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[Guide]List of apps safe to remove

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By TheManii, Wiki Admin / Recognized Contributor on 2nd September 2011, 12:34 AM
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This is a list of safe/unsafe apps to remove from stock roms.

Generally for other regions/carrier roms anything not included should be safe to remove.

Safe in this case is defined as "will not affect the stability of the rom" removing carrier apps is "safe" for the rom, but weither or not it's useful to keep is beyond the scope of this guide. An example is removing the carrier specific mms app. It can function correctly without it, but you lose any carrier specific enhancements.

General Guideline
NOT safe to remove:
  •* (excluding,*)
  •* (that isnt available on market)
  • PreLoadNetworkSettings.apk [com.oem.prenetworksetting]

Safe to remove:
  • com.oem.engineeringmode.*
  • anything available on market
  • anything not listed here

Possibly Not safe to remove:
  • Package (OTA) util
    • PackageChecker.apk [com.oem.packagechecker]
    • PackageUpdate.apk [com.oem.packageupdate]

Safe to remove:
  1. AMOLED.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.amoled]
  2. CableDetection.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.cabledetection]
  3. Calibrator.apk [com.oem.calibrator]
  4. CellInfo.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.cellinfo]
  5. ConfidentialRunningTest.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.runningtest]
  6. DisplayVersionInfo.apk [com.oem.mode]
  7. dtretriever.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.dtretriever]
  8. ECompass.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.ecompass]
  9. EMList and subapps
    • audioEM.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.audioEM]
    • BluetoothEM.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.BluetoothEM]
    • cameraEM.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.cameraEM]
    • EMList.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.emlist]
    • EMLoader.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.EMLoader]
    • EMwifi.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.wifi]
    • GpsEM.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.gpsem]
  10. FactorySuiteUtility.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.suitutility]
  11. FakeCB.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.fakecb]
  12. GPIO subapps
    1. Gpio.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.gpio]
    2. GpioSleepMode.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.gpiosleepmode]
  13. GSensor.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.gsensor]
  14. Logging apps
    • LogMaster2.apk [com.oem.log]
    • LogService.apk [com.oem.logservice]
    • Lota.apk [com.oem.lota]
  15. MaxPowerTest.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.maxpowertest]
  16. mccmnc.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.mccmnc]
  17. mminfo.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.mminfo]
  18. NetWorkSetting.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.networksetting]
  19. NVEngMode.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.nv]
  20. OOD_OOM.apk [com.oem.testkits.ood_oom]
  21. PermissionToAccessLocApi.apk [com.qualcomm.permission.locapi]
  22. PowerMonitor.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.powermonitor]
  23. security.apk []
  24. SensorsInfo.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.SensorsInfo]
  25. SIMInfo.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.siminfo]
  26. TouchPanel.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.touch]
  27. Verification apps
    • FactoryTestSIMCard.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.verificationsimcard]
    • Verification.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.verification]
    • VerificationAudio.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.VerificationAudio]
    • VerificationBluetooth.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.verification.bluetooth]
    • VerificationCamEEPROM.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.verificationcameeprom]
    • VerificationEcampass.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.verification.ecampass]
    • VerificationGaugeIcTemp.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.verification.gaugeictemp]
    • VerificationGaugeIcVoltage.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.verification.gaugeicvoltag e]
    • VerificationGSensorTest.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.verificationGSensorTest]
    • VerificationHdmi.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.verificationVerificationHd mi]
    • VerificationHeadset.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.VerificationHeadset]
    • VerificationKey.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.verificationkey]
    • VerificationLCD.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.verificationlcd]
    • VerificationLPSensorTest.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.verificationLPSensorTest]
    • VerificationLPSensorUtility.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.verificationlpsensorutilit y]
    • VerificationSDCard.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.verificationsdcard]
    • VerificationSingleTouch.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.verification.singletouch]
    • VerificationUsbCharging.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.verification.usbcharging]
    • VerificationVibratorAndLed.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.crt]
    • VerificationWifi.apk [com.oem.engineeringmode.verificationwifi]

Bundleware (available in market):
  1. ACCUWX.apk [ ak]
  2. amazonmp3.apk []
  3. com.adobe.air.apk [com.adobe.air]
  4. com.facebook.katana [com.facebook.katana]
  5. []
  6. copilot.apk []
  7. evernote.apk [com.evernote]
  8. Gallery3D.apk []
  9. KindleGold.apk []
  10. KongregateArcade.apk []
  11. Napster-Tablet.apk [com.napster.bishop]
  12. NeroDellSync.apk []
  13. oovoo.apk [com.oovoo]
  14. PageOnce.apk [com.netgate]
  15. Quickoffice.apk []
  16. radiotime.apk [tunein.player]
  17. RoxioNow.apk [com.roxio.rnow]
  18. ZinioReader.apk []
  19. ZinioSettingsProvider.apk []

