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[Coming Soon][NativeSD] Portadroid NSD v6.0 (for NAND Roms)

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By boonbing, Senior Member on 24th May 2011, 07:15 PM
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(Always check back on the first post for updates from OP)



With the arrival of Sense 4.0 in the NAND section, I thought it is time to release a Portadroid for Sense 4.0 (Portadroid NSD v5.0) soon... So far the major problems are sound and wifi which are still not working in NAND but at least I have got data and SD mount to work on SD boot... hope to get it release soon


For all those who has been waiting for an update from Portadroid, I thank you for your patience. I am releasing Portadroid Ultimate v4.0 to support porting ICS NAND ROM only. I am disappointed that Oxygen ICS has not been released yet at this point in time for Portadroid. I suspect it will take even longer than usual since their developer Adamg had just become a father recently

.... anyway, until then have fun porting with Portadroid.


The wait for Oxygen ICS has been a long one... I will soon release Portadroid Ultimate for HD2 ICS Nand ROM after a couple more tests... unfortunately, there are not many available now for porting anyway

Ported to SD Sense 4.0 from NAND section by sbryan12144...

All latest updates below in Red

Portadroid NSD is being put together based on the original FR/GB/ICS development work by these great guys listed below. All credits goes to them so please thank or donate to them first:

1) Darkstone: Source of inspiration for Portadroid. Originator of SuperRAM Froyo build with numerous contribution to HD2 Android. ( Sadly he has announced to "retire" from HD2 and move to Samsung Galaxy S2

2) Takaaki, crawlingcity, cedesmith: Original initrd.gz for Gingerbread that enables RAM system ( & where I have have done some minor tweaking and modification. However, due to the sheer size of ICS ROM which causs instability, RAM boot should be temporary disabled with "SD_Boot" file until a solution (if any) can be found.

3) Tytung: All his HD2 Kernels and base ROM for porting ICS NAND to SD.

4) Ankuch & KAI: Fixes for many SD-related boot and ICS ROM-related issues.

5) 3dak: He said he was "lazy" so he created HD2 SD/MALDR System.ext2 Auto Builder V1.0 ( that makes me even "lazier" by creating Portadroid using part of his code

6) SyLvEsTeR20007: Graciously provided his server for hosting Portadroid SuperRAM GB previously.

7) Szczepanik: For creating a wiki for Portadroid ( and putting it on xda news article ( Honestly I don't think this simple and humble tool deserve such publicity and work but appreciate all his effort.

8) Paypal Donor: (a)OMNISOFT. (b)TeaMsTaZ (c)yugoport - Thanks for 2nd donation(d)Toptip. Thanks for buying me a drink and supporting my work on Portadroid

9) All HTC HD2 Android NAND ROM and HTC Desire ROM developers for their great work on providing customised Gingerbread ROMon HD2!

What is Portadroid?
- Portadroid (a.k.a Port-a-Droid) is NOT AN ANDROID ROM!
- It is a tool whioch I build mainly with scripts that enables SUPPORTED ICS HD2 NAND ROMs to be booted via SD card on the top of your stock WM6.5 ROM.
(Theoretically, all current HD2 ICS NAND ROMs can be ported via Portadroid with the basic functions working listed below.)
- It is meant to be a self-service/self-help tool where you have to download the supported ROM (including new ROM revision) directly from the ROM developer thread. Do not request for any additional ROM features here as I am not a ROM developer. I can only try to support the basic functionalities listed below.
- I believe this tool is mainly for beginners or intermediate level users of Android on the HD2. Advanced user should migrate to install Android via NAND if possible.
- In addition to running Android, you can perhaps pick up some lesson on ROM porting by looking at my scripts and files I use. And feel free to use them (Remember to give credits to the great guys mentioned above if you use some of their work too)!
- I designed this tool so that I can be lazy! So do not expect frequent updates!

What are the basic functionalities supported by Portadroid NSD v5.0 (Sense 4.0 Ready)?
- All of the working functions from original NAND ROMs
- I may add my own patches/fixes for SD boot only
- Data is based on cLK (Sorry, I do not know how to support Rmnet )

What does not work:
Let me know if you find any of the basic funtions listed in NAND is not working in SD.

