[21 JUN 2012] DORIMANX ICS Kernel 7.3 Linux OC 96/1.62 CFS and OC Stable!

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Dorimanx Kernel for HD2

My kernel is based on Tytung Latest ICS, But Tree Main Line! + My Tweaks and install menu.
To use my initrd that included in kernel, you must have 2.3.4 and UP ROM

(Thanks Tytung for your great job on it so far!)

My GIT Repository

WORK ON ROMS with no changes:


Typhoon ROM

May work for MIUI! use it in install menu.

WILL NOT WORK Unless you use your ROM initrd.gz:

Put your initrd.gz in kernel zip folder initrd-Custom

For ANY 2.3.3 and lower you have to add the initrd.gz
For SENSE ROM you have to add the initrd.gz
For HyperDROID ROM you have to add the initrd.gz

What is included:


  • Default CPU governor: HYPER
  • This is ICS Tuned Kernel, ICS part by GREAT Developer TYTUNG!!!
  • Default CPU frequency: 245-998 MHz (for OC to 1.61, 998Ghz = Normal non OC 1Ghz speed!)
  • Min CPU frequency can be 96Mhz! default 245Mhz
  • Support overclocking to 1612 MHz. (via SetCPU or shell script) (Credits: Dorimanx)
  • Support undervolt/overvolting via sysfs interface. (850-1375mV) (Credits: snq-,Dorimanx)
  • Default I/O Scheduling: SIO
  • More I/O Scheduling present in kernel: AS,DEADLINE, VR,
  • Patched with G-Sensor freeze fix (Credits: mdebeljuh and jdivic)
  • Patched with Bluetooth 60mA battery drain fix (i.e. support Low-power mode Bluetooth) (Credits: trilu and charansingh)
  • Patched with wakeup lag fix for AUO panels (Credits: mdebeljuh and jdivic)
  • Full cLK bootloader support (Credits: cedesmith)
  • Two-way call recording (Credits: avs333 and snq-)
  • Mic Gain Fix is included! + script to adjust the gain to best (credits:memin1857, dorimanx)
  • T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling (Credits: tytung)
  • Wi-Fi IEEE 802.1x/EAP authentication (Credits: tytung)
  • Native USB Tethering + my fix in configs (Credits: tytung , dorimanx)
  • Native Wi-Fi Tethering + my fix in configs (Credits: tytung, dorimanx)
  • Real Wi-Fi MAC address (Credits: tytung, rick1995)
  • Real Bluetooth MAC address (Credits: tytung, rick1995)
  • Official HTC extended battery support (HTC EB 2300mAh) (Credits: arne)
  • File systems support: Yaffs2, Ext2/3/4, ReiserFS, (NLS_UTF8 is compiled into the kernel) (Credits: tytung, dorimanx)
  • ALSA sound driver as kernel modules (alsa-pcm-htc-leo.ko and alsa-mix-htc-leo.ko) (Credits: Cotulla,Tytung!)
  • Fix to Video Drivers, PFS to max (Credits: 3DAK)
  • Fix to PPP drivers for full VPN Support (CM7 only) (Credits: 3DAK, Dorimanx, Arne182)
  • Fixed Proximity sensor wakeup (Credits: 3DAK)
  • Added Latest SQLB memory scheduler (Credits: 3DAK,Dorimanx)
  • Added Tiny RCU CPU scheduler
  • Added tweaks to increase I/O Speed. (Credits: Dorimanx)
  • Added tweaks to increase CPU speed (Credits: Dorimanx)
  • Full support for Decoder M4V and H264 Camera recording (3gp + mp4)
  • Removed all the debuggers to free the kernel from unneeded jobs (Credits: Dorimanx)
  • Removed lots of unneeded configurations and partitions. (Credits: Dorimanx)
  • Fixed the color banding issue. (Credit to marc1706)
  • Added 2 new governors to play with, smoothass and interactiveX (Credits: HierOS)
  • Updated USB Drivers from Hieros and ACA kernels.
  • Enable cleancache pseudo-RAM driver to cache clean pages
  • Run-time PM core functionality
  • Compressed in-memory swap device (zram) + activation scripts for CM7 and non CM7 ROMS!
  • Added extension to 14MB RAM page table! was 2MB!
  • New Nand Driver that will allow EXT4 on NAND after full testing. (credits to Munjeni)
  • Added Vdd AVS ( Adaptive Voltage Scaling ) code files! (by Marc1706) (this obsolete undervolt/overvolting via sysfs interface now it's all AUTO! but we still can configure dynamic voltage settings via script, added to init.d with kernel)
  • Tweak camera (better picks in dark, less greenly) (by Marc1706)
  • Added Keyboard back light !ON! in DARK, and !OFF! in LIGHT (Mod is DISABLED by default can be ON by Choose in install menu (By Munjeni)
  • Added ICS HeadSet FIX (Credits: tytung , dorimanx)
  • Stochastic Fair Blue Net Scheduler (SFB) (all credits to fhasovic)
  • Added new hyper governor (very strong and fast!) (credits to fhasovic and Dorimanx)
  • New Video driver from 2.6.28 kernel ported by RICK1995
  • New WIFI driver + patches.

