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By mialwe, Senior Member on 2nd August 2011, 08:21 PM
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The Midnight kernel (mngb) is a personal project aiming for "average", daily use and stability. Not benchmark performance. Nothing fancy. I really liked the Speedmod kernel while using Froyo but missed some features so 2011/07 I decided to work on this kernel which has now been completely rebuilt 2012/06 using latest Samsung sources.

Big thanks to Mahd for tenacious testing and beeing patient with me, all users, donators and developers and especially stratosk, hardcore, supercurio (Voodoo), koush (CWM), neldar (BLN) and everybody else developing Open Source software, helping or reporting.

- for Samsung JW4/5/6 based firmware, support for RFS and EXT4 partitions
- autoROOT, init.d support
- optional overclocking to 1.128Ghz, undervolting support
- Midnight SMOOVE CPU governor, SmartAssV2, SIO IO scheduler, 366Mb RAM \w full video capabilities
- backlightnotification (use BLN Control), VoodooSound10 (use VoodooControl)
- some tweaks, removed debug stuff
- for ADB users: adb shell remount
- extended CWM
--> reinstall/remove su/busybox/Superuser
--> backup/restore/delete Nandroid FULL/DATA-only/SYSTEM-only
--> extended cleanup options (sounds, bloatware and unneeded system-apps (profiles ~ 0.7-60Mb)
--> choose 800Mhz/1Ghz/1.128Ghz maxfreq
--> choose Smoove, Conservative, Ondemand, SmartAssV2 governor
--> toggle logger/tun/bthid modules, Noop, touchscreen sensitivity, shorter touchLED timeout, init.d
--> set screen gamma and RGB profile

Stock frequencies, SMOOVE, SIO, all options disabled.

Flash from sdcard using sgs-kernel flasher, flash extracted zImage using Heimdall or flash downloaded TAR archive with Odin

