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[ROM] 12/19/12*inbREDed*||5.5*SVN*(inverted)|Virgin Mobille Compatible|* ICS*

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By steal25, Inactive Recognized Developer on 20th September 2011, 07:36 AM
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To calibrate inbREDed Updater
1: Open inbREDed Updater from app drawer
2:Click Menu
3:Click Configuration
4:Select Addon/Theme Update Settings
5:Select Manage Addon/Theme Servers
6:Click Menu
7:select Update Featured Addonon/Theme Servers
8:"Default Theme" will appear
9:Click Back button all the way back to the beginning and your all set
10: you may have to hit menu and select Check now

inbREDed Updater changelog
Tone Down Red Text
Skull Battery
Zombie Kitty Lockring
Gloomy Days Skin
InbREDed KeyBoard w/ Arrows
Red Steel Dialer
inbREDed Splash Screen
Red trans flip clock
inverted dropbox
inverted facebook
GOW lockring
GOW clock and lockring combo
Zombie Kitty Lockring
Stock flipclock
red android lockring
Dragon girl dialer
5x4 homescreen with shortcut tesxt
5x4 homescreen without shortcut text
disable carousel animation
blood bath dialer
fairy dialer
inbREDed ICS animations
inbREDed Beats
inbREDed boot animation 2
inbREDed dialer 2 (thanks Vin for the pngs)
different Wifi Battery
nightmare 1.0
nightmare 2.0
nightmare before christmas 2
nightmare before christmas 3
Red rounded rosie
skull battery
skull signal icon
stock flip clock
trans pin lock
red numbers stock flip clock
More to come......
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20th September 2011, 07:36 AM |#2  
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[ROM] 12/19/12*inbREDed*||5.5*SVN*(inverted)|Virgin Mobille Compatible|* ICS*
****STEAL25 DASED14****

As of inbREDed 5.4 Hockeyfamily737 will be taking over and leading this project.

SVN link inbreded-ics-evo3d

DOWNLOAD>>>>> inbREDed 5.5 <<<<<DOWNLOAD

md5 : 721259887f7c7402b2704b6ccce2142d


click the image below for screenshots

Please post all issues and we will fix immediately. And of course this will be odexed when we feel its release worthy.

Big thank to Aamikan for all the help with this ROM!!!

Virgin Mobile APNs in Aroma

d3rpICS inbREDed 5.5
**Add Fonts to Aroma
-HTC Font
-Ubuntu Font
-Caviardreams Font
**App Updates - Thanks Steal25
-inbREDed G+
-inbREDed Market
-inbREDed Talk
-inbREDed Gmail
-inbREDed Dropbox
-inbREDed Pandora
-inbREDed Twitter
**Tweaks shortcut in System Settings
**Fixed some blacked out text
**Fixed some graphical framework glitches
**Update Busybox binary

d3rpICS Adversary 1.1
**Add Fonts to Aroma
-HTC Font
-Ubuntu Font
-Caviardreams Font
**Add Lockring Options to Aroma
-d3rp Red Alliance
**Add Livewallpaper functionality to Aroma
**Add Profile / PRL update option to Aroma
**App Updates
-inbREDed G+
-inbREDed Market
-inbREDed Talk
-inbREDed Gmail
-inbREDed Dropbox
**Tweaks & Apex shortcuts in System Settings
**Fixed some blacked out text
**Fixed some graphical framework glitches
**Update Busybox binary
Version 5.4
<*>Add Aroma Installer</*>
     -Add wipe menu
     -Add reboot on completed flash
     -Add lockscreen mods
     -Add boot audio toggle

<b>d3rpICS Adversary 1.00</b>
<*>Initial release</*>

Version 5.2.5
Added Core control to quicksettings, change to dual/single core on the fly
Added Coolexe Modified Audio
Working Xloud
Fixed SuperSU not being accessed on first try with some apps
Fixed some annoying graphical glitches in talk
Added Red Sync animation
Added Red 1X and 3G icons
Cleaned up duplicate entries in Build.Prop
Cleaned out some Virgin Mobil stuff I overlooked
Removed Sprint HotSpot from quicksettings
Removed SpareParts- it doesnt do anything that the rom cant on its own
Updated SuperSU
Updated FaceBook
Added Core Control(Dual Core by Pedja1)

