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[Discontinued]PATs JW MIUI Sense like 2.1.20 ML & 2.3.7b Stable[MAG/cLK]

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By patensas, Recognized Contributor on 24th June 2011, 01:20 AM
Thread Closed Email Thread
I`m sorry to let you guys know i have to discontinue my work for the HD2!
Yesterday someone figured it would be fun to steal my device

As i don't own another HD2 there is no way i can continue here, there is no way of pushing build without proper testing. As my Mobile contract ends within a few months i will sit things out and order myself a new device when my contract is ready for renewal.

In meantime i will grab my Topaz and do my time.

On the left we have MIUI, on the right we have a Sense Like Launcher with widgets.
Now it's time to get caught in the middle and enjoy the best of both worlds.

This is based on the work of Jan-Willem3 ( JW MIUI ) with his knowledge, approval and support.

Latest 2.1.20 builds can be found here

Changelog and add-ons will be added a.s.a.p.

Latest Changelogs:
18-12-2011 PATs MIUI 1.12.16 Builds
- Updated to latest MIUI 1.12.16 base
- Fixed Lockscreen - Flashlight issue
- Updated Market ( 3.3.12 )
- Updated Gmail ( )
- Updated Current Widget
- Updated GPS Status
- Added keyboard with haptic feedback ( Enable in Settings Menu )
- Added multiple apps
- Three different builds Stock | Sense Like ( White themed ) | Dark Blue

Latest full build versions 1.12.16 downloads here
Update from 1.12.2 to 1.12.16 download **COMMING**
TMOUS MMS Fix for 1.12.16 builds here

Tytung Kernels are used with this build, go ahead and say thanks to Tytung for his great work for our HD2

Thank you for your donations:
Nixda99 $ 4,-
Mortal $ 5,-

Some screenshots taken from Pats JW MIUI Sense Like Dark Blue ( 04-11-2011 )

[/CENTER]Note: wallpaper in screenshots is Bubble Live Wallpaper from Market, Lockscreen wallpaper is set to transparent ( using theme manager )

Previous changelogs have been moved to 2nd post.

RTL Fixes can be found here ( thanks to iSherif )
You can find translated lockscreens & other add-ons in post #3


The standard features that come with JW MIUI:

  • Smooth camcorder (800*480)
  • Adfree host file
  • A2SD
  • Unique Bluetooth adress
  • Unique WI-FI adress
  • Screenstate scaling >off= powersave> on=smartass
  • Based on XJ translations Mutli-lang support: (NL ,DE ,HE ,DE ,PL ,DA ,IT ,FR ,ES ,PT, CH, ZH, TR, VT, RU, KR, SV, HU)
  • RMNET by default.My PPP config as option(B1)
  • 4-Way reboot mod (when avaible)
  • WI-FI tether & hotspot
  • Tytung R10
  • Matching multi-lang keyboard
  • Small package 210 MB free
  • Extra stock icons for 3rd party apps


Bugs / known issues: Please let me know if you find any bugs but be sure to try and change system language to English to see if the bug also shows in English or only in your language. It's always possible some bugs turn out to be language depending and needs to be fixed in the multilanguage packages.