DOWNLOAD (changelog @ post #2)
Attached Files
File Type: tar mngb-0.5.5.tar - [Click for QR Code] (7.37 MB, 2112 views)
File Type: tar mngb-0.5.6.tar - [Click for QR Code] (7.35 MB, 716 views)
File Type: tar mngb-0.5.7.tar - [Click for QR Code] (7.37 MB, 667 views)
File Type: tar mngb-0.5.8.tar - [Click for QR Code] (7.37 MB, 7792 views)
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2nd August 2011, 08:21 PM |#2  
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0.5.8 / 2012-06-18
- CWM: readded uv menu
0.5.7 / 2012-06-17
- added SmartAssV2 CPU governor
- support for EXT4 partitions is back (thanks ZaneZam for reporting and testing)
- some internal kernel patches/enhancements
- CWM: MNGB menu for kernel options
- CWM: menus for CPU max frequency and governors
0.5.6 / 2012-06-12
- lowered screen-off CPU sampling_rate
- removed old lower brightness adjustment formula
0.5.5 / 2012-06-05
- bugfix: ROM->privacy->factory reset works for RFS now - thanks Mahd for the bug report
- sampling_rate 23000
- logcat toggle via CWM
- auto removal of MidnightControl.apk
0.5.3 / 2012-06-02
- bugfix: Superuser/SU don't get replaced at every boot anymore
- bugfix: Odin TAR works now as intended
0.5.1 / 2012-06-02
- added Midnight SMOOVE CPU governor
- added updated Ondemand governor (from MNICS)
- completely rebuilt kernel using Samsungs 2012/05 sources
- removed MidnightControl, Nexus display drivers
- included only the most important features
------- NEW NAME (mngb), NEW BASE SOURCES (Samsung 2012), JW4/5/6 ONLY ------
0.9.0 / 2012-03-07
- bugfix: Ondemand governor should be faster again
- sampling rate 40000->20000 for Conservative governor
- updated SIO scheduler sources 
0.8.9 / 2012-02-28
- added 1.128Ghz step (arm/int.volt 1300/1100)
- added lowmemorykiller MODERATE (56Mb) preset
- added generic gamma adjustment (-30-0)to MidnightControl
- added LED timeout adjustment (100-2000ms) to MidnightControl
- changed gamma default (reducing oversaturation like in 0.8.8)
- changed 1.2Ghz arm/int.volt to 1350/1100
- ported Conservative governor from Midnight-ICS
- removed 800Mhz max. freq when screen-off
- back to JW1 proprietary initramfs modules (last "official" version)
0.8.8 / 2012-02-07
- app: fix for users not having /system/bin/cat
- app: fixed Midnight kernel version display
- kernel: reverted some optimizations after instability reports -> 342Mb RAM
- kernel: raised 1.2Ghz arm.voltage 1310mV -> 1325mV
- initramfs: changed CFS values, testing...
0.8.7 / 2012-01-31
- kernel: 343Mb RAM, front cam picture works \w JW1, probably not \w JVU)
- kernel: removed more debug stuff for slightly more performance, less overhead
- kernel: back to stock bootlogo
- kernel: Nexus tl2796, configurable lower brightness (5 levels)
- kernel: RGB multiplier support based on Supercurios great work
- kernel: Conservative governor adjustments
- kernel: bthid compiled as module
- kernel: int.volt slightly raised (1100->1125mV) for 1.2Ghz (stability)
- CWM: removed a lot of potentially unneeded stuff 
- CWM: added remove Email.apk, GMaps options
- CWM: added "block-MidnightControl-settings-next-boot" option
- initramfs: updated to JVU modules
- initramfs: SIO and 128Kb (yes) sdcard read_ahead_kb default
- initramfs: improved read_ahead_kb for /cache, /dbdata, /system
- initramfs: adjusted default LMK, starts working at 65Mb RAM now
- initramfs: HOME_APP_ADJ=1 again
- MidnightControl app
0.8.4 / 2011-12-17
- Bugfix: Ondemand/deepsleep-patch (thanks Stratosk)
- Bugfix: Logcat incomplete when loaded as module
- CWM: 3 touch sensitivity options back
- Initramfs: shortend /proc/mem output in /data/user.log
- Initramfs: JW1-modules
- Initramfs: Pikachu01's latest CFS values
0.8.3 / 2011-12-10
- Bugfix: Removed Ondemand/deep-sleep patch, somehow caused frequency to be 800Mhz > 40% time if connected to AC charger and sleeping.
- Disabled SAMPLING_DOWN_FACTOR again, testing
- 341Mb RAM, testing
0.8.2-4 / 2011-12-08
- initramfs: JVZ-module, new CFS values (testing)
- kernel: Ondemand/SAMPLING_DOWN_FACTOR implemented
- cwm: /mnt/sdcard compatibility
- cwm: handles mount for /sbin/mount to prevent issues when mounting from update/CWM-ZIP
- cwm: support for /dbdata mounts, /datadata completely removed
  CAUTION: create new backups, Midnight 0.8 Nandroid 
  backups (containing datadata)...tar won't be completely restored.    
0.8.0 / 2011-12-03
- Big thanks to stratosk for letting me use his CWM3 initramfs as base initramfs
- Big thanks to supercurio for taking some time to confirm my assumptions about a nasty RFS bug and my bugfix ideas
- Big thanks to madrooster for a helping hand regarding my build environment when switching to CWM4.
- Big thanks to Mahd and Scheichuwe for testing ;)
- Thank you guys. A lot. 
- CWM4
- CWM: Rearranged menus
- CWM: EXT4 and RFS support
- CWM: Backported CWM5 TAR Nandroid
- CWM: Supports FULL, DATA- and SYSTEM-only Nandroid
- CWM: Added "remove Nandroid backup" option
- CWM: Added more IPv4/6 security tweaks
- CWM: Manage TUN module/IPvX security tweak issue
- CWM: Added Advanced->Misc->Toggle NO-autoROOT
- CWM: Added Advanced->Misc->Toggle NO-MidnightTweaks
- CWM: Added Backup/Restore->SystemUI, framework-res
- CWM: Added Cleanup->Delete *a-lot-of-bloat* options
- CWM: Added 64/128/256Kb to READ_AHEAD menu
- CWM: Moved touchscreen sensitivity to Advanced options->misc
- CWM: Removed "delete S_volt_scheduler" as init.d can be disabled
- CWM: Removed "delete init.d" as init.d can be disabled
- CWM: Removed RFS/EXT4 conversion due to unresolved issues
- CWM: Added multiple bloatware/systemapp cleanup options (0.7-52Mb)
- Initramfs: JVU updated, completely rebuilt (multiple times :) )
- Initramfs: autoROOT (re-checked every boot)
- Initramfs: added remount script for adb users (adb shell remount)
- Initramfs: slightly adjusted some tweaks
- Initramfs: testing pikachu01's CFS values
- Kernel: Midnight bootlogo 
- Kernel: Added newmails great Ondemand patch
--Be sure to reduce undervolting mV if you experience reboots
- Kernel: Added SIO scheduler
- Kernel: Some minor tweaks (99% 0.7.6)
- Adjusted lowmemorykiller settings
- everything I forgot since 2011/10...
0.7.6 / 2011-10-07
- bugfix: su/superuser not working
- slightly lowered conservative thresholds to 55/up)/35(down)
- some text changes in CWM cleanup menu
0.7.5 / 2011-10-07
- raised 1.2Ghz voltage from 1300mV to 1310mV (stability) 
- removed 1.3Ghz
- updated su/superuser to 3.0.2-efgh
- updated to proprietary JVT modules
0.7.3 / 2011-10-02
- hybrid overclocking:
-- defaults to 100-200-400-800-1000Mhz, stock voltages
-- 1.2Ghz (1300mV) or 1.3Ghz(1375mV) can be enabled via CWM
-- when overclocking 1Ghz freq. will remain enabled as additional freq. step
0.7.2 / 2011-10-01
- removed 1.3Ghz again
0.7.1 / 2011-09-30
- switched to 7 freq/5 step version (100/200/400/800/1000/1200/1300Mhz)
- slightly optimized conservative governor
-- up_threshold 60, down_threshold 45,  code uses freq. lookup table
- CWM: Added "Unroot" option to cleanup menu
- CWM: load TUN module
- updated su/superuser to 3.0-efgh
 0.6.7 / 2011-09-25
- adapted JVS initramfs
