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[ROM|ADT] 10-02-11|BeastMOD_S v4|[135 MB] |CRT-APM| Stock kernel |

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By |Melvin|, Senior Member on 26th August 2011, 08:33 AM
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Hello users!

Im writing this to let you guys know that im leaving this forums. There are spme reasons for this. The main one is "I need to get my life back", this means that im going to spend more time to really important things like my girl, family, my self, health and school. I just got my life to a point that i was all lies. I use to lie to my girl that i was doing something when i was really developing. I use to get in problems with family and the partner as well as in school. Theres things i cant replace if i loose them and thats my girl, school and fam part. Im going to pay mpre attention to school and those who love me because im really loosing them. Im just loosing track of my life and well, good thing is that a while aqo, htccaly (yea that great dev, a person i really respect) adviced me to get back to live and spend time on those who need me. Now that i thought about it im going to listen to him. Thanks to him for the advice. Also, im selling my Sensation 4G because im going to get the T-mobile SGSII as soon as it comes out and i have the money. Some of you (US users) will get it so you will see me there. I wont completely stop developing but it wont be my first priority as it used to be. I tasted how my life was before i was a dev yesterday when i spent time doing something i like that is watching videos, from funny to educative videos and i really want to go back to me. Im also doing my school homeworks and stuff and im felling better. As you know, im the dev that never sleeps so im also sleeping more and getting better and im less tired and that really helps my health. Well thats about it for now. Hope you guys undestand my situation because i need to get back on track and keep my life from getting so messed. If you want to mess your life and loose weigth, dont sleep much, f up your health and get totally wasted and loose all those that love you i recomend android as a quick solution. I am 17 years old and i got to build a future for me and my future fam but if i dont do this i think ill just be working at a mcdonalds or burgerking or else.

Cincerely, MELVIN PERALTA AKA the dev that doesnt sleep.

NOTE: This announcement might have errors or else since was written from a phone and was saved and then kept adding and saving and adding till i was done. Thanks

SIZE="6"]User Esperience With This ROM[/SIZE]

Originally Posted by ronaldramsayii

Now this is amazing right here! And I'm running the stock kernel with stock battery. This is nice right here. My usuage today has been text messaging, phone calls, emails, pictures and video. I'd say moderate usage.
Attachment 702638
Attachment 702639

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Originally Posted by jaytana

Now thats what we called GREAT SUPPORT... Thanks a lot man... im staying...

Click The Links Below

Addon Here: #2

Screenshots & video Here: #3

Changelog Here: #4

  • +A total Beast
  • +All locales enabled
  • +Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) - HTC RUU_Pyramid_S_HTC_Europe_2.08.401.1_test < Sense 3.5
  • +Juwe11 Ram Optimization
  • +No ADB Notification in the pulldown
  • +Enhanced EXT4
  • +AOSP sound recorder
  • +Boost to performance
  • +Boost to network
  • +Themed GB keyboard
  • +Better touch screen responsiveness
  • +Better video Playback
  • +Some Lines in the build.prop to make the ROM smoother
  • +8 Tabs In browser - AOSP browser
  • +INIT.D SCRIPTS For Permissions, battery calibrate & more
  • +Aosp browser, email, MMS, Gallery3D (CM7), calendar, music, Launcher2 (3D) and more
  • +Fully Optimized and Zipaligned Over 3 times, also Zipalign Script added for data zipalign
  • +DSP Manager From cm7
  • +Nexus s & Windows Phone 7 Sounds Plus Optimized
  • +Flying animations
  • +CRT And Overscroll Glow
  • +Senseless
  • +Video Streaming tweaks for faster load up
  • +HTC Checkings disabled
  • +Advanced Power Menu
  • +Changed the fonts
  • +More, more, more & more

  • -Think Of lots of bloat and crap not needed removed
  • -Removed HTC MMS app
  • -Removed All HTC Widgets
  • -Removed Sense 3.0 Lockscreen
  • -Removed fusion Engine plus Skins
  • -Removed HTC Hub
  • -Removed HTC Music Plus Enhancer
  • -Removed HTC Whether
  • -Removed HTC Bootanimation And Downanimation
  • -Removed HTC Browser
  • -Removed HTC Calendar
  • -Removed HTC Mail
  • -Removed Wifi hotspot app, Go to wifi settings and do it there+
  • -Removed HTC Calculator
  • -Removed HTC World clock
  • -Removed Rosie
  • -Removed Watch
  • -My mind is good but to remember like 115 apps removed? no