Changelog for original JW MIUI:
16 Oct
-Latest MIUI
Wich comes with:
More smoothness & fixes
Tytung r12.4
-For the rest all the usual stuff
-Make a backup with miui backup and restore it works well.
-Clear marketcache to get your apps back in market.
1 Oct
-Tytung R12
-Latest MIUI
-With all the stuff that is normally inside :D
4 Sep
-GPS libs 2.1 (tytung)
-JW_tytung_1.4 kernel for CLK package will be up in a few hours or tommorow. 
For now you will flash tytung R11.
-Extra icons again
-Latest miui with the usual stuff. 
23 August
-Latest miui
-Tytung r11 upgrade
-Small fixes
15 August
-Update to latest MIUI
-Standard network on 0 should be better for most users. On CLK I still recommend using 
*#*#4636#*#* and set default network on gsm auto prl.
7 august
-Latest MIUI
-Upgrade gps libs to 2.0 credit tytung
-Data tweaks are still inside so if you experience battery drain flash this.
Battery drain 3g fix
Or open build.prop and disable fast dormancy
-New market in 3rd post for those who want.
-Added easy reboot (instead of 4-way reboot mod) and leo a-gps injector(tytung) both very small together under 100 kb.
4 August
-Updated keyboard more languages + performence
-System optimization
-Latest MIUI
-RPC libs 1.9 (credit: tytung)
Note: Please enable and disable high res graphics in launcher settings to fix small performence MIUI bug.
-Removed Carhome because it is to buggy.
-Old android market it might be not as cool as the new one but it is way faster. As soon as MIUI optimize it I will include the new one.
-Updated  CLK patch with b4 best wrapper in my opnion.
-Updated host file
--3G battery optimization but with some providers it might not work with then flash this package. (
Battery drain 3g fix
-Work in progress: Creating optimized kernel
-Icons stay on the old ones fit way better to the vellixum theme then the new one
9 July
-More icons again.
-Made sure no robotvoice
-Atempt to include mms fix (credit miui android)
-Latest MIUI
01 July
- Small fixes keyboard still no vibrate (it is a miui bug in all roms)
- Made sure no robotvoice
- Latest MIUI again
- Updated some icons again
26 June
-latest miui (1.6.24)
-the default theme will now also change the lockscreen to the default one
-swapped tytungs gps libs back to 1.1 so I am sure there are no issues. (Users can change the libs by themself ofcourse)
-added htc wallpaper just because they are nice and small
-battery drain in custom lockscreens fixed thx to miui team
-car home in multi language now
-two extra languages thanks to xj (slovenian and hungarian)

Some screens taken from PATs JW MIUI Stable 2.3.7b
Download 2.3.7b Stable version
cLK update package Tytung R14

Need to know about this build after flashing:
1. Give it some time after first boot before touching it to prevent launcher FC. After that use "windows key" to go to "preferences" and select "Restart LP Sense"
2. Now this is a good time to restart your device, let the languagepack do the job of translating that foreign language left overs....

After that you can do whatever you like and start enjoying this build

3. If you want to use the Facebook widget or Facebook within the Friends widget you should setup your account settings ( windows key --> Preferences --> LP Widget Settings ) before opening Facebook website or install Facebook App from Market. If you don't do that Facebook Widget will come up with an error!

4. In settings you'll find Launcher settings which will force close. The default MIUI launcher is taken out of this build so there's nothing to setup. LP SenseUI settings can be found as explained in point 1

Please read post two and you know almost everything about this rom.

Recommended flash layout for optimal freespace:

misc ya 1M
recovery rrecov|ro|nospr filesize recovery-raw.img
boot yboot|ro 5M
system ya 160M
cache ya 5M
userdata ya|asize|hr allsize

Recovery download for PATsMIUI here

Flash instructions using MAGLDR can be found here

cLK users can flash MAGLDR build followed by flashing cLK Conversion Pack
Attached Files
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (154.3 KB, 887 views)
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24th June 2011, 01:20 AM |#2  
patensas's Avatar
OP Recognized Contributor
Thanks Meter: 2,133
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Question ROM info
Things you need to know about this build.

At 4 Oct 2011 i started using release dates as build number so no more v1/v2/v3 etc. Info on official MIUI build numbers can be found in changelog or download section.

1. A2SD

A. Based on MIUI-AU script:
*No user interaction
*Automatically puts Dalvik cache on SD Card.
*Automatically handles slow to mount SD Cards and will also allow the ROM to run without an SD card. It gives more space by moving Dalvik cache to SD it provides more internal phone storage.
*Apps get automatically moved to SD card when possible.
*An sd card is not required.

B. How to set up.
*When you want to use Apps2sd create the recommended ext3 partition before flashing the rom.
*Most people use 512Mb and that’s usually more than enough. If you have a 16Gb (or larger) SD Card and you anticipating downloading a ton of apps, then you might want to try 1Gb.
*Anything larger than 2Gb you need to get a laptop and not a phone. If you go over 2Gb you may experience SD Card corruption and the Market will not operate properly!

I recommend turning Auto focus off in camera settings to avoid crashes.

3.SD speed fix
Use the included sd booster app

If you want to mess around with set cpu I recommend to remove the screenstate scaling script by removing it in the system/etc/init.d folder. You can also set higher frequencies in the screenstate scaling script for this just edit the script and change the frequencies.

5. Multi-Lang by default
After some testing speedwise and also the size get not affected anymore by making build default multi-lang this is different compared to froyo.

