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HTC Wildfire recommended apps [I Guess no longer support here]

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I guess, I won't support this thread anymore. Our device is not good anymore, and our Wildfire's can't use all new apps because of very slow Arm v6 processor and GPU lack. But anyway, if you have any good ideas - write it here.

I hope, that this thread was useful for everyone. Maybe I'll back, but I guess, it will happen only when I will buy new phone, so I won't back coming soon. Thanks for everything.

Hi. I had very much problems with apps. I didn't know which is better and which is really usable. So I will try to help you with apps - this is list of the best apps:
For all users

Everything for browsing:
1. Opera Mini: The fastest browser for Android, but it doesn't support flash, JavaScript and etc.
2. Skyfire: an alternative browser with flash support, but quite slow.
3. Opera Mobile: fastest browser if you using Wi-Fi. Supports flash and JavaScript.
4. Dolphin Browser® HD: Quite fast browser, but slower than browsers from Opera. But this browser is very customizable has very much Add-ons, themes and etc.
5. Dolphin Browser® Mini: Something between Opera Mini and Dolphin browser HD. This browser is slower than Opera Mini, but faster than Dolphin HD. Also it is more customizable than Opera Mini, but not as customizable as Dolphin HD.
1. Facebook: If you using Facebook you must have it.
2. Tapatalk: For going to forums like this.
3. Skype: I think you know what is it. It's just mobile version...
4. Google+: App for Google+ users.
5. K-9 Mail: The best email client for Android.
6. TweetCaster for Twitter: The best Twitter app. Simple. Fast. Many features.
7. WhatsApp Messenger: With this app you can chat with your freinds for free (requires internet). Also there is a group chat.
Other apps for better browsing experience:
1. FeedR: An RSS reader that works as both an app and a widget.
2. 3G watchdog: This app shows your data usage. This app is the best, because it doesn't include Wi-Fi data and shows notification.

1. Go Launcher EX: I think it's the best Launcher. Many functions (I think the best is folders in app drawer, or hiding apps in app drawer), many themes. But it eats more RAM than other launchers.
2. Launcher Pro: This launcher is very fast, but not as customizable as Go Launcher. But if you want the best performance you shuold this launcher.
1. Fancy widgets: The best free app for widgets (like htc style clock and etc.).
2. Beatiful Widgets: The best of the best widgets app (But this app costs).
3. PicSpeed HD Wallpapers: This app has very much high quality wallpapers.

1. MixZing Media Player: If you don't like stock music player or just need more functions like equalizer and etc.
2. doubleTwist Player: One of the best (or maybe the best ) music player for Android.
3. MX Video Player: Really good video player. Customizable, nice and fast. P.s. you must download Arm v6 codec to use this player.
4. SoundHound: If you listening radio or just music from somewhere and you don't know name of the song - just open this app and it will show song that you're listening name. This app is better than Shazam if you are listening Electro, trance or something like this.
5. Shazam: Something like SoundHound, but it is better if you are listening rock, rap, pop and other non-electronic music.
6. TuneIn Radio: The best Internet radio app. If it works in Lithuania it must work everywhere .
Photos and videos:
1. Camera Zoom FX: Camera app which has very much effects and functions.
2. Vignette: One more camera app, which also has many effects and features.
3. PicSay - Photo Editor: I think it is the best photo editor for Android Phone.
4. QuickPic: This is video and photo gallery. It has more functions and it's faster than stock gallery.
5. VidTrim - Video Trimmer: With this app you can trim your videos.
6. SyncMyPix: A nice little photo syncing app for contacts; basically it imports your friends Facebook photo's into your contacts.
1. TubeMate YouTube Downloader: With this application you can downlaod videos from YouTube.
2. Listube: With this app you can play music from youtube in backround. For example: You can listen music from youtube while you're browsing. P.S. This app also playing video, but you can't watch video in fullscreen.
1. Aldiko Book Reader: With this app you can read books and etc. This app supports .ePub files (with these files your reading will be much more comfortable)
2. IDEAL ePub Creator: With this app you can convert PDF, DOC, DOCX files to ePub.
3. Documents To Go: View, read and edit all .doc,. docx,. xls,. xlsx,. ppt,. pptx and other files.

