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[ROM] Back to the Future [XBmod-Yuki][Updatable]Build 8107 Ready

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By YukiXDA, Guest on 26th August 2011, 04:16 PM
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Not only an updatable rom for HD2 but a concept for all WP7 devices

Special thanks to Football, OndraSter and Cotulla
and for me only to XBmod for his great patience

This thread is dedicaced to Da_G for his thread:
The Windows Mobile Image Update System take a moment to read it

This thread is about two different things:
  • A rom for HD2 which is able to update like any other devices:
    • You can use zune for official updates or use our tool to send some custom packages
    • You can now backup and restore device
    • Before a new update wait for a dev test to see if a corrective package has not to be applied before
For HD2 With previous WP7 rom:
  • Better to flash an old stock rom and let it boot entirely
  • But pay attention to put the 2.15 radio if changed
  • Format your SD card too
  • After reflash magldr and our rom
It's important because the format of partitions has changed and old rom can make problems with system update!!!
  • A concept which can be applied on all wp7 device and shared by its community:
  • The ability for users to send custom packages to device
  • The possibility to personalize the rom by this way without causing problems with system update
  • The possibility for cookers to send their own corrective packages, no need to recook and reflash
  • A way for any developpers and designers to make custom packages for WP7 cummunity

!!! All this is new so read all instructions before doing something !!!
!!! an update done the bad way and you could have to reflash your device because it just don't boot !!!


If you like my work, don’t pay me a beer, don’t thank me but just send as much “MISS U” as you want to +33 682732382 (France)

New Link By CX1 HERE
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26th August 2011, 04:17 PM |#2  
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Arrow XBmod-Yuki Rom V 2.10 for HTC HD2
This post is dedicated to the XBmod-Yuki rom V 2.10 The Only Updatable Custom Rom for HTC HD2 (Leo).
Facebook Page

Tired to change all the settings of your Phone everytime a new OS build is out!!!
me to!
this rom as Ability to receive official & custom update cab
all your settings will stay after update like an official device & even after a hard reset the cab installed will stay.
So enjoy the rom and the new system of cabs to peronalize your rom.


-----------Requirements: -----------
1• Hard SPL 2.08 or higher
2• Radio which support 576 RAM.(Radio 2.15.50...)
3• Magldr1.13

ROM Languages:
All WP7 Official Languages can be installed by cab Link
OEM version:
Updatable by cab
Windows Phone version:
7.0.7004.0 -> 7.10.8107-> 7.10.????.??
Radio version:

- Ability to Install Mango 8107 Build & more.
- Ability to Install Developers Update Cab. (Fixed with V2.00)
- Updatable via zune (confirmed for build 7740)
- Root, chevron and unlock features already in and reaplied after an update
(apply sp1 After 7740)
-Zune backup & restore enabled
-2.1 introduce beta Multitouch driver. Thanks AnDim

----Know issue-----
- Take care your SDcard is encrypted since the first boot like a real WP7 Device.
Look Update Thread for Fix.

----How to Update: ----
-1st it's recommended to flash an old rom wm 6.5 and let it boot entirely
-Format your SD card too
-Flash magldr 1.13
-Enable 24MB extra memory in Magldr services
-Delete MBR of SDcard in Magldr services
-Flash the rom with DWI & Set a correct time & date.
-Install the lastest version of zune client.
- You can Run the zune update process like a real WP7 device & go to build 8107.
-but it's better to look the cab thread and install os update via cab this is really faster than zune.
Update Cab tweak thread


Personaly i'm updating this way:
-7004 => 7403
-7403 => 7720
-7720 => 7740
-Update SP1 or after 8107
-7740 => 8107
-operator cab,xap deployer,skin,ect.
-set time & date
-sync live id
-sync to zune

XBmod-Yuki 2.1
__________________________________________________ _________
Majority of problem during update are caused by SDcard
try different model to be sure.
NOT all SD Cards are compatible with WP7.
If your card isn't compatible with WP7, it won't be used for data storage &
it may cause random reboots,freeze & update error.
It very recommended to use SDHC 2Go minimum.
Use a good quality SDcard for best performance
if you have any problems with SDcard after first 7004 flash (boot in loop) or can't upgrade 7403
read this.

