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[ROM] HyperSense v4.0 not available until fix (Sense 2.1+3.0|GB v2.3.3) [17/04/2012]

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First thing to say is "THANKS TO ALL THE BRILLIANT DEVS HERE @ XDA!!!" Without their effort I think that I would never had a personal ROM
A special thanks goes to dbasabe with his AWESOME work with the new Sense kernel !!!
AND, last but not least, thanks to michaelm_007 from the Desire forum with his great AceSMod007 ROM, which mine is a porting from that

--> This is my FIRST personal ROM and I'd like to share with you guys!
--> Any help for improving ROM quality and snappiness is greatly appreciated!


What users said about this ROM:

"i just want to point out that i'm extremely pleased with this ROM as well.
we have waited for ages for a sense ROM that is stable, has a solid kernel without the graphical glitches, and that works fast. this one is the best there is by far (light years ahead of the rest in my opinion).
until a stable ICS ROM emerges, this is my daily ROM since it is very fast, rock stable, has awesome battery life and fits my needs exactly.
i want to thank the developer for his amazing work (and of course, the kernel developer that made this all possible)"

"This ROM is just so fast, smooth and perfect. I cannot believe that this is my Nexus One.
No words to describe.
I have a brand New N1 running (almost) as fast as the latest HTC phone with Sense.
I just love it...
for now, not a single issue!
Thanks a billion"

"I have been running v2.0 for 2 days now. It is fast, stable, and smooth. No more SOD (sleep of death) so far. Everything works perfectly. The camera greenish problem, just set White Balance to Incadescent instead of Auto. It looks closest to the white flash in most light conditions.

The best Sense ROM for the Nexus One ... ever!


"This is so far the best Sense ROM that I've ever run on my N1! For some reason I've never had much luck with other Sense ROMs, not just graphics glitches. Because this is very stable and runs everything I want to use, this is going to be my daily ROM and I intend to stay that way for a while. Thank you."

"Oh... God... this ROM is simply great.
Thanks a lot for such work... will follow it until a stable version is released."

"i gotta say this sense rom is amazing! it runs smooth, no problems ran into other than like the kernel related which would be worked out in time. and i gotta say this would be my sense rom of choice."


Screenshots (OLD from v3.0):



If you're new to flashing process, go here for excellent explanation of what steps to do:

Make sure you have HBOOT v0.35.0017!!!
If you are on v0.33 then UPDATE instantly to v0.35!
Search on XDA for links and how-to.

=> To install NAND version you MUST UPDATE your HBOOT with Blackrose first, so go HERE!

1) Latest Radio:

2) Latest HBOOT: BLACKROSE Custom HBOOT from "dla5244" dev so you'll have v7.35.5117 !

As I said, go HERE for the LATEST version and for instructions on how to install.

=> New Partition Layout required for this rom is: 315mb System, 10mb Cache, 111mb Data

-> Remember to WIPE everything every time you flash a new ROM!

For information only:
Stock Partition Layout is: 145mb System, 95mb Cache, 196mb Data.

3) WIPED ext3 or ext4 partition (for APP2SD), 500mb is ok, but I suggest 1gb ext4! Dalvik-Cache moved on the first boot on the SD-Ext.
You MUST use THIS Alignment-SCRIPT:

4) Recovery: I suggest you to use Ra-Passion Recovery v2.2.1 but also the new 4EXT Recovery Classic and Touch are fine.


6) Please be patient at first boot, it may take a while.



- Ace S 2.50.405.2 WWE base, Gingerbread 2.3.3 Android (GRI40)
- Kernel: v8 - by dbasabe
- A2SD+ by Darktremor (A2SDGUI work)
- CRT TV Lockscreen Animation
- Sense 2.1
- SMS/MMS Sense 3.0
- Lockscreen Sense 3.0
- USB Menu Sense 3.0
- Task Manager Sense 3.0
- Weather Sense 3.0
- Live-Wallpaper Sense 3.0
- Wallpaper Sense 3.0
- Rosie semitransparent
- Trackball Unlock
- Videocamera 720p
- DivX playback
- Advanced Power Menu
- Supports CIFS, VPN, Bash, Nano
- Google: Play Store, Maps, Street, Gmail, VoiceSearch, QuickSearchBox, YouTube
- Adobe PDF Reader
- Polaris Office
- EStrongs File Explorer
- AdFree
- Superuser Permissions v3 by ChainsDD
- Busybox
- Rooted
- Zipaligned
- Unthemed
- HTC One Boot Logo & Boot Sound
- All weather-videos re-encoded
- Multilanguage
- Signed for Market as officially Gingerbread: 3.14.405.1 CL96875 release-keys
- HTC Laputa removed since v2.0, to gain extra space.
- Recent Apps
- CameraMOD from DesireHD thread, for BETTER quality of photos/videos!
- Bravia Engine from Sony!
- Xloud Engine from Sony!
- RTL Patch (Arabic)
- Display dithering (improves image quality)!
- Battery % with stock look
- DSP Manager for sound enhancement
- Beats Audio for a better overall sound!
- GPU UI rendering
- Volume Wake
- Deodexed
- Powered with Juwe's Ram Script


