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[TUTORIAL] How to Network Unlock Samsung Galaxy Ace Via ADB

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By Jc_master, Senior Member on 5th August 2011, 11:40 PM
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Method outdated and risky.

Improved method:

Hi Everybody, Im Jcmaster and im Kind of new in this forum, i have been following this forum for some time ind i think its time to give something to this comunity, i have been searched for a while and found nothing like this, i'dont know if this is ilegal (i dont think so) or if it is in the wrong section but i will continue any ways.

Ok this is to all the people who had they phones bricked while doing this, First of all, i succesfully Bricked my phone and bring it back to life by doing the following.
I was reading all the messages from people who bricked their phones by doing this tutorial and i did not understand how they did it so i tried to brick my phone to see how to fix it, but the only way i could do this was by skiping the last step, umount /efs, when i did not make this and restarted my phone, the phone get bricked, it onli lighted up the screen and do nothing.

Once i managed to brick my phone i just downloaded the KPN gingerbread rom, and the brazilian rom, y followed this tutorial to unbrick my phone: This is The Tutorial
I Installed the KPN with the OPS and the Modem files of the brazilian rom, once i got the rom running my phone was kinda messy, some random error messages and many more, so i did a wipe of the chache and dalvik and restarted the phone an it was ok, and the i installed the rom via odin and thats the rom im runing now and i dont have any problem, well thats how i bricked/unbricked my phone on purpose, and dont forget the last step, umount/efs. i hope it works for somebody because i worked with me.

Firts Things First, I'm not responsible for a, Brick or semibrick that may come with this tutorial i have succesfully unlocked 15 Phones and by the thime they dont have any problem, so i suggest to read the entire post as many times is needed to understand the entire procedure & clarify all the doubts that you may have.
If you have a cuestion, please ask it, its better to wait some time until you have an answer that brick your phone, and also your cuestions are usefull for other people.
Once this is understood lets proceed.

Ok ill start with the Requirements.

You Will Need:

Your Samsung Galaxy Ace (obviously)

The original Usb Cable that comes with the phone.
Your Computer (I will use Windows XP for the demonstration, because i dont know how to do it with other O.S)
Your Phone has to be Rooted
Samsung Kies Installed Wich can be found HERE
ADB wich comes with Android SDK and can be found HERE

Ok Once you have all that stuff we can continue.

I will not teach how to Root your device because custom roms are already rooted and if you have a stock rom there are plenty tutorialn on hou to root it, and also i will not teach you how to install Kies because its realle easy and anyone can do it, i will only teach you how to install Andoid SDK and the specific ADB Package OK lets start.

Once you have downloaded the Android SDK Run the Installer trough all the steps to install it, I recomend to Install it in "C:" disk so it makes easier to make al the further steps, if it ask for the Java SDK just download and install, restart the Android SDK Installer and continue, Once its Fully Installed open it and do this next steps:

1-Go to the "Available Packages" Option on your left Menu
2-Click on the "Refresh" Button ond the bottom Right and wait until it finish
3-From Items select the "Andoid SDK platform-tools, revision 6" Item
4-Click the "Install Selected" button on the botton right and wait until it finish
5-Now you can either close the SDK or leave it open.

Now that you installed the SDK and the ADB its time to set the Path so the cmd.exe recognizes the ADB, there are two methods, One With cmd.exe (console) and one with the My PC Properties, i will explain bot of them.

Cmd.exe (console) Method.

Click on your start button and select "Run" from the Start Menu, type cmd.exe on the box and press enter.
Once the CMD its open write the next Text: set PATH=%PATH%;C:\android\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools
The text Write in Bold means your SDK Installation Directory, thats why i told you to Installa the sdk In C: Disk, just check that your Installation Directory is the same as mine or modify the line according to your needs.

My PC Properties Method.