6.Call recording (thanks to boul69 for poiting out)
Install the latest skvalex's call recorder (on XDA), don't forget to allow other phone app (in phone setting, just after DND mode)

7. TV animation
It is off by default> Menu> Settings> personal> display settings.

8.Optimize PPP
For some providers this tweak can optimize the ppp speed.

Go to ''system>etc>ppp'' with for example root explorer;
Open the pap & chap secrets file and put in the following:

(with spaces but without quotes this password and username is the same you normally fill in the apn setup.)


'usernameyourprovider * passwordyourprovider''

9. Enable the HTC IME keyboard
If you followed instructions on first post the HTC_IME keyboard should have set standard after your first reboot.
if not: Go to Settings --> System --> Language and input --> Current Software Keyboard and select HTC_IME mod

Previous changelogs:
10-12-2011 Updater to 1.12.9 
- Updated to latest MIUI 1.12.9 base 
3-12-2011 Update to 1.12.2
- Updated to latest MIUI 1.12.2 base
- Updated several apps to latest availlable
- One universal updater from now on
4 Nov 1.11.4 ML ( Sense Like )
- Updated to latest MIUI 1.11.4 Build
- White version ( stock like ) & New Dark Blue version
- Back to default keyboard
- Reworked bootanimation
- Reworked theme:
Added transparent lockscreen wallpaper ( use theme manager to select it )
Added transparent notification bar ( when live wallpapers are used )
New icons ( with Dark Blue version )
- Remapped long press end key to toggle screen ( again )
- Updated Hosts file ( blocking latest adds )
- Updated build in apps
31 Oct 1.10.22 ML ( Sense Like )
- Updated to latest MIUI 1.10.28 Build
- White version ( stock like ) & Dark version
- Back to default keyboard
- Reworked bootanimation
22 Oct 1.10.22 ML ( Sense Like )
- Updated to latest MIUI 1.10.21 Build
- Separate light & dark version
- Replaced default keyboard with LG Keyboard
- Cleaned up the build
- Reworked Themes
18 Oct 1.10.18 ML ( Sense Like )
- Updated to latest MIUI 1.10.14 Build
4 Oct 1.10.4 ML ( Sense Like )
- Based on latest JW MIUI build ( 1 Oct )
- Tytungs r12.4 Kernel
- Fixed Email Theme issue
- Removed HTC IME Mod ( available for download )
- cLK Conversion Package can be downloaded here
1 Oct 1.9.30 ML V2 ( Sense Like )
- Uploaded new packages
- Updated to Tytungs r12.3 Kernel
- Separate cLK & MAGLDR packages
- Removed previous downloads
30 Sep 1.9.30 ML ( Sense Like )
- Updated to latest MIUI 1.9.30 base
- Fully Saturated build ( thanks to Tweakos )
- Updated to Tytungs r12.2 Kernel
- Color banding issue fixed
- Separate cLK & MAGLDR packages
26 Sep 1.9.23 ML ( Sense Like )
- Updated to latest MIUI base
- Using Tytungs R12 kernel
- Re-Added HTC IME Mod keyboard
- Partially Saturated ( thanks to TweakOS )
- Add-On Tytung R12.2 Kernel (MAGLDR/cLK)
17 Sep 1.9.16 ML ( Sense Like )[/B]
- Updated to latest MIUI base
- Download RTL Fix for 1.9.16 ( thanks to iSherif )
9 Sep 1.9.9 English ( Sense Like )
- Updated to latest MIUI 1.9.9
- Download RTL Fix for 1.9.9 ( thanks to iSherif )
06 Sep 1.9.2 v2 (update package) 
Better safe than sorry so please create a backup before flashing the update
- Fixed background issues on multiple locations ( Yes also in Email app )
- Changed bootanimation
- Changed default wallpapers ( previous version added to gallery )
- Worked on icons
- Worked on theme
- Reduced boot time a lot (not at first boot after flashing update ;))
- Only for MAGLDR at this point, will try and get update running for cLK
This update can only be used with PATs JW MIUI Sense Like 1.9.2 and needs to be flashed through CWM.
After flashing go to theme manager and re-apply "PATS Dark v5" theme followed by a reboot.
Download update
03 Sep 1.9.2 Multilanguage ( Sense Like )
- Update to latest MIUI 1.9.2
- Back to Tytung R11 Kernel ( other kernel zip availlable here )
- Updated Fancy Widgets 
Auto Backlight needs te be turned on through Settings --> Display ( somehow this doesn't work using toggles )
Arabic RTL Fix for 1.9.2 can be found here
01 Sep 2.3.5a Stable Dark version ( Not Sense Liked )
- Latest MIUI Stable version
- Tytung R11 kernel
- Dark themed
- Tytungs GPS Libs v2.1 ( RPC )
- JW MIUI keyboard MOD included
- Close to stock
- Download RTL Fix for 2.3.5a Stable version ( Thanks to iSherif )
