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By rasroygbiv, Retired Recognized Developer on 15th October 2011, 04:46 AM
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You do this knowing all risks involved with flashing a ROM.
Neither I nor any member of The Collective is responsible for any permanent damage.

Team Phoenix has now become "The Collective". The Collective is a group of individuals committed to the advancement of all things Android. All members are equal and all knowledge is shared. Although we have a new name, you can still expect the quality that has been known from the Team Phoenix crew. We are still the same people...along with a few extras, just with a new direction. Our products will not be made by one, but by many.

The main Absolution dev team is: rasroygbiv, Nunhugger, & flappjaxxx, but all releases are by The Collective.

-Built on CM7 7.2 RC0 compiled from latest sources
-AbsolutionAce kernel -source- https://github.com/flappjaxxx/AbsolutionACE
-Google Apps including GoogleTalk w/video chat (minus Startup Wizards!)
-Front facing camera hack (You CAN has video chat!)
-AbsolutionTools (Now found in Settings)- Custom OC/UV profiles with one click installation! Home of Themes, Google Apps, Wallpapers, Keyboards, Updates, GPS fixes, UV scripts, Custom Netfix (with rotation) and more!
-Battery Bar Mod (MIUI style)
-Volume+free or DSPManager via AbsolutionTools
-Custom Dialer and Contacts
-Custom tweaks to improve data speeds/signal strength
-Titanium Backup
-Custom Theme and ADW Launcher w/loop scrolling
-VM Heap increased to 76m
-Wifi scan rate increased to 60s
-Flash Player
-HTC IME keyboardby jonasl
-Modified Gingerbread Keyboard for us with fat fingers
-More stuff I forgot

Credits & Thanks:
-Nunhugger, This should be a shared OP. Sincere thanks to you for making this thing look amazing and making me figure out how to do this without having it done for me.
-flappjaxxx, also should share OP, for true co-development, AbsolutionAce kernel and for our AbsolutionTools app. Revolutionary work!
-Zelendel for advice, guidance, and busting my chops when I needed it
-ashies7, cwhitney24, gio22, dsmitty166, Trevino07, darkside79, flappjaxxx, Duffman14, XAvierG, dyne2199 and Tx Redneck for testing, giving feedback, sharing your talents, adding art and options for the user, and more than anything, sharing ideas to make this project better. This is TRUELY a team production!
-The Collective team as a whole (Thanks for the WP Mortem Taum!)
-The CyanogenMod team (especially Kali, attn1 and jznomoney!)
-LorDClockaN for the quickest developing kernel on the planet LorDModUE
-alienmind for the groundwork for AbsolutionTools and all the other help
-JoeDV for the OG OTA app
-Sybregunne for andrev_oc and Daemon Controller
-AngelDeath for GPS pioneering
-killersloth for UV Scripts and Splashscreens
-pvyParts for Battery Bar Mod
-existz for a amazing CM7 kernel- TalonAce
-cjoliver for OCUVBeater2
-capez for ICS transitions
-fernando sor for transparent Gmail
-BUGabundo from Cyanogenmod forums for Front Facing Camera Hack
-id10terrordfw, IsraelR, henrybravo, and the contributors to their threads for the tireless pursuit of the fastest data speeds possible.
-Adam Holden – Founder of Team Phoenix
-The XDA community as a whole

If I have forgotten you, please pm me!

How To:
1. Back Up your Stuff.
2. Wipe Data/ Factory Reset
3. Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache
4. Flash .zip in recovery
5. Allow full first boot, reboot
6. Sign in to Market to add account.
7. Open Absolution Tools app and make it your own.
8. Rate the thread and hit some "Thanks" buttons!

Recommended Radio: Get it here


1) If you find that your voicemail number is not set or incorrect, please see the following: http://bridog.net/cellular/voicemail-access-numbers/ or just use Google Voice

2) If you find the Market doesn't work correctly after flashing, including FCs and downloading issues, do a restart.

3) If Gmail doesn't sync, go to Settings, Accounts & sync, tap on your account, turn off Sync Gmail then turn it back on.

4) Front Facing Camera hack tells video chat apps that your device is equipped with a front facing camera, then uses the camera on the back. Grab a mirror and enjoy!

5) To set device phone number, go to Settings>Call Settings>Additional Settings>My Phone Number

Help and answers to any non-development related questions? Absolution Q&A or join us on Palringo. Team room is theandroidcollective

Known Issues:
You tell us!

Absolution 3.7 *AbsolutionTools is now in Settings!*

For those users that are feeling the need to try out ICS, but don't want to leave Absolution, we have an Alpha build that is available. The caveat being that users are willing to follow a few simple rules.

