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[ROM] [11.12.22] CyanogenMod 6.3.6 (Froyo) [DISCONTINUED]

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CyanogenMod 6 (Froyo)
Forked CM6 from nadlabak with feature backports (cherrypicks) from CM7

Changes can also be viewed on Github:

11.12.22 - 6.3.6
  • Prevent ApplicationsProvider and UserDictionaryProvider from running in acore (allows the system to kill them seperately in low-mem situations - more ram freeable)
  • Added an option to build.prop to always keep 2 custom apps in mem (sys.keep_app_x)
  • Removed outdated Toggle2G

11.10.20 - 6.3.5
  • Added an option to show upcoming events from calendar in lockscreen
  • Separate media volumes for headset/speaker
  • Better power profile from nadlabak
  • Gmaps hack is now optional (but enabled by default)
  • Cleanup of old, unused modules
  • AC clear logging disabled

11.09.21 - 6.3.4
  • Added an option to always show the battery status on lockscreen
  • Minor improvements/fixes

    Memory optimizations to gain more free ram if needed including:
  • Kill Gmaps location service if Gmaps is not running
  • Contacts and ContactsProvider are now running sperarately from acore in a dedicated process (more ram freeable w/o killing e.g. the launcher)
  • Usb.apk now runs in System.UI process

11.09.10 - 6.3.3
  • Native Usb tethering (SkrilaxCZ/nadlabak)
  • Ergonomic date- and timepicker
  • Volume rocker wake option
  • Added an option in camera settings HUD to turn off focus beep
  • Newest motofix module by nadlabak (DSI/MMC/NAND-fix v2.61)
  • Readded CMStats (optional bootup checkin here
  • Using rewrite branch of Usb.apk (details here
  • Reduced logging

11.08.28 - 6.3.2
  • Latest DSI/MMC-fix by nadlabak (v2.6)
  • Fix data connection icon shown instead of usbicon
  • Readded sourcebuilt Usb.apk

11.08.27 - 6.3.1
  • New kernel and vendor modules (SHLA 5.15)
  • Updated DSIfix by nadlabak to latest version (v2.52)
  • Disabled software GL renderer (improves performance, compatibility)
  • Touchfocus support for camera
  • New Torch with Auto-Off option, high brightness
  • Updated CM4MM Updater to latest version (v1.2)

11.08.11 - 6.3.0
  • Internal screenshot option (accessible from power menu)
  • Added Crystal talk
  • Updated multitouch module by nadlabak
  • Added an option to choose between 2, 4 and 5-point multitouch
  • Added a fix to address the infamous INCOMING_RING notification bug
  • Resized GB text cursor - smaller, sleeker and not obscuring SIP
  • Camera shutter sounds can now be enabled/disabled through CMSettings
  • Updated ADWLauncher to latest version from Gingerbread
  • Build Usb.apk from source
  • ADB on boot
  • Various small fixes/improvements

NOTE: Moving away from the 6.1.2-0.xx naming convention.
Renaming from CyanogenMod 6.1.2-0.13 to CyanogenMod 6.3.0 as both
Motorola (no kernel updates expected) and CyanogenMod (CM6 branch is final)
arent providing us with updates anymore.

11.07.29 - 0.12
  • Gingerbread's text cursor (by achotjan; thx luca for the hint)
  • Dsifix v2.2 by nadlabak included
  • Added Hardware keyboard layout option
  • 5-point multitouch can now be enabled/disabled in CMSettings
  • Added Dock observer option
  • Added Volume buttons swap in landscape option
  • Added "No action on plug" option

11.07.17 - 0.11
  • Included CM4MM Auto Updater app for OTA-like updates
  • Imported nadlabaks Camera overhaul
  • Wide camcorder profile support
  • Add 5-point multitouch module by nadlabak
  • Slightly tuned low memory killer parameters
  • Unlock haptics now obey the general on-off/lenght/pattern settings
  • Torch high brightness mode fixed
  • Wifi fixed for some routers (no need to apply the Wifi hotfix anymore)
  • Removed "Bootloader" option from reboot menu (rebooted to fastboot, which is not suitable for flashing sbf's)"

11.07.07 - 0.10
  • Proper ext4 module (supports ext2, ext3, ext4; preloaded)
  • ext2, ext3 modules included, not preloaded
  • New 07app2ext script included
  • tun.ko for OpenVPN (preloaded)
  • cifs (e.g. for fast movie shares on LAN) - not preloaded, but can be automatically insmodded via CifsManager
  • nls_utf8 module (iocharset=utf8 option for cifsmount; preloaded)
  • nfs support (included; not preloaded)
  • xt_multiport (to fix some iptables issues; preloaded)

