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By solarnz, Retired Recognized Developer on 29th June 2011, 04:01 AM
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Team Tiamat Xoom Rom

First off a note from brd himself :
Originally Posted by bigrushdog

First and foremost, I would like to thank my wife Christy for putting up with the 100+ hours it took me to get the storage framework working. I told her I would be taking a break after this and I am. It is likely that the coming OTA will render most of this rom unneeded. However, I just have this thing with pwning Motorola Also, I would like to thank Roach from the Transformer team for breaking the back of the smali roadblock. Also, I have to thank Dr1337 from #xoom for making me double check the MediaProvider.apk manifest I hope you guys enjoy this rom. Be sure to read the change log and follow all instuctions when flashing. Thanks


This rom is presented to you buy the following winners:
MAD Industries
Steady Hawkin

Special mentions:
  • Roach`- Without him, we would be nowhere!
  • Kelvie - Thanks for the wpa_supplicant
  • Steady Hawkin - Init.d support
  • Jewremy - For the battery circle mod
  • Bazar6 - For fixing up the icons left over from themeing.

And now the rom!
Rom Features

This is a completely deodexed rom, based on the 3.2 wifi system image. However just because Google and Motorola haven't released 3.2 for the verizon xoom that doesn't mean we don't support it! Thats right. We support 3g devices on 3.2 before Google have even released it.

EPIC features
  • SDCard support via mtp. NOTE: your sdcard will now be at /mnt/external1
  • Modified application permissions to allow applications that can write to /sdcard to write to /mnt/external1
  • USB OTG (On The Go) support. Your usb drives will now be mounted automatically under /mnt/usbOTG
  • Android media services scan both internal and MicroSD for media (Gallery, Music, etc)
  • Fast boot times. Your boot times are simply amazing with this rom!
  • Storage controls in the notification area and in the settings menu!

General Features
  • Powered by Tiamat Kernel Katana 2.0.0.
  • Pre rooted with su and Superuser
  • Pre-installed busybox and iwmulticall.
  • Desktop UA String
  • Modified battery images & animations.
  • Wi-Fi Ad-Hoc Mode
  • Quickboot
  • Estrongs File Explorer
  • Easy charging light controls

Advanced Features:
  • Init.d boot scripts enabled
  • OpenVPN binary and script - Credit CyanogenMod
  • Applications files (apk) located in /data/tiamat_first_boot_install will automatically be installed.
  • Applications are zipaligned on boot
  • Cron service

Important Notes : A MUST READ
  • Your microsd card is now mounted at /mnt/external1. You will also be able to access this via MTP.
  • Unless you are upgrading from 1.1 or an private beta, you will need to wipe.
  • If you're on a EURO 3G device, please note that this rom should install the correct build.prop for you, but you will still need to backup & push your telephony databases. See here.
  • We know about the layout changes in applications such as Settings. This is due to how we had to decompile framework-res.

Installation Instructions

Prerequisites: Clockworkmod Recovery (Recovery R4C is still reccomended) and a MicroSD card for installation.
  1. OPTIONAL, BUT RECCOMENDED: Backup your internal applications with Titanium backup
  2. Download the 2.0 Rom and the 2.0.1, and place it on your external sdcard
  3. Restart into Recovery
  4. Perform a nandroid backup, and keep this safe!
  5. Perform a factory reset within recovery (Wipe data / factory reset) NOTE: Only required if you're not on the 1.1 rom.
  6. Install the rom
  7. Install the 2.0.1 Update zip.
  8. Welcome to the party
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29th June 2011, 04:01 AM |#2  
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Download Center

Team Tiamat Xoom Rom 2.0 Manta Ray
MD5sum: d2e1e41c60b7e72f61dc7e71aae7453a

Team Tiamat Xoom Rom 2.0.1 Manta Ray - (UPDATE 1) Flash after 2.0
MD5sum: 15e103ca31d2a0ea786e2cc386b7019a

Team Tiamat Xoom Rom 1.1
MD5sum: 2d35aaec8ecb13bb1b61c1244a70bc24

Team Tiamat Xoom Rom v-1.0 HC 3.1 VZW Deodexed
MD5 Checksum 1bc044999c4b22107f332c3a9c4dcf8d

Optional downloads (quick updates to the full rom):

Team Tiamat Xoom Rom 1.0 Update 1 - 3g fix (Not the full rom, just a quick fix)
MD5 Checksum d2e5078d9825389d5619dbb862ea0dd8

Team Tiamat Xoom Rom 1.0 Update 2 - Enable Charging Light
MD5 Checksum d8fccf5c75882194b74c7e8a935301fd

Team Tiamat Xoom Rom 1.0 Update 3 - Fix dependency on busybox
MD5 Checksum 8d9cdb4d2cb75869ef6c5786f82b09e7

Release Notes
2.0.1 Release Notes
In this release, I have updated the maps application in /system/apps. This will bring maps up to the latest version, but unfortuantly will still not allow future updates from the market. However we are currently working on a fix for this that won't require users to wipe. (Hopefully, no promises).