01 Sep 1.8.26 V2 ( Sense Like )
- Improved theming
- Tytungs r12 beta kernel
- Minor changes to system
Arabic RTL Fix for 1.8.26 can be found here ( thanks iSherif )
Volume Control + add-on for 1.8.26 builds can be found here
29 Aug 1.8.26 ( Sense Like )
- Latest MIUI build
- Tytung R11 kernel
- FM Radio issue fixed 
Arabic RTL Fix for 1.8.26 can be found here ( thanks iSherif )
Volume Control + add-on for 1.8.26 builds can be found here
26 Aug 1.8.19
- MIUI 1.8.19 based
- Updated Kernel to Tytung r11
- Updated GPS Libs to v2.1 
- FM Radio support is missing in latest builds using Tytung R11 kernel on MAGLDR( fix availlable here ) cLK users will have working FM Radio out of the box.
 17 Aug 1.8.12 v2
- Updated kernel to Tytungs R11 Beta2 ( fix USB tethering & wake up lag )
- Added Volume Control + ( we have to say thanks to Andy Thompson )
- Replaced Market with latest version
- Replaced Gallery 3D with default MIUI gallery
15 Aug 1.8.12:
- Updated to latest MIUI base
- Removed HTC IME Mod ( new apk file will be provided )
- Added German strings to Launcher ( Again thanks to NattyGuy )
07 Aug 1.8.5:
- Updated to latest MIUI base
- Added Tytungs 2.0 GPS Libs
- Added Leo AGPS Injector ( New in JW build )
- Added Easy Reboot ( New in JW build )
- Updated Fancy Widgets
- Removed German Launcher strings ( to fix issues mentioned ) flashable zip for German Language added to third post
05 Aug 1.7.29:
- Added German translations to Launcher ( thanks to NattyGuy )
04 Aug 1.7.29:
- Updated to multilanguage
- Fixed Theme Manager download bug
- Fixed DND Mode bug
- New strings for Vietnamese,Turkish, Hungarian & Danish ( thanks XJ )
- Put back car home
- CWM Recovery Layout has changed ( 5/155/5 ) check below.
29 July 1.7.29:
- Updated to latest MIUI 1.7.29
- Updated Fancy Widget app
- English only for now
- Full changelog for 1.7.29 click here
25 July 1.7.22 v3:
- Multi Language ( finally )
- Removed RAM optimization script
- Attached translated Lockscreens for Dutch, German and French users 
24 July 1.7.22 v2:
- Fixed Email theme issues
- Added new bootscreen
- added RAM optimization script ( credits for Juwe11 )
23 July 1.7.22:
- Updated to latest MIUI 1.7.22
- Changed theme to fix issues
- Reverted back to stock icons
- Changed lockscreen ( Music Player option enabled )
17 July 1.7.15:
- Updated to latest MIUI 1.7.15
15 July 1.7.8 v3 Final:
- Fixed theme issuesall should be okay now
- Updated Market App
10 July 1.7.8 v2:
- Updated Multilanguage pack ( thanks XJ )
- Updated GPS Libs to v1.7 ( Thanks Tytung )
- Worked on Theme issues ( Thanks to me ;) )
- Applied MMS fix ( Thanks to JW )
9 July 1.7.8 v1:
- Updated to latest MIUI
- Changed theme / removed white background on most parts
Note: CWM Recover Partition Layout has changed, check below for working setup. 
Also cLK package has been changed, download new package if you're using cLK.
5 July 1.7.1 v3:
- Fixed Dutch language issues in Launcher
- Applied MMS fix ( thanks Tytung click for info and to say thanks )
4 July 1.7.1 v2:
- Worked on theme to add more Sense Like feeling
- Tried fixing MMS issue (use this for fixing the blurry MMS issue, thanks Sweet Peaches for testing on latest version )
- Update on multilanguage pack
2 July: 1.7.1 
- Replaced default launcher with LP_SenseUI Launcher
- Added Flashlight ( removed Torch )
- Added HTC Wallpapers
- Added HTC IME keyboard with voicesearch ( fixes vibration on keypress for now )
- Themed more like Sense 
- Added Fancy Widget ( free ) for clock / weather widget ( see screenshot above )
- Added Scrollable News Widget ( free )
- Replaced bootanimation with original HTC "Quietly brilliant"
- Removed default ringtones / notification & alarm sounds
- Added HTC Sense ringtones / notification & alarm sound
- Added HTC Sensation 3.0 lockscreen, use Theme Manager to activate ( thanks to dima_sk8er, MIUI team and Project vellixum ) 
Add-On for Dutch users: HTC Sense 3.0 Lockscreen translated to Dutch ( extract to SD-Card / MIUI / theme and select using theme manager )
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24th June 2011, 01:21 AM |#3  
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Arrow Add-Ons
Flashable zip for LauncherSenseUI German Language add-on thanks to NattyGuy:
Download here MD5 Checksum: dd0a12f14e8fc9ed84a730593b2430b1

