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[DEPRECIATED] Guide- Easily Flash GB MIUI for Vibrant + Themes/Modems/Kernels/etc!

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By N00B_IN_N33D, Senior Member on 17th October 2011, 09:31 PM
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It has been a whole year since Miui announced that they would be suspending official support for the Vibrant, and nothing has changed. On October 22, 2012 I announced in a notice (which can be found below) that I would be no longer updating this guide "as of the moment". However, I would like it to be known that it is now more like 'as of forever'. Please, if you wish to get the latest ROM(s) for your phone you should head check out my Vibrant Bible thread: This guide is now depreciated.



Sadly Miui is no longer supporting the Samsung Vibrant. That means no more Gingerbread updates nor will there be any official Miui v4 coming our way. It's rather disappointing, however if you wish, you can still find a download for's Gingerbread v2.3.30 rom (last official Miui rom released for the Vibrant) in step 5 of the guide below. If you have a craving for some Miui v4 love, there is a port by 360° Productions that can be found here or here. As of the moment, this guide will no longer be updated...



Table of Contents:

Post #1- Flashing the MIUI Rom (Easily)

Post #2- More Information (Tips, tricks, etc.)

Post #3- Custom Kernels/Modems/Themes for MIUI


These same flashing instructions also work for CM7! Download the latest CM7 nightly build here.



In this guide I will show you how to revert to stock (2.1 Eclair), flash CWR (by flashing the Overstock Kernel via ODIN), then flash MIUI. The process may seems long in word format but once you have done it a few times it's a very quick process... Now to the detailed instructions...


(If rooted) Backup All Apps + Data with Titanium Backup, but try to avoid restoring system apps as they are typically to blame for bugs.

(If not rooted) Backup your apps with AppBrain. I have never used this app personally. However, from what I hear it is an excellent app for backing up apps for non-root users.

Backup your contacts (I suggest backing it to the SD Card)

Use "SMS Backup +" for saving/restoring text messages

(If rooted) Do a Nandroid Backup in CWR

As a precaution you may back up all the contents of the SD card to your PC. However, this isn't necessary

To do a completely clean install you can reformat you SD card by going into the Menu > Settings and unmount and format both internal and external SD cards. Just make sure you made a backup of important documents and files before reformatting.

2. FLASH BACK TO STOCK (2.1 Eclair)

First, download the files and program below:

ODIN (MD5: E012B512C1579C3AF7A38A27FD905B86)

PIT FILE (MD5: 1D927B36D2FA807A22E64FC86B445130)

TAR FILE (MD5: 632730F6B637F53E5B10E5CBC8B966A7)

After downloading it is suggested you use hashtab to verify the MD5.

After that move the files to your desktop.


NOTE - Do not remove the USB cable from the phone while ODIN is running as this may cause your phone to brick. If you removed the USB to early and now your phone is presenting you with a "Phone.. ! ..Computer" image when booting then go down to the "More Information" section in this guide for the fix.

Open ODIN on your computer

Plug in the USB Cable to the computer

Remove the battery from the phone.

Plug USB into Phone

Hold down BOTH volume buttons and while holding both, insert the battery.

Two to three seconds later your phone will be in Download Mode.

*Again, do not remove connection while ODIN is running.*


Go back to ODIN on your PC. There should be a yellow box under ID COM, saying something like COM 5. If not try downloading and installing these Samsung Drivers.

Click the PIT button and select the PIT file from desktop

Click the PDA button and select the TAR file from desktop

Re-partition is checked!

Click Start. Unless ODIN hangs, you should see a progress bar start soon after. The process takes a few minutes and you told ODIN to reboot once done so when your phone boots up, you are on stock JFD.


Click here to get MIUI v2.3.30 from for the Vibrant.

If you want something with a little more pizzazz then stock MIUI check out some of 360° Production's variants:Once downloaded use hashtab to verify the MD5. Then place the file on your internal SD card, the one that is 12GB and should have a folder called "DCIM."

You do not need to rename the ROM.


Download the file below:

Overstock Kernel

Once downloaded move it to the desktop, then load ODIN

Repeat step 3 to get into Download Mode

In ODIN Un-check Re-Partition and Auto Reboot (F. Reset Time should be checked)

Click the PDA button and select the Overstock Kernel from the desktop

Click start. Once it has finished (passed) remove the USB cable from the phone and do a battery pull


Hold both volume buttons and power. Release power once the Vibrant logo is up.

In CWR: Do a Wipe Data/Factory Reset, Wipe Cache Partition, & Wipe Dalvik Cache (advanced menu)

Go to “install zip from sd card”, select zip from sd... Go and find the MIUI ROM you put on the sd card and flash it.