Version 5.2
Speed and memory tweaks to services.jar
reverted to Mms from 5.1 (inverted still in updater)
added "add to tasks" and "visual Voicemail tab" to Mms
Updated to latest SuperCharger to work with ICS
Added bin file to hopefully fix problems using 
phone while connexted to 4G
Optimized all Jpgs throughout the rom with JDO cuts sizes
by 55% with out loss of quality
Added back in thermald
fixed statusbar trans slider in tweaks
removed more green/blue all throughout
lowered wifi scan intervals to 90 
3G connectivity tweaks
Rezipaligned(from sdk 19) all apks
Delanguaged alot more apks
Removed HTC Greader(in removed apps zips)
Added Quick Launch (ssojyeti2) few glitches that are being worked on
overall smoother, faster a better user experience
Version 5.1.1
Fixed HtcLinkifyDispatcher, ALL app associations work, phone,web and maps links work properly.
Removed app associations in Settings menu
fixed no landscape bug in dockmode - Thanks Il Duce
Fixed FC in world clock
Added toggle for shutter sound in camera app
Speed,Battery saving andMemory management entries in Build.prop
new sysctl entries
moved voice search to system/app
Added DSP manager
new entries for xloud hopefully we hear a difference
inverted Mms (still needs some text colors)
updated inbREDed DropBox
uodated esfile explorer
updated maps
updated facebook
Version 5.1
New Adreno 220 drivers Fixes screen tearing and better FPS speeds
Enabled HW acceleration i almost 100 apks, why this is shut off i have no idea.
Removed useless 4g not connected icon
Added to Quicksettings-
  WifTether (configured by default)
  Reboot Menu
  WiMAX (long press to go to WiMAX settings)
  Long press inbREDed Tweaks to go to inbREDed updater
  Long press save power to go to power settings
  Long press Sprint hotspot to go to Sprint hotspot settings
Added WiMAX and WifiTether to hide/reorder in statusbar tweaks
Added to Settings/
  /Privacy - Guest mode (no apk support yet so if someonw knows of a similar app let me know and ill map it.)
  /Location - enable/disable phone finder
  /More/Tethering and Sprint hotspot - Bluetooth Tethering and internet pass through
Added to PCSC
   Media Sync
Fixed Beats audio over Bluetooth (Thanks Gruesome wolf for the files)
Removed annoying language toggle from HTC_IME
Removed unnecessary entries in init.qcom.post_boot and adjusted some values
A few new libs from the .2 base most of which wasnt worth messing with
Entries in Build.prop for speed, sound and hardware
Change the pinkish .pngs to red
went back to stock sideways battery the circle battery was cut off at the bottom.
Themed dock mode 
Themed World Clock
inbREDed Gmail
Added back in HTC LinkifyDispatcher READ HERE 
Added back in youtube
Im sure there MUCH more i need to take notes :)
Version 5.0 Final
Overall SUPER smooth and FAST
All the gravy from the previous betas
Removed the useless beats on/off toggle from setting(this was keeping beats
from funtioning properly)
Beats fully enabled through all speakers, havent tested bluetooth.(no headphones required)- Thanks MIK
inbREDed apps tab in app drawer
Reduced animation times in framework and all sense for faster animations
Fast charge enabled
Full sound enhancer menu in HtcMusic
Removed GPS icon
Removed all debugging from system,framework, system/app
About 80% Delanguaged, to be cont...
MX0'ed all apks and jars for a ton of RAM over 450mb free
Added V6 supercharger
Added FMRadio
Added font from gb inbREDed 
Themed Dialer
inbREDed Market
inbREDed Talk
Updated all market apps
HTC linkify-Dispatcher
most live wallpapers

Version 5.0 Beta II
Unlimited tabs in browser
Windows button
extra settings in browser UA strings etc..
burst-only takes one shot for now, ill find a fix soon for this.
panoramic with zoom
supports iso1250
1080p, 720p (default) Mms quality recording in camcorder
Global Beats
beats notify
beats toggle in settings
video play back with beats audio
inbREDed Tweaks
inbREDed Updater
fixed decompressed time stamp in Mms
750k,2m(default),5m Mms size
MMS decompress mod
Forced Roaming option in sprint roaming menu
smooth scroll mod
added Libs for TVout (forgot in beta 1)
Xloud mod
Sony Bravia for better resolution picture viewing
unlocked Wifi detected screen in initial setup
Removed Debugging icon
Working text to speach and voice search
about 80% themed

added apps
sms backup
mikmik forum app
Wifi Tether
Shoot me

all apks and jars MX0'ed for maximum RAM (over 400 mb free)
alot more is in there ill add as i remember, Lot more to add alot more
to theme ENJOY!

