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Good night everyone.

This it's very much patched compared to the stock kernel and it's aim is for performance/battery balance. The main features are:

19 November
* Reverts to ensure maximum stability
* Strange reboots should be fixed
* Old frequency table back - stability comes first
* More debugging **** disabled
* Updated Smartass2
* Tweaked Conservative
* Updated Interactive
* Remove a bunch of obsolete governors
* Deadline I/O scheduler tweaked for flash devices and made default
* Special minfree settings set on the source - no need for an extra init.d for this
* Special ext3 mounting flags set on the source - no need for an extra init.d for this
* dirty_ratio, dirty_writeback_interval, dirty_expire_interval and dirty_background_ratio tweaked on the source - no need for an extra init.d for this
* And more minor tweaks and optimizations for extra stability

04 October release 2:
* Works with the new CWM from stockwell - thank you man

04 October release:
* Voltage table fixed for maximum stability
* Add Lazy governor from Ezekeel for testing
* Minmax governor is the default for extra stability
* Tweaked Simple I/O scheduler and set it as default again
* Kernel image is bigger because I changed compression algorithm and now it should boot faster
* The normal minor fixing and tweaking

29 September release:
* Hot reboots fixed
* Video decoder and encoder should be fixed too

29 September release:
* Frequency table re-written. Now the CPU frequencies go from 400 to 1800 in 100 increments (400,500,600,700 etc) (thanks dzo for teaching me how the cpu calculations are made)
* Governors updated according the new CPU values. This is where the boost comes from. Now scaling up and down should be a fast and smoother process for the governors
* Voltages reviewed as well for increased battery and stability
* Bit of a cleanup of the video core and kgsl drivers (from stockwell)
* Default speeds are 1000 max and 400 min - smartass2 governor
* Some minor fixes

24 September release:
* Add ability to control vdd from sysfs (more info: (thanks stockwell)
* Remove SavagedZen and brazilianwax governors because they became obsolete
* Touchscreen dup filter enabled by default
* Default max frequency updated to be according to the CPU table - 1024000 now
* A little tune to interactiveX
* Logcat module added to the download section
* Add my ram optimization script to the download section

23 September release:
* Photo shoots are faster
* New frequencies to choose from
* 245 frequency disabled because it does more harm than good
* Fixed some undervolting values to give some extra stability. 1,8ghz should be more stable to use again
* TinyRCU optimized
* And a lot of small fixes, tweaks - the list is too big to write here, everything is in my github

17 September release:
* New undervolting values - should save more battery. Thanks fabryxy for some of the values ideas

16 September release:
* 720p codec changed to H.264 (not 100% sure I changed it)
* Latest mic patch by ksatta
* Undervolting from 1,2ghz to 122mhz - should increase battery life
* Backlight level min from 30 to 15
* Latest patches from dzo
* Small fixes and improvements here and there - can be seem in my github

11 September release:
* Smartass2 values tweaked to be more battery friendly while maintaining it's performance
* Updated vibration code from Stockwell
* ksatta's mod included
* ZRAM is gone for good. Don't worry if you flashed the module before, doesn't do **** now
* Big patch to improve overall system responsiveness and smoothness from ck kolivas. Big improvements from this one
* ext3/ext4 patches again
* Tcp/network patches and tweaks
* Small power management patch from CAF
* Kernel is way more light and should save even more battery
* Compatible with CM7 from geno
* BFQ I/O scheduler is now the default for testing purposes
* Logcat disabled for some extra battery and performance juice. I'll release a module later for devs
* Some other small tweaks that are on my github and are not worth mentioning here

31 August release:
* Smartass2: A few small tweaks and bug fixes
* Reverted compiling flags change. The flags I used for the last version wasn't that good and actually gave me some worse battery life
* lib/sha1: use the git implementation of SHA-1
* arm: remove "optimized" SHA1 routines
* PM: Back off suspend if repeated attempts fail

30 August release:
* Add Smartass2 from the original Smartass creator
* Battery friendly tweaks
* Latest acpuclock-7x30.c from CAF (dzo)
* TinyRCU default again
* VM_READAHEAD lowered to 512 from 4096. This should fix the random music stutter
* Fix for the doubled boot image
* Disabled more debug ****
* Various memory bugfixes and tweaks
* More stable and faster

