added BLOCK driver backported from kernel (by Imoseyon)
  • added MTD driver backported from kernel (by Imoseyon)
  • added I2C driver backported from kernel (by Imoseyon)
  • added new WORKQUE code from 36.1 and rest of kernel patched dangerously by Imoseyon - modified governors by LorD ClockaN
  • added CPUIDLE code from 3.0rc6 kernel (by Imoseyon)
  • added CPUFREQ code from 3.0rc6 kernel (by Imoseyon) - modified by LorD ClockaN
  • added Bluetooth code from 3.0rc6 kernel (by Imoseyon)
  • 2WCR kernel has new Callrecorder 1.0.26 alpha build 2 included
05-07-2011 LorDmod UE 5.1
  • fixed Netflix
  • added latest patch for HTC Vivoc support from CM source
  • added newest CallRecorder app 1.0.24 alpha build1
  • no SBC kernel for now
29-06-2011 LorDmod UE SBC
  • Added SBC with interface - easy enabled/disabled via script
  • Added all variants of kernel... Don't ever ask anything again :)
27-06-2011 LorDmod UE 5.0
  • added some patches regarding 720p video playback from CodeAurora
  • lowered vfs_cache_prasure from 100 -> 75%
  • increased VM_MAX_READAHEAD from 128 to 512 kb
  • added governors from Imoseyon user:
    • InteractiveX (has suspend/wake option)
    • OndemandX (backport from 2.6.39) (has suspend/wake option)
    • Smartass from newest Erasmux git - completely reworked
  • Now you can finaly change brazilianwax options if you don't like mine in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/brazilianwax without crashing! Hopefully!
  • brazilianwax is now the new smartass
  • MIUI kernel is now without BFS scheduler to fix Wifi and lag
23-06-2011 LorDmod UE 4.5.1
  • added USB Speed hack - CodeAurora
  • added some more patches from CodeAurora regarding USB: gadget driver
22-06-2011 LorDmod UE 4.5
  • added speedtweak in jhash (Jenkins hash - lookup2 > lookup3)
  • removed fast bootup due to some users reporting bootloops and not working wifi (now this is PE edition :) )
  • now default is 230/1075 with brazilianwax governor
  • patched to the latest CM kernel source - some patches are for HTC Incredible S (Vivo)
  • increased just a little more audio volume on main speaker
  • tweaked smartass2 a little more and renamed to brazilianwax and set as default
  • ported more than 70 patches from 2.6.38 base regarding ext4, file system, cgroups, mm, etc, etc...
  • forgot to mention - new Call Recorder app included 1.23 alpha4
15-06-2011 LorDmod UE 4.0
  • Lowered WiFi voltages (Ziggy741)
  • Allocated more memory to the camera (LeeDroid)
  • Added smartass2 (from LeeDroid) - still needs some tweaking, but faster than smartass
  • Added Brain **** Scheduler (BFS V404) - task scheduler
10-06-2011 LorDmod UE 3.1
  • Just a small fix for those stuck at bootloop, others forget about this
09-06-2011 LorDmod UE 3.0
  • Fixed touchscreen problem by reverting to .32 touchscreen driver (Kali-)
  • Significantly increased booting speed up to 30% (AFTER FIRST BOOT SET YOUR DESIRED FREQS AS USUAL)
07-06-2011 LorDmod UE 2.6
  • added lots of patches from CM source (only few are for DHD)
  • patched kernel for usage with Proximity Recalibrator 1.5 - MUST use nightly 92!!! for it to work
02-06-2011 LorDmod UE 2.5
  • Some tweaks to smartass governor
  • Added 2 way recording version of kernel (other one REALLY isn't patched) (thanx to avs333)
  • Fixed Bluetooth mac (Kali-)
26-05-2011 LorDmod UE 2.1 - added MIUI version
  • Added latest patches from CM kernel source
  • Added MIUI version to fix camera - thanx to cattleprod
19-05-2011 LorDmod UE 2.0
  • Added VDD interface
  • Prevent memory leak on hotplug (MDJ)
  • Fixed my mistake regarding OC and scores in benches
  • Added million fixes and patches regarding video, 3D and warnings during compiling (LeeDroid)
  • Added UV scripts to download - same as old kernels
  • NOT added 2 way recording :)
18-05-2011 LorDmod UE 1.0
  • Tweaked governors - Interactive, Ondemand, Conservative
  • Added V(r) I/O and set as default
  • Video driver fix regarding ringbuffer
18-05-2011 LorDmod UE 0.5
  • Initial release
  • Added smartass (smoothass edition) and set as default
  • Added audio volume boost of 20%
  • Added Battery fix
  • Overclock to 1.92GH
  • CPU freq going from 122MHz (230 default) to 1920MHz
  • Allocated more GPU memory
  • SLQB memory allocator added and set as default
  • Enabled TinyRCU Bloatwatch edition v8 by default
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18th May 2011, 08:40 PM |#3  
shadiku's Avatar
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Very nice, flashing immediately! :P
18th May 2011, 08:47 PM |#4  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 217
Thanks My Lord !!

Everything is running like a usual !!

Benchmarks shows consistent results approx 10% higher than the official CyanogenMod Kernel !!

Have a nice evening
18th May 2011, 08:52 PM |#5  
LorD ClockaN's Avatar
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That could also be because I have 60MHz higher default freq...
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18th May 2011, 08:55 PM |#6  
Rey-619's Avatar
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Flashed on my MIUI ROM.

Wifi seems not to work here but im sure you can fix it in near future.

i pushed the the modul to avoid possible flash problems.

kernel works smooth, recognized nothing worse till yet.

Big thx for your work!
18th May 2011, 08:57 PM |#7  
LorD ClockaN's Avatar
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OMG... not the WLAN problem again with you
it should work as before... LOL
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18th May 2011, 09:02 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by LorD ClockaN

OMG... not the WLAN problem again with you
it should work as before... LOL

oh man your so right lol

thats like an mystery... why im the only one with this problem?! maybe i should send my DHD to the repair station....

after rebooting and pushing the lib again it works.

Sry for this fals alert... dunno whats wrong with my device >< this is so frustrating!
18th May 2011, 09:10 PM |#9  
LorD ClockaN's Avatar
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I'll kill ya!!!
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18th May 2011, 09:12 PM |#10  
Nick281051's Avatar
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before i flash, is the old PUV lower voltage zip gonna work?
18th May 2011, 09:14 PM |#11  
Rey-619's Avatar
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Originally Posted by LorD ClockaN

I'll kill ya!!!

haha!! xD Sry i realy dont know what happens with my wifi...
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