Version 5.0 Beta I
Base Shooter_ICS_35_S_Sprint_WWE_VM_1.13.652.1 (thank joelz)
*100% Sprint 
*full sprint VVM
*Roaming and sprint roaming menus
*Thanks to Aamikam for these features
removed debugging from alot of smali not done yet
mx0d alot of apps
screen calibration
png opted all pngs
bad ass default skin by Dased
beats unlocked in settings menu and music app, still need to make the framework edits.
font sizes
semi themed faaaar from done.
adreno config tweaks
buil.prop tweaks
alot more im just super tired and im leaving for the weekend so i wanted to get something out before i left.

Version 4.3
Fixed updater auto reboot
Fixed native apps2sd but i still added links2sd you can move the
odex file aswell with it
Decompressed all system/app/ and system/framework/ and 
sprinkled with MagIK = more RAM (thanks Aamikan) over 400 free mbs of RAM
Removed More logging apps
Added ponury gestures (swipe to lock/unlock) requires kernel support
USB host mode: everything is in place I just can't test till next week
So whoever uses it let me know. Requires kernel support
Updated ESFileExplorer
Added TheMikMikForums app inbREDed Edition coming soon
Added 3.5.15 inbREDed Market (removed "disable updates" script)
MORE Adreno Config Tweaks for Super Smooth video Rendering
Defrags databases on boot = more RAM
Cleaned out useless entries from sysctl.conf
MUCH MUCH MORE I'll add to this as i remember Overall the smoothest
fastest expierence yet, totally configurable by the end user ENJOY!!!!

Version back to 4.2.1) 

same as 4.2.1
removed RootExplorer
Added ESFileExplorer

Version 4.2.2 

Fixed inbREDedUpdater auto reboot to recovery issue
unlocked more Adreno config tweaks
Upped max windows events to 240 (build.prop)
replaced rootexplorer with Explorer

Version 4.2.1

Added V6supercharger script by Zepplinroxx check it out here
^ in terminal type system/bin/ (enter) - adb type adb shell (enter) (enter)
modded the system to handle cache differently
Fixed Amaze camcorder (by removing framework and incompatible lib files)
Updated market to Googleplaystore 3.4.7
Added init.d script to keep market from updating(when updates slow down ill theme the then latest and put it out)
Removed mpdesicion, thermald and init.post_boot references. You will notice a major speed and 
smoothness boost. Thanks dropzeroc for the tip.
Removed SuperUser and added the new SuperSU (i suggest purchasing the pro version of this, its got alot of cool features)
SU binary 0.75
Updated and themed googleplaymusic
Updated maps
Updated volume+ 1.9
Also wanted to remind you guys this still contains tommytomatoes script for odex in data/app and data-private/apps
see below for instructions.

Version 4.2

All the goodness from 4.1 
Full wipe is very nesseccary
new build.prop tweaks for speed and memory mngt.
sysctl.conf tweaks
rearranged init.d scripts and removed conflicting entries
added entry to fix perms for contact pics in mms on every boot
Added amaze camera framework
Xloud mod framework
added drivers for better sound and video quality
added inbreded apps tab in app drawer
changed some text from red to white to make it easier to read
cleaned up framework .smali a bit more
inbREDed Google+
root explorer
Adobe Flash
updated Ad host as of 2/6/12
overall a smoother-faster expierence!
mush more that im probably forgetting ENJOY!

Version 4.1

All the Fixes from 4.01
Added swipe to remove individual notifications in systemui dropdown(only evo3d sense 3.0 {2.17.651.5} 
rom to have this feature) Thanks to Hansip87 For the Awsome write up!
Added inbREDedROM updater (instructions and changelog in post 2)
Added 3D homescreens (accessible from /setting/display menu)
Added screen Calibration (accessible from /setting/display menu)
Added Extend (debugging) menu to Browser
Readded SmsPopUp to the app drawer
ReDecompiled/Compiled all apks 0 compression for more RAM
Further Delanguage,Zipaligned and PngOpted all apks
Added inbREDed Google Plus
Updated Google Maps
Updated to newest VTT-Sprint
Added neccessary .lib and .bin files
Overall a BETTER user expirience
A lot more that im probably forgetting I'll add as I remember