  • +Added AOSP Music - Lastest
  • +Added AOSP Email Android 2.3.6
  • +Added AOSP calculator From 2.3.6
  • +Added AOSP MMS with working pic sharing
  • +Added AOSP voice recorder
  • +LatinIME from android 2.3.6 (Themed by me)
  • +Added AOSP Calendar
  • +Added Lastest AOSP Deskclock themed by me
  • +Added Dev Tools Plus Spare Parts
  • +Added The Newest Market - removed uneeded things
  • +Added Memo - edited by me
  • +Added Genie Widget - Edited by me
  • +Added File manager - themed by me
  • +Added Status Switch Widget From Xperia Arc
  • +Added Widgets On/Off From Experia Arc
  • +Added Digital Clock From Experia Arc
  • +Added MMS, Calendar, Bookmarks, World Clock Widgets From LG 2x _ Edited by me
  • +Probably Still Missing alot, Just Check it out by yourselves

  • Now you can removed them easily
  • +PropModder

- Things you should know? -

-I Removed bloat apps like gmail and flash player which you can download from market, makes life easier to me since i wont need to update them every week.

-The ROM comes with launcher2 (3D) edited to match the colors of the THEME - Removed the indicator Dots because i wanted the homescreen to look pretty clear.

-There is only 1 keyboard that is in the data folder, if you factory reset, you loose it

-I Really broke my back working on this ROM> The theme took alot of time, all the apps, even the zipalign and optimization took me like a day, i havent sleep well, havent eat well, havent even shared with my girlfriend because i was busy working on the ROM and now shes mad at me because i lie her all the time telling her im going to sleep and its to work with no one bothering. You all should apreciate the effort i put into my work, you all should know this is not like counting 1.2.3 and done.

-The boot-time on this ROM after the first boot is less then 15 seconds including the splash screen (WOW), first boot might take around 40 seconds(Duh-first boot)

-Almost all HTC checkings have been disabled so that they dont access your phone or anything like that, also for other things. Also this ROM has (pm.sleep_mode=1) in the build.prop so that the phone saves battery when not in use- thanks mike for it. Also EXT4 have been improved by (ro.ext4fs=1) in the build.prop. The ROM has Tweaks for better touchscreen responsiveness and for making it smoother and also better media quality. ADB notification have been removed from the pulldown since no-one needs it there- on first boot, make sure you go enable it because its disabled by default.

-This ROM has been tweaked for better network speed and signal also- Thanks to my man Master&Slave i now have over 5-MBPS download speed when here in NY the most i have had was around 4-MBPS on a good day - Its a big city, lot of users so its not as fast as other places where you get around 10-MBPS. About the signal- Where i live, most of the time my 4 signal bars are full, also wifi works pretty fast, you dont have to wait for long till it connects.

-By pressing power button and tapping Home, you can take a nice screenshot of the Beast and share it with your friends, or share it with us here on the Thread, Facebook Or Twitter. In this new 2.3.4 Build, we get some issues that can affect the screenshots feature. One Example of this is that sometimes you press Home and instead will take a screenshot- if you get that issue then just turn off and on the screen, This issue might be on my phone only but if you get the issue you know what to do.

-The so called AOSP Mms app. I got it to send images to other people a few minutes before releaseing this ROM. All works? Yes, only a minor issue im trying to fix, and its that when you click settings on the app, it will force close for some reason. I think we all can live with it until i can fix it, the app works fast and does the main work that is to send pictures. The app might show "message not send" alot but just dont pay attention to that since they get sent automaticly. Well thats all for the Mms app.

-The ROM might have some non graphical glitches- glitches, they are pretty minor and will maybe be fixed on the next version, so hope it don't bother you all.

-In this ROM, even wifi calling have been edited, changed some pink for blue, which will make it a little better looking eventhough some of you dont use it. Pretty much all the apps have been edited to look good and match the theme, there are some apps missing to edit like the camera app and some others but they are comming on next release. You may want to report anything that needs to be changed so that it gets changed by me.

- Issues & Bugs -

-You wont be able to go to gallery by the camera - this is caused because the gallery is not the one HTC puts in sense ROMs, its the AOSP gallery, you can get out the camera and open the galley app.

