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By NRGZ28, Retired Senior Mod & Senior RD - (old) King of WinMo on 20th August 2011, 03:46 AM
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Welcome to the "Energy" ROM collection thread !

This development thread is the home of my "EnergyROM" custom firmware series for the HTC Sensation device. Here you will find ROMs that I have created for this device over time. My main goal when putting a ROM together is stability. A second goal would be a good, professional look. I accomplish that by theming the original HTC ROMs and replacing the green with a dark, electric blue.

I build my ROMs with four main goals.
  • Stability through private beta testing before public release
  • Eye candy ( I want my ROM to look great and for it to all flow together nicely)
  • Speed !!!
  • Smoothness, consistency and good aesthetics
I preconfigure a lot of things in my ROM, because when I flash it on my phone, I want it ready to go. So, the ringtone, sms/email and other notifications to already be set. Doing it this way, makes for a nice ROM that's ready out of the box.

Now on to the good stuff...

(You can stay up to date on the status of my ROM development by "following" me on Twitter)

How to Flash this ROM:

- Root your device
- Install a custom recovery
- Install the downloaded ROM .zip found in post #3
- Make sure to do a Factory Reset / Wipe before installing ROM

If you'd like to donate something for my work

Paypal > USD / EUR
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20th August 2011, 03:53 AM |#2  
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YouTube ROM review by Freshley_Snipes.
Click to see at youtube > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPYo0cjqI3I&feature=youtube_gdata
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20th August 2011, 03:53 AM |#3  
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Screenshots of the Energy ICS themed ROM

Download Here !

ROM Features
  • Rosie 5x5 Layout and half transparency
  • Transparent and extended quick settings
  • Blue highlights instead of green
  • Deodexed, zipaligned, tweaked
  • Improved SD card read ahead
  • Busybox + runparts, TitaniumBackup
  • A few HTC Apps removed, like HTC Navigation
  • A lot of other bloat removed
  • Stock HTC Kernel
  • Screenshot by pressing Power and Home
  • Advanced Power Menu
  • Updated hosts file for ad removal
  • Fast... Stable.. and GREAT battery life !
  • Based on the latest OTA release !
  • Tweaks!
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20th August 2011, 03:54 AM |#4  
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Stuff to come later.
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20th August 2011, 03:54 AM |#5  
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June 24th, 2012 (6.24.2012)

  • Removed Exchange security requirements for mail app
  • Changed over to SuperSU from Chainfire for root access
  • Fixed Phone FCs when searching for providers
  • Updated A LOT of graphics in framework to match Sense 4 style
  • Updated WifiCalling status icons
  • Fixed custom wallpaper on lockscreen not settings bug

June 22nd, 2012 (6.22.2012)

  • Updated built in external apps
  • Updated Camera to model with HQ picture compression and high bitrate videos
  • Updated a few more graphics in framework to Sense 4 style
  • Added widgets grouping app for non-Sense launchers (thanks to blast0id for idea)
  • Sense 4 style black dialer with new graphics !
  • Fixed black popup with black text on websites
  • Restyled notification pulldown a bit
  • Problems with Ford Sync and other BT devices hopefully fixed
  • Init.d scripts should work again
  • Updated frameworks graphics throughout ROM

June 7th, 2012 (6.7.2012)

  • Updated to the newest TMobile base/framework (3.32.531.14)
  • Newest tweaks from M0narx!
  • Improved battery life !
  • More theming
  • Added movie editor app
  • Updated Wifi Calling app/subsystem
  • Updated Play store, Titanium Backup, Maps, Adobe Reader... etc
  • Changed some colors around for popup menus and such
  • Virtual Memory and RAM tweaks (to improve performance/battery)
  • Camera quality tweaks
  • Reversed Yes/No button positions in some instances
  • More graphics design elements from Sense 4 added in
  • Nicer camera sounds from Sense 4 (less annoying, in my opinion)

--------------- snipped ------------------


  • Initial Release


- to LeeDroid, birgertime, baadnewz, Sergio for great ideas
- to m0narx for his APM mod and the RUU leak shares
- brut.all for the apktool
- And all other great devs that share their work for free!

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20th August 2011, 04:07 AM |#6  
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It is always a good idea to RTM (Read the Manual!!)

The FAQ presented below is general to some common questions asked in this thread.
This is not my work, but I have put together the answers from various users. Thanks to everyone
Please also remember that this is a FAQ, NOT a guide, there are many guides here on XDA. I have tried to link relevant guides wherever possible.
Feel free to PM me if something else should be added.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________


- For some of the operations below, e.g. Q23 etc, you will need a root explorer. A good one is ES File Explorer, included in the rom. You will need to check root access in settings and mount system for it to work.

- The first boot after flashing a rom takes longer (can take up to 10 mins as well). The boot takes longer also when you wipe dalvik cache.

- Incase you have missing widgets, wipe data and cache for HTC sense. Thanks to guptadh for the great advise.

