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[ROM/RUU] HTC Wildfire Shipped / Stock ROMs Collection [Complete]

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By 3xeno, Senior Member on 24th September 2011, 08:05 PM
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HTC Wildfire Shipped ROM's / RUU Collection

This thread is created to serve as a backup for whatever is available on Shipped ROM's, in case the site is offline. Please read the entire notes below.

Alternate Direct Download Links:

What are these?
- RUU's stand for ROM Update Utility. They contain the ROM contained on a Stock, Out-of-the-box phone, as it was when it was 'shipped'.

- You will NEED to install these if you are claiming warranty on your phone (IF you have rooted / have custom ROMs installed). Besides, these are also helpful when you may potentially mess up some other rooting / flashing process.

Will this unroot my device?
- Yes. RUU's will Unroot your phone. They will remove:
* Clockworkmod Recovery
* Superuser Binary
Remember though, RUU's WILL format your device completely. So make sure you have everything backed up.
However, RUU's will not remove S-OFF if you have used AlphaRev X / Revolutionary. To remove S-OFF, you will need to follow this procedure here

How to install?
- Simple. Connect your Wildfire to your PC, run the EXE File, that's about it.

But I am on Mac/Linux. EXE's don't work on my comp.
- Extract the from the RUU using OpenRUU. Needs Wine
- Rename to
- Place on your SDCard
- Start phone in bootloader mode. (Vol Down + Power simultaneously). Follow On-Screen instructions next.

Error 131 Customer Error?
- Create a Goldcard. If at first you don't succeed, try again. If you still fail, borrow another SDCard from somewhere and try again. Some SDCards are finicky when it comes to creating Goldcards.

Error 140 Bootloader Error?
- Happens when you are trying to install an older version of a stock ROM on top of a newer version. Run Step 1.bat from here and try again. (Step 1 downgrades your MISC partition which will allow flashing an older ROM on top of a new one)

Error 120/170/130/171.....
- They can happen for n reasons, and the best way to go around it to extract the from the RUU and try to install directly on your phone. For Windows, the procedure is outlined here, and for Mac/Linux, use OpenRUU as already stated above.

There are so many links there how do I know which to choose?
- Generally, RUU's are named as such

HTC/Operator - This field will tell you whether it is a branded ROM or it is an unbranded (ie HTC ROM). Examples of branded ROMs are Vodafone ROMs, Telstra ROMs, Orange ROMs etc.

Region - Shows the region for where the RUU is developed for. WWE stands for WORLD WIDE ENGLISH, so choose this in case you don't know which RUU you are supposed to use. Other examples are ARA (Arabic), CHT (Chinese), HK (Hong Kong), Asia (Duh!), TW (Taiwan), SPA (Spain), FRA (France) etc,

Version - While not really important, this field tells you if it is an Eclair ROM or Froyo ROM. Eclair RUU's always begin with 1.x (Examples - 1.37.405.1, 1.14.405.2 etc), and Froyo RUU's always begin with 2.x (Examples - 2.22.405.1, 2.25.720.1 etc)

Radio Version - Irrelevant really. Its not like you have choice here.

Release Version - Same as above.

Eclair RUU's

RUU_Buzz_HTC_WWE_1.14.405.2_R_Radio_13.45.55.24_3. 35.15.31_release_130814_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_HTC_WWE_1.25.405.1_Radio_13.45.55.24_3.35 .15.31_release_142189_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_hTC_Asia_India_1.25.720.1_Radio_13.45.55. 24_3.35.15.31_release_142213_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_HTC_WWE_1.37.405.1_Radio_13.53.55.24H_3.3 5.19.25_release_151892_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_hTC_Asia_HK_CHT_1.15.708.2_Radio_13.45.55 .24_3.35.15.31_release_131295_signed.exe


RUU_Buzz_Vodafone_SPA_1.14.164.1_R_Radio_13.45.55. 24_3.35.15.31_release_130867_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_hTC_Asia_TW_1.27.709.3_Radio_13.45.55.24H _3.35.15.31_SF_release_150020_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_HTC_WWE_Tesco_1.28.1107.2_Radio_13.45.55. 24_3.35.15.31_release_147726_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_HTC_FRA_Bouygues_1.23.483.2_Radio_13.45.5 5.24_3.35.15.31_release_140524_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_TMO_UK_1.14.110.1_Radio_13.45.55.24_3.35. 15.19_release_130442_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.15.707.1_Radio_13.45.55.24 _3.35.15.31_release_131306_signed.exe


RUU_Buzz_Vodafone_DE_1.25.162.1_F_Radio_13.45.55.2 4H_3.35.15.31_SF_release_150710_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_HTC_WWE_Tesco_1.28.1107.1_Radio_13.45.55. 24_3.35.15.31_release_143937_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.25.707.1_Radio_13.45.55.24 _3.35.15.31_release_142190_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_H3G_UK_1.16.771.2_Radio_13.45.55.24_3.35. 15.31_release_131501_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_Vodafone_DE_1und1_1.19.186.3_Radio_13.45. 55.24_3.35.15.31_release_133745_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_HTC_WWE_1.25.405.1_Radio_13.45.55.24_3.35 .15.31_release_142189_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_H3G_ITA_1.16.772.1_Radio_13.45.55.24_3.35 .15.31_release_131171_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_hTC_Asia_India_1.14.720.2_R_Radio_13.45.5 5.24_3.35.15.31_release_130937_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_hTC_Asia_TW_1.18.709.2_C_Radio_13.45.55.2 4_3.35.15.31_release_141439_signed.exe