It should start flashing and then enter a bootloop (Vibrant [Splash Screen] > Galaxy S Cyanogen(MOD) > CWR > Repeat). After it does this loop a few times do a battery pull.

Reboot into recovery, which will now be blue (Hold both volume buttons and power. Release power once the Vibrant logo is up).

Go to “install zip from sd card”, select zip from sd... Go and find the MIUI ROM you put on the sd card and flash it again.

This time it should successively install.

Go to "advanced", and select "Fix Permissions". Once it has finished fixing permissions go down and hit "++Go Back++"

Reboot your device.

Do not touch the phone for 5-10 minutes after it has booted... Do Absolutely Nothing! This helps clear any possible bugs.


After going through the MIUI setup menu and have come to the home screen you're going to want to restore. (If you flashed the Lithium, Prime, or SGSII MIUI variants then you are first going to want to go into your "Themes" app and Re-apply the theme marked "Current".) Now, to restore you are going to go to the Market, Sign-in, Approve terms, Re-install Titanium Backup and/or AppBrain. Restore all Missing Apps+Data. I highly suggest you do not restore any system apps. After that restore anything else you have. (i.e. text messages) and reboot again.


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17th October 2011, 09:33 PM |#2  
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Arrow More Information

Updating MIUI is easy. Simply open the Updater app located in the Tools folder in the home screen and it will find the latest update of MIUI for you and install it. It will also automatically check the MD5 for you. I do suggest you use Wi-Fi when updating however, as it will make the upgrading process much faster.

Also, there is an update for MIUI every Friday at 5pm unless it's a holiday.



Method One:

Use phone till it dies on its own, completely dead.
Charge phone completely, plus 30 minutes longer.
Unplug phone from charger
Reconnect, you'll notice it's not full, charge till it is again.
This is bump charging and NOT something you want to do often, a few times is okay, in my opinion. You could skip the bump charge if you like.
Phone remains plugged in.
Boot into recovery (volumes + power)
Advanced > wipe battery stats, reboot.

Use phone till it's literally about to shut off (or does) Charge till full + Use phone like normal


Method Two:

Download the Battery Calibration app by NeMa from the Android Market

GET EXTENDED SETTINGS (Even More Customization):

If you want an even more custom experience then MIUI already offers check out the "MIUI Control Panel" app. It allows you to remove AM/PM from the status bar, add effects to your phone's overscroll and more! All within an easy to use interface!


If you are getting a "Phone.. ! ..Computer" image (seen above) when booting phone, yes, you are bricked but it is reversible! Just follow these steps...

Make sure you have ODIN OPEN with admin privileges!

1.) Take off your back cover, remove your sim & mirco sd card.
2.) Remove your battery.

Make sure you have the USB plugged into your PC but NOT your phone!

3.) Hold the volume buttons.
4.) Put the battery in.
5.) Put the USB in.

You don't necessarily need the download mode image to be present. As long as you are getting the COM ID to light up yellow in ODIN, just flash back to stock like normal.


Check out xuso's ALTDRAWER app! It's a great resolution to MIUI's lack of an app drawer.


Gingerbread Rom's in general are notorious for causing battery drain. However, with a couple of tweaks and an understanding of what drains our batteries you can get great battery life, even on MIUI! Check out this awesome battery saving guide made by Woodrube! It has everything you'll need to get more out of your device! Plus you can find my setup for the Glitch kernel in it (which saves me a lot of battery).

Note: Juice Defender + Glitch Kernel = X2


Check out my guide/list (found here) for some great free apps that will get the most out of your rooted device.

Front Facing Camera (FFC) Support:

If you have modded your Vibrant to have a FFC and wish to use it while running MIUI check out this thread to get help getting your FFC mod running.