1. Understand that this is a Alpha release. NO BUG REPORTS! We know some things don't quite work the way we want, or we wouldn't be calling it an Alpha release.
2. Understand that AbsolutionICS is unsupported. It is a work in progress, with most things working.
3. Do NOT ask for any ETA on releases, updates, etc. If we are swamped with these types of requests/comments, we will pull it until a stable release is available to release.

All of that being said, it runs good enough for most of us on the team that have Inspires are running it as a daily driver. Enjoy!

Download- AbsolutionICS A7 build 2

Absolution Theme Thread

Donators to the "cause" - Thank You!
Tx Redneck, Dawgtrix, sphuyal, psyc0
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15th October 2011, 04:47 AM |#2  
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Absolution v3.7 Changelog:
Absolution-v3.7-VLS.zip md5 checksum = 35b31b7e40f2f840e6286eeea27c3159

Consider this release groovy you bunch of Jive Turkeys!

1. Updated kernel to AbsolutionACE v0.1.5

2. Updated AbsolutionTools to v7.4
a. Combined all 4 apks into 1 apk
b. OTA now points to theandroidcollective.org
c. Any 1 touch installer packages are now hosted on theandroidcollective.org
d. Updated Absolution Touch Recovery to Latest 4ext Touch recovery
e. Updated Collective Touch Recovery to Latest 4ext Touch recovery Profile
g. Code cleanup and fixes in Tweak Settings
h. Added Kernels section to OTA and moved kernels from apps section to there
i. More I can't remember

3. Tweaked default AT&T APN configuration

4. Update Superuser.apk

5. Updated su binary to the latest and greatest

6. Changed default Font to Roboto

7. Velvet Leisure Suit Baby!

8. Added much peace, love and funky dance moves!

If you downloaded Absolution 3.7 and your GPS status bar icon is goofy Download This and flash from recovery.

*Absolution 3.7 Important Information*
What is what in AbsolutionTools you ask?
1. Custom OC Profiles & Undervolt Settings:
Sloth - Sleep = conservative 122/122 + Wake = ondemand 122/921
flappjaxxx - Sleep = conservative 122/122 + Wake = ondemand 122/1152
rasroy - Sleep = conservative 122/384 + Wake = ondemandX 122/1382
Nun - Sleep = conservative 230/384 + Wake = ondemand 230/1228
Lone Star - Sleep = conservative 122/122 + Wake = ondemandX 230/1305

In the CPU Tab hit your Menu button and you will see CPU Tweak.
CPU Tweak is exactly that, it will allow you to fully customize your Sleep and Wake Governors and Clock Speeds.
*Warning* Do be careful with this as using incorrect settings may have ill effects.
Do not use these setting unless you know what you are doing.

Lite Undervolt = -25mV
Standard Undervolt = -50mV
Aggressive Undervolt = -75mV

2. GPS Configs are by crypted and they are all version 2.2 except for Worldwide 1.3 which may be better for some than 2.2 that is why I included it. Make sure to be patient if coming from a clean install when trying to get your first lock. It may take quite some time as it downloads assistance data. I don't think I need to say this but you should not be in a house or a building trying to get a lock as this will severely degrade signal.

3. If you are using OC/UV Beater or SetCPU or any other CPU clock/undervolting app, please uninstall it as it will conflict with the current settings you are using if you use custom OC profiles. If you are still using OC/UV Beater You can now Download This Tool and Flash it from recovery. This will completely remove OC/UV Beater and all of the dependent files. This removal tool is also in the OTA> Apps section of AbsolutionTools

4. Undervolting the 5 lowest steps is seriously not recommended on this version of Absolution. Your battery life will be as good as it is going to get. Default frequencies are lower than stock CM7 kernel out of the box. If you insist on using undervolting use the included Absolution Undervolts because so far they are the only amounts of undervolting that are tested and stable.

6. Ad Blocking Apps such as Ad-Away are no longer needed as AbsolutionTools takes care of this now and it uses the same lists as Ad-Away.

7. If you do the One Touch Google Apps Installer from tools YOU MUST Reboot after install or you will in fact get Force Closes. I included the most standard Google Apps to get most users up and running but not all of them. After using the installer Reboot, Open Market and Search Google and it will show you which ones are now installed and which ones aren't.

8. If you are having Compatibility issues with apps in the Market after changing screen resolution in Tools, Go to Homescreen> Settings> Applications> Manage Applications then Find Market and Clear Data then reboot and you should be good to go. If that doesn't work you may need to set your resolution back to stock 240dpi.