Version 4.01(patch)
Fixes -
-Opening weather animation,audio and no more fcs 
-Landscape calculator
-Extended EPST menus
-Fixes some jacked up .pngs here and there
-New inbREDed tweaks icon
-City weather wallpaper, this was supposed to be in 4.0
-Probably a few more little things

Version 4.0

2.17.651.5 base
Freezas dual core stock kernel
cleaned out framework .smali
All .pngs pngopted
Fully Themed
adhost updated 2.1.12
inbREDed Themed Leedroid Tweaks by j4n87 and daniels7
CRT animations not working on 2.17 base yet
Beats integration < still needs a little work
7 in 1 reboot menu
Usb debudding icon removed script for odexing data/apps
sig check disabled (fully themeable)
trans drop down
trans apps drawer
extra quick settings
Reworked menus and icons
tons of inverted/red apps
inbREDed market
updated Gmail
trans MMS with backup/restore,compression mod and funtional with leedroid tweaks (thanks badseed for the mms)
mirror app unlocked
updated sprint vvm
Camera- panorama,HDR,2mp ffc and all features unlocked
speed tweaks
build.prop tweaks
sprint hotspot unlocked
removed carrier/ from lockscreen
New themed Phone/Dialer

Version 3.2.1

Heres inbREDed 3.2.1 Update ONLY. you only need to wipe cache and dalvic
fixed a bunch of .pngs that were bugging me
Fixed Diag Mode
Fixed Vol Wake toggle and Change Carrier text in tweaks
EPST.apk straight off my phone all codes work so there should be no more issues
Super Smooth Rosie (default)

Version 3.2

All the Awesomeness from 3.0 and 3.1
RCMIX V13 kernel By klquicksall<< SUPER SILKY!!
New Bootanimation thanks JaeKar99 
Hacked Google Videos,Rent videos with root.READ HERE(don't update with market)
Fixed market FC thanks Pendo for the heads up and the progress bar pngs.
New apps from the latest HTC update
-HTCFacebook 3Dwidget
HTC Locations 3d widget
New inbREDed Wallpaper app accessible from homescreen/menu/wallpapers. 
Thanks Mortem Tuam for the wallpapers and Wally72 for hooking it all up!
-Updated VoiceMail
google+,Facebook,MMS,and contacts coming soon
City weather lockscreen default
Boosted volume across the whole phone 
Updated apps
inbREDed 3.4.4 Market
-Google Maps
-Titanium Backup
-Adobe Flash
-Root Explorer
Tons of .png and image changes thanks Pendo for the help and some .pngs!
Lots more changes and tweaks all over, Have fun!

Version 3.1

cleaned up build.prop and a few extra tweaks
more adreno config tweaks
New voicemail.apk
updated inbREDedMarket 3.3.12 no more FC
EPST.apk from 4G
unlocked more sound enhancements in HTCMusic.apk
New BatteryWidget
Cleaned up some pngs here and there
Finally found and got rid of the blue BG behind
the search bar in a few app (ie:market,youtube)
nothing major just wipe cache and dalvic ONLY!!!

Version 3.0

Kernel-RCMIX v9 with outgoing rooted message removed.
Added inbREDed Tweaks Original mod by Romanbb Thanks you for letting me port this to my rom.
Go to "inbreded tweaks" in the app drawer or in the settings menu for tweaks menu
.hide/unhide/change color notebar clock
.show hide quick settings
.lockscreen settings
.hide/unhide battery or add numerical %
.hide/unhide signal
.Remappable right rosie button to any app
.de/paginate app drawer
.5/4 colum app drawer
.hide/unhide recent apps
.disable/enable CRT,overscroll,Back light leds
.disable/enable vol. wake lockscreen 
.right now to change the carrier text you must edit the .txt in /system/etc/
will be fixed soon
. MORE....
themed inbREDed market
renamed "people" to "contacts"
Adreno config tweaks
.wifi tether
.titanium backup
.root explorer
.google music and added trans widget
Added back "shootme" native screencap no longer works due to removing all CIQ
.FMRADIO now works along side beats
.Moved Volume+ to /data/app/ which seems to have fixed that issue.

Version 2.1

Updated to 2.08.651.2/3 By adding in all the patches and files
new kernel RCMIX v9 with call recording support
Fixed VVM issue from 2.0, Themed version works on first boot
Vol. Rocker skip/repeat control while screen is off
Tweaked framework for speed increases all over the device
Dimmed capacitive light script thanks FREEZAVersion 2.0
Updated (10.27) Ad-host still completly ad-free
Removed more unnessecary files and folders
alot more I'll add when i get back home....

