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[ROM][AOSP][2.3.7] OxygeN1mod FINALE! [2011.12.10]

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By ch33kybutt, Retired Recognized Developer on 12th August 2011, 07:28 AM
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  • Q: Is there Arabic support?
  • A: Follow instructions from (thanks to ultra99)

  • Q: I'm having issues with the Market place force closing. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  • A: Try changing language/locale to something else and then back to your own. Then try to open Market again.

  • Q: Does this ROM come with built-in Apps-to-SD-EXT?
  • A: No, you must use a 3rd party solution (search for Dark Tremor, D2Whatever, S2E, etc). Reflash it everytime you flash a new ROM update. If you wish to use dark tremor apps2sd, you can try my customized (ext4-only) version HERE

  • Q: The lag is really bad on this rom when I flash data2sd
  • A: Flash tweak by iinga and convert sd-ext partition from EXT3 to EXT4. (thanks to Treatcon)

  • Q: My bootloader and radio versions are different. Could this be the cause of my flashing problems?
  • A: No. It's usually a simple issue of zip file corruption. Always compare checksums first when you face any flashing problems.

  • Q: Can you add XXXXXX feature?
  • A: Maybe, but not if I consider it bloatware, and only if it does not compromise overall stability.

  • Q: Can I use a custom kernel?
  • A: No, since most custom kernels are made for/from CM-kernel, which is incompatible with this ROM. The built-in kernel is already fully optimized. But for those who wish to test dynamic undervolting, there's an AVS version to flash separately. (Warning: will NOT be as stable as the built-in kernel)

  • Some users have experienced phone freezes when using Tasker. Details HERE (thanks to Royan)

  • If you're phone freezes/reboots while using the AVS kernel, that means it can't handle dynamic undervolting and/or the constant voltage scaling. Stick to the built-in non-AVS kernel.

  • One incident of user having problems with bluetooth, details here. I don't use bluetooth handsfree devices so have not been able to experience (nor fix) the problem, if any.

How To Report Problems

For those having problems with market, video, 3G, wifi, reboots, freezes, etc ... please do a full wipe (use my format zip HERE) and then reinstall WITHOUT any extra scripts/optimizations.

If problem still occurs after a full wipe and reinstallation, then please capture BOTH logcat and dmesg/last_kmsg AFTER the problem occurs, using the following method ...

1. Start terminal emulator session
2. > su
3. # dmesg > /sdcard/dmesg.txt
For reboot/freeze problem, replace Step 3 above with
3. # cat /proc/last_kmsg > /sdcard/last_kmsg.txt
4. # logcat > /sdcard/logcat.txt
5. Wait ~1 minute then exit terminal emulator
6. Paste contents of resultant txt files to
7. Post pastebin URLs here in this thread for diagnosis

In other words, help me to help you. Clairvoyancy and telepathy are a couple of skills that I don't possess ... yet ;P
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12th August 2011, 07:28 AM |#2  
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OP Retired Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 838
+ Fixed battery drain issue
+ Stable built-in AVS kernel

+ Using a new custom built-in kernel
---- AVS as default (stable enough to discontinue SVS support)
---- Added new Qualcomm camera driver from CodeAurora/CM
+ Multiple additions to framework and other repos to accommodate new camera driver in kernel
---- All features in Camera app now available & functioning
+ Able to use other CM-based kernels (tested with stock cm-kernel & knzo's CM+ v0.5)[/strike]

OxygeN1mod-2011.11.23 (BUGFIX release)
+ Updated OxygeN1zed kernels (built-in SVS and optional AVS)
---- Added autogroup scheduling feature
---- Fixes for lightsensor
+ Modified auto-brightness logic to use less cpu cycles
+ Fixed video recording on Camera app

+ Updated OxygeN1zed kernels (built-in SVS and optional AVS)
---- Compiled with latest gcc-4.7.0 experimental toolchain
---- Fixes for bluetooth and interactive governor
+ Gapps: Updated to latest stable version
+ New Launcher2 with new options and enhancements
+ Better controls for brightness & sound in status bar power widget
+ Dark themed Notifications & Power Widget Buttons
+ Swipe-to-clear notifications
+ Option to turn off volume button music controls
+ Audiopolicymanager fixes for mic issues
+ Decreased bootup time
+ Improved lock screen animation
+ Added FileManager app from CM
+ Many other fixes and optimizations just too lazy to write down

OxygeN1mod-2011.11.08 (BUGFIX Release)
+ FM: Added missing FM Radio app and required libs

+ Updated built-in SVS kernel and optional AVS kernel
---- Compiled with updated gcc-4.7.0 experimental toolchain
---- Misc fixes and optimizations
+ Skia: Added 3x speed-up patch by jserv
+ Spareparts: Implemented persistence for font-size change
+ Settings: Fixed battery history FC in Spareparts
+ Other stuff just too lazy to write down ...