9. GPS drops after a couple of minutes on Google navigation. This has been a long time CM7 bug and is not Absolution specific. The only workaround is to pull down your status bar and toggle GPS off then on real quick and you will get a lock that will stay locked for the remainder of your trip.[/B]


Absolution v3.6 Changelog:
Absolution-v3.6.zip md5 checksum = 5360dc39a7deee651d188679ff7b1cb7

Consider this a maintenance release with some cool new features

1. A lot of code rewritten in Absolution Tools

2. Moved Absolution Tools to Settings

3. Removed Daemon Controller

4. Replaced Daemon Controller with Absolution Tweak tool in Absolution Tools > CPU Tab > Menu CPU Tweak

5. Cleaned up a bunch of trash I left that was trivial but messy

6. Updated Google Apps package in Tools

7. Updated Titanium Backup

8. Updated QuickSearch

9. Updated Absolution Tools to v7.0

10. Much more I forgot but will add when I remember

Download Absolution v3.6 Here
Absolution v3.5 Changelog:
Absolution-v3.5-Final.zip md5 checksum = a60c582488675825453762eba5a0b4c1

1. Updated kernel to AbsolutionACE v0.1.4 with the following changes:
   a. Adjusted cpu frequency steps to match LordModUE Kernel steps
   b. Adjusted all governors to match cpu freqency step changes
   c. Added in commit to fix Death Ray Strobe
   d. Released BFS version as well in OTA with same CFS commits
   e. Default kernel settings on boot are now ondemandX 122/1075

2. Updated complete theme to the new Sexy

3. Moved Absolution Tools to Settings

4. Based on latest CM7 Kang built from source

5. Added in MI** Style Battery Bar in Settings

6. Many under the hood bug fixes and enhancements

7. AbsolutionTools v6.5
*IMPORTANT* AbsolutionTools and OTA are now in Settings
   a. Removed all 40+ shells scripts and combined all commands into /system/bin/absotool (Thanks AlienMind!)
   b. Removed Dumbass Profile
   c. Adjusted all custom profiles to coincide with new kernel steps
   d. Added Menu Option in OTA Tab to Update AbsolutionTools
   e. Removed Update AbsolutionTools from Extras Tab
   f. Adjusted OTA options so they fit better with no scroll at all on first page (annoyed the crap out of me)
   g. Changed Sound Mod in Extras Tab from snd3254 -dspmode 12 to snd3254 -dspmode 07 & 11 (Dolby & SRS)
   h. Made the Remove Sound Mod feature on the fly so no reboot is necessary
   i. Fixed custom profile scripts so the kill previous instances of andrev_oc properly now when switching from one profle to another
   j. Custom profiles are now set properly on boot
   k. Adjust font size and cell spacing in text view so we can add more features without scrolling in the future
   l. Added in three Undervolting profiles in CPU Tab Lite, Standard and Aggressive and all are stable as they don't touch the first five steps.
   m. Changed flappjaxxx wake profile from ondemandX to ondemand
   n. Added a little something to the rasroy Custom profile
   o. Now will notify on open if there is a ROM update.
   p. Pissed my wife off immensely
   q. Cleaned up and adjusted Script executer code
   r. Removed other obsolete files as we create them on the fly now
   s. Much more I forgot to mention

1/2/2012 Absolution 3.3 Changelog
-Added kernel AbsolutionACE forked from TalonACE with added Lagfree governor and tweaked default settings. (Thanks existz)
-Updated AbsolutionTools to v5.0
   a. Fixed multithreading in ConsoleActivity so now is more verbose and will run in the background. No more Force Close Dialogs (Thanks alienmind)
   b. Added Preset Profiles for Sleep/Wake CPU Clock Settings
   c. Added Flash 4Ext Touch Recovery with Absolution Theme by cwhitney24
   d. Updated Google Apps installer to be a true One Touch Installer again with Latest Google Apps.
   e. Moved some apps to OTA
   f. Added option to remove Custom Profile
   g. Added Menu Options for each Tab still a work in progress
   h. Clear console is now a Menu Option in the Console Tab
   i. Console now has scroll feature
   j. Now has Ad Blocking enable/disable feature
   k. Will read current OC/UV setting and echo them back to Console Tab
   l. Added AbsolutionACE specific kernel undervolting.
   m. Added Absolution Background :)
-Added in andrev_oc on initial install. Activate via Custom profiles in AbsolutionTools
-Tweaked installer script for faster install and faster first time boot.
-Updated remove undervolting flashable zip file and installer will now drop it into /sdcard/resetuv
-Removed Daemon Controller
-Removed andrev_oc-installer as it is now cooked into install
-T9 dialer with rotation