Version 2.0

New base mix of CleanROM 2.5 and Stock 2.08.651.2 deodex
Bcblend kernel 0.03
Fully optimized and Delanguaged APKs and JARs for quicker response
and less RAM usage
Fully Odexed By me Thank you TommyTomatoe for all the 
amazing scripts and Being an all around good dude!!Fully optimized Jpgs.Pngs with pngout and JDO
Full beats integration
Crt animation
Extra Extended Quick settings ( thanks Ihtfp69 for permissions and .smali files) 
Signiture check disabled (thanks Joelz and ctdroid for the heads up and 
Aamikan for the original coding)
More Build.Prop edits
TTODEX.SH script to odex data/app and data/app-private
Non-Market apps installable by default
Optmized and boosted notifications (Thanks Freaknik) Ringtones coming soon
CFBench marks over NOT OC'd
Flashplayer 11.01
Screen Calibrate
3d homescreen
SuperUser 3.0.6
Titanium Backup
SMS popup
Google Music 4.01
Volume+ w/beats eq
Root Explorer
Adb Wireless
Talk 2
Removed most apps that can be installed from the market
Alot more... ive been on this update for a while so i cant remember everything i did
but i'll update the change log as I do.
Version 1.3.2
Updated market to 3.2.0
Trans MMS Thank you Jeff Sanance and Fernando Sor I just changed the color
scheme to fit this ROM
Updated Volume+ to 1.8.02
Added ICS Wallpapers check under menu-wallpapers
Fixed some .pngs and .9s in frame-res and Resources
A few minor Graphical changes

Version 1.3.1

Removed Google2.0 from ICS (to fix FC in people app) and added 
fernando sors trans g+ I just changed the text to red
Removed SuperUser 3.0.4 and reverted to 3.0.2 (Read disclaimer above)
Version 1.3
Updated SuperUser v3.0.4
Updated SU binaries
Updated Adobe Flash v11
Updated Market 3.1.6
Updated Volume Plus Beta (Beats enabled)
Added Google+ and Google Music fron ICS(thanks affliction for pointing those out)
Fixed a bunch of .9 files 
Fixed Trim it app FCs
More build.prop opts
Further opted and delanguaged more apks
Replaced a bunch of htc wallpapers with cooler ones!
Removed Protips the annoying home tips if any one wants it let me know.
peobably more and more to come......
Speedo battery and semi-trans straight rosie by default
cf bench scores in 7000s!!

Version 1.2

Full wipe recommended 
all the goods from 1.1
Updated Superuser (you must update su binary when prompted)
Added back in mirror app
More ext4 tweaks(thanks again to treve for his outstanding work and dedication)
more build.prop tweaks
Cleaned out,optimized and delanguaged all system 
and included data apks
Removed a bunch of useless files
Removed htc home tips
Added in cool animations
Turned off htc Reporting
Turned off Htc Crash Reporting
Upped maximum alarms to 20
Maximum notifications to 10
Reset dalvic heap back to 48
Added more red!!!!!!!!!
Super fast, blazing benchmarks, super smooth scrolling!
Overall a better user experience!
Removed Wallpapers from SDcard(download below)

Version 1.1

*Everything from 1.0*
BCblend 0.03 kernel oc to 1.8 stable blazing fast
system,Build.prop and memory tweaks
tommytomatoes script (explanation below)
cleaned out a few more apks
themed a few more apps 
Fixed Fc in music app enhancer and added beats audio mod
moved Wifi tether betav3.1 beta 6 Data/app/
updated SU to SU3 beta 4 + SU elite
updated and themed market 3.1.5
deodexed all data apps so you can add all your apps and odex them all with
Finished odexing all system/apps
removed a few more useless apps download below
probably a little more...Enjoy!!