Also, we listened to our users about the battery icons, and Nusince has drawn use some new ones that are very similar to the ones used in Rom v1.0/1.1 but have been redone to match the new resolution.

I have also included the build.prop installation script again so that the update will flash the correct build.prop, depending on the current one you have installed. So if you have a euro 3g Xoom, your 3g data connection should work perfectly.

You are also able to flash this directly over the top of the 2.0 rom, no need for a wipe or factory reset.

Last, but not least we have 3 new members to Tiamat Xoom. We welcome TDR, Steady Hawkin and lowtraxx to the team, so look forward to some interesting improvements!


Version 2.0.1
  • Replaced the battery icons with new ones from Nusince
  • Updated the maps application. NOTE: This is just a temporary fix, and we are working on a permanent fix.
  • Fixed up the euro build.prop

Version 2.0
  • Rebased off the 3.2 wifi image.
  • 3G Support on Android 3.2
  • sdcard is now at /mnt/external1 and is viewable via MTP
  • Any application that can write to /sdcard can now write to /mnt/external1
  • usbOTG drives now mount at /mnt/usbOTG and act identically to the sdcard.
  • Now comes with the Katana 2.0 stock GPU kernel.
  • /MicroSD and /usbOTG synlinks to their respective locations in /mnt
  • Automatically modprobe all kernel modules, apart from the wireless module.
  • New wallpaper & charging icons

Version 1.1
  • Storage framework completely overhauled based on Transformer Rom Prime 1.5 (thanks Roach)
  • System now gives storage control thru status bar icon and in Settings / Storage
  • Unmount MicroSD, remove, put in another one for working Hot Swap
  • Automatically mount USB Host storage (unmount still broke do to borked vold.fstab)
  • All Android media services scan both internal and MicroSD for media (Gallery, Music, etc)
  • new native Transformer file explorer accessable thru status bar to explore all mounted storage
  • Unfortunately, USB Mass Storage is still broke. (It's turning out to be far more complex than it should be)
  • Entire rom re-signed with test key due to manifest changes for storage port. All services work 100% (Google music beta, Market, etc)
  • Implemented a variety of init.d scripts with "Tiamat Control" flags
  • Enable features by moving flags (/data/tiamat_controls) in or out of "unused" folder
  • Enable or diasble charging light while device on
  • Enable or disable logging for better battery life
  • sysctl memory tweak
  • Cron service enabled for time based scripts (put Cron scripts in /data/cron)
  • Rom zip-aligned on boot (still insanely fast boot time)
  • Included up-to-date Maps.apk and Video.apk
  • Removed bloatware (Cordy.apk, dungeondefenders.apk, and stingrayquickoffice.apk)
  • Changed back to mostly stock icons
  • Removed the charging percent text from the pull up settings.
  • When charging, it will now alternate between the battery percentage in the middle and a charging symbol.

Version 1.0 - Update 3 (Busybox fix)
  • Fixed the dependency that the ramdisk had on busybox, specifically run-parts.

Version 1.0 - Update 2 (charging light)
  • Enabled the led charging light in the ramdisk as per popular request.

Version 1.0 - 3g fix
  • Fixed permissions in /system/bin. This was causing issues with 3g connections.
  • Replaced framework-res.apk with a less modified version. There is no SIP calling and sms now, but the activation screens work now.

Turning the charging light off
Using root explorer, or other file manager that gives you enough control, move the "enableChargingLight" file in /data/tiamat_controls into the directory /data/tiamat_controls/not_in_use
Automatically installing applications when you flash the rom:
In the zip file, under the directory "data" there is a directory called "tiamat_first_boot_install". You can place all of your apk files that you want installed when you first boot in there. This is useful for applications such as Thumb Keyboard and Titanium Backup
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29th June 2011, 04:02 AM |#3  
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Bigrushdog's Tiamat Rom Enhancement Section

Thank You For Supporting Team Tiamat!
Welcome Xoomers! Here is my little spot where you may find all sorts of Tiamat goodies that, for whatever reason, didn't make the release rom. Also, you may find my own tips, trick, even some Official Tiamat Xoom Rom Art. Stop by from time to time!

These mod packs will only work for their specific rom version. I.E modpacks for 1.1 WILL NOT WORK on 2.0

Tiamat Xoom Rom v1.1 Mod Pack 1

Tiamat Xoom Rom v1.1 Mod Pack 1 Change Log

Added "Native Screenshot"!