1. Go SMS Pro: Really good sms app, with many functions like password on sms, themes and etc.
2. SMS Backup & Restore: Simple application for backuping and restoring your sms.
3. SMS Popup: This app provides a convenient popup dialog when a message is received that allows you to quickly read and reply to messages..

1. Safe notes: You can write notes with this app. Why it's safe? Because you can put password on your notes.
2. Hide it pro: You can hide videos and pictures with this app.
3. Call Blocker: Sometimes we need to block calls or SMS from someone. So, this app will help you to do it (It works not in all countries (countries list in this app description - in market))
4. Fake-Call Me: With this app you can make fake call, so you can can get out of awkward situations :P.
5. avast! Mobile Security: One of the best (or maybe the best) antivirus app for Android. Why? Because it has a lot of features, blocks many viruses and it is faster than others. There are many viruses for Android, so if you are downloading apps not only from Google Play - you should install this antivirus.
6. Perfect App Protector - FREE: App that will let you set password on other apps.

Files or apps managing and etc.:
1. Astro file manager: File manager alternative, but it's better.
2. Dropbox: certainly know what's the point of this application.
3. AntTek App Manager: The best application manager. Fast and simple .
4. App 2 SD (move app to SD): With this app you can move apps to SD.
5. Auto App Organizer free: This app will help you to organize you apps. Many features, nice and simple.
6. Google Drive: This is one of the best cloud services. With this app you can store all your files in one place, so you can access them from anywhere and share them with others. 5GB is free.

1. Rage Reader: I think you know what is Trollface, Rage, forever alone or other memes. With this app you can find many comics with these memes. Comics gets updates every minute .
2. TrollCamera: One more funny app for memes lovers. Take foto and add any meme.
3. RoidRage Rage Maker: With this application you can make your own meme comics.
4. Places Directory: This is an awesome app for finding shops and etc. near your current location. From restaurants to theaters to medical facilities to taxis.
5. Relax and Sleep: App which will help you to relax or get some sleep.
6. Sky Map: A stunning app that renders Patrick Moore obsolete, by using your phone's orientation tools to give you an accurate representation of the stars and planets on your screen.

1. Google Translate: It's the same like as pc version Google Translate.
2. RealCalc Scientific Calculator: If stock calculator is too simple for you - you should download this app.
3. WolframAlpha: This app will help you with mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, astronomy and etc.

1. Official eBay Android App: Really good eBay app - fast and simple.
2. Amazon Mobile: Do you want to buy something from amazon? This will help you.

1. ColorNote Notepad Notes: A very superb Note app which is very customizeable. Also you can back up your notes to SD card or online.
2. Out of Milk Shopping List: With this app you'll never forget to buy or do something.
3. Evernote/Hello Evernote: Sync your notes to/from your computer/phone's works in a similar vain to Dropbox to an extent. They've just released a new side app called "Hello Evernote" which is sort of like a Social Network integration of sorts.
4. GTasks: With this app you can do your notes, watch calendar and etc.

1. Live Scores: With this app you can watch livescores.
2. Quadrant, AnTuTu benchmark, NeoCore: With these 3 apps you can check your phone performance.
3. Swype keyboard: One of the best keyboard in android. Many functions, very fast and comfortable typing. You can find it in
4. Rainwatch: App for watch weather via map.
5. Memory Booster: This app will free you some RAM.
6. DroidCam Wireless Webcam: You don't have webcam on your pc? This will help you .

Only for users with root permissions

Memory, apps, files and etc.:
1. Titanium backup: If you installing another ROM you must have this app! It for backuping and restorind apps and data. Also you can delete system apps, or move apps to SD.
2. Root Explorer: With this app you can get system apps and folders.
3. CacheMate: The original and the best cache cleaning app. It's available for $1 in the market. A demo is also available in the market.
4. SD-Booster: It speeds up your SD-Card.
5. ShootMe/PicMe or drocap2: The best apps for making screenshots of your phone screen. I don't know why, but for me working only drocap2.
6. SD Maid - with this app you can free some internal or external memory. Very useful.