Pre-requisite & Min Requirements:
- As per all HD2 Android SD build... basically stock HD2 ROM and at least radio 2.08 and above (No HSPL, MAGLDR, CWM etc. needed)
(Recommended but not compulsory: hard reset WM6.5 before booting up with Portadroid for optimal performance)
- Support both EU and TMOUS version of HD2
- Format your SD card with SD Card Formatter if using it on Android boot for the first time (

Currently testedICS ROMs:
1) HD2 Sense 4.0a NAND
- Blackout ICS Primo v1.0 (

Please let Szczepanik know or update wiki page if you have tested other ROMs and the basic functionalities works with Portadroid.

Installation based on default settings and orginal zip package (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!):

1) Porting a New ROM

a. Unzip the downloaded Portadroid NSD v5.0 package and put the "ICS" folder into the root of your SD card

b. Unzip the downloaded ICS ROM of your choice and put all its content (eg. "data", "kernel", "setup", "system", "META-INF", "yn" folders and/or boot.img) into the "/ICS/root" folder (Please refer to the diagram here ( if unsure of the exact location of where to put the folders)

(Note: If there are patches/fixes provided by me, please use these patch folders/files by copying and overwriting all the contents in the "/ICS/root" folder)

c. Edit startup.txt on cmdline if required (eg. change data_size=256 to another value if default 256MB is too small for your phone data storage). Note that based on user feedback, Magldr boot (vs WM6.5 clrcad.exe and haret.exe boot) do not support reading cmdline from startup.txt so your default would be 512MB.

e. Run CLRCAD.exe and then haret.exe

f. Depending on the size of the ROM you're porting, first boot from Portadroid NSD may take ~15-20 minutes (based on default to create a 256MB data.img and porting a 500MB size Sense 4.0 ROM). You will see the Sense 4.0 ROM boot animation after the "HTC" (or original NAND ROM) logo.

(Note: I recommend rebooting the first time you get into the ROM after the boot animation without going into the setup wizard. To reboot, long press the power button and click restart.)

g. Once back into WM6.5, run CLRCAD.exe and then haret.exe again.

h. Second boot should be between 5-8 min. You will see the original ported NAND ROM logo and ported NAND ROM animation (if any and enabled), hTC setup screen. Subsequent boot will be faster at ~4-5 mins.

(Note: As Sense ROMs are huge and consume a lot of resources on our HD2, it may take some time to fully "settle". Reboot a 3rd or 4 the time may help butdon't ask me why!)

This tool was made for testing and educational purposes. It is not intended for commercial use.
Software included may be subject to copyright.
Install this tool at your own risk. Developer is not responsible for what you do on your device.

Downloads & Changelog:


Update v5.0 (15-Jun-2012):
- Support for ICS HD2 Sense 4.0 Nand ROM only (ie. not created for backward compatibility for porting normal ICS, GB or FR Android ROMs)

Update v4.0 (1-Feb-2012):
- Support for ICS HD2 Nand ROM only

Update v3.2 (1-Dec-2011):
- Fix 3D Data problem for some ROM
- Enable full SD boot (ie exclude SuperRAM ROM load). User add a dummy file SD_Boot to folder "/Android" folder.

Update v3.1 (19-Aug-2011):
- Port HD2 NAND ROMs made for MAGLDR AND CWR only (ie. ROMs package must come with "boot" folder that contains "zImage" & "initrd.gz" files). CLK ROMs are not supported.
- Auto modify and repack initrd.gz from original NAND ROM for Portadroid SD/RAM boot. Use original zImage from NAND ROM instead of default Portadroid zImage on second boot. Keep ported NAND ROM as stock as possible to optimize performance from orginal ROM developer.
- Support all versions of Sense and non-Sense Gingerbread (2.3.3 - 2.3.5) without any patch files required.

Update v3.0 (3-Aug-2011):
- Removed SuperPartition concept as it causes some boot issue for some users. Maintain SuperRAM concept for light ROMs (less than 200MB) and use normal SD boot for heavy ROMs (including all Sense ROM).
- Repacked portadroid_nand.gz and portadroid_desire.gz to fix error on mounting yaffs2
- Added default_kernel_to_rafpigna (portadroid_sense.gz and zImage) patch files to support default kernel change from tytung to rafpigna when porting Sense ROM only

Update v2.0 (24-July-2011):
Important Note - v2.0 is implemented with concept different from v1.x. Portadroid v2.0 supports Gingerbread v2.3.4 for non-Sense ROM and Gingerbread v2.3.3 for Sense (2.1/3.0) ROM only. Please refer to Readme.txt for new installation/porting instructions.
- Added new SuperPartition concept to SuperRAM. Improved performance and support for porting Sense ROM.
- Changed cmdline control in startup.txt to only four: (1)rel_path (2)data_size (3)lcd_density (4)gps_zone
- Fixed SU/Root issues. Verifed ok with Root Checker.
- Added support for user to perform minor updates/fixes and kernel upgrades on current ported ROM.
- Fixed issue with hang on second or subsequent boot when porting.