You can now take screenshots with your Xoom. Enable the feature in Settings / Display. To take a screenshot, press and hold the "Recent Apps" button for about 4 seconds. You will get a popup indicating the shot was taken and asking if you would like to keep the service running. The shots can be found in /sdcard/screenshot.

Added "Power Button Reboot Options"

I grabbed this from my buddy Roach`, developer of Prime!1.5 Rom for Transformer. Although i plan on further enhancing this feature, it works for now Press and hold the Power button. Your menu will give the opportunity to power down or reboot into recovery or cancel. It's not bad for first time around. Later, we will have a full featured Shutdown Menu.

Added "Maps won't update" fix

Sorry about that one guys. And yes, to whoever posted it, I should have put Maps.apk in data/app. You get 10 Tiamat Points! Ok. This simply removes Maps.apk from system/app and installs the updated Maps.apk in data/app.

Added "Swype won't download" fix

Changes Browser UAString in framework-res.apk from modded Desktop default to Mobile default. This is needed to download Swype from their network. Install Mod Pack 1 first and reboot. Then go back into recovery and flash the Swype fix. One you have Swype up and running. Go back into recovery and flash Mod Pack 1 again if you wish to return to Desktop default UAString. If you wish to stay on Mobile default, no further action is needed.


Download Tiamat Xoom Rom v1.1 Mod Pack 1

Download Default Browser UAString Swype Fix

NOTE: I apologize to themers out there, but this pack does contain a modified framework-res.apk. I had to add some strings for the reboot mod. You should be able to get away with just grabbing the resources.arcs and dropping into you're themed fw-res.

Tiamat Xoom Rom Art Album

Tiamat Xoom Wallpapers

Much love and credit goes to MadIndustries and Nusince, our Tiamat Graphics Design Team. They are very talented indeed.

Tiamat Xoom ADW Wallpapers

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29th June 2011, 04:02 AM |#4  
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Alright, I know I'm not the only one that doesn't like apps i don't use. So this post is for you guys.

How to remove:
Remove the files from system/app with an app like root explorer AFTER you flash the rom
Use ADB and this command "adb rm /system/app/app.apk" AFTER you flash the rom
At this time, I would not recommand removing BEFORE flashing the rom, as it will break setupwizard (this can be disabled in the build.prop)

Below is a list of apps i have removed and what they are for:
BooksTablet.apk <Google Books>
Browser.apk <Internet Browser (If You Use Something Else)>
ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapter.apk <Chrome Bookmarks Sync>
EmailGoogle.apk <POP/IMAP Email Client>
FileManager.apk <IOFilemanager App, Needed by MicroSD Mount Popup>
GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk <Google Search Box>
HoloSpiralWallpaper.apk <Wallpapers>
HTMLViewer.apk <views shared (usually via bluetooth) html files> thanks blades
LatinImeGoogle.apk <Stock Keyboard (If You Use Something Else)>
Launcher2.apk <Stock Launcher (If You Use Something Else)>
LiveWallpapersPicker.apk <Live Wallpaper Selector>
MotoLocationProxy.apk <Unknown>
MotoModemUtil.apk <Unknown>
OneTimeInitializer.apk <Unkown>
Phone.apk <Phone App; Dialer Screen>
PicoTts.apk <Text to Speech, Needed by Google Navigator>
SetupWizard.apk <Setup Wizard When You First Start>
soundback.apk <Sound Feedback (Accessibility Option)>
SoundRecorder.apk <Records Audio Samples to Test Speech Recognition>
Street.apk <Streetview for Google Maps>
Talk.apk <Google Talk>
talkback.apk <Voice Feedback (Accessibility Option)>
TelephonyProvider.apk <Phone Sync>
TtsService.apk <Text to Speech, Needed by Google Navigator>
VideoEditorGoogle.apk <Video Editor>
VisualizationWallpapers.apk <Wallpapers>
VoiceSearch.apk <Voice Search>
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29th June 2011, 04:03 AM |#5  
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Now I can wipe properly woooooo

29th June 2011, 04:04 AM |#6  
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Hmm! I hate to see "Coming Soon" in the title!

29th June 2011, 04:04 AM |#7  
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This rom is nothing but pure win. Plain and simple. This is what the XOOM should have been when Moto released it!
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29th June 2011, 04:17 AM |#8  
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Cant wait

Sent from my Evo3D
29th June 2011, 04:17 AM |#9  
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Running it now and so far so good. Did have to wipe data but at least it feels like a fresh start.

2 things I have seen so far

1. Edit: No reboot needed just remove and reinsert the sdcard and its back.
Once I unmount the Sdcard I have to reboot to remount it.
2. This is the quickest boot time I have seen yet by far.

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29th June 2011, 04:18 AM |#10  
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Can't wait too see what's next.

I've closed the other thread upon team request.
29th June 2011, 04:26 AM |#11  
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Whoa, Christmas in June?

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