Performance increasing, tweaking:
1. Android Terminal Emulator: This app allows you to access the UNIX terminal and execute commands.
2. Font Changer (root): the best app if you want to change your phone fonts.
3. FasterFix: This app will speed up your gps.
4. AnTuTu CPU Master: With this app you can overclock or underclock your phone processor (also you need custom kernel).
5. Market Enabler: This app lets you access paid apps from countries where paid apps are not yet available.
6. LCDDensity for Root: With this app you can change your density. That means this can make you view bigger or smaller. P.S. This ap doesn't change your resolution.
7. Juice Defender: This app saving your battery - for example it turns off internet when you don't need it and etc. P.S. This app doesn't need root, but it is recommended, because without root you can't use all features.
8. System Tuner: This app will help you to increase and watch your phone. Most of the features requires root.
9. Autostarts: This app can disable unwanted autostarts and speed up your phone.

1. PDroid Privacy Protection: with this app you can take control of access to your private data by the applications you install.
2. Orbot: Tor on Android: App that allows you to browse via proxy servers.

Ads, internet and etc.:
1. AdFree: If you don't like ads in games or apps - you must download it. It will block any ads from apps.
2. Wireless Tether for Root Users: Enables free tethering via WiFi and Bluetooth to allow you to get an internet connection for your PC or other device that allows ad hoc connection, using your SGM 3G connection.
3. DroidWall - Android Firewall: With this application you can disable internet in other applications.

Other root apps:
1. Webkey: with this app you can control your phone from pc browser.
2. Root checker: If you want to check your root permissions.

I will make daily updates of apps..
Please click "Thanks" button and share your favourite apps and games - this is everything what I need

Added DroidCam Wireless Webcam (Other apps)
Added Vignette (Multimedia ->Photos and Videos)
Added Notes section
Added ColorNote Notepad Notes (notes)
Added Amazon Mobile (Shopping)
Added Evernote (notes)
Added SyncMyPix (Multimedia -> Photos and videos)

Added WhatsApp Messenger (social)
Added TweetCaster for Twitter (social)
Added Sky Map (Entertainment)
Added Evernote (Others)
Added SMS Popup (SMS)
Added WolframAlpha (Education)

Removed one cache cleaning app (because i was added one better).
Corrected some mistakes.

Added ChangeLog
Added apps: Google Drive, Perfect App Protector.
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21st November 2011, 02:21 AM |#2  
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Thanks mate really useful.

I would like to add 2 facebook apps that actually work. (smoothly)

1- (real deal)

2-Friendcaster pro.

Oh, I almost forgot Brits! "Rainwatch" is the Uber weather app for us. It basically is a local cloud map. Which is what matters here
21st November 2011, 05:58 PM |#3  
Junior Member
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Thanks, is a great list of apps.

One thing I would ask, is can apps be rated for how speedy or laggy they are on the wildfire.

For example GO SMS is lovely, particularly with its flip screens but I am using Pansi SMS and it is much faster, and has a less cramped text box.

A few apps the I really love that worked really well on the wildfire are :

Beyond podcast
Flext9 voice recognition software, there was the occasional glitch on WiFi, one time out of 10 that dictation would fail, fine on 3G . rocksolid since rooted.
22nd November 2011, 12:56 PM |#4  
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Could moderators make this thread sticky?
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22nd November 2011, 04:23 PM |#5  
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Doubts on a sticky mate your not even in the correct section,would be more suited in the themes and apps section,but goodluck.

Regards Slymobi.

" the ability to read is good,
the ability to understand what you've read is great "
29th November 2011, 02:44 AM |#6  
Junior Member
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Excellent app list
However launcherpro is much faster and smooth when compared to go launcher

Sent from my HTC Wildfire using XDA App
29th November 2011, 10:01 AM |#7  
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additional for me: viber, YIM with voice, exDialer, textfree.
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4th December 2011, 01:41 PM |#9  
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Mate... u just forgot to mention the name of famous "XDA" app
Without it all XDAians are unsupportive.
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4th December 2011, 05:38 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by Shiv Prajapati

Mate... u just forgot to mention the name of famous "XDA" app
Without it all XDAians are unsupportive.

I didin't forget XDA
13. Tapatalk: With this app you can go to some forums. For example with Tapatalk you can go to XDA forum. Also there are many other forums.
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4th December 2011, 06:56 PM |#11  
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Apps2rom works well to move apps to ROM memory instead of sd. It also works for apps that can't be moved to sd. Nicely frees up space using faster internal memory. Only app I found that didn't like this was spotify.

Couple this with titanium backups new option to move dalvick data to ROM and you free up a lot.
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