11.07.05 - 0.09
  • DSI error recovery module aka dsifix added (nadlabak/Nothize/Zewelor)
  • New 5-step overclock module (Skrilax_CZ)
  • AttributeCache clear added to prevent continuously growing system_server memory usage (nadlabak)
  • Optional 1% battery steps (CyanogenMod settings->User interface->Status bar) (GoodWin/nadlabak)
  • Over 100% battery reading fixed (nadlabak)
  • New simple 10overclock and default OC settings from cm7
  • Load kernel modules earlier (nadlabak)
  • Interactive governor by default
  • Added low battery alert sound toggle (CyanogenMod settings->Sound settings) (nadlabak)
  • Longer wifi rescan interval for less battery consumption while no known networks in range
  • ro.ringtone_query_wait_time set to 1500ms to fix custom ringtone not playing (nadlabak)
  • Added OR autoboot
  • Toggle2G updated


Download latest version (6.3.6)
or through CM4MM Updater (since 0.11)

Google apps (2011-10-01)

For installation instructions please refer to the original thread by nadlabak here:

Gingerbread theme can be aquired through CM4MM Updater (since 0.11)

Notice: Do not change the keyboard layout through OR.
Change it through
CMSettings->Input settings->Keyboard Layout
instead. This only needs to be done once and persists over updates.

Gingerbread theme via CM4MM Updater instructions
- CM4MM Updater->Menu->Configuration-Theme Update Settings->Manage Theme Servers->Menu->Update Featured Theme Servers
- Check for updates->Install theme
- Remember to change the textcolors accordingly (in changelog for the theme or see below)

Colors for Gingerbread theme:
Status bar->Clock color->#ffffffff
Date and provider->Date color->#ffffffff
Notifications colors->Notification ticker color->#ffffffff
Notifications colors->No notifications title color->#ff969696
Notifications colors->Ongoing title color->#ff969696
Notifications colors->Latest notifications title color->#ff969696

Google apps (2010-11-14)
New Market (v3.0.26) as
Gingerbread theme for 0.11 instructions:
- Upgrade your CM4MM Updater: Start CM4MM Updater->Menu->Configuration->Rom Update Settings->Display Experimental Updates->Yes
- Check for updates again
- Download and apply the CM4MM Upgrade for 0.11

- When upgraded through OR: Start CM4MM Updater->Menu->Configuration-Theme Update Settings->Manage Theme Servers->Menu->Add theme server:
Scan the barcode of my themeserver
- Check for updates->Install theme
- Remember to change the textcolors accordingly (in changelog for the theme or see below)
Gingerbread theme (only for 0.09/0.10) with 1% battery steps by silesh:
Remember to change the clock color, notification ticker color and date color to white:
CyanogenMod settings->User interface->Status bar->Clock color->#ffffffff
CyanogenMod settings->User interface->Date and provider->Date color->#ffffffff
CyanogenMod settings->User interface->Notifications colors->Notification ticker color->#ffffffff

Wifi Hotfix (only for 0.09/0.10) (to fix an issue with some routers):
The Following 57 Users Say Thank You to milaq For This Useful Post: [ View ]
5th July 2011, 09:18 PM |#2  
Senior Member
Flag Lingen
Thanks Meter: 237
wow sounds good as a fast and light alternative to the gingerbread-roms! although i am happy with ho!no! at the moment, i think this one is a good alternative for everyone who wants a stable and light rom.
5th July 2011, 09:29 PM |#3  
alijs's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Amman
Thanks Meter: 22
Though I'm using CM7 since a while, but I'm very glade to see new developers in this section.

Keep up the good work man..

5th July 2011, 09:36 PM |#4  
Flag Olsztyn
Thanks Meter: 7
How about batery live?
5th July 2011, 09:48 PM |#5  
hearts king101's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Jizan
Thanks Meter: 148
Thumbs up
Really Cooooooooooooool
Thanks a lot
I wish u the very best of luck.
5th July 2011, 10:08 PM |#6  
mcdevtingz's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Oxford, UK
Thanks Meter: 69
i might start using this rom.
1) needs a GB theme, you said sileshns on it. NICEEEE
2) Needs a lonnggg battery life otherwise i may as well use CM7 you get me
6th July 2011, 01:22 AM |#7  
mcdevtingz's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Oxford, UK
Thanks Meter: 69

Sent from my Milestone using Tapatalk
6th July 2011, 01:35 AM |#8  
dmo580's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 718

While CM7 is amazing (I use it on my other phones) you have to be honest the Milestone is not cut out for GB. Even if you think it's blazing fast, just wait til you try a 512mb device. The Milestone on CM7 will be forever a lagfest slideshow in your eyes after that.

I'm glad that CM6 has some life breathed into it. I'd love to use CM7 on the Milestone, but CM6 is just 10x more usable due to its speed
6th July 2011, 01:37 AM |#9  
Thanks Meter: 0
Good work dude. I am sure many people will be happy to use this.

Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
6th July 2011, 02:22 AM |#10  
keunhuvac's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 178
Donate to Me
How about ext4 with this ROM?
6th July 2011, 05:05 AM |#11  
LuigiC6's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 44
No ext support???
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