Plans for next builds:
  • Debug and find more code errors! (always some thing new )

How to install:
[QUOTE]Copy Kernel for your ROM to sdcard (CLK / MAG)
Reboot, and enter to CWM (Recovery)
Install kernel via INSTALL ZIP FROM SDCARD
Navigate installer menu!
To Uninstall, reinstall your ROM, or Install your older kernel / other kernel.

Credits: Marc1706, RICK1995, SecureCRT, Munjeni, AmeriCanAndroid, Fhasovic ,Gokhanmoral, Markinus, Cotulla, Tytung, Hastarin, Letama, Rajko, Dan1j3l, Cedesmith, Arne, Trilu, Charansingh, Mdebeljuh, Jdivic, Avs333, Snq-, Savan, Drizztje,3Dak,HierOS, Amarullz, Nixda99, And My ROM Best Team!

Here is something COOL for time that you wait till phone boots!
This was given to me by user XANTHRAX !

Change Log:

21/6/12 Time:16:50

New Kernel 7.3 ULTRA ICS+CM7 (NO HWA! This is for CM7/ICS)

*BT driver FIX
*New WIFI driver + lots of patches! (by MARC an ME)
*Losts of bug fixing.
*Performance boosted!
*New Ondemand + hyper GOVS merged with kernel 3.0.45!
Ondemand = power save(slow) hyper=performance!
*USB drivers fixes
*Lots of tuning.

Report how it's going!

03/6/12 Time:21:56

New Kernel 7.2 ULTRA ICS+CM7 (NO HWA! This is for CM7/ICS)

  • Added new WIFI/BT driver fix that will allow us to use our real WIFI and BT MAC address! so from now own, every one have different MAC! so if your router block by MAC, please update for the last time Credits to TYTUNG and RICK1995!
  • Added new ZRAM compression method: made by google team, it's will reduce the amount of CPU usage while ZRAM compress ram pages to swap! so ZRAM improved allot!
  • Small changes to USB / WIFI hotspot by Tytung.
  • Tuned and fixed ondemand and hyper govs, should save more battery now.
New Kernel 7.2 ICS+CM9-HWA (HWA! This is for CM9/AOKP)

  • All as in above kernel! but with HWA driver! for CM9/AOKP with HWA driver!
Have fun

19/5/12 Time:17:35

New Kernel 7.1A ULTRA ICS+CM7 (NO HWA! This is for CM7/ICS)

  • Ported huge amount of new stuff from MARC new HWA merged with 2.3.39 kernel! (without the HWA, we dont need it on CM7!)
  • Now we have latest video driver for CM7 and lots of new functions and tweaks.
  • also tweaked config, reduced use of IPV6 it's still needed for some apps but things like VPN via ipv6 we dont need.
  • Kernel working great for 2 days now!
  • Added back the 800mv min cpu voltage scale, use with extreme caution.!
  • Added updated busybox 1.20 use the kernel menu to update, (forgot to change the description in kernel aroma menu )
Have fun