- FOR ICS: If you are have sense FC, check to see if you have apps on teh SD card. Move them to phone. ICS doesn't seem to like apps on the SD card.

General rule of thumb before flashing:
- Unless specified, you don't need to Superwipe.
- However, before flashing, boot to recovery - wipe cache. Advanced - wipe dalvik. Now flash the new NRGZ Rom.
- Problems? Goto Settings - applications - HTC Sense - Wipe Data
- Still problems? Superwipe, as explained in FAQ 10.

Current Version - NRGZ June 24th - ICS!!! .Taketwo
(MD5 4355ae6ebe0b82006631135818513583)
- SuperWipe not necessary.
- Custom Kernel: Please use it at your own risk. More than likely you will face random issues. A dependable custom kernel for the Sense 3.5 is a WIP.
- Volume wake up Mod - Now included in Energy Tweaks!
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________

Flashing ICS

Since the ICS ROM is coming up soon, it is highly recommended to read the following posts to get your self ready!

Do not do this till the ROM is ready and you are ready to flash the ICS rom

1. How to go about flashing ICS?
2. Known ICS Problems.
3. Going back to GB.

In my experience, if you are dead sure to go ahead with ICS, regardless certain bugs (assuming you are superCIDed - look at Step 4, post 1.)

1. Download the Firmware from 3.24.401.1 & 3.25.401.101 RUU from here. As per the post by viperd, you may not be able to revert back to GB if you flash FW 3.24.

2. Download the Energy ROM (when available).

3. Do a Nandroid backup of your current ROM.

4. Place Superwipe, ROM and the PG58 file on the SD Card. The PG58 file needs to be on the root folder of the SD card.

5. Boot into bootoloader and let it update, it will turn the screen off in between, don't worry, its updating.
NOTE: When the screen turns off during the firmware update that it is not finished updating yet. The screen will come back on and continue updating, so first wait for the message that the update was completed. Also check in bootloader that the hboot and radio were both updated. A few problems were the hboot is updated but not the radio and this will then cause a bootloop when flashing the rom. Hboot should read 1.27.1100 and radio 11.21.3504.13_2.

6. Once updated, remove the battery, pull out the SD card - stick it on to your laptop and delete the PG file from it.

7. Put the SD Card back on and boot into the bootloader (Vol down + power) and then to recovery.

8. Superwipe, Q10 below. (Do this only once, while coming from GB to ICS for the first time.. thereafter, only when NRGZ explicitily mentions)

9. Flash the rom.

10. Watch the phone as it boots .

Another simple tutorial by JaxChris.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________


Q1: How do I flash this ROM?
A: Assuming you have S-Off, and have installed recovery – Reboot the phone into recovery (Vol Down + Power [In power off mode] and select recovery. Select “Install with Zip from SD Card” – Select the ROM from your SD and press power – Confirm and you are good to go.

Q2. Huh?? What is S-OFF or Recovery?
A: A detailed explanation on how to is here.

Q3: Which radio should I use?
A: This is a trick question. According to many users over the years, they have recommended to change the radio only if you are facing troubles with the current one that you are using. Radio is a very very very location specific thing. So, what works for me, may not work for you. Here is a good thread discussing radios ad their performance.

Q4: Is the radio included in the ROM? How do I flash?
A: No, you will need to flash the radio separately.
A: Easiest steps to flash a radio is (assuming you have sdk and HTC Drivers and are SOFF)
- Put the radio.img in the folder where fastboot is under sdk\tools
- Turn off your phone and and reboot into Bootloader and select fastboot, connect the phone to the pc - now you show see Fastboot USB on the phone.
- Goto command prompt on your pc. Goto the folder with Fastboot.
- Type fastboot flash radio radio.img and watch it write the new radio.

A: If the file is named PG58IMG.ZIP, then simply copy it to the root folder of the sd card and reboot into bootloader and follow instructions on the phone screen.

Read about radios and RILs here

Q5: Right or recommended order of flashing?
A: Wipe>ROM>Reboot> Radio.

Q6: Should I use a task killer on the ROM?
A: Check this and decide for yourself.

Q7: Backup? What is that?
A: A good idea is to back up all your data and settings from the phone before flashing a new rom with a full wipe. Best app available is Titanium Back up (included in the ROM)
The best way to back up the contacts is to sync it via HTC Sync or via your gmail.

Q8: Is Nandroid and Titanium backup the same thing? How do I manage backups?
A: No, Nandroid backs up the ROM and Titanium backs up the applications. Nandroid is what you do using the recovery and it makes the exact image of your ROM along with the data.

Q9: On what occasion will I lose my data (apps, contacts etc)?
A: Only when you apply the full wipe or the super wipe. When you just flash a rom or a .zip from recovery, it will not wipe anything unless otherwise mentioned. Generally, Android Chefs do not include the full wipe script in their ROMS.