Open My PC, and Right click on a blank space,
Select "Properties" from the just opened contextual menu,
On My PC Properties select the "Advanced Options" Tab
On the "Advanced Options" tab click on the "Environment Variables" button.
Now Mark the "Path" Variable and click the "Edit" Button.
At the end of the line add this text:
Remember that The text Write in Bold means your SDK Installation Directory, thats why i told you to Install the SDK In C: Disk, just check that your Installation Directory is the same as mine or modify the line according to your needs.

Ok now you have completly installed the android SDK and the ADB (Android Debugging Bridge) and you can now do the final steps to Unlock or Get the Unlock Code for Your Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Ok now that you have Installed all the necessary programs:

Connect your SGA to your Computer via the included USB Cable. (the drivers should be installed by now, Kies installs them automaticaly)
Click on you start button and open the "Run" option, on Run type cmd.exe and press enter.
Now on Cmd.exe type the next text to acces the ADB Shell:
cd C:\android\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools
Remember that this means your Android SDK Installation directory, so if you get an error, check that the route is well writed and if you installed it in a diferent directory just modify the line so it fits to your needs, just remeber to pur - instead of spaces and \ (not / ) to indicate folders.
Now that you are in "C:\android\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools" type: adb shell
Now That you are in adb shell type the next command: su
At this point you have to give root premission to adb shell on you Phone
Ok now that adb shell has root premission and its inside you phone, type the next line:
cd /
Now be carefull and notice that there are spaces in the line and that we are using / instead of \
Ok now that you typed cd / type the next line: mount -o remount rw /
Ok Now type: mkdir /efs
And now type: mount -o nosuid,ro,nodev -t vfat /dev/block/stl5 /efs
And now type: cat /efs/mits/perso.txt
And you will get some strange characters on the screen and a 8 digit number, thats your unlock code, copy it in paper or in a Notepad file, but check it twice so you get the correct number, also the number provided is unique so dont try to use your number with other phones or use my number with yours.

Ok Now that you Have your Code just type: umount /efs

And disconnect your phone from your computer, turn off your Phone and insert a SIM from another company, it will ask for the Unlock Code, just type the code that you just get and you are done, your phone is now unlocked and without brick risk.
Now you can check that your cellphone is unlocked by typing the next code on your numeric keyboard, like if you where doing a call: *#7465625#

And thats it, its really easy, and its really safe if you read everything, and clear your doubts.

All the images are mine and i learned this from a friend of my, but its tested in 15 Samsung Galaxy Ace Phones an none get hurt XD,

Well thats it, remember to comment and ask as many times you need, im glad to answer all of your questions, se you later

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6th August 2011, 02:14 AM |#2  
kesterpogz's Avatar
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great tutorial. very detailed and easy to understand.lucky for me my phone is already unlocked out of the box

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6th August 2011, 03:01 AM |#3  
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Thank you Im gonna try it

This works with every android? or every samsung android?
Or its just ACE?

6th August 2011, 03:34 AM |#4  
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Originally Posted by Gh0s7_Hun73r

Thank you Im gonna try it

This works with every android? or every samsung android?
Or its just ACE?


I havent tried, but maybe it can work i just tried with galaxy ace because one friend of my bought several of them to sell and i unlocked them all, well its just matter of trying
6th August 2011, 03:41 AM |#5  
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Just tried on mine. Works perfect!!!!!!!! Thank youuuuu

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6th August 2011, 03:52 AM |#6  
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Thanks for ur contribution......... Luckily we dont have network lock in our country
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6th August 2011, 03:58 AM |#7  
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Now thanks to you, I dont have it either
6th August 2011, 04:02 AM |#8  
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hehehehehe .... This may encourage other to buy ACE..... More Aces Strong community
7th August 2011, 03:45 PM |#9  
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ThanKS! i got the code.

I was denied access trying to go to into SU because I made a mistake in Cmd.exe (console) Method.
I then tried My PC Properties and it worked.
umount /efs did not do anything so i just used exit.
7th August 2011, 03:58 PM |#10  
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Deserves to be in development thread.
7th August 2011, 04:24 PM |#11  
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Did you follow the steps with the SIM installed and registered, or without SIM?
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