- ROM Maintainers: -


- Team Members: -

*Founder: |Melvin|- ROM dev Plus more
*Master&Slave - Themer
*diceberg - Graphic designer

- Flashing instructions -
  • Download The ROM From Multiupload: Here

  • Compare The MD5 calculation, CRC32 or SHA-1 calculation with this one below:

  • MD5: FA27FD29CB3CD684022E7AD6A74E8F3C
  • SHA-1: F40D062EDB055AC86F6B5A4E7AD21D227D705491
  • CRC32: 383E3796

    - How to check this MD5, CRC32 Or SHA-1 numbers? -

    *Get this program here , and install it on your PC, after you done that, you are ready to go, you won't have any icon in the desktop or something like that, to use it, go to the ROM and right click it, then click properties and on top click file hashes and it will load the numbers in a little box, then after done, put any of this 2 numbers i provided in the bar that will be almost at the bottom, then hit compare, if you have a green check you good to go, if not you will have to redownload the ROM and check it again. Its really needed because if you get a bad download then you will suffer issues with the ROM, also in some cases it wont even flash so you see how important is to check this numbers. Hope you dont find it difficult to do and do it.

  • Place the ROM in your SD card - Not in any folder please

  • Boot into recovery

  • Factory reset, plus wipe cache, then Flash the ROM

  • After the ROM has flahed successfully go to Advanced

  • There you will wipe dalvik cache and fix permissions, then reboot your phone

  • After the phone boots leave it without touching it for 10 minutes

  • After done, Reboot the phone and set it up (Note that is very important to do this)

  • And last Step- I hope you did what i said or ill

  • Master&Slave (Team Member)
  • Diceberg (Team Member)
  • RomanBB and his Team
  • Mike
  • My Team
  • Faux
  • +If You Think You Missing Just PM me, i cant remember so much stuff since i lasted long time working on the ROM

I dont care about donations, this is a passion, i love developing and i love when people get happy with what i do and i love seeing people thanking me, it inspires me, and makes me work more. If you feel you want to donate me, do it, not required but will be apreciated. Thanks guys for the support you all give me, im happy to develop for you all...
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26th August 2011, 08:33 AM |#2  
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- Addons Here -

Font for HINDI Language
*Flash Me Thru clockworkmod.
*Link: Here

Stock Fonts in case you dont like the ones in the ROM
*If you dont like the fonts used in the ROM, Fash the .zip file by downloading it from the link and going to CWM and flash it!
Link : Here

Signatures for those who want to represent their best ROM :D

The Next 4 are made by my kid diceberg (Thanks Boy) And the last one is made by Lucas.Childers. really apreciate when a user tries to help in anyway, thanks again Lucas.Childers.

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26th August 2011, 08:34 AM |#3  
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Note that this content here havent been updated to lastest version!


- Video review -

Originally Posted by Freshly_Snipes

Video Review and Walk-through of ***The Beast*** ROM on Fresh-Droid TV

Hope you guys like and enjoy..Took me roughly 2 hours to make and edit and load because of the length. make sure you subscribe and Thumbs up..Each view helps Melvin get his name out there even more...

Thank You Melvin for the wonderful ROM.

Thanks Freshly_Snipes for the nice video brother.


- Screenshots -

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26th August 2011, 08:34 AM |#4  
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BeastMOD_S v4 - 10/2/11
*Another new base. Based on sense 3.5 android 2.3.5.
*Supercleaned the frameworks after htc added like 400 uneeded images in.
*Reworked on the theme after it didnt work completely on new base
*Added more scripts for better batt life, smoothness and better EXT4
*New aosp music app from android 2.3.6 as well as the browser,
Email, Calculator And some others

*Updated superuser
*Redesigned the cam ui after i thought it was ugly (LOL)
*Redesigned the dialer since HTC made the ugliest dialer ever in sense

*Found a way to increase the volume for headphones via DSP Manager:
 |Do the following: enable first option 
  (Dynamic range Compression)>Select Extreme|
Then Equalizer> Treble Booster|
Then Headset virtual blabla bla>And leave it on studio.
Enjoy the New sound :D

*Fixed the issue where we couldnt Send 2 messages together.
*Unknown resources enabled by default. Disabled autobrightness on first boot, and lots others
*CRT and APM Added.
*Lots more. Check the ROM out. 
*Also note that this was a test build by HTC so it may have bugs, But not BIG bugs
I fixed lots of bugs (Small ones)

BeastMOD_XE v3 - 9/25/11
*Brand new Base>XE lastest leak
*No need to unlock to pick up now- thanks to romanbb for this
*Lots of edits to the theme
*Cleaned up the frameworks
*Cleaned more uneeded stuff
*Nano support
*Added init.d support
*New tweaks for faster network
*Tweaks for faster video extreaming
*My new ported and super hacked CM7 mms app with bigger images support as well as bigger text
*Removed lots of uneeded system apps
*More battery savings
*Perfomance boost 
*Video aceleration
*Newest market
*Disabled auto brightness on first boot
*Enabled unknown sources
*Fixed image sending, still need to find out why it doest send 2 messages in one yet
*Lots of edits to systemui.apk
*There is more and more but just dont remember more as always> sorry> but there is sure more