13/5/12 Time:03:00

New Kernel 7.0 ULTRA ICS+CM7 (NO HWA! This is for CM7/ICS)
  • Compiled with GCC 4.4.5 toolchain
  • Fixed WIFI Drivers code errors
  • Added support for VPN in kernel
  • Switched back to TINY RCU
  • check that your initrd.gz is not more than 1.8MB, if it's bigger kernel will not boot! we have 5MB boot partition, and kernel already 3.2MB!
  • Restored full busybox 1.19.4 for now without changes.
  • Have fun and dont forget about beer for developer

08/5/12 Time:00:20

New Kernel 6.9 ULTRA ICS+CM7 (NO HWA! This is for CM7/ICS)

*Updated lowmemkiller not mess with system and do less noise
*Added new logger code from 3.0.30 kernel
*Tuned kernel build flags
*Added to manual zram, swapon file that will help to enable zram load balance with 3 zrams in sync! (good for any not CM7 roms)

now performance is back as should be!

04/5/12 Time:22:13

New Kernel 6.8A ULTRA ICS+CM7 (NO HWA! This is for CM7/ICS)

*I have found major bug that existed from 5.6ver and killed it!
It's was responsible for SOD in many cases. (not all of them!)
*Tuned kernel for performance and stability!
*Fixed ZRAM activation
*Added new video driver from 2.6.38 kernel ported and tuned by RICK1995! big thanks to him!
*RICK1995 fixed the logo kernel code! now it's normal!
*Tuned kernel tweaks, removed some things, need to check if notification light is ok.

Have fun!

02/5/12 Time:02:51

New Kernel 6.7 ULTRA ICS+CM7 (NO HWA! This is for CM7/ICS)

*Tuned for stability
*Removed many addons, that i am not fully understand.
*Added latest code changes that i can port from high kernels.
*Tested on my HD2, all great.
Have fun!

About kernel with HWA i am working on it, and probably will open new Thread!
Here only CM7/MIUI/No HWA ICS

i will keep working till i get it to be masterpiece!

28/10/11 Time:19:25 > TO > 14/4/12 Time:13:30

Kernel 1.7 -> 6.5D ULTIMATE


All very important change log!

*Added code fixes from 3.0.12 kernel.
*Updated lots of code from 3.0.28 kernel
*Fixed code for usb tether (for cm7)
*Fixed data stats for ICS ROMS.
*Switched to SLUB with fixed code
*Added new SIO scheduler and switched to it by default.
*Added XZ kernel compression! we lost 100kb and more faster decompression for kernel.
*Fixed the stuck on net apps, found the bug and removed it.
*Fixed charger and usb tether code.

*Fixed standby DRAIN! now 2~6mA
*Added new CPU cache instructions for better cache processing (RAM cache not disk cache)

*I have added new WIFI driver from CM7 kernel, now CH13/14 works!
Tuned the wifi driver, added new code for ROAMING and for wake locks add/remove in need.
Also reduced the voltage that wifi use from 2750mv to 2250mv!
lots of power will be saved!

*Added new ADB driver from 2.3.37 kernel. all cool and one less warning in kernel build.

*I have found out that if i use 3 zram drives each 100MB then system is more stable that way and working better, the work together!
and the process working faster with less ram drive!
So now it's load balanced! this give us 150 more ram!

*Added to install menu some good stuff!
1)you can now install the non CM7 ZRAM from menu.
2)you can now activated the keys light on/off by light, mod!
3)you can choose languages and theme!
4)you can install most advanced busybox 1.19.4 FULL! all included!
Updated and Compiled by me
5)you can safely reboot after all installed.

*Added new boost code to HYPER and to ONDEMAND govs
*Added new USB tether driver
*Fixed the WIFI driver, now channels 13 /14 work
*Added new lowmemorykiller module to help with ram management.