Q10: I was on stock (or another rom from another cook) and I flashed NRGZ ROM, now I am having some problems.
1. Try rebooting the Phone and see if it makes a difference.
2. Reboot into recovery and clear cache and dalvik, reboot the phone and clear data of the apps causing problem.
3. If nothing else works, “SUPERWIPE”. Beware: A superwipe/ full wipe will erase EVERYTHING on the phone. EVERYTHING! So, be sure to backup what you want.

Q11: How do I flash Superwipe and what does it erase?
A: Copy the .zip to the SD Card and flash it via recovery. DO NOT REBOOT once it is done, flash the ROM straightafter. Superwipe will erase data, cache, system, boot and system files on SD card (EXT4 format).

Q12: The screen is not very responsive and is lagging.
A: Let the phone settle down a bit after you unlock it. It generally needs a few seconds to kick up the CPU. Some discussions on the screen responsiveness and a market app here.

Q13: The market is not installing anything. Gives error.
A: Reboot into recovery and select “clear cache partition”. And under settings - applications - Manage applications - under the Market app < Clear Data>.

Q14: I don’t like the CRT on and off animations, what can I do to disable these?
A: Install the patch from the post above.

Q15: My battery is draining heavily .
A: When you first flash a ROM this is what happens. Give it atleast one full charge cycle and it should come back to normal. If required, reboot into recovery and clear battery stats. It is advisable to do so on 100% charge. Here is the battery calibration app from the market.
Common Opinion - Heavy battery drain is one thing that you cannot complain about on this rom, for sure. The battery life is much above average

Q16: Should I run the phone battery to zero percent, and what if it does??
A: Absolutely not! Both the current recoveries are giving problems while pulling the battery up from zero percent. If the phones dies off due to battery being zero, look here, might help. The new recovery from ROM Manager claims to have fixed the charging issue.

Q18: MMS Problem?
A: Please check your APN settings. Or try the patch from here. Also worth checking out Shroomster's post.

Q19: Some games that use the motion/G sensor are not working as they should.
A: Re-Calibrate your Gsensor –> Settings – Display – Gsensor Callibration

Q21: What about Wifi Printing?
A: NRGZ released the APK's here.

Q22: I dont like the animations. Dont want them.
A: Go to settings - display - animations. Or go to Spare parts and disable all animations.

Q24: How do I change the bootanimation or the downanimation?
A: System\Customize\Resource again. Replace the bootanimation.zip file with the one you want. The new file must be named bootanimation.zip/downanimation.zip.

Q25: Can I modify frequencies using SetCPU?
A: Avoid set cpu at this stage. It is causing much troubles. The app needs to be updated for dual core usage.

Q26: GPS Problems?
A: Try faster fix app from the market. Has helped a few members.

Q27: I am having difficulties assigning ringtones from my SD card on the 3.5 sense.
A: Go to contact, select ringtone. Select ADD where it shows a list of system ringtone - Now it should take you to your music and tones on the SD card. Select the one that you want and click OK. Back on the system ringtones, scroll to find the newly added tone and select it.

Q28: The search capacitive button does nothing, only on press and hold I get menu to select from. I want the normal search action.
A: Download and install the Google Search from the market.
(Fixed in Oct 3 Rom)

Q29: WiFi turning on randomly, can't find "Install unknown sources checkbox", found a typo somewhere on a screen.
A: Use this ICS OTA patch that fixes those issues.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________


[MOD][TMOUS]Wi-Fi Calling Patch - Rip from Official TMO ICS 05.15.12 [SENSE]
For Wifi-Calling app click -> http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...php?p=26117743 for bigmoew’s link to Wifi-Calling app for T-Mobile. PREVIOUS FIX.

[APK] WiFix - Fixes regional Wi-Fi problems in IceCream Sandwich
For Wifi-Calling app click -> http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1445766
cutecool’s link to[APK] WiFix NEW-LATEST FIX!

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________

Feel free to PM me if something else should be added.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________

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20th August 2011, 04:08 AM |#7  
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Thank you NRGZ28!

Its so good to see you here cooking android ROMs for sensation!

Edit: Tried the rom and Its brilliant! Keep up the good work
20th August 2011, 04:11 AM |#8  
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Roms and Roms and Roms and Roms.

Alright... Giving this some time. Thanks buddy.

Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using XDA App
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20th August 2011, 04:14 AM |#9  
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Guess I'll check the build prop too see if it's T-Mobile's version. I hope this is compatible with Unity7 kernel, or else I'd just have to go stock lol. Looking forward to flashing this. I'll feel even better if this is T-Mobile's 2.3.4, looks like it would be since I see the 4G in the status bar. Looks great though....can't wait to flash
20th August 2011, 04:14 AM |#10  
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Wow I really can't believe this. All the best tp2 chefs are migrating to sensation. Can't wait to flash this baby!
20th August 2011, 04:18 AM |#11  
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SWEET....welcome to Sensation Devlopment, brings back memories of my HD2....do you think we can get an MD5 Check Sum in the post with the download link, thanks.
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