+ Updated built-in SVS kernel and optional AVS kernel
---- Added ext4 performance patch by Eric Sandeen
---- Added Lazy cpufreq governor by [email protected]
+ Fixed missing APN list

+ Rebased OxygeN1zed kernel source to thalamus-
---- Reset standby and power collapse freq from 128MHz to 245MHz for stability
---- Added additional overclock freqs 1152MHz & 1190MHz
---- Default freq range 245MHz to 998MHz
+ Updated sources to fetch from new official AOSP repo
+ Changed default font to Roboto from ICS
+ Updated latest APNs from CM

+ Updated built-in SVS kernel and optional AVS kernel
---- Cpufreq: Optimized ondemand scheduler
+ ENG instead of USER build
---- Development.apk
---- Spareparts.apk
---- Term.apk
---- Misc binaries in /bin and /xbin
+ Lockscreen: Always show battery status
+ Bluetooth: Misc fixes
+ Email: Use repo from CyanogenMod
+ FM: Use repo from CodeAurora

+ Updated built-in SVS kernel and optional AVS kernel
+ Updated to Android 2.3.7 GWK74
+ Updated Google Apps to v2.3.7
+ Updated Superuser to v3.0
+ Display: Added render effect
+ RIL: Removed some GPRS & 3G customizations (back to stock)
+ App: Added VoiceDialer

+ Updated built-in SVS kernel and optional AVS kernel
---- Touchscreen: enabled duplicate touch filter to reduce load on cpu & battery
---- CPUFreq: Set wait_for_irq to 245MHz since jumping to high freq from 128MHz is not allowed
+ Dialer: Modified vibrate on touch instead of release
+ Statusbar: Added translucent notification shade background
+ Statusbar: Added MIUI-like battery indicator
+ Statusbar: Compact carrier label as default
+ Market: Reverted to old market, and allow market autoupdater to handle OTA updates
+ Lockscreen: Centered all lockscreen elements
+ DSPManager: Added new 6 band equalizer

+ Updated built-in SVS kernel & wifi driver
+ Updated optional AVS kernel
+ Increased vibration intensity for notifications
+ Built Mms app using CM7 repo
+ Updated GAPPS to GRK39C
+ Updated MVPS hosts file

+ Updated prebuilt kernel to oxygeN1zed #20110906
---- Fixed screen brightness issue when unlocking
---- Updated SmartassV2 using Erasmux's recommended settings
---- Included all overclock cpu frequencies (1036, 1075)
---- Misc fixes and optimizations
+ Added missing overlay for multi-color trackball LED
+ Moved all notifications to Sound settings
+ Added Quiet hours feature (ported from CM)
----> Settings > Sound > Quiet hours

+ Updated prebuilt kernel to thalamusN1mod #20110902
---- Updated Cpufreq governors
---- Updated CFS Scheduler
---- Updated RCU and added TinyRCU-PREEMPT
---- Updated bcm4329 WiFi driver
---- Westwood+ as default TCP congestion control algorithm
---- Added new SmartassV2 governor by Erasmux
---- Misc other fixes and optimizations
+ Fixed LED notifications (from CM7)
+ Fixed wifi problem with infinite DHCP leases

+ Updated kernel to thalamusN1mod #20110825
+ Updated Market to version 3.1.3
+ Fixed Launcher2, now restarts on theme change
+ Added trackball unlock
----> Settings > Display > Trackball unlock
+ Added FLAC audio support
+ Added optional black background for Messaging app
+ Added Camera from CM
+ Added long-press Contact info to share number/email/address
+ Added copyAll feature to framework
+ Modified autobrightness increase delay to 2 secs to avoid flickering

+ Updated prebuilt thalamusN1mod kernel to #20110821
---- Rebased to longterm-stable
---- Added battery calibration support
+ Added missing languages (ur_PK fa_IR es_ES ka_GE zh_HK)
+ Added feature "long press volume up to start music playback"
+ Added support for S2E Apps2SD
---- Added additional init.d startup scripts
---- Added e2fsck and tune2fs binaries
+ Added option for 180 degree rotation
----> Settings > Display > Rotate 180 degrees
+ Added auto-select-all for date/time/number picker

+ Updated prebuilt thalamusN1mod kernel (built with latest 4.7.0 toolchain)
+ Fixed Pan&Zoom touchscreen feature for Gallery
+ Allowed SIP over non-wifi connections
+ Removed TrackballAlert app (including framework patches)
+ Added built-in LED Notifications (ported from CM7)
----> Settings > Display > LED Notifications
+ Added option to Hide Clock from statusbar
----> Settings > Status bar > Hide the clock

+ Updated prebuilt custom thalamusN1mod kernel (disabled AVS for better stability)
+ Added lilHermit's TrackballAlert app (including patches direct to framework source)
+ Added MVPS hosts file to block ads, banners, etc.

