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[Super Tweaked][vB2.9.1 Odexed][CM7 XRON-ified][Updated 01/03/2012]

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By Leoisright, Inactive Recognized Developer on 27th October 2011, 05:03 AM
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10th February 2012, 01:27 AM |#7571  
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Originally Posted by stringer987

Just finished watching it and all is working well!!! The Rom seems a little laggy. Guess it needs to settle over time??

I liked it even kind of miss it .But still have a couple of nand backups so easy to go back for a while.
10th February 2012, 11:17 AM |#7572  
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How can I add a slide to unlock screen???
10th February 2012, 05:28 PM |#7573  
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Originally Posted by stringer987

How can I add a slide to unlock screen???

sorry, too busy to remember what i did, but i have this !

can't you enable lockscreen in settings ?
10th February 2012, 09:47 PM |#7574  
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my market app gives me a tablet category....? I didn't customize anything to enable it.was there immediately after fleshing this there another tablet market function im missing?

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11th February 2012, 02:39 AM |#7575  
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Originally Posted by Izeltokatl

my market app gives me a tablet category....? I didn't customize anything to enable it.was there immediately after fleshing this there another tablet mag jet function im missing?

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Isn't yours a tablet

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11th February 2012, 08:13 AM |#7576  
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Originally Posted by lzhikai1994

Isn't yours a tablet

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Yes I was referring to the person above saying they could not get the tablet market apps.

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11th February 2012, 04:16 PM |#7577  
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With the ceasing of dev for this ROM, I've finally decided to jump on the ICS bandwagon. While ICS has it's issues, I no longer have the tons of SD card issues I had with CM7 so I don't mind dealing with the CM9 issues since I know that the CM7 issues probably won't be resolved! See you guys on the other side!
11th February 2012, 10:32 PM |#7578  
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Originally Posted by ambrar12

Meh I'm "downgrading" to xronified. Opera Mobile absolutely sucks on ICS (not exclusive to Touchpad). It's my favorite browser, which is what I mostly use the tablet for.

Opera runs great for me on 0.6, at least as fast as it was on XRON. Try setting the Up Threshold to 35% in SetCPU (Advanced > Up Threshold), should speed things up a bit.

The only problem I have had is the lack of Flash (or properly working Flash).

Edit: Oh yeah, forgot to mention - Opera 11.5.5 is horrible on ICS, make sure you are running 10.5.3.
17th February 2012, 03:24 PM |#7579  
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I am using CM7 XRONified vB2.9.1 ( since a few months, and I have tried back to WebOS. Then a nice power down + reboot, back to CM7... but the system is looping on the splashscreen.
I have tried to power down, 5, 10 , 50 seconds, with no luck... it still buggy !

Does anyone experienced this thing, and had a solution how to shut it down ?
Thanks in advance !

Edit: I have tried some things
- plugging the power supply -> nothing happened
- plugging the USB to a computer -> a "removable disk" appeared, but unreachable, and a zero size

Seems I have to wait 'till the battery drains up !?

EDIT-2 : power + central button + vol. UP during a few seconds.
Maybe this can helps someone else
17th February 2012, 08:28 PM |#7580  
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Originally Posted by Leoisright

*Photo by jzen*

First and foremost there is a huge amount of credit that goes to Cyanogen(mod) for getting us Android booting up on the Touchpad. There are some small tweaks made to it to give a speed boost.

For those having issues with wifi, please click HEREor HERE for information regarding the HP Touchpad connectivity issues. PLEASE DON"T COMMENT IN THREAD OVER ALREADY KNOWN ISSUES...

Please read this page before you decide to ask a questions in the thread. While we are all willing to help, please understand that it may have been asked many times before. READ HERE


This is debloated and fast...

Changelog 1/3/2012

* Fixed Browser install
* Fixed Terminal install
* Fixed HP Printer app
* Fixed Quickpic
* Added Sportscaster (cool tablet app)
* Added ICS Launcher
* Added weather widget
* Updated all apps in Market
* This is a system pull from my touchpad with everything working. If anything doesn't work please report so we can address them. This is slightly bloated but look at reverendkjr's YouTube video in post 2 for a how to uninstall.

If you are coming from vB2.9 deodex, you simply wipe cache and dalvik, flash and reboot.

If you are coming from Odex you have two options.

* Factory reset and wipe cache/dalvik, reboot recovery and flash rom. Preferred.
* Using root explorer app, goto system/app and delete the browser odex and terminal odex files then you can wipe cache/dalvik, reboot recovery, and flash ROM.

It's known that the system may reboot a couple times after you set it up. Let it settle in and the reboots should stop. It's still organizing the system some. If it continues, please report it.

This is smooth as butta.....

Changelog 1/1/2012

You must factory reset and wipe all for vB2.9. Too many edits to flash on top. Also, its best to reinstall apps one by one not use backup for optimal experience. The more you wipe, the better you will be. Reboot after you set up to activate the sq mods.

Changelog 12/25/2011

* This has bloat. either deal with it, or don't download...please don't ask anymore how to debloat. This has been covered many many times.
* For some, after you set up gmail, market app icon will apear, if not, reboot and should take care of it.
* Odex app (allows you to odex it yourself)
* Google Music built for the tablet
* ICS google search
* Syndicate ICS launcher (additional)
* DolphinHD Browser
* Wifi Buddy and wifi toggle widget
* Removed Stock Browser
* Remove Gallary3D replace with Quickpic
* Odexed now
* ICS menu soft keys (stock sdk)
* Different keyboard (blue and better in my oppinion)
* New battery icons (thanks to HO!NO! CM7 rom)
(also thanks to jbird for pointing this rom out to me, team syndicate for making a sweet rom)
* Zipalign system, data, and framework on boot FINALLY!
* Increased Net buffer tweaks
* Read ahead sets to 3072
* Moved Dalvik-cache to /cache now on boot
* Updated all apks
* Market 3.4.4
* Internet Speed Tweaks
* Disabled IO Stats
* Defrags database files
* ICS Nexus bootanimation
* Tweak build.prop
* Added File Manager to support apps in system
* Tweaked media.profile more for better response
* 1% battery mod (thanks hurtz777)
* Flashable thru recovery now
* Fix SOD issue
* Default allow unknown apps to install
* Opted pngs

**Huge props to MiSfit for helping me understand and getting these tweaks working right.

Screen Shots belows

Attachment 825926Attachment 825927Attachment 825928

Special Thanks

================================================== ================================================

To all those who donate Thank you!, CM team, TMartin, Myn, Virus, Misfit, tommytomatoe, dalgarin, hurtz777, ickna11, Chubbzlou, zone23, Team Syndicate, jzen

================================================== ================================================

For those who choose to continue and use this fine ROM, its at your risk. It has been tested over and over.

There has been an over whelming amound of emails, PM, requesting the link to be brought back. So now that you have it, enjoy it please. Just remember, tons of hours were invested.

For those who would like to donate, it's greatly appreciated. if you don't, hit the thanks button. well over 35,000 downloads happened in a couple short weeks so we know it's popular. I love my TP and will continue to work on this. Just remember, if you are here to complain about why I included Apps you don't use, move on! If you are here to b*tch, move on! If you are here to help, you are welcome to stay for the long haul

Run the microphone, please?
18th February 2012, 01:56 AM |#7581  
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Originally Posted by rasit_aksu

Run the microphone, please?

Run away please

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smooth and fast - it rocks
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