The Beast ROM v2 - 9/03/11
*Enabled all languages
*Ahhhh, Here it is. took long but here it is
*Reaching my goal or removing all the rounded sides that HTC puts on the sense ROMs (not an easy task) 

*Redesigned the dialer, if you dont like sense dialers you will like this one
*Took the ROM from 230 MB to 220 MB (Unzipped) now you have more system space

*Changed the MMS app for the one Xboarder ported (100% working)
Removed the lockscreen tabs
*Cloned AOSP pulldown
*New camera UI by me - hope you like it
*Black Submenus 
*Fixed battery history in Spare Parts
*Changed submenu icons
*Changed Battery icons
*Removed All HTC live wallpapers (This is about making a sense ROM far from sense)
*Changed the the color of when you press a menu
*Added HTC gallery (Faster) cuss AOSP one is slow and you couldnt go to gallery from cam
*Cleaned the Frameworks more, and optimized them around 6 times (= 4 hours only doing that)
*3 new scripts for more stability, better performance and battery
*More code, unneed stuff cleanups
*Removed some unneeded apps.
*Debug performance tuneup
*Video aceleration
*You now can vew the changelog in settings/ about phone/Legal information/HTC legal  (HTC should be proud that now people will even click it - Only for English language users).

*Updated Flash Player
*More Unneeded libs clean Up, 
*Framework folder files clean up
*Permission folder files clean ups
*Well i fixed every Bug, Cant remember more but it doesnt mean i didnt do more, i just forgot or dont mention it, you should see when you try it.

The Beast ROM v1 - 8/26/11

*Initial update:)

APN for Canada Bell Users

Follow these instructions to manually configure your HTC Sensation for MMS and browsing on the Bell Mobility 4G network.

Press Menu then Settings from the idle mode.
Select Wireless controls.
Select Mobile network settings.
Select Access Point Names.
Press Menu to add a New APN setting.
Fill in the following settings:
Name: Bell
Port: 80
Username: <Not set>
Password: <Not set>
Server: <Not set>
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 80
MMS protocol: WAP 2.0
MCC : 302
MNC : 610
APN type : <Not set>
Press Menu and Save.
Click Bell to assign the new APN.
Please note that you will have to re-enter the above settings anytime you insert a different SIM card or if you reset to default settings.
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26th August 2011, 08:35 AM |#5  
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The first theme made exclusively for The Beat ROM by ME and with some help from MELVIN of course. This is for people who dont like much color, and like those deep blacks and whites, there's also shades of blue found in this theme.

-Iphone Lockscreen Sounds
-Linda Notifications, Alarms, and a Ringtone
-Themed Statusbar, pull down, and Aosp Lockscreen.

Download Link:

For those of you who want that honeycomb feeling.

-Black SubMenus
-Themed Apps and Lock Screen
-Some Honeycomb Icons
-Aosp Mms
-Blue Progress Bars
-Minimal LockScreen
-More Images Themed

Download Link:


-Totally Red lol
-Themed Apps
-Cloned aosp status pull down
-Black Menus
-Galaxy S Notification sounds


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26th August 2011, 09:02 AM |#6  
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Hey... I know u'll shout back for asking... But just for fun sake... Do u mind giving me the quadrant score ?? :P

Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using XDA App
26th August 2011, 09:03 AM |#7  
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And also... Big big thanx for u'r work... Really appreciate it

Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using XDA App
26th August 2011, 09:12 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by gauravkittz

Hey... I know u'll shout back for asking... But just for fun sake... Do u mind giving me the quadrant score ?? :P

Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using XDA App

I dont use that, it has stock kernel so dont spect over 3400 on quads like my senseless ROM on Unity kernel. Lets wait for the oc fix on dual cores and then we talk about quads. The ROM's Speed is not determined by the quads
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26th August 2011, 09:15 AM |#9  
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I wish our long wait will be worth it!! I can't wait until I get home anymore! Downloading now!

oh wait! where is the link? :S
26th August 2011, 09:16 AM |#10  
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Looks tasty! Thanks a bunch for all that time and effort! I'd marry you if I wasn't engaged!
26th August 2011, 09:43 AM |#11  
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So screen shots of your latest masterpiece?

Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e
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