+ First release
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12th August 2011, 07:28 AM |#3  
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OP Retired Recognized Developer
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Talking [ROM][AOSP][2.3.7] OxygeN1mod FINALE! [2011.12.10]
"A minimalist, lightweight and super-stable AOSP ROM"

Oxygen is now fully supported for Nexus One. Download official ROM from

Due to family and work commitments, updates to my modded version will be few and far between, if any. Hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did. And thanks for the thanks!

Hi all,

I wanted to try a super-stable and bloat-free ROM for my N1, but couldn't find any in this forum that suited all my requirements. I finally found one on the Desire forum, called Oxygen. But it didn't have any version for Nexus One.

So after some (initially futile) efforts on github, this is my personal port of Oxygen for Desire, a minimalist, lightweight and super-stable AOSP ROM by AdamG



Oxygen is an AOSP source built ROM (ie. not a mod of any sense based ROM), it's minimal, it's superfast and mostly bugfree.

The original Oxygen is not a mod/port of any other HTC/CyanogenMod or any other ROM and may not be to everyones liking, since it's minimalistic and basic. I'll only be porting changes made to the original Oxygen source code, but I'm open to ideas and suggestions for functional improvements to the N1 version.
(Requests for bloatware like custom lockscreens, live wallpaper, etc. will not be entertained)


Android v2.3.7 (GWK74) built from AOSP
Custom SVS kernel for N1 ported from thalamus Linux kernel v2.6.35.14 - with optional AVS version
Minimal Google apps

Additional features

Adhoc wifi network support
Advanced power menu with reboot options
Customizable overclock settings
Customizable status bar power widget
Download any file type
FM Radio
DSP Manager
Long press back to kill mod
Modified Launcher2 with quick uninstall
Optional battery percentage
SIP calling over 3G
Track change with volume buttons
Trackball Wake & Unlock
MVPS hosts file to block ads, banners, etc.
FLAC audio support
LED Notifications (ported from CM7)
Quiet hours (ported from CM7)
Render Effect (ported from CM7)
Various other tweaks and features

FINAL Gingerbread release?

OxygeN1mod-2011.12.10 (BUGFIX release)
Fixed battery drain issue
Stable built-in AVS kernel

Please refer to 3rd post below for full changelog.


! A wipe is required when first flashing OxygenN1mod, however, unless otherwise stated, no wipe is needed to upgrade between versions
  1. Download (and optional AVS to your sdcard
  2. Boot into ClockworkMod/AmonRA Recovery through whatever method you choose (ROM Manager, Power + Volume Down, ADB etc...)
  3. Back up your existing installation
  4. [First flash only] Use the trackball to select Wipe Data & Cache. (Or use my customized format zip HERE)
  5. Install (and then optional AVS
  6. Wait for the installation to finish
  7. Select Reboot and you're all set

FAQs, Known Issues & How to Report Problems

lease refer to 2nd post below.


! I'm not responsible for any damage what-so-ever done to your phone, as with any ROM, you accept this risk.


I do this for fun and this is mostly the work of AdamG and the rest of the Oxygen team so I won't accept donations. But if you wish to show your appreciation, then please donate to either the charity of AdamG's choice (or my choice) below ...

Donate via Cancer Research UK (AdamG's choice)
Support UNICEF's work for children in need (My choice)


A big thanks to the following people ...

adamg-xda / thalamus / renan- / schiznik

Additional thanks also goes to the following people who have made Oxygen (and OxygeN1mod) possible.

Google, Cyanogenmod Team & everybody who has contributed in any to the awesomeness that is Android
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12th August 2011, 07:44 AM |#4  
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This seems interesting. A couple AOSP roms nowadays. Won't be long when start asking for further modifications, additional features, etc.

I believe Sibere's Data2ext script will work?

Thanks for the efforts...always saw Oxygen to be so popular back in the desire forums.
12th August 2011, 07:50 AM |#5  
ch33kybutt's Avatar
OP Retired Recognized Developer
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I'm using Dark Tremor beta without problems so far, so Sibere's Data2EXT should be good to go.
12th August 2011, 08:43 AM |#6  
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Does Trackball-Alert work with a built-in option are do we have to install a 3re-parta app?
12th August 2011, 08:51 AM |#7  
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Is there Arabic support?
12th August 2011, 09:00 AM |#8  
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coool, great work.. keep it up!
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12th August 2011, 09:07 AM |#9  
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Cm7theme.apk it's inside or work ?
12th August 2011, 09:26 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by bunnahabhain

Does Trackball-Alert work with a built-in option are do we have to install a 3re-parta app?

LED notifications not built-in, yet. I'm looking at how to work it in without too much bloat. I haven't tried it, but hear that Trackball Alert is a possible option for now. Let us know how it turns out for you.

Originally Posted by ultra99

Is there Arabic support?

Originally Posted by clustered

coool, great work.. keep it up!


Originally Posted by Lultima

Cm7theme.apk it's inside or work ?

Theme Manager is included and built using Tmobile's source.
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12th August 2011, 10:46 AM |#11  
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Looks super. :)

Is there support for multiple languages​​? ( turkish )
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