Translated lockscreens:

Download the .mtz file and copy it to SD Card | MIUI | theme and apply using theme manager

New market
If you want latest android market flash this. It is not included because I find it slower.

This update can fix the black on black/white on white issue by making the background grey.

PPP Magldr Configuration
Since the version of 10 may we are switched to RMNET by default since this is more useful for the most users.
But for some users PPP was maybe the best so here is package so you can flash it as option.

RTL Fix ( thanks to iSherif )
The latest rtl fix for arabic and hebrew look in the old folder for older rtl fixes for older miui versions.

CLK with B1 wrapper
The default clk version comes with ril_wrapper b5 from cedesmith. Personal I like more his b1 version so here the clk package with the b1 wrapper. You can just flash this in CWM
lik all other add-ons.

Here you can always find the language packs in czech thanks to straggen

Possible robot voice fix
Personally I dont experience any robot voice but some people do even after they disable audio tunes in dialer. Then I recommend you to flash this package.

Customized LauncherPro Sense UI for Dutch users
For those of you that come from The Netherlands wanting their device look as Dutch as possible i've edited the LP SenseUI App. This changes the main "Phone" button to "Telefoon" as you can see in the screenshot below.

Removed dowload link, it's in by default since 1.6.24 version of PATs JW MIUI Sense Like
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24th June 2011, 01:22 AM |#4  
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Thumbs up Credits
  • Jan-Willem3
  • MIUI team
  • XJ(xavier john)
  • G.lewarne
  • Cotulla
  • Tytung
  • Crawlingcity
  • Cedesmith
  • Joplayer
  • +XDA and the rest who helped me
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24th June 2011, 01:23 AM |#5  
arkatis's Avatar
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Cool! Will flash it asap!
Waiting for the download link!
Also can you let us know if this is sense 2.1?
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24th June 2011, 01:38 AM |#6  
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This is not a HTC Sense build but one based on JW MIUI that uses LP_SenseUI. Bringing 8 widgets for you to use: People, Calendar, Messaging, Twitter, Facebook, Friendstream & Gmail. However no HTC Sync or any of the other HTC Sense items.

Link will be up soon.

Originally Posted by arkatis

Cool! Will flash it asap!
Waiting for the download link!
Also can you let us know if this is sense 2.1?

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24th June 2011, 01:42 AM |#7  
mufch's Avatar
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Just when I thought you'd gone you're back well done.
Glad you got it sorted will flash as soon as you upload .
You're a star .
24th June 2011, 01:58 AM |#8  
Inactive Recognized Developer
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Looks really good
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24th June 2011, 02:02 AM |#9  
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Well things didn't go as planned but ended up way better than intended at first.
Hope you will enjoy this first join of forces between jan-willem3 and me

Originally Posted by mufch

Just when I thought you'd gone you're back well done.
Glad you got it sorted will flash as soon as you upload .
You're a star .

Thank you, i must admitt you made the job an easy one

Originally Posted by jan-willem3

Looks really good

24th June 2011, 10:07 AM |#10  
jekuper's Avatar
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Greath! really loves your work. Will flash it when i get home (on my work i gan't instal cwr)

Gan i install diferent themes whitout fc ?
24th June 2011, 10:09 AM |#11  
Dunc001's Avatar
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So is this running with Launcher Pro with the Sense widget skins then?
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i'm waiting to try clk, lockscreen, miui, sense like, shortcut, smooth, stable, up-to-date
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