1. Long press on the icon in Toggles to launch the settings for that icon.
When you pull down the notification bar, you will see the Toggle settings for plenty of options (such as WIFI, volume, backlight etc). Long press on any icon in the Toggle mode will launch the setting for that icon.
2. Built-in Screen Capture function
Press the “Menu” key and “Volume Down” key at the same time to capture a screenshot. The image is saved in the MIUI/ directory in the sd card.
3. Slide from left to right to quickly delete a message or a call log.
In the SMS or Dialer app, swipe left or right any entry will bring up the Delete mode.
4. Move home screen icon easily
Hold down an icon by one hand to enter Edit Mode, and then use the other hand to slide the screen to move the icon to the target screen.
5. Launch Music Player in lockscreen
In the lockscreen, double tap the time zone to launch the Music Player.
6. Access shortcut menu from contact image
In the Calls, SMS or Contacts app, tap the contact image and a shortcut menus will appear offering you to "Call", "SMS", "Details", and "Blacklist".
7. Switch the Battery UI to show percentage
The default battery UI can be switched to display percentage of left battery capacity. To do so, go to Settings > System > Battery Settings > Battery Indicator Style > Percentage.
8. Long press on the Home button to show History
Long press on the Home button will show the recently used apps + an App Killer and App Manager button. Swiping the popup left will show the search form.
9. Setting up IP dialing
If you need to add an IP prefix for a particular number in a strange land, you can set it in Settings > Common > Calls Settings. Turn the “Auto IP dialing” ON and set the IP prefix and current area code.
10. Send SMS for rejected calls
When you are not available to answer the phone, you may slide up the panel to reject the call and to send a message to the caller at the same time.
11. Quickly uninstall an app
To uninstall an app, simply press and hold the icon until the trash bin show up at the top of the screen. Move the icon to the trash bin to uninstall the app.
12. Tether : How can I share my network to the PC or other terminals?
Firmware of Android 2.2 and above support the sharing of mobile phones to other Internet terminal in the following method:
Go to "Settings" -> "System" -> "Tethering & Portable Hotspot", you may choose to share the Internet connection by USB tethering or setting up portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
13. Change the screen on/off animation
To change the screen on/off animation from a fade from black effect to an expanding from center effect do the following:
Go to "Settings" -> "Display", here you can choose to turn the screen animation on or off.
14. Quickly read SMS and mark it read
In the lockscreen, press down the SMS button (without dragging it down) to reveal the new incoming message on the lockscreen. Once you have finished reading it, double tap on the SMS button to mark it read.



This is a common issue for people new to MIUI. The solution is to open the Superuser app that is normally in a folder called "tools", click the options soft key, click the setting button, and turn "ROOT permission" to ON.


This issue happened to me after restoring with MIUI's built in restore/backup app. My Wireless Tether and Titanium Backup apps kept claiming I wasn't rooted, while SetCPU worked fine. To fix this issue simply uninstall the non-working apps and re-install the app from the original source (i.e. Android Market) or restore it without data.


This is what worked for me and hopefully it will also work for you too...

1). Boot into recovery
2). Enter the "Advanced" menu
3). Select "Wipe Dalvik Cache"
4). Reboot

Still having the issue? Check out this thread.


Try re-calibrating the battery. See the above section marked "RECONDITION YOUR BATTERY".

-"Move to External SD" popup?!

Here is the solution, use root explorer and move entire contents from "data/sdcard" to "sdcard"
Also delete "07internalsd" file from /system/etc/init.d
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17th October 2011, 09:33 PM |#3  
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Arrow Custom Kernels/Modems/Themes for MIUI


To install custom MIUI kernels follow these steps:

1.) Download the Ultimate Kernel Cleaning Script - 4.0
2.) Place the Ultimate Kernel Cleaning Script - 4.0 zip file in your internal sd card
3.) Flash it as a normal package in CWR (install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard > )
4.) Flash one of the MIUI compatible kernels from below
5.) Reboot

Some kernels have the Kernel Cleaning Script already integrated making steps 1-3 not necessary. Read the overveiw of the kernel you've selected to flash to decide if the instructions above apply to you.

Also, get the most out of your phone! Download the Voodoo Control app and make music and color be the way it's supposed to be!


- Up to 1.7GHz CPU OC with added bus/GPU OC (Thanks to morfic for the great base of work)
- Undervolting using Pimp my CPU or Voltage Control
- Voodoo Sound - & Voodoo Color, using VC versions
- FPS uncap (Screen running 68Hz instead of 60Hz, from 56 to 66 FPS max) from JPX source
- Various tweaks for more smoothness and reliability
- LED notifications


- OC/UV up to 1.4GHz (Safe boot to 1GHz) [require setCPU from market]
- Voodoo Sound v10
- Voodoo Color
- Multiple CPU governor, smartass included (default: ondemand)
- Multiple IO scheduler (default: BFQ)
- LED notification support (no external app required)
- CIFS support
- Support SetCPU screen off 100/400 profile
- Dock sound redirector support [need Galaxy Dock Sound Redirector app from market]

Platypus (A.K.A. NEO)

