[ROM][WWE][8.Sep.12] EDGE Rom - Premium/Swift V4.6 -6.5.x 29022- Sense 2.5.2021

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By ypsmav, Inactive Recognized Developer on 29th July 2011, 08:19 PM
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Hi all,
I've been developing these ROMs aiming to get the most of our HTC Blackstone.
They include full Sense 2.5.2021 and intend to be fast and stable for everyday use.


New release includes:
- Swift EDGE V4.6
- Premium EDGE V4.6

- Premium EDGE V4.6 Slim (NEW!)

The main changes/improvements are.
- Release of the Premium Slim version.
- Removed MS Marketplace and replaced by Omarket.
- Twitter tab landscape fixed.
- Fixed Facebook albums on Swift rom.
- Fixed activesync autostart on Swift rom.
- General polishing.

Please Thanks button on my posts as much as you can!

ROM info:
- Base: Blackstone 1.59, WM 6.5.3 29022
- Latest HTC packages from LEO 3.14, Oboe 1.18, Rhodium 2.07 and Topaz 2.53
- Oboe Manila core 2.5.2021, with manila home 2.5.2022 with RSS hub.

Blackstone Swift EDGE
The Swift EDGE is to be considered close to the stock ROMs by HTC.
Essential software is included, and there is very little customization.
It is intended for faster response and best battery life.

Blackstone Premium EDGE
This premium ROM is fully featured and tweaked to get most of your phone.
Includes applications for a full experience with media, internet, social networks and gaming.
Improved appearance and usability.

Blackstone Premium EDGE Slim (new)
Most of programs of the premium are included, but some has been removed to improve battery life and make easier to use.

Features and Software included:
Note: items marked as OP are included only in premium version.

- HTC eBook reader as stand alone package,with possibility to import your own books. (OP)
- HTC Footprints as stand alone package. (OP)
- HTC messaging with secure box. (OP)
- Media: TV (OP), Midomi (song recognition) (OP), YouTube, Radio, RSS…
Media control enabled on lock screen!.
- Social: Facebook Tab (OP), Twitter tab, MS Facebook app (OP), Windows live, Messenger.
- Skype. (VOIP AudioRoute on the same folder will allow you to change the sound to the earpiece for talking without headphones)
- GPS: Latest google maps + Footprints (OP) + GPSViewer (OP)
- Office 2010 full.
- Gaming friendly. Tweaked for good performance of 3D games. Also includes a virtual D-Pad (OP) for games which needs physical keyboard.
- Useful app: Datacontrol (OP), Jetprint (OP), flashlight (OP), WorldCard mobile (OP), wifi router,etc.
- Useful tools: Pim backup, Voice speed dial, in call recording.
- Tweaks: you will find HD setting tools (OP) on the tools folder.
- VOIP capable (OP). Enterprise capable (OP).
- WM Marketplace (still works...)
- Java engine (OP) allows you to run Java applications (E.G Angry birds, latest opera browser, etc)
- Wifi router.

These ROMs are also tweaked/optimized to improve performance, usability and appearance:
- Virtual memory adjusted.
- Enhanced multitasking (integrated AltTab and task Manager)
- Customized Action screen on home screen (OP).
- Customized icons, folders, taskbar (OP) and vol control (OP). High contrast high resolution wide wallpaper.
- User Customization (UC) support (place SDConfig.txt in the root of your SD card) tutorial here
- And much more things.


Default lockscreen and Optional Mediacontrol enabled (OP):

Download links:

Important Note: please the read completely the posts #1, #2 and #3 to avoid problems during flashing and customization.
Also Read the Rom instructions!
When you donwload the ROM you can hit the thank button on my posts and leave your comments on the thread.

Latest versions:
Swift EDGE V4.6:
MD5: D1AD457597BCB980822B9D08CD7F0905

Premium EDGE V4.6 Slim:
MD5: 29EB4CE37F087A8E27345A8F682987F4

Premium EDGE V4.6 :

WARNING: you need to have your battery fully charged before flashing. Otherwise you could have problems on the first boot.

Previous versions:
Premium EDGE V4.4:
Swift EDGE V4.3.1:
Premium EDGE V4.3.1:
Premium EDGE V4.1.6:
Swift EDGE V4.1.6:
Note: Before flashing the Swift EDGE read about known issue on post 3.

With lockscreen with media control enabled and Sense autorotate enabled.
Premium EDGE V3.6:
Swift EDGE V3.6:
Note: Before flashing the Swift EDGE read about known issue on post 3.

WARNING: you need to have your battery fully charged before flashing. Otherwise you could have problems on the first boot.

Enjoy flashing!
For best results suggest follow the flashing instructions included on the compressed file.
- Full battery charge before flashing (until you get the green led)
- Use Task29 first (this will format your internal memory) take battery out and go into bootloader again.
- Use task 28 to flash the rom.
- Hard reset is recommended just after first boot (remove battery, place it again and press vol up + vol down + power).