- should work with JVQ/JVR/JVS (wifi issues /w JVS expected, none reported...)
- CWM: added autobackup for all cleanup menu options
- CWM: added restore option for cleanup menu options
- CWM: added partition size/free space stats in ROOT and cleanup menus
- extended/cleaned up debug output in /data/user.log
 0.6.5 / 2011-09-23
- bugfix: set read_ahead value to 512 as default again
- added debug output in /data/user.log
 0.6.4 / 2011-09-22
- bugfix: fixed uv values not beeing applied
- bugfix: cpufreq-stats not beeing loaded, UV/OC-Apps should work again
 0.6.3 / 2011-09-22
-bugfix: fixed bootloop if not using manual LMK slot 1 value (thanks Pfiffle for the hint)
 0.6.2 / 2011-09-22
- bugfix: undervolting presets 10/11 working
- bugfix: voodoo sound FM should work now 
- CWM: added manual undervolting mV setting (5mV steps)
- CWM: added manual lowmemorykiller setting (1Mb step)
- CWM: Toggle init.d support (default: disabled, enable it if needed)
- CWM: restructured, added IDs to larger tables (presets, uv, lmk, read_ahead)
- adjusted ondemand up_threshold (90->85%)
- color temperature set to 6900k
- play repeating samsung bootanimation if dalvik-cache cleared
- some minor tweak adjustments
- implemented kangsterizers touckey backlight timeout procedures, lowered timeout to 0.5 sec.
 0.6.1 / 2011-09-17
- CWM: bugfix, enabled option 11 in UV menu
- CWM: added [default] marker, added IDs to UV settings
 0.6.0 / 2011-09-17
- Upgraded proprietary modules to JVR
- minor speed tweaks 
- added VR IO scheduler
- adjusted some tweaks (sources here)
- toggle CPU 1.0/1.2Ghz via sysfs + reloading cpufreq_stats module (thanks to stratosk for his great idea to switch the frequency via 2 functions in cpu-freq.c) 
- lots of new CWM options:
-- shutdown from CWM
-- choose CPU max.freq 400/800/1000 or 1200Mhz (=4 steps)
-- choose CPU governor (conservative, ondemand)
-- choose CPU undervolting preset (10 presets for now)
-- choose lowmemorykiller preset (7 presets for now, 4th value=process killer)
-- choose IO scheduler (noop, vr, deadline, cfq)
-- choose read_ahead (sdcards) 512/1024/2048/3064/4096kB
-- choose touchscreen sensitivity presets (stock + 3 presets for now, testing...)
-- moved filesystem conversion to seperate menu
-- option to delete local.prop, S_volt_scheduler and Midnight config files
 0.1.5 - 0.5.4-test / 2011-08-27
- sources updated @github
- interesting dev links updated @github
- recovery source uploaded @github
- slightly raised LMK values for slot 4/5/6, values are now 12288,13312,15360 (48/52/60Mb) (responisveness+, testing)
- compiled without OABI compatibility (speed+, found @talon, testing)
- removed "sysctl -w vm.oom_kill_allocating_task=1" (concurrs with LMK and maybe doesn't even work?)
- removed setprop pm.sleep_mode 1 (safety, not enough information)
- raised /proc/sys/vm settings a little bit:
-- echo "3000" > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_writeback_centisecs # flush after 30sec.
-- echo "3000" > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_expire_centisecs # pages expire after 30sec.
-- echo "10" > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_background_ratio # flush pages later (default 5% active mem)
-- echo "25" > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_ratio
- small fix: executing initscripts with filename starting with digits, too (e.g. "99SuperCharger")...
- toolchain 2010q1
- VoodooSound FM enabled
- tiny bugfix, disabled more debug stuff 
- CWM option: toggle sdcard read_ahead 2048kB tweak
- disabled more debug stuff
- CONFIG_HZ 250hz
- lowmemorykiller values to 48/52Mb for slots 5/6
- moved HOME_APP to slot 0
- disabled touchscreen tweaks (stuttering issues for some users)
- reimplemented missing WARM/COLD mode setting in CWM (advanced options/optional features)
- implemented clean init.d via CWM
- implemented remove all custom bootanimations via CWM
- implemented remove boot/shutdown sounds (for space to root) via CWM
- bugfix: set conservative governor as default (again) instead of ondemand
- disabled powersave/performance governors
- stability: reverted/removed some tweaks set in initramfs
- stability: RAM back to 336 for testing
- merged Galaxy Tab mdnie module with Speedmod sharpness/color
- slightly tweaked color temperature (testing)
- pushed color saturation (testing)
- added some touch behaviour tweaks (testing)
- added some prop settings for battery and proximity sensor
- disabled iostats (less overhead)
- missing liblights lib installer for BLN implemented
- USB tethering *should* work now
- conservative governor tweaked for 1Ghz max (1.2Ghz still possible)
- reverted various speed/mem tweaks from 0.3.8 (have to test them more)
- merged Galaxy Tab _mdnie module (testing)
- merged simple Voodoo color settings for UI only (testing)
- set color temperature to 6700k (testing)
- working bootanimations (thanks stratosk)
- more tweaked CONSERVATIVE governor
- max. Voltage for 1.2Ghz raised to 1300mV (because of stability issues with 1275mV)
- various mem/speed improvements for testing (see Github)
- more tweaked CONSERVATIVE governor
- disabled non-working umounting options in recovery
- Speedmods' initramfs with CWM2.5 re-implemented as conversion EXT4/RFS now works. mount options in CWM -> mount & storage still don't work, tested  Speedmod-T24 where they did not work, too.
- Module version in .config now empty (LOCALVERSION)
- reverted file moving of tvoutserver start in initramfs
- new samsung sources merged, still recovery3e only
- switched back to recovery3e due to umounting issues with Speedmod CWM2.5
- slightly tweaked CONSERVATIVE CPU governor default, switch back to ONDEMAND with e.g. setCPU or VoltageControl or similar apps
- testing: autom. su-installation, init.d-support via initramfs
- kernel features and patchfile unchanged to 0.1.9
- BLN support
- VoodooSound10
- 341Mb RAM (wasn't able to produce anything better than those values used by other kernels, too. 720p recording without sound on my external sdcard, *with* sound on internal...)
- readded debug.sf.hw=1 to default.prop for possible hardware ui acceleration (did no harm on my device)
- removed CFQ tweaks from initramfs as NOOP is used
- removed SLQB for now, felt weird on my device
- first XDA release
- removed debug.sf.hw=1 from default.prop again for testing
- UV/OC (1,2Ghz, 1300mV possible) (thanks exitz)
0.0.1 - 0.1.4 / 2011-08 / (not published)
- first build experiments, added features step by step.
- struggled with initramfs, finally extracted JVQ initramfs
- ported Speedmods' recovery and scripts
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2nd August 2011, 08:29 PM |#3  
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Nice to see a new kernel dev for the i9000. Welcome!
2nd August 2011, 09:11 PM |#4  
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Oh wow, something new to flash I'll just wait for some feedback, and give it a try
2nd August 2011, 09:29 PM |#5  
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That was really nice of you to thank everyone that way. I can rarely see this on the forums..