Froyo RUU's

RUU_Buzz_Froyo_HTC_WWE_2.22.405.1_Radio_13.55.55.2 4H_3.35.20.10_release_160191_signed.exe (This RUU contains HBoot 1.01.0001) (Ctsy:

RUU_Buzz_Froyo_Telstra_WWE_2.38.841.1_Radio_13.55. 55.24H_3.35.20.10_release_167270_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_Froyo_hTC_Asia_HK_CHT_2.27.708.1_Radio_13 .55.55.24H_3.35.20.10_release_162285_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_Froyo_hTC_Asia_WWE_2.24.707.1_Radio_13.55 .55.24H_3.35.20.10_release_161113_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_Froyo_hTC_Asia_TW_2.24.709.1_Radio_13.55. 55.24H_3.35.20.10_release_161114_signed.exe

RUU_Buzz_Froyo_HTCCN_CHS_2.10.1400.3_Radio_13.53.5 5.24H_3.35.19.25_release_151119_signed.exe


- These are incremental updates, and not complete ROMs in themselves.
- OTA Zips will only work on the base ROM they are designed for, so, are not universal. Check the File Name of the OTA Zip. As an Example - Here, thos OTA ZIP will install HTC Firmware version 1.37.405.1 (1st Number) on your device, but will only work if you have HTC Firmware version 1.25.405.1 (2nd Number) on your device already.
- To install OTA's, follow the steps given below: (Untested on devices which have Clockworkmod Recovery installed)
  • - Download the OTA file you need. Rename this file to
  • - Place this on your SDCard
  • - Turn off your phone and turn on in HBOOT mode (Vol Down + Power)
  • - Select RECOVERY. You should see a Red Triangle with an Exclamation Mark since using an RUU removes Clockworkmod Recovery
  • - On this screen, Press Vol Up + Power. This should take you to Stock HTC recovery.
  • - Here, select "Apply". Follow On Screen instructions (By margityu )

Safe Flash ZIP's

- These are intended to be flashed in Clockworkmod Recovery , this will not remove root or Clockworkmod Recovery. So don't use these incase you intend to return your device to claim warranty. Use them only if you want to get back to a Stock ROM from whichever you are using at the moment.
- Created originally by danne_jo, all credits to him


Buzz_Froyo_hTC_Asia_India_2.25.720.1_SAFE_FLASH_ZI P

Enjoy, and please don't request for mirrors. I am on a very slow internet plan, and uploading any RUU takes 45 minutes. Feel free to add mirrors, and I will gladly place your mirror links on this post.
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25th September 2011, 06:34 PM |#2  
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let me know if u need these so that i can upload tonight.
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26th September 2011, 09:44 AM |#3  
3xeno's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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Originally Posted by bharatgaddameedi

let me know if u need these so that i can upload tonight.

Please do when possible. I have exhausted whatever I had.
28th September 2011, 07:18 PM |#5  
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Awesome thread, will always come in helpful because i have no backups what so ever. Long live this thread! And 3xeno of course.

Edit: I hope i wont need this thread that long tho... maybe i get a new phone, depends of my dad..

Sent from my HTC Wildfire using XDA App
28th September 2011, 08:26 PM |#6  
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UK Version is it safe?
28th September 2011, 11:01 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by metapolis is it safe?

Nope, it isn't safe flash zip.
It is an official froyo ota update which is to be flashed from stock recovery.

Edit: Incase if ur question is "IS IT SAFE TO FLASH ?".
YES, ofcourse. Stock HTC updates are well protected with their signatures. But it is useful only if u r on android 2.1 and want to upgrade to 2.2

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29th September 2011, 10:22 AM |#8  
3xeno's Avatar
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Updated the post with all available RUU's (OTA Zips later). Since Rapidshare was proving to be much faster, I have used that for the time being, but I'll definitely be uploading to a site like Multiupload soon.
30th September 2011, 12:14 PM |#9  
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The followings files are available

RUU_Buzz_Froyo_HTC_Afr_2.34.421.2_Radio_13.55.55.2 4H_3.35.20.10_release_169197_signed

RUU_Buzz_Froyo_HTC_ARA_2.37.415.1_Dr_Raid_Radio_13 .55.55.24H_3.35.20.10_release_166943_signed

RUU_Buzz_Froyo_HTC_WWE_2_22_405_1_Radio_13_55_55_2 4H_3_35_20_10_release_160191_signed

RUU_Buzz_Froyo_HTC_WWE_2.22.405.1_Radio_13.55.55.2 4H_3.35.20.10_release_160191_signed

RUU_Buzz_HTC_WWE_1.14.405.2_R_Radio_13.45.55.24_3. 35.15.31_release_130814_signed

RUU_Buzz_HTC_WWE_1.25.405.1_Radio_13.45.55.24_3.35 .15.31_release_142189_signed

RUU_Buzz_HTC_WWE_1.37.405.1_Radio_13.53.55.24H_3.3 5.19.25_release_151892_signed

---------- Post added at 12:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:58 AM ----------

Looks like Shipped roms could be back up and working again
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3rd October 2011, 10:31 AM |#10  
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If needed, this is the official (unsafe, will put hboot 1.02.00) Froyo update for italian fastweb Wildfires:
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3rd October 2011, 12:30 PM |#11  
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Unsafe ZIP full RUU

I would like to use the latest, full, clear and not safe ZIP to flash my WF. And, it has to work in Germany. The latest Italien one, is it a full Ruu or only an update? It has only 60MB which seems to me a little bit to slow - but maybe I am wrong.

I have a mac and I can't use the exe files.

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