I will contact some active people to test the BETA kernel that i will upload to secret folder. When stability will be OK i will upload for public.

Stable kernels are 4.7, 3.8, 3.2, 5.7

*Added new install menu! AROMA INSTALLER! by great Developer Amarullz from HERE
HUGE Thanks to TYTUNG for his hard work on ICS parts!

*Updated all ICS tweaks from Tytung ICS Kernel to my Kernel!
Tuned Video Driver
Tuned System parts (system is huge, so to support ICS is had to add some more stuff)
*I have fixed the GPS stuck and hold wakelock,
*I have tuned the DEEP SLEEP, now phone sleep and rest
*Since there is no more bug with BT and 2way recording! now kernel is 2way as default! only one kernel now!
*Added frame buffer fix for camera (credits to fhasovic )
*Added lots of new code for PowerManager! now phone sleep as a baby
*Fixed the file transfer over dual mount apps, i get stable 1.5~2MB write over usb with no lag or delay in phone.
If mounted as normal via usb mount, then close to 5MB write. but no access to sdcard.
*Updated to busybox 1.19.4!
*Tuned the cpu freq to be stable on 1.574, so the danger freq is only 1.62
Many CPU will stuck!(some will work) and lots of apps will crash on 1.62, this is must know info!
*Added Hyper as default governor + fixed it's deep sleep function!
*Added deep sleep function to ondeman governor
*Fixed MMC sdcard, now kernel will not remove it in any condition!
So we will have stable phone, that wake up when we need it, and do it faster.
*Added helper driver for touch screen, it will help to reduce cpu usage when using touch screen.
*Tweaked RCU boost for faster cpu respond.
*Tweaked most governors to be fast as hyper!
*Added new network driver Stochastic Fair Blue Net Scheduler (SFB) (all credits to fhasovic)
*Changed network settings as in CM-KERNEL + light mod.
*Added new hyper governor (very strong and fast!) (All credits to fhasovic)
*Compiled with builder 2010.09 (gcc 4.5.1)

*If strange problems with ROM use your initrd.gz! put it to custom-initd folder before install! (to zip use latest winrar or 7zip)

*Updated to!

*Fixed power manager code
*Fixed the WIFI Sleep state,
*Added ICS headset fix. (working for CM7 also with no problem)
*Added new tunned for miui initrd, try to install kernel without adding your miui ROM initrd in custom folder, use miui in kernel install menu.
*Boosted CPU voltage in script, to help with CPU stuck on some ROMS...

*I have merged lots of things from and from
NEW Stuff:
*Wifi driver
*G-sensor driver
*Lots of bug fix and cleanups,
*Boosted CPU power
*Added new Power Manager to save more battery power. now i see 2ma and it's jump to 5ma and back... but it's depend on cell towers and running apps.
*Fixed the zram
*Added Ram tweaks for video driver, may improve speed.
*Added cache fixes, boosted the CPU some more!

*Updated kernel to main line!
UPDATE from 50 to 55 from HERE

I have messed allot with power wakelocks, and looks like all cool now, no stuck with 60ma!
performance boosted!
And with my ROM and data to 2 ext ON, i get 3000+ on advanced quadrant

*Added lots of tweaks to boost the sdcard I/O and CPU power
*Updated my kernel builder to GCC 4.5.1 SorceryCode 2010.09
*Faster sleep times and fixed incorrect kernel locking...
*Added VR scheduler!
*Added 96Mhz super low standby frequency with 975mV set to be stable!
*Added Tiny Preemptable RCU CPU scheduler! Now cpu power increased allot!
*Fixed Video driver, now scrolling in all apps and home launcher is much faster!
*Added extension of RAM page table from 2MB to 14MB! More ram for system operations! Greatly increase system performance!
*Added safe Overcharge for battery.
Now it's will be really fully charged and live for longer time.
*Added Power Management tweaks to reduce standby drain.
*Added I/O fix and Manager, now I/O of the sdcard is much faster!
*Added ICS to Kernel Menu! now all ICS users can use my kernel.
*Added lots of cpu governors to play with, most stable and strong is ondemand and smartassv2 all the rest should be tested for long time to see if they good or not..
*I have moved to new GITHAB! Now I host 4 kernels!