Special thanks to the XDA forum and to following developers:
- Ultrashot (virtual mem, utask, vol control, etc.)
- airxtreme (osKitchen)
- Iwfratz (Winmospeed)
- Lechu (icons template)
- Morepizza (Dpad)
- daveshaw (xdashutdown)
- OndraSter (LS Media patch)
- DarkNinja (Android Taskbars)
- DanielHerrero (LockDevice)
- Millsky, FarmerTed, AndrewSH, Crancing, Indagroove, + QuePPC and many others that help me.
- Apologies for others not mentioned here, but that helped to this ROM.
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29th July 2011, 08:21 PM |#2  
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Customize your EDGE ROM
Add ons:
- Enable Media control on Lockscreen: use this cab. Note: This Lockscreen is less memory efficient. Restart is required to work. Note: only valid on Premium V4.3.1 and newer.
- Manila A2DP fix. Allows you to control Manila Music with your BT headsets.
- DNLA my solution on this thread.
- Radio this radio is recommended for this ROM.
- Co0kie home tab
- Disable RSS feed. Use the cab here posted by Indagroove.
- Disable HTC messaging: try this cab
- Background for all tabs (B4alltabs) here. Thanks Co0kieMonster.
- Options for auto lockscreen: check my options
- Snooze Option from here. This will allow you to prostpone reminders different than default 5 minutes. Also change wireless networks notification.
- Enable Autorotation of Sense: use this cab. Warning: normally it wil work ok, but in some cases locking the device when it's in landscape could freeze it. Try avoid locking when in landscape. If freezes, just pull the battery out.
- Manila change language: If you change the registry to get Manila in other language, you also need to install this cab to include the removed files: cab
- Arabic or Persian write: check this post
- Overclocking: use this tool.

Additional High Resolution Themes for ROM customization:
Note: you have to apply this cab after the device has completed startup and sense is running. You must RESTART the device after cab installation.
Note2: this cabs should work on other ROMs not only on Blackstone Edge ROMs.

- Taskbar theme - Premium taskbar for Swift and edge: here

- Theme Circles: use the cab here

- Theme black grid. Use the cab here

- Theme Rain: Use the cab here

- Theme Vertical Strips: Use the cab here

Recommended Software: (locate it via google)
Social: XDA facebook
Media: TCPMP, Coreplayer, SPBradio, Radio365, OnlineTVx.
ExtremeGTX headset settings
Tweaks/task managers: SKtools, Advanced config tool, FDC task manager, Total commander.
GPS: TomTom, GPSweatherradar, Nonigpsplot, Glympse.
GenY dual boot for Android.
HTC Gsensor config (included in Premium EDGE rom).

How to flash your Blackstone
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29th July 2011, 08:22 PM |#3  
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Known Issue on the EDGE Rom versions:
During the first start of the device, it may freeze on the white screen or just showing the background.
in order to avoid this problem, please charge your battery fully before flashing.

If you are not able to boot the Rom try hardrest and reflashing and send me a private message.

Bugs found on latest version:
The fixes for the bugs reported on the previous version have been fixed on the V4.3.1.
If you find any bug, pls advise and I’ll try to fix it asap.

Previous versions bugs:
- [SOLVED] MMS small in Swift version. Solved on V4.3.1
- [SOLVED] JavaFX not connecting to internet. Solved on V4.0. fix Here.
- [SOLVED] MyMobiler. It was removed in V4.0. Fix for older version here.
- [SOLVED] TimeSys error: Solved on V4.0. fix for older versions here
- [SOLVED] DataControl corrupted: solved in V3.6.
- [SOLVED] Premium V2.6: HTC footprint missing. solved on V2.7.
- [SOLVED] Connection setup not updating operator setup. Solved on V2.7/1.1.
- [SOLVED] SMS sound: if you note there is no sound on new sms, pls apply the attached cab 