12-20-11 Absolution 3.2 Changelog:
-build.prop = Changed hsxpa from 3 to 2 as some markets constantly switch from 3G to H+ this addresses that.
-Updated Titanium Backup
-Updated ES File Manager
-Updated QuickPic
-Added Shell script to remove Old OTA app
-Added remove undervolting flashable zip file and installer will now drop it into /sdcard/resetuv
-Added AbsolutionTools v3.7 with dependent shell scripts and Media files
   a. Removed some unneeded features. (Updaters, will just do complete app update if something is new)
    b. Added back in MIUI Camera option
    c. Added back in Restore Stock camera option
    d. Removed Androidian and Cyanbread themes (will add to OTA Themes section one of these days)
    e. Moved Gallery3D to OTA Apps section    
    f. Having deep thoughts of what to do next
-Updated ADW Launcher. Screen Loop Feature now!
-Added Camcorder Shortcut
-Added the following apps:
   a. andrev-oc installer
   b. HTC IME by jonasl
   c. Modified Gingerbread Keyboard for us with fat fingers
-Modified AbsolutionTools updater script so it should not fail any more.
-Added MiLocker to OTA Apps Section

12-14-11 Absolution 3.1 Changelog
-OC/UV Beater replaced by Daemon Controller
-Absolution OTA has been absorbed into Absolution Tools app. One app to control it all!
-GPS set to North America by default again (oops on 3.0!)
-trimmed down some unnecessary weight.. 

11-29-11 Absolution 3.0 Changelog:
-Built on CM7 7.2RC0 compiled from latest sources
-Completely re-themed ICS style w/some Collective touches
-Massive update to Absolution Tools - change screen resolution on the fly and much, much more!
-Desire HD or Inspire 4G branding via Absolution Tools
-VM heap increased to 76m
-lots more I forgot

11-11-11 Absolution 2.0 Changelog:
-Base updated to Nightly 252
-huge update to Absolution Tools!
 Install gapps, UV support for TalonAce and LorDModUE, switch between DSPManager and Volume+ on the fly, dl themes, custom Netflix, GPS fixes and more!
-ICS screen transitions
-AdFree replaced with AdAway
-Gallery3D replaced with QuickPic
-File Manager replaced with ES File Explorer
-TalonAce 1.1.2 included (LorDMod version coming soon!)

11-4-11 Absolution 1.6 Changelog:
-ModTools replaced Absolution Tools with Gapps Install Available on the fly!
-Updated Market 3.3.11
-LorDmodUE and TalonAce flavors available!
-Added Ad Blocking via AdFree app
-Updated included apps
-other stuff

10-25-11 Absolution 1.5 - Changelog:
-Absolution Tools is FULLY functional!
-GPS is set to North America by default. Non NA users, use tools to set proper GPS region.
-Kernel switched to LorDModUE 8.1 cfs
-Replaced DSPManager with Volume+ free
-Reverted to Standard GMail

10-20-11 Absolution 1.1 - Changelog:
-Absolution OTA App moved to data/app for proper updating
-Absolution Tools included with dependent files (WIP - Netflix tweaks, at least, are not working yet. Maybe more...)
-Flash Player added
-other minor tweaks and bugfixes

10-17-11 We have themes! Theme Thread
10-15-11 Release Included Absolution OTA app. No name change.
Original Release- 10-14-11

Made a quick fix and upload so md5 checksum has changed. rasroy will update the OP later.
Here it is for now:
0dfc29c9eaa22f709151b8c0492935a7 = Absolution-v3.3AA-Final.zip
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15th October 2011, 04:48 AM |#3  
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Sig Imgages
Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5
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15th October 2011, 04:52 AM |#4  
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congrats team!
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15th October 2011, 04:55 AM |#5  
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Here we go!

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I777 using XDA Premium App
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15th October 2011, 04:55 AM |#6  
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pretty stoked about this!
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15th October 2011, 05:21 AM |#7  
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Thumbs up Congrats
Just wanted to say Thanks for letting me be a part of the testing. The battery life is AMAZING!!!! GPS locks on quick and Data speeds have never been better. Awesome Job Guys!!!
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15th October 2011, 06:33 AM |#8  
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Loved the interface, loved most everything, but nothing will download from the market!

Back to MIUI. Great job on the rom though!
15th October 2011, 06:53 AM |#9  
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Market issue
Originally Posted by cdordon

Loved the interface, loved most everything, but nothing will download from the market!

Back to MIUI. Great job on the rom though!

A reboot should take care of the Market issue, also may want to clear data in the market. If you have any other questions , there will always be someone around to help out.
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15th October 2011, 08:06 AM |#10  
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Nice to see you released it!!! Hope it goes well

Getting the job done with Motorola Atrix
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15th October 2011, 09:11 AM |#11  
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Just flashed it a couple hours ago but already liking it. Great work
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