Version 1.0

Base-Chogardjrs 2.3.4 stock sense 3.0 2
Kernel-RCMIX 5.0 by quicksall
V(R) I/O
Wifi Tweak to connect a weaker signal -108db over stock -88db
added virtous OC script
EXT4 system and data tweaks
sdcard readahead to 3072
vmheap to 64
Wifi scan intervals to 180
Juwell11s best RAM script
Camera has panorama and hdr and 2mp ffc
MMS has Backup and restore 0 compression and 5mb limit
zipalign on boot
nano editor
native adblocking host updated (9.18.11)
native screen capture
CRT screen on/off and power down animation
Red sprint bootanimation
Trans notification dropdown
Trans app drawer
Themed 99% off all apps
Trans Gmail (thank Fernando sor, plus for the help you've given me)
and more i probably cant remember
Most CIQ and spyware
Sprint bloat
tell htc
htc feedback
google feedback
Clock from notification bar
usb debugging icon
GPS icon only on when in use
Added Apps:
TalkII with video
Wifi tether v3.1 B6
ADB wireless
Titanium Backup
Spare parts
SMS popup
Volume +
Swype (themed swype coming soon)
Themed pandora
Themed shootme
xda forum app
A bunch of sprint bloat and other removed apps are HERE (not a flashable zip, you have to open it and install the apks)

Download>>>> inbREDed wipe ALL <<<<Download


Not Working
Sprint Hotspot NOT unlocked yet.
Please let us know if you find anything

To Do
fix burst feature in camera
lots more....

If you enjoy this ROM consider hitting the thanks button, rating the thread 5 stars or a simple reply would all suffice! Thanks, ENJOY!
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20th September 2011, 07:36 AM |#3  
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For whatever pops in my silly little mind

zombie Hello Kitty lockring

bubble on lockscreen

Red trim black bubbles
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20th September 2011, 07:37 AM |#4  
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Reserved for mods
If anyone has a mod they want pm me and I will try to make them for you I hope everyone like our battery mods I will be making more this week!!

ok i wanted to post my setup because some people are having issues will the kernal and reboots!!
I use setcpu you dont have to if you want to use oc deamon that is fine 2!! currently i have oc max of 1620 and a min of 864 set to performance.I also set a profile for screen off to max 594 min 192 set on powersave with this set up you will get great speed and battery life without overheating!! if anyone has a question please pm me i will be happy to help
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20th September 2011, 07:38 AM |#5  
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reserved for mods
call recorder apk

here is alittle guide for those of you who have hboot 1.5
all credit goes to SCROSLER

How to Flash for hboot 1.5
If you are in hboot 1.5 you have some options to flash this ROM. With hboot 1.5 you cannot flash the kernel from the ROM through normal means. This has not been a big deal until now because we were using the stock kernel. With the introduction of 2.5 I have migrated from stock to mWalt's kernel. This will cause an issue with your wifi and 4G. This is because the kernel is not actually being replaced with hboot 1.5 so you will have the stock kernel with the modified modules. So what can you do to avoid this?

Option 1: After flashing the ROM you can follow these instruction to manually flash bcblend 0.03 kernel from the ROM:

Option 2: You can flash it like normal and then flash this kernel over top the ROM: freeza kernel This will replace the modules from the bcblend kernel that is used in the ROM. Obvioulsy you wont have the "complete" ROM by doing this.

Options 3: Follow these steps and you can get the full full ROM with one flash:

Options 4: Look at this walk through for installing the ROM and Kernel in one shot. Its similar to option 3.
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20th September 2011, 07:41 AM |#6  
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Pretty awesome graphics! Got another theme in mind for you.

Sent from my HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Z715e using xda premium
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Originally Posted by smoochiezz24

Pretty awesome graphics! Got another theme in mind for you.

Sent from my HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Z715e using xda premium

did you get my PM?
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20th September 2011, 07:58 AM |#8  
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I used this kernel for my SALT III ROM... its super unstable dude.. just helping you out b4 people start complaining.

Edit: Looks good though...

Sent from my PG06100 using xda premium
20th September 2011, 08:00 AM |#9  
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Red-y. I'll try this out.
20th September 2011, 08:05 AM |#10  
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Its not so much that the kernal is unstable but if you go over 1.3 it will just use stock settings also there will be a nice update for the kernal in about a week
Edit:sorry jaywan didnt see who i was repleying 2 lol
3vo InbREDed rom by Team REDneck
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Originally Posted by Jaywan

I used this kernel for my SALT III ROM... its super unstable dude.. just helping you out b4 people start complaining.

Edit: Looks good though...

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Thanks for the heads up, but I've been using it for the past week or so and I haven't had any stability issues. Besides what affliction mentioned with the oc it so far has ran smooth. I'll update the op on the oc limit for now until the update next week and ill also post the stock kernel for any one who doesn't like it.

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