- jhash3 for better reliability (data connections)
- Voodoo Sound & Color
- simple i/o scheduler for better speed & performance
- preemptive tree RCU with smaller fanout value (better efficiency, speed & less memory usage with read-write-operations)
- SLQB for more efficient & faster handling of files in memory
- kernel & app security features
- network security (syncookies; only secure redirects allowed; higher number of outstanding syn requests allowed; disabled warnings for invalid responses to broadcast frames; enabled window scaling; disabled IP dynaddr & ECN; log and drop "martian" packets; protection against: broadcast pings and smurf attacks, redirects for IP source routing, non-secure redirects, DoS (syn-flood) attacks, IP-Spoofing)
- interactive cpufreq governor
- smartass cpufreq governor
- OC/UV support
- laststufo's optimized CFLAGS for more speed
-(The full list of features can be found by clicking the link above)


Voodoo Sound v10
Voodoo Color
Safely boots to 1ghz
OCable to 1.4ghz
User configurable UV
BFQ scheduler(set to default)
Smartass governor option available
Full sound dock support
LIPPOL94's kernel cleaning script integrated into flash package
SetCPU's 400/100 screen off profile safe to use, but not recommended.

99 Problemz

Updated to work with stable CM7 and updated MIUI and OMFGB roms
Voodoo Sound v10
Voodoo Color
CWM Recovery v5.0.2.6
BLN supported (use BLN Control app to utilize)
Safely boots to 1ghz
OCable to 1.4ghz
User configurable UV
BFQv2 scheduler(set to default)
Smartass and Smartassv2 governor option available
GPU tweaks integrated
Integrated v(r) scheduler
Integrated zram and zache
LIPPOL94's kernel cleaning script integrated into flash package


( Stock CM Kernel 2.635.14 with the Following Mods )
Wifi Sleep Issue's Fixed
KB5 / KA7 Modem Recommended for GPS ( Results my vary )
Voodoo Color added
Voodoo Sound Added
Device Settings Added in Settings, Controls Voodoo Color & Voodoo Sound


Personally I feel the KA7 modem that comes with MIUI works fine. However, if you think different or would just like to try out some other modems compatible with MIUI check out the links below:




To install custom MIUI themes follow these steps:

1.) Download the theme of your choice, it should download as a .mtz file
2.) Then transfer it to your internal sd card.
3.) Place the file in the following directory... MIUI/themes/
4.) Load up your "Themes" app that comes with MIUI and select the newly installed theme!

*Well Made* MIUI Themes:

Ice Cream Sandwich- Klondike v1.1 (Lockscreen) ← **MY OWN HOMEMADE THEME.**

[Ice Cream Sandwich] Black Ice v2.3 (Lockscreen)

Blue Dado Light v5.5

Blue Dado Dark v3.5

Ultimate iPhone Theme v7.0 (4S)

Suave Redone Light

Suave Redone Dark

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Exclamation If this guide helped you, please thank and credit to s15274n!
I do not take full credit for this guide. Credit also goes to s15274n as there is some information in this guide that is straight from his guide. So if this guide has helped you do not only thank me but also thank s15274n!

Also, if you found this guide of any help please don't forget to hit the "thanks" button!
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Donate to Me
haha, thanks for checking with me and the credit... I was a little surprised at just how closely this resembled by guide (and are those my files on sourceforge?)... but regardless, anything to help the community, I applaud you for helping people out... definitely no issue using my guide/links man.

In fact, I would applaud others to try and be this helpful.
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18th October 2011, 12:01 AM |#6  
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Thanks! And yeah I know it's pretty similar, although it isn't completely finished and the guide will probably be changed over time. The custom kernels, modems, and themes section isn't finished either so that's an addition that should make this guide a bit better/helpful.

Sent from my SGH-T959 (Samsung Vibrant)
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So community, give me your input... What do you think? Is the guide any good? Missing something?
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18th October 2011, 03:14 AM |#8  
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Thanks both of you. I've just thanked all the posts that i can on this thread.
I don't exactly need this, but the new people do. People want something new to try, but their afraid if they flash miui, will they brick their phones because they don't know what to do? Those questions people's curiosity back. These kinds of threads make it possible for people who don't know how to do it to be able to enjoy something new, a fresh rom that they've never seen.
thanks again guys.
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18th October 2011, 03:18 AM |#9  
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Thanks for your positive input it, really means a lot

Sent from my SGH-T959 (Samsung Vibrant)
18th October 2011, 09:44 PM |#10  
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Not really sure anyone is actually reading this guide to notice, but I've updated the MIUI COMPATIBLE KERNELS, MIUI COMPATIBLE MODEMS, and MIUI THEMES sections. If you know of any other modems or kernels not shown that are compatible with MIUI please tell me and I will add them to the list. Also, if there's a well made MIUI theme you think should be added to the list tell me and I will add it to the list also.
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19th October 2011, 12:22 AM |#11  
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Nice write up!
Everything one needs in one spot!
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