How to hard reset wp7:
(When Magldr show WPH LOAD 12345 GO GO GO Press Vol+ & Vol- then after the new screen press VOL- twice.)
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26th August 2011, 04:17 PM |#3  
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Lightbulb Optional Customisation & Tweak Cab
Soon new process....
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26th August 2011, 04:18 PM |#4  
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Lightbulb Create your own WP7 update packages.
Post Moved in this thread
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26th August 2011, 04:18 PM |#5  
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Hi Guys, I am compiling an FAQ for your reference as this is a very popular thread (to say the least). Can i please ask for your help and in compiling this list by PM'ing me timmymarsh with your question and the relevant answer so I can add this to the list, thanks.


FAQ's [Frequently Asked Questions] - (in no particular order )
  • I have flashed v1 and installed the whole process, should i flash v2? >>> Yes, it will fix a few issues experienced with v1, such as encrypted card whilst allowing auto update in the future to work.
  • Bluetooth does not work properly? >>> Turn on wifi and reboot, bluetooth should now work correctly.
  • My wifi doesnt work, what can i do? >>> Try setting a different (lower) channel on your router and reboot your phone.
  • My Battery seems to drain quickly, help? >>> Try the "old camera trick" HERE
  • How can i side load my XAP's because WPDM doesnt yet support Mango? >>> Use Toms XAP installer found HERE (Thanks Tom ) {Dont worry if you get error messages, the XAP is still installed - just check )
  • I cannot side load xap's, why? >>> did you remember to reset your phone from within settings? (i guess not )
  • Is there a step by step guide, im struggling with the process? >>> There are many around, like THIS ONE (thanks fella )
  • I have an answer i want to share with you all and it should be added to this list >>> PM timmymarsh with the link to the answer along with the question
  • Solution for low volume, only one headset ear working >>> Phone settings --> Accessibility --> TTY/TDD-mode: Disabled/off
  • My Battery drain is still high >>> Try THIS trick it may help.
  • If visual voicemail is activated on your account, but connecting times out when trying to set it up on the phone >> Text Message "Activate:dt=6" to 122. It changes the necessary registry setting.
  • Bluetooth problems?? >> see this post
  • Youve installed Mango but the device appears to be locked (cant side load any xap's?) - You should have hard reset after upgrading to Mango as per the instructions........ but if you havent or it didnt work, try THIS
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26th August 2011, 04:18 PM |#6  
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Lightbulb Skin & taskbar cab
For future update..............
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26th August 2011, 04:18 PM |#7  
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How to cook the rom

The principe:

In the section "Create your own WP7 update packages" you have made a pfx file with your own certificate and private key, now the goal is to insert this certificate in rom to let you send/remove/modify packages and give you the possibility to do the same on some already inrom packages.
We have to see what have to been respected in the cooking, a quick view of the D000FF and I'll finish by the specific case of the Leo.

Where to place your certificates:
You can find the file here: tools
These are already made certificates and .bat for what you need.
For each you can replace our cert XBmod-Yuki.cer by yours or you can add it and modify each .bat for that if you want to use our already made cabs without having to redo them.

  • DefaultCerts.dat is the most important file (before Mango) but stay important after that, I've added in the folder all certificated from all devices, this what allows packages to be inrom and before Mango what let you send packages. So just make the file and replace it in metadata package. You can do the same in sldr but it's not necessary, we've done it in case of futur updates which could change it.
  • MsCerts package in Mango Microsoft added this package, so we already included it under 7004 with our certificate. There is the new (in term of validity) Microsoft Windows Mobile Firmware Installation PCA and the old. Without changing it you can't send packages anymore in Mango. Exactly like the precedent it is not necessary in sldr but could be later. The join.bat will give you the file MsDefaultCerts.dat and the certificate for dsm too, this to be able to modify this package after having flashed the device.
  • OEM packages This is to change the certificate in OEM dsm, the first OEM_168_UpdateCert.cer is for schubert, for another device take the file it need from DefaultCerts.dat folder. When adding your certificate to these packages you will able to modify them after flash. you could do the same with SYS packages but it's not necessary at all since SYS packages don't have to be changed to avoid the break of system update.
  • CSConn_DB is the same but the OEM certificate is different.