Lots of this great addons came from AmeriCanAndroid Kernel!
SO THANK YOU AmeriCanAndroid

*Lots of updates from kernel .35 to .32!
*New Video and audio drivers!
*New decoding driver for movies!
*Lots of bug fix and cleanup
*Added new ZRAM module!
*Tweaked scheduling and wakeup times,
*Added new camera driver
*Tweaked the ondemand governor to have disk IO checks when working on heavy loads..
*Fixed stand alone zram activation script for 357MB! For ROMs that don’t have option in settings for compcache.

*Fixed Network Drivers,
Facebook and droid wall works now.

*Added zram from 2.6.38 kernel and removed old ramzswap
*Replace zram with faux123's files
*Compile zram as module
*Back ported vzalloc to better support zram (faux123)
*Removed obsolete code for msm_clocks
*Fixed remaining issues after getting rid of obsolete msm_clocks
*Fixed hard coded setting of REG_PLL_MULTIPLIER_LSB
*Fixed and cleaned the network drivers, no more delays in apps.
*Razed min voltage to 975mV
*Fixed WIFI bug
*Boosted Volume! in all speakers!
*Tweaked Disk Schedulers and CPU schedulers
*Tweaked System Cache and Ram management

Thanks to Marc1706 and to bananacakes!!! (Kernel Mega DEV)

*Added lots of updates from HERE and lots but not all from HERE
*kernel merged with 2.6.35.x

*Added major fix for Dynamic Voltage MOD in kernel. now it's finally works
*Upgraded regulator core from Kernel to be able to fix the AVS
as should! the 15voltage script is back to init.d!
But this time it's can control the dynamic voltage settings!

echo "499200 1000 1075" > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels_havs
echo "537600 1000 1100" > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels_havs
echo "576000 1000 1100" > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels_havs

frequency min voltage max voltage > sent to sysfs interface.
new 15voltage will check if your kernel support vdd_levels_havs if yes activate dynamic settings if no activate static!

Fix was been made by Marc the great kernel DEV from .35 kernel.

*Added fix for auto button on in dark and off in light, now we can switch to old ways, 10 sec on then off till touched, or screen off/on this is the default in ROM if you need to have auto light on /off depend on light, edit the 13_modules script in init.d and look for #KEYBOARDAUTOLIGHTON

Remove the # save (remove the .bkp) and reboot or run this for imitate effect.
echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/btn_backlight_manager/button_auto
but it will be cleared on next boot, so 13_modules script change is needed.

Fix was been made by Great Kernel Dev Munjeni by my request for you all

*Added new Governor ondemanx it's more battery friendly but not super fast as original tweaked ondemand, best to use it on screen off!
*Added Vdd AVS ( Adaptive Voltage Scaling ) code files! (by Marc1706)
*Tweaked AVS code for HTC Leo (by Marc1706)
*Raise VOLTAGE_MIN_START of AVS to 950 (by Marc1706)
*Use a realtime priority thread for AVS. (by Marc1706)
*Tweaked the AVS to support 1.61Ghz and tweaked Voltage ranges to prevent SOD and over drain. (By dorimanx)
*Tweak camera (better picks in dark, less greeny) (by Marc1706)
*Added Light Sensos Fix (By Munjeni)
*Added Keyboard backligh !ON! in DARK, and !OFF! in LIGHT
(can be tweaked in ROM) (By Munjeni)
*Tweaked Settings and removed all king of stuff that not needed for normal operations. (By dorimanx)
*Added the Colored ADB in initrd.gz, but it's working only in LINUX or in SSH session! not via windows ADB!
Just type logcat -C
And see nice colurs!
*Tweaked kernel to reduce battery drain (removed not needed stuff that sit and eat battery
*Added updated interactiveX governor (by Marc1706)
*Added new Governors to play with: Lagfree, SavagedZen, scary, superbad, virtuous. (by Marc1706)
*Changed zram manual activation script to 375MB to reduce the cpu load.
*Reduced zram also in auto script to max of 375MB

*Tweaked the Deadline Scheduler to boost read/write i/o speed.
By request from NuttShell I have added to kernel Step that will allow installing custom mic gain file for MIUI ROM and initd.