Nice kernel, hope you will become big and probably a new ROM chef in the near future, who knows...

Wish you all the best.
2nd August 2011, 10:03 PM |#6  
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I wish you all good! You don't need to be programmer or anyone else like that to make something big, just keep your mind open for new challenges and see what ppl says, do not give up and do not be discouraged by some of them
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2nd August 2011, 10:53 PM |#7  
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Here is a .tar image and a cwm .zip

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2nd August 2011, 11:25 PM |#8  
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Congratulation for your new kernel. more kernel choice for me.

Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk
3rd August 2011, 06:12 AM |#9  
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Thank you for your kind "welcome", I'm glad to be able to give something back to XDA.
@Lukiqq: Jup, I'm not a full-time programmer but made some experiences with BASIC/Python/Bash/little bit of C/C++, even looked into Java about 10 Years ago and mainly PHP/MySQL/CSS (+ a little bit of MS SQL @work) since starting with BASIC/PASCAL almost 20 years ago (2086XT,black/yellow monitor ). I like code of all kinds but just don't have enought time to learn...
@pingpong: Thank you for the packages, just answered your PM.
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3rd August 2011, 07:20 AM |#10  
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thanks m8 will try this...keep up the good work.....cheeerz
4th August 2011, 07:15 PM |#11  
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No Bootanimation support??
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