Version change log:
 Premium & Swift V4.6 (8-Sep-2012)
- Release of Premium Slim version.
- Remove of MS Marketplace, replaced by Omarket
- Twitter tab landscape fixed.
- Activesync not starting fixed (swift).
- Facebook Albums fixed (swift).
- General polishing of the ROM.
Premium V4.4 (22-Apr-12) - Downloads: 2800
- Removed unusued services/packages.
- Fixed Facebook albums.
- Fixed activesync autostart. 
- upadted packages.
Premium + Swift Edge V4.3.1 (26-Mar-12) Downloads: 2700
- Improved battery life (tested)
- Changed the behavior of the X to close. Short close, long minimize.
- Removed overclocking.
- Possibility to enable media lockscreen on Premium EDGE.
- New notification and menu enhacement packages from Oboe.
- New RSS channels by default.
- Updated and improved packages.
- Automatic lockscreen reenabled (lockdevice).
- New MMS package for the Swift version.
Premium + Swift Edge V4.1.6 (26-Feb-12) Downloads: 2650
- Improved finger sensibility. It is smoother and faster.
- Updated packages from latest Oboe.
- General revision, aiming improving battery life.
- Remplaced Lockdevice on Premium.
Premium + Swift EDGE V4.0.2 (6-Jan-12) Downloads over 4000 downloads. (exact number unknown due Megaupload problem)
- Updated several base packages.
- Disabled autorotation on Sense/phone canvas (enabled for other apps). It can be enabled using GSensor config.
- New lockscreen from Oboe.
- Updated Sense music dll for faster/better reproduction.
- Updated TimeZone.
- Improved virtual memory. New tweaked packages.
- Added HTC phone packages.
- Improved scrolling.
- Debugging disabled.
- New wallpapers (OP)
Premium + Swift EDGE V3.6 (21-Nov-11) Premium 2220 Downloads! + Swift 634 Downloads!
- Manitenance release of V3.5. small bug fixing.
- Updated packages (uTask, Bold fix) Thanks Ultrashot.
Premium + Swift EDGE V3.5 (13-Nov-11) 1162 downloads in 1 week.
- Full autorotation enabled on most applications including Manila.
- Included Gsensor config (OP) for easy autorotation configuration.
- Changed lockscreen, as the oboe lockscreen crashes in Landscape.
- Lockscreen Media enabled.
- Sense themed lockscreen (OP)
- Remplaced HTC default Java engine with JavaFX, which work much better.
- Improved battery life on EDGE Premium.
- BT Beam enabled by default.
- Network time enabled by default.
- Removed useless Sys/Htc packages.
- General optimization
Premium + Swift EDGE V3.0 (8-Oct-11) Premium 2714 downloads! + Edge 1346 downloads! = 4060 Downloads
- Improved battery life.
- Improved speed.
- Included GPSViewer (OP).
- Sunrays fix included.
Premium Edge V2.7 + Swift V1.1(17-Sept-11): 2253 downloads!
- Changed compression to XPR. Faster.
- Fixed Footprints. (OP)
- Fixed connection database update.
- Back to vertical slider to improve memory consumption.
- Improved battery life.
- Improved Virtual Dpad graphics.
- Improved graphics.
- General revision.
Premium V2.6 + Swift V1.0: 05.Sep.2011- Downloads 967!
- Changed Lockscreen. Scrapped Oboe lockscreen which have problems in the Blackstone, and included my own Media Enabled lockscreen. Feedback welcome.
- Included long press end key (assigned to lockscreen by default).
- Fixed operator on home screen.
- Updated graphics.
- General improving and bug fixing (SMS sound fixed).
- Public release of Swift EDGE ROM.
v2.50: 05.08.11 - Downloads 1130!
- Changed packages to avoid first start problem reported by some users. Removed uTask hook of the taskbar.
- Removed B4Alltabs, you can install it from previous post.
- General optimization of packages. 
v2.45: 30.07.11
- Enabled Manila landscape in all tabs. By this tweak we loose the albums and pictures fancy landscape view. If you miss it, just unistall the tweak.
- Enabled Background for all tabs. If you don't like just unistall the tweak.
- Added theme support. Cabs with different themes will be posted soon for your configuration.
- Included Blackstone Advanced RUU in the file for easy task29.
v2.40: 29.07.11
Public release.

To do list:
Comments and suggestions also welcome.
I’ll try to include them on the next release.
Working in additional themes for the customization of the ROM. If you have a great Wallpaper that can be used by everyone, just send me a Private message.
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Name:	Screen01.jpg
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Attached Files
File Type: cab Fix SMS sound - [Click for QR Code] (4.1 KB, 797 views)
File Type: cab YPSMAV Fix - [Click for QR Code] (9.8 KB, 443 views)
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29th July 2011, 08:28 PM |#4  
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Donate to Me
so, where its screenshots ??
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29th July 2011, 09:27 PM |#5  
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link don't work
link... unavaible
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29th July 2011, 10:22 PM |#6  
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I installed this ROM. The initial screen is blank and the "Start" menu does not work.
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29th July 2011, 10:31 PM |#7  
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New download link
I've uploaded the ROM again. New link updated on first post.

Enjoy flashing!
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29th July 2011, 10:55 PM |#8  
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Hi wishm,
I've just downloaded and flashed the ROM again, and it boots without problems.
Would you pls download it again from the new link and reflash using task29?
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30th July 2011, 11:43 AM |#9  
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At first I did task29 and then I upgraded the ROM via cable and again the same problem. Then I tried to upgrade through SD card and without SIM card and then the case is worked fine.
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30th July 2011, 06:15 PM |#10  
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link dead
please reupload, link not working
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30th July 2011, 09:35 PM |#11  
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Unhappy link dead
please reupload, link not working..
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