Change log only for MIUI:
***Added miui inird.gz
***Added changed mic gain script
***Added custom miui rom default.acdb and htcleo.acdc to reduce calls problems.
***Added my tweaked modules script.

All thanks to NuttShell for supplying files for MIUI rom.
*I have added new NAND driver, + Network, CPU, and system patch by Munjeni Thanks allot for your hard work, and for looking for a way to mount EXT4 on NAND!

*I have patched from to main line!
*Added 6 disk schedulers deadline as default (AS,CFQ,SIO,DEADLINE,VR)
*Tweaked max cpu voltage from 1350 to 1375
*Added max CPU freq to 1.6 with 1375 voltage
*Fixed the CPU settings, so 998000 is really 1Ghz and 1.61 is MAX overclock! It’s slightly faster than Tytung 1.19Ghz because of more voltage!
So to get non overclocked device use 998000 this is also the default!
*Added minor stable tweaks for best kernel support and faster ROM!
see /system/etc/init.d/13_modules (my ROM users have them all in 2.9.9 ROM)

Patch to .50 was from HERE
And patch from .15 to .49 from HERE

*Patched Kernel from to!

*Added new SQLB allocator, Thanks 3DAK!
ALSA drivers Disabled! they make Buzz sound, and not really needed for CM7!
only for LINUX ROMS (Ubuntu and others)

*Added new kernel modules:
  • Enable cleancache pseudo-RAM driver to cache clean pages
  • Run-time PM core functionality
  • Compressed in-memory swap device (zram) + activation scripts for CM7
  • Page cache compression support
All Run auto! Except the ZRAM swap!
All you need to know is HERE
To activate the ZRAM in CM7
At Kernel Install, choose from menu to install ZRAM SWAP

Go to settings > CyanogenMod > Performance > Compcache RAM usage
Use 26% for 110MB virtual ram swap (best choose)
Or lower, or you can disable it any time.
Reboot needed to apply the change.

After reboot!
You can check the swap load / stats
Here is how to:
Open terminal or connect by ADB SHELL

[CODE]su -
#This will show you that you have swap! and 0 used!


#this will show you the usage + statistics in KB
Also the compression rate
Short info:
Compression is with LZO algorithm. already in kernel
ZRAM is RAM based SWAP, so it's take 357MB RAM and make them 700! or close to 720MB by compressing the data pages!
CPU will work slightly more, when compressing RAM, but when done, it's will be free as was.
This mod was lost for too long! time to activate it again!
Also the old mod was called ramzswap! This project is closed, now it's new 2011 project in mainline! Now it's ZRAM!

Thanks for all the donations!
this is really help
09/11/11 Time:00:05

*Added menu to kernel! now there is only one kernel for all!
Navigate in menu with volume down.
Menu goes only forward. No back choose. (Just start over)

You can choose:
No-2way-REC / 2way-REC ability.
CM7 + others OR sense ROM or MIUI
With new busybox 1.19.4 STABLE! / Or without! (Stay with yours form ROM)

*Compressed kernel with LZMA compression! very small image.
*I have added the smartass V2 it's working ok most of the time!
*I have added and fixed the smartass governor!
*Added kernel optimization with new tool-chain 2010 for best compatibility.
*Added RiserFS partition support.
*Added all commits from TYTUNG R13! (new audio driver as module, loaded with script that i have included.)





For older version visit my mirrors in ROM page.


If you are using not CM7 ROM then add your ROM initrd.gz in initrd-Custom folder in Kernel zip.