Known Bugs :
1) Trackball Wake not yet working. At least Volume Wake is included!
2) Trackball Alert working with Blinker app (download it ->!



v4.0 (NAND) -> ...

=> If you already have Blackrose installed for texasice ICS rom, then you only have to change the partition layout, following what the latest Blackrose.exe have to say!

Otherwise YOU HAVE TO UPDATE TO THE LATEST Blackrose FIRST, so as I said go HERE! <=

FIX for Chinese input ->

Go here if you want to install the apks removed (included GTalk) ->

Remember to WIPE WIPE WIPE before flash!!!
ROM is signed, so you don't have to worry about toggle signature verification off first.


v4.0 (Testing phase) (*NAND only*) - Enjoy the Nexus ONE!!!

  • Updated ALL apps.
  • Removed Daemon Controller, IncrediControl, rVoix, SuperCharger script (not installed properly).
  • Added Juwe's RAM script.
  • Completely updated init.d files & build.prop file.
  • Added Sense 4.0 wallpapers, sounds, bootscreen!
  • New Sense 4.0 Clock widget! (thx to Yngwie Malmsteen)
  • Beats Audio! There won't be any icon or something but your will hear the changes!
  • Changed governor to "ondemand". Seems to work better!
  • If you want to disable Volume Wake, simply modify the latest string in build.prop with a ZERO (instead of 1):
    You can use RootExplorer and be sure to enable R/W before modify the file using the included in-app TextEditor.
    Does it works?

v3.0 (*NAND only*)
  • Updated Superuser binary.
  • Updated Busybox to latest v1.19.3.
  • Updated Google Maps v6.2.0, Google Quick Search.
  • Added IncrediControl app to control HAVS values.
  • Added rVoix app to let you use the integrated 2-WAY Call Recordings!
  • Re-Added some widgets and HTC News app.
  • Resized Weather videos. Now they takes only 10mb!
  • Updated again init.d files.
  • Added Supercharger v6, the BEST Ram Management script out there.
  • DEODEXED rom again, because we have more space for apps.
  • A little more space for apps. Total is around 120mb!
  • Disabled Dalvik VM verify-bytecode:
    => More free RAM.
    => Faster launch for system & user apps during the second launch.
    => Gives as much as of a performance boost as ODEX without odexing. Themer friendly.
    => Smoother app switching.
    => Might break some apps.

v2.8 (NAND only)
  • Updated to latest Busybox binary.
  • Changed Busybox install routine.
  • Changed some updater-script entries.
  • Updated again init.d files.
  • Updated Sony Bravia Engine, but don't know what's new (thanks to michaelm_007).
  • Removed a lot of other unused Sense stuff (gained another 15mb)!
  • Removed a lot of "old Sense 2.1" wallpapers and added Sense 3.5 one.

v2.7 (SD & NAND versions)
  • Updated Daemon Controller (app + xbin & init.d files). Now it works properly!
  • Updated to latest Superuser app+binary & latest Zipalign.
  • Updated Android Market, Adobe Reader, ES File Manager, Google Maps, AdFree.
  • Updated/Changed init.d files.
  • Removed HtcFMRadioWidget, GenieWidget, HtcCalculator Widget, HtcPhotoWidget, Magic Smoke Wallpapers, Metal, Slate, Talk, Teeter.

v2.6 (SD & NAND versions)
  • dbasabe kernel v8 included!
  • Updated Android Market, ES File Manager, Daemon Controller, Superuser, Google Maps 6.0.
  • Removed Adobe Flash Player. Future is HTML5! :P
  • Removed Blinker app, because some of you don't want it. You can install that later.
  • Removed SuperCharger script (battery drain?). If you want install it for yourself.
  • Added Sony Xloud Engine for sound enhancement over the speakers!
  • Updated build.prop with some useful changes.
  • Updated init.d files.
  • Faster than ever GPS satellites fix!
  • No more HTC Sense reloading after first boot.
  • ODEXED /system/app & /system/framework! Finally!
  • Fixed charging LED!