What has to be repected:
there is surely two or three things to check i just don't remember now but these are the most importants and really can make the difference
  • .cif and .sof : these files are important, .cif determine the order of relocs during an update and .sof the order the .rgu, provxml etc are parsed at first flash and after each update. So better let the order predefined in the original rom. If you want to add a package inrom put it at the end of the .sof and in the .cif only if it conatin some dll.
  • SYS packages : never modify a file of a package or the system update will break because the most of them use diff files in pku so the diff won't work, for a pku the old version should correspond or it will break too. To avoid a package to been updated (like MsCerts package) just change the OS version of the package in this case it won't break but just skip it since it's detected as more recent. You can do the same for OEM packages if you don't want them to be updated but controlled by you.
  • Registry : it's useless to modify registry since after each update it will be overwriten. You have to think packages, rgu and provxml now. if you want to modify something better let the rom as it should be by default and make packages after for these modifications, by this way too they can be modified if they don't stand a new update. Anyway if you wan't abolutely something in rom make a package which shadow the SYS or OEM package which contain this entries and a .rgu/provxml for this. And add these entries in .hv files for first boot.
  • Relocs: if you have to mix some OEM and SYS packages try to make relocs in the order of the .cif and avoid to place two files of the same package at different places. Anyway the system will work even if takes more time to move modules and will probably have to reboot twice or three times after sldr operation. But be sure of what you do with relocs or the update could simply crash when moving the module and make the device unbootable.

Beside the zip for cerificates you can find, it's a simple tool I have maid which can give you informations there is in partition table, calculate the hash if you modify something, calculate the total number of blocks you have to put in header and show you all the blocks a rom have. You'll find the sources for that too, modify them as you want.
And it avoid me to explain partition table, you just have to reverse engeniering
Won't explain all, some can do that but the important for this type of rom is to have space in IMGFS NK and SLDR for updates. If you build a rom from NoDo you have to increase the imgfs size or take a rom with already suffisient space for futur updates. And you have to think that parts need space not only for content but working space too when updating. So the most you can, the better it is but let a minimal space for user part. be carrefull the total count of logical blocks feet your NAND. You don't need to move and rebuild the user part, just remove it from the rom it will be rebuild at first boot.
Too much things to say about D000FF so I stop here, this is only what concern system update.

For HD2 I took the decision to lock the sldr to been updated to avoid some problems, it could be changed in futur, so each dsm has the OS version 900.
I done the same with OEM packages in SLDR and NK to avoid a possible HTC update (we never know).
The most tricky was to made the rom structure, if you want to modify the rom and have no tool which let you boot after, just make a copy of your part04.bin and change imgfs with htcrie. After that copy all from the begining of imgfs signature (not the imgfs part which begins before or it will not work) and replace it in your intitial file. So it will let the structure intact. With some scripts it's better ^^
Leo_sdmemory was the file which was given the possibility of let the card unlocked but after mango the dll was not compatible since the file sdmemory it was replacing changed. Before I added it in SLDR to let system update working without locking the card like it was the case in 7592 with some registry entries too. But after seeing the problems I totally removed it from SLDR and NK since a fix could not be the solution in long term, problems like that could happens after another update, better use the default system file.
There is a last thing I've done, I changed the system of backups from AES 256bytes to RC2 1byte so the backups could be decrypted in futur if you search for that and so the rom could be a kitchen. The base rom has to be cooked well but for the rest it's Microsoft who do the job^^ more time for more interestant developement.

Time to say goodbye

Was talking there is a month ago that I was about to quit xda and developpement, it's time now. I let all in the hands of xboxmod, he's the man who
taught me everything Possible I was just the hand of DFT, you'll never know ^^
Just put back the cover of my battery, think I didn't do that since two month to reboot faster it's just too strange ^^
All this was a great experience, didn't found what I was coming to but a lot of other, thanks all for your support and hope you'll enjoy the rom and the new system of cabs to peronalize your rom.
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26th August 2011, 04:25 PM |#8  
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I think i speak for all of us hd2 users when i say we appreciate all that you (xboxmod, yuki, cotulla, da_g, football, ondraster and everyone else who has had his part in one way or another to lead to the making of this) have done for us..

the thought of hd2 leading the way for other wp7 devices simply makes me love my phone even more..

thank you all
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26th August 2011, 04:25 PM |#9  
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Time to get my happy dance ready!
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26th August 2011, 04:26 PM |#10  
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As with jjblaster3, I want to thank all the people involved in making this work. Let's hope the SD card problem is fixed fast enough for us to fully appreciate the work been done over the past few months!
26th August 2011, 04:27 PM |#11  
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ooh it's coming

_proud to be on the first page of this soon to be legendary thread

EDIT: as suggested by Whatdoyaknow, just wanna make a little tribute to Yuki - XBmod of all the media coverage I could find regarding this thread

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