GApps (available in market):
  1. Gmail.apk []
  2. GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk []
  3. Maps.apk []
  4. Street.apk []
  5. VoiceSearch.apk []
  6. Youtube.apk []

  1. BooksStageWidget-release.apk []
  2. ContactsStageWidget-release.apk []
  3. EmailStageWidget-release.apk []
  4. HomeStageWidget-release.apk []
  5. MusicStageWidget-release.apk []
  6. NewsStageWidget-release.apk []
  7. PicturesStageWidget-release.apk []
  8. RadioStageWidget-release.apk []
  9. SocialStageWidget-release.apk []
  10. StageLauncher-release.apk []
  11. VideoStageWidget-release.apk []
  12. WebStageWidget-release.apk []

Non system apps:
  1. CarDock.apk []
  2. DRMPlayer.apk [com.arcsoft.drmplayer]
  3. swype.apk []
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3rd September 2011, 05:23 PM |#2  
It's time consuming to go through and delete the unwanted stuff using Root Uninstaller, but I believe it to be time well spent if only to provide a bit more space on the internal MicroSD. Perhaps someone should write an automated script that will allow the user to delete the APKs in the "Safe To Remove" section of the post?

Removing things like Stage UI and the bundleware should be left out of such a script, since every user is different.
3rd September 2011, 05:49 PM |#3  
OP Wiki Admin / Recognized Contributor
Thanks Meter: 1,647
The bundleware is more or less safe to remove, just as much they're usually older versions of what's available on market, you'd still need to update and would end up with 2 copies on your system. The current version at /data/app and the original older version at /system/app

Root explorer has a mass select button btw if you use that, I believe it also works for deleting but I'm not 100% sure. Only thing to be careful of is uninstalling a system critical file, though you can just as easily manually uninstall one by accident.

There's actually more stuff that can safely be removed, only the rom is the only way to get it as you cant download it normally. (eg swype and drmplayer, though swype beta is available as a slightly different thing)
3rd September 2011, 06:13 PM |#4  
I wasn't questioning the safety of removing the bundleware, since I removed most of it along with all the engineering stuff and the Stage UI yesterday. All I was saying is that in a script those things shouldn't be included because of individual user preferences.
7th September 2011, 02:23 PM |#5  
geo.samuel's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 278
Thumbs up
Nice work bruv!!:d
11th September 2011, 11:26 PM |#6  
OP Wiki Admin / Recognized Contributor
Thanks Meter: 1,647
Added a couple more apps into list, turns out everything in com.oem.* is not required (if you ignore being able to use OTA updates, but as noone uses them to begin with)

Dont remove dellsettingsprovider.apk though, it's needed for dock mode with an official dock.
15th September 2011, 09:43 PM |#7  
Senior Member
Flag Biella
Thanks Meter: 41
out of curiosity did you guys figure out what are all those com.engineeringmode.* apps? to be honest, removing something like gsensor.apk sounds scary
15th September 2011, 09:49 PM |#8  
OP Wiki Admin / Recognized Contributor
Thanks Meter: 1,647
If you force them to run by making a custom activity shortcut, they mostly do exactly what they sound like.

Majority of them lets you test a single function (ie what they're named after). They're all essentinally debug utils. Dell might have them included because it makes fixing returned devices easier (ie warrentied devices)

Or just as likely they left them in because they're lazy, the entire build system for the s5 is a bit of a mess. They fixed it for building venue and streak 7 roms but they never bothered to go back and fix it.

Though all these apps are also included in stock venue and s7 roms
15th September 2011, 10:14 PM |#9  
borijess's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 1,430
So before removing these apps do a nandroid backup. Will the nandroid save these files? Also can u do this with Gingerstreak?

Sent from the SuperStreak! ;)
15th September 2011, 10:16 PM |#10  
OP Wiki Admin / Recognized Contributor
Thanks Meter: 1,647
Of course nandroid saves it, unless you intentionally dont do a nandroid of system\, which defeats the point of nandroid.

SD2.3 doesnt include these nor does SD2.0
15th September 2011, 10:23 PM |#11  
borijess's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 1,430
Originally Posted by TheManii

Of course nandroid saves it, unless you intentionally dont do a nandroid of system\, which defeats the point of nandroid.

SD2.3 doesnt include these nor does SD2.0

SD 2.3 doesn't save which ones?

Sent from the SuperStreak! ;)
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