Donations are welcome!






They really get me going

I am here for you! so ask and comment!
Help me to make this kernel as good as possible!


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Dorimanx--- Great JOB kernel is fantastic!
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All right I'm on board lets have some fun !
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BACON, now lets PARTY!

Kickass man, just kickass!

Eagerly await your next release's just like your ROM's to feed my ultimate flashing habit/fantasy!
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Can this kernel work on sense 2.3.3 roms?

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1st bug report for your new thread!

Dorimanx_v2.9.3-Heavy! Kernel 1.6 Integrated already!

D/vending ( 1436): [89] DownloadManagerBroadcastReceiver.handleDownloadCompletedAction(): Got a download completed intent.
I/vending ( 1436): [89] DownloadManagerBroadcastReceiver.startNextDownload(): Found Paused URI null
I/vending ( 1436): [89] DownloadManagerBroadcastReceiver.startNextDownload(): No more paused downloads.
D/vending ( 1436): [89] LocalAssetDatabase.notifyListener(): 5753214359116016719 / null
D/vending ( 1436): [89] DownloadManagerBroadcastReceiver.installFromUri(): Calling install uri=content://downloads/my_downloads/5 src=null asset=5753214359116016719 (com.quoord.tapatalkxdapre.activity:0) [DOWNLOADING] name=XDA Premium last=TRUE
D/vending ( 1436): [89] LocalAssetDatabase.notifyListener(): 5753214359116016719 / INSTALLING
D/vending ( 1436): [89] VendingNotificationManager.showNotification(): Showing notification: [AssetID=5753214359116016719, NotificationID=777166110, Title=XDA Premium, Message=InstallingGǪ]
W/ActivityManager(  770): No content provider found for:
D/VoldCmdListener(   64): asec list
I/PackageHelper( 1612): Size of container 4 MB 2103655 bytes
D/VoldCmdListener(   64): asec create smdl2tmp1 4 fat {} 10009
E/Vold    (   64): Error creating device mapping (Device or resource busy)
E/Vold    (   64): ASEC device mapping failed (Device or resource busy)
E/PackageHelper( 1612): Failed to create secure container smdl2tmp1
E/DefContainer( 1612): Failed to create container smdl2tmp1
W/ActivityManager(  770): No content provider found for:
D/vending ( 1436): [8] LocalAssetDatabase.notifyListener(): 5753214359116016719 / INSTALL_FAILED
I/vending ( 1436): [8] MyPackageInstallObserver.packageInstalled(): Package install from content://downloads/my_downloads/5 failed: Unknown reason -18
This has apparently already been fixed in a refresh of the 1.6 Kernel, Soon as i test, I will edit post just a big 1ST BUG FIXED! (again :P )
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Thank you very much i am downloading. A few questions i wanna ask.
Is this kernel have , fix for low mic issue
Fix for much background noise
And all cm 7 roms are working with that kernel without any buggy ?
Again thank you very much all devs are working very hard and did brilliant.job continue
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28th October 2011, 03:54 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by mmmm10

Thank you very much i am downloading. A few questions i wanna ask.
Is this kernel have , fix for low mic issue
Fix for much background noise
And all cm 7 roms are working with that kernel without any buggy ?
Again thank you very much all devs are working very hard and did brilliant.job continue

yes it's has the MIC GAIN FIX + tweaked script to adjust the gain.

so just install and enjoy clear sound and no noise!

and i will add that it's has MIC gain FIX
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28th October 2011, 04:03 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by johnnyham89

Can this kernel work on sense 2.3.3 roms?

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yes but you have to add initrd from your ROM!
or you will lose WIFI!!!
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28th October 2011, 04:05 AM |#10  
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Kernel is awesome, best that I've used. Thanks for your hard work.

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28th October 2011, 04:11 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by dorimanx

yes but you have to add initrd from your ROM!
or you will lose WIFI!!!

@ Dorimax: Camera and Camcorder already fixed?
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