v2.5 (SD & NAND versions)
  • Finally fixed "error 7" while installing HyperSense!?
  • Removed WeatherLiveWallpaper because it didn't work and takes space.
  • Adjusted dalvik.vm.heapsize to 32m (Android default).
  • Removed 2 dalvik.vm tweaks, maybe responsible for some FC's.
  • FIXED greenish photos with flash (thx evilisto)!!!
  • Updated some tweaks.
  • Updated AdFree, Google Maps, Adobe Flash Player, YouTube, Street View.
  • Added Battery % with stock look!
  • Added DSP Manager for sound enhancement.
  • Added V6 SuperCharger Update 9 Beta 6.3: BEST tweak for RAM Management!
  • INCLUDED Volume Wake support!!!

v2.3 (SD & NAND versions)
  • dbasabe kernel v7 included!
  • Added Blinker app for Trackball Alert & LED notification.
  • RTL Patch (Arabic) included!
  • Updated AdFree, Android Market v3.3.11.
  • Added 7 new HTC Wallpapers (from Sense 3.5).
  • Added HTC Boot Sound
  • Added Sony Bravia Engine for best photo & video visualization on the screen!
  • Updated build.prop with some new tweaks (such as Display dithering).

v2.0 -> Is it the FIRST NAND ROM with Sense for N1???
  • NAND Rom! You have to change your HBOOT properly first!
  • dabasabe kernel v6 included!
  • Updated AdFree, Adobe Flash Player, Superuser.
  • Updated apns-conf.xml (More APN).
  • Re-Added Daemon Controller with andrev_oc folder (updated).
  • HTC Laputa removed to gain extra space.
  • LED notification while charging FIXED!
  • Random freezes seems to be FIXED!

  • dbasabe kernel v5 included!
  • Updated AdFree, Google Maps.
  • Added new Market, as a request.
  • Removed Daemon Controller and andrev_oc folder (for overclocking). If you want, use SetCPU.
  • Possibly fixed "error 7" while installing HyperSense.

  • dbasabe kernel v4 included!
  • Microphone FIXED!!!
  • CameraMOD v3 (originally for Desire HD) for better photos/videos!
  • Added HTC Laputa.
  • Added Recent Apps to the SystemUI.
  • Added Teeter (stock HTC game) to test the "new" accelerometer
  • Updated AdFree, Adobe Reader.

  • dbasabe kernel v3 included, so you don't have to flash it after ROM installation!
  • Removed Juwe's RAM script.
  • More smooth I think...

  • FIRST Release!



1°) rugmankc

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14th October 2011, 11:27 PM |#2  
kornolio80's Avatar
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alright... can't wait to test this one!
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15th October 2011, 01:16 AM |#3  
Flag Madison, WI
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Looking forward to trying this one out! Thanks in advance for the ROM.
15th October 2011, 01:42 AM |#4  
uoY_redruM's Avatar
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Wow, I'm not a Sense fan...but its looking pretty awesome. Only wish it was uploaded tonight. I'd love to spend some time playing with it tonight.
15th October 2011, 01:52 AM |#5  
Junior Member
Flag China
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wait for download Thx man.
15th October 2011, 03:04 AM |#6  
Retrolock's Avatar
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I was about to reinstall RCADS but I'll wait for your version! Thanks!
15th October 2011, 04:18 AM |#7  
lilchicano's Avatar
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wow sounds great cant wait till we get the download, would this release also have the graphical glitches or no?
15th October 2011, 05:20 AM |#8  
MaDInDy's Avatar
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Hi, Iperzampem0

Now, I used BlackRose HBOOT.

What is the best MTD partition table for your ROM ?

15th October 2011, 05:41 AM |#9  
Retrolock's Avatar
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Originally Posted by lilchicano

wow sounds great cant wait till we get the download, would this release also have the graphical glitches or no?

The glitches was fixed by dbasabe's kernel
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15th October 2011, 06:58 AM |#10  
fabler's Avatar
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Can't wait to see this. What about graphic glitches?
15th October 2011, 07:41 AM |#11  
uoY_redruM's Avatar
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Originally Posted by fabler

Can't wait to see this. What about graphic glitches?

Originally Posted by Retrolock

The glitches was fixed by dbasabe's kernel

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