23 August release:
* Now compatible with all the 2.3 roms. Stockwell changed anyKernel package and now it's boot.img independant. Means that if the rom makers release updates this kernel can still be applied without breaking the boot.img/ramdisk. Thanks Stockwell
* Compiled with an older toolchain for extra stability
* Merged latest patches from dzo
* Added ondemand from the 3.0 kernel and now it has built-in profiles. Means that it caps at X speed while screen is off
* Minmax tweaked to give a little extra performance
* Internet/data speed was major improved by changing the TCP Congestion scheduler to a better one. It's very noticable
* Disabled some legacy drivers ****, including ethernet drivers that we obviously don't use
* Reverted ext3/ext4 updated code commit. It caused some strange behavior to certain users
* Maybe one or other thing that I'm forgetting

17 August release:
* Merged the latest patches from dzo
* CFS scheduler updates
* Ipv4 code tweaks (internet usage should be faster now)
* VFP code cleanup and changes
* Some battery improvement code
* A lot more stuff that you can see in my github

04 August release:
* Add Jhash 3
* Add ZRAM
* Add dzo patches (thanks once more)
* Add few more optimization flags
* Compiled with the most recent gcc 4.6.1 toolchain from Linaro
* Add haptic feedback code from dzo (thanks)
* Only MIUI and Oxygen kernel update. The changes I did won't work on void for the most part I think

20 July release:
* Classic RCU added and default
* Simple I/O scheduler by default
* More battery patches from dzo, thank you!
* A lot of other improvements that can be seen in my github

* TinyRCU
* A lot of tweaks for the KGSL drivers
* 4 new governors with values specifically tweaked for this phone: SavagedZen, InteractiveX, Minmax and Scary
* Smoothass slightly updated and Interactive major rewrite
* CFS tweaks
* I/O improvements
* CPU unaligned access for extra performance
* Kernel compiled with flags specific for this CPU to get the most out of it
* Readahead values increased to 4096 max 32 min
* Ashmem, Shmem, lowmemorykiller, binder.c, pmem.c and timed_gpio.c backported from the .35 kernel
* Framebuffer memory file largely updated from .39 kernel
* Cleancache added and enabled
* Optimized RWSEM algorithm
* Compaction memory added
* SFB network packet scheduler
* XZ kernel compression support by default
* Latest kernel patches from dzo (from battery saving to an improved touchscreen driver)
* Enabled userspace access to the L2 PLE
* Many many more patches that can be seen in my github

MIUI, Oxygen and CM7:

Please do a backup before trying these kernels. Even if it works fine for me doesn't mean it works for everyone.

This has given me a lot of work, so please enjoy and take full advantage of this power kernel.

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13th July 2011, 06:01 AM |#2  
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Is this dzo's patch included in this kernel:
13th July 2011, 06:19 AM |#3  
Kaboosey's Avatar
Senior Member
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Thanks for this franciscofranco!

Will update later
13th July 2011, 06:50 AM |#4  
Senior Member
Flag Athens
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Thumbs up
Great work!!

The screen seems more responsive now and it looks even faster!! #void

Congratulations to both of you!

franciscofranco plz have a look at that topic and see if you can come up with something
13th July 2011, 06:57 AM |#5  
Senior Member
Flag Melbourne
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Just to clarify, this is 2.2.2 modified?
13th July 2011, 06:59 AM |#6  
Thanks Meter: 0
Good work´╝îi'll test it
13th July 2011, 08:36 AM |#7  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 11
Sorry for my noob question: we just flash normally or
13th July 2011, 09:39 AM |#8  
Junior Member
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great job
i flash your new kernel,and i feel more smoother than before
13th July 2011, 09:57 AM |#9  
ferahfeza's Avatar
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Originally Posted by randomparanoia

Sorry for my noob question: we just flash normally or

May i ask same question? Thank you for your reply.
PS: I use FBL rom, details are here
13th July 2011, 10:10 AM |#10  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 11
I just flashed it normally... so I suppose its the way to do it, since phone its still working ;p
13th July 2011, 10:34 AM |#11  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 35
Will this work on B137 Stock ROM (v2.2.2 original from Huawei)?

I have a "black sheep" X5 (see ClockWorkMod v4 topic) and I can't install any Custom ROM.
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