Update v1.1 (31-May-2011):
- Change kernel_files structure to give flexibility for user to self-upgrade kernels based on GB v2.3.3 or GB v2.3.4
- Added support for rapigna kernel with kernel selection using cmdline 'kernel_type' in startup.txt
- Added support to clear cache (dalvik-cache) on boot using cmdline 'clear_cache' in startup.txt
- Added tytung fast gps fix lib patch v1.0 into gps_files folder to allow user to self-upgrade when new version is released
- Fixed permission/root issues on some ROMs (eg.NexusHD2) when installing apps that require root/superuser access (eg. root explorer, titanium backup)
- Fixed possible incorrect detection of Gingerbread version 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 in the build.prop file resulting in wrong kernel version being applied for some NAND ROMs (eg.Hyperdroid GBX12).

- See attached files below on 1st Post

Archive for the 1st post of the older Portadroid v1.x can be found here.
Archive for the 1st post of the older Portadroid v3.x can be found here.
Archive for the 1st post of the older Portadroid v4.x can be found here

Don't forget to click the Thanks button below for me while downloading....

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24th May 2011, 07:26 PM |#2  
Senior Member
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SuperWOW!!! Thank you... Downloading... as soon as i download it, i'll post results

Ok, i tried Typhoon's GB build and it doesnt work with that, i get stuck at the HTC logo after the first reboot. I tried with Tytung's Nexus GB and it works perfect ... im gonna give it a test for today and see how it works

Thanks a lot
24th May 2011, 07:46 PM |#3  
Thanks Meter: 7
didn't test ist yet but the idea itself is just awesome. THX!
24th May 2011, 08:08 PM |#4  
Senior Member
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Donate to Me
OMG!!!! thank you will test it..
24th May 2011, 08:25 PM |#5  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 67
WOW! I spent a while a few months ago trying to convert NAND roms to sd but never had any luck. Thank you so much for this. I'll try crawlingcity's UD rom as there is no sd version of that.
24th May 2011, 08:47 PM |#6  
Senior Member
Flag New Delhi
Thanks Meter: 65
Does this method support SD/MAGLDR booting for dual boot??

EDIT: I tested and it works perfectly via magldr, really fast and smooth with everything working
The Following 3 Users Say Thank You to kundanjuit For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift kundanjuit Ad-Free
24th May 2011, 08:50 PM |#7  
Senior Member
Flag Nantong,China
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How about sense 3.0 or 2.1 builds?they can be converted?thanks
24th May 2011, 10:30 PM |#8  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 27
I'm still using 0.1 version Rom and it works great. So far I have only one problem. Sometimes 3G stops working for no reason, so I have to switch 3G to edge and then switch it back to 3G and it works. What could be a problem. I'm using US T-mobile HD2 with the latest radio. Also what is the difference between 0.1 and 1.0 version?
24th May 2011, 10:48 PM |#9  
Senior Member
Flag Valencia
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Thumbs up
Excellent Job.

Running fine with HyperdroidCM7.

24th May 2011, 11:06 PM |#10  
Claus72's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Bologna
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Originally Posted by kundanjuit

Does this method support SD/MAGLDR booting for dual boot??

EDIT: I tested and it works perfectly via magldr, really fast and smooth with everything working

Can you tell me what rom have you used with MAGLDR? Thanks
24th May 2011, 11:06 PM |#11  
Junior Member
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Originally Posted by Almazick

I'm still using 0.1 version Rom and it works great. So far I have only one problem. Sometimes 3G stops working for no reason, so I have to switch 3G to edge and then switch it back to 3G and it works. What could be a problem. I'm using US T-mobile HD2 with the latest radio. Also what is the difference between 0.1 and 1.0 version?

As it says in the first post, his is NOT a ROM. I understand your confusion, because I am currently using the GB v 0.1 but this is something much more flexible. Read carefully and you will see. I can't wait to go home and try it!
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