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[Kernel]Amaze ICS(v031)OC~1.73/IntellidemandV3/UV/CIFS+UTF-8/FauxSound[May-21]

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Installation Instructions:

Here's a step by step instruction to install this kernel:

************************** Ice Cream Sandwich (S-OFF ONLY) **************************
[ CFS ] (Ultimate Edition - should work with most phones but NOT GUARANTEED!)
The File ==> Amaze ICS Kernel <==
MD5SUM ==> <==

************************** Gingerbread **************************
[ CFS ] (Ultimate Edition - should work with most phones but NOT GUARANTEED!)
The File ==> Amaze GB Kernel <==
MD5SUM ==> <==


1. Copy file to SDcard
2. Reboot to CWM recovery
3. Flash the Zip file (if you noticed an error, Flash the same file the 2nd time)
4. Reboot, Done!

Easy Kernel Flasher Instructions:

1. download the above file (via phone directly or to a PC)
2. unzip to a folder then depends on PC or Linux
[ Windows ] open command prompt window and type Flash.bat
[ Linux ] open terminal window and type ./ (make sure permission is set to 755 for the
3. Let the script complete!

NOTE: Because the previous kernel included a Secured RAM Disk, so you may need to run the script twice. (Once this is done, then any subsequent flash should complete on the first time)

Note: After FLASHING, the first reboot may take longer than usual, please be patient... After the first reboot, it may lag during initial load (let everything finish loading). Once everything is loaded and phone is ready for use, reboot the phone a 2nd time and the lag will be gone and everything should be silky smooth...

[ Optional: ]

NOTE: if you come from a ROM with my kernel pre-installed, you DO NOT NEED to flash the reset kernels from above!

[ For Kernel Devlopers ONLY: ]

Optional Under voltage: Version 0.0.x+ ONLY

[ to over volt ALL frequencies by 25000 uv (microvolts) ]
echo "+25000" > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/vdd_table/vdd_levels
[ to under volt ALL frequencies by 25000 uv (microvolts) ]
echo "-25000" > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/vdd_table/vdd_levels

[ to set a specific frequency (ie 1.18 GHz) 
  with a specific voltage (ie 1.0875 volts) ]
echo "1188000 1087500" > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/vdd_table/vdd_levels
CPU Frequency Voltage Table Example
  192000:   812500
  310500:   812500
  384000:   812500
  432000:   812500
  486000:   837500
  540000:   850000
  594000:   862500
  648000:   875000
  702000:   900000
  756000:   925000
  810000:   937500
  864000:   962500
  918000:   962500
  972000:   962500
 1026000:   975000
 1080000:   987500
 1134000:  1000000
 1188000:  1012500
 1242000:  1025000
 1296000:  1050000
 1350000:  1075000
 1404000:  1100000
 1458000:  1112500
 1512000:  1125000
 1566000:  1150000
Optional: Stock Clock Frequencies for Dual CPUs
echo 192000 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_min_freq
echo 1188000 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq

echo 1 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1/cpufreq/online
echo 192000 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1/cpufreq/scaling_min_freq
echo 1188000 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq
Low Voltage - Under Volt the processor, therefore uses Less Battery, but NOT ALL CHIPS can handle Under Volt.. If you experience instability, try the Stock Voltage Version.

Stock Voltage - Uses the voltage values from ORIGINAL HTC Kernel Source.

There are NO PERFORMANCE DIFFERENCE between the Under Volted and Stock Voltage versions!

Please don't hesitate to talk among yourselves and help each other out... The XDA community is what inspired me to hack kernels for everyone since everyone here is nice and helpful to each other... Keep helping each other.... Famous proverb: It's better to give than to receive...


Standard Disclaimer: Not responsible for bricking your phone, voiding your warranty, or any other pain or suffering you may feel as result of using this kernel!!!

My github Complying with GPL and XDA rulez

Follow me on :

If you find this Kernel useful, feel free to hit the [Thanks] button below
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23rd November 2011, 07:09 PM |#2  
FauxClock App recommended Settings"

CPU Control
  • Max clock - GHz 1.72 GHz for performance, 1.512 GHz for battery
  • Min clock - MHz 192 MHz for both
  • CPU Governor - Ondemand for performance, Intellidemand for battery
  • mpdecision - Off
  • Set On Boot - On

SOC Control
  • Set On Boot - On
  • C0 - On
  • C1 - On
  • C2 - On

Voltage Control
  • Set On Boot -
  • Global CPU Voltage - Your preference

intellidemand gov control
  • Up Threshold - 90 for both
  • Two Phase Freq - 1134000 for both
  • Limit Max Freq - 1728000 for performance, 1512000 for battery
  • Sampling Rate - 30000 for both
  • Set On Boot - On

GPU Control
  • GPU Governor - ondemand for both
  • GPU Clock - 300Mhz for performance and 266Mhz for battery
  • GPU Vsync Toggle - On for both
  • Set On Boot - On for both

I/O Scheduler Control
  • I/O Scheduler (eMMC) - SIO for both
  • Readhead Size (eMMC) - 384 for both
  • Set On Boot - On for both

Misc Control
  • Dynamic File Sync - On for both
  • TCP Congestion Control - Westwood for both

Vibration Control
  • Set On Boot - On for both
  • Vibration Control - Your own Preference

Above is what I use personally. MAY NOT be optimal for all
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23rd November 2011, 07:10 PM |#3  
[ History Gingerbread]

Version 004 - Dec 16, 2011 (Deprecated, GB)

Add OC to 1.73 GHz
Add UV table
Add PPP async for VPN users
add CIFS+UTF-8
add Fast NoHz RCU option
CFS Auto Group V2
Optimized memmove and memcpy
Opitmized JHash
code sourcery: fixed code sourcery compilation warnings
dm-cache: block level disk cache target for device mapper
kernel:sched: LOAD_FREQ (4*HZ+61) avoids loadavg Moire

Version 005 - Dec 17, 2011 (deprecated, GB)

Removed some annoying kernel debugging messages from Spamming dmesg log
Switched to Xboarder's Easy Kernel Flasher Version 3 (EKF)

Version 006 - Dec 17, 2011 (deprecated, GB)

Lowered LED button back light current
Enabled Automatic Brightness on LED button back light.

Version 008 - Jan 22, 2011 (Short Term Release, GB)

Disable CPU time statistics (this is the same as my Sensation kernel, a slow memory leak which leads to a kernel crash!)
Patched KGSL (GPU)
Patched MMC for better battery savings
PM / Hibernate: Correct additional page calculation
arm: Allow CPU-supported unaligned accesses
ARM/MM: reduce memory footprint
partition_sched_domains: Do not destroy old sched domain on cpu_up
lockdep: print lock name for lockdep_init_error
init/main.c: execute lockdep_init as early as possible
cpufreq: ondemand gov tweaks
msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Close smd ports upon failure to open.
msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Reduce the pcm write timeout value
cpufreq: add ondemand two-phase scheduling
msm: cpufreq: Use INIT_COMPLETION instead of init_completion
cpufreq: add CPU sibling code to remember last cpu freq before unplug
msm: cpufreq: Create cpufreq workqueue for freq changes
Fixed CPU1 voltage and frequency issues introduced in Beta 9
added XZ compression (reduce kernel size)
more MMC patch
added SHA-1 for faster boot
added SMP optimization
disable USB OTG capability
Updated USB, OTG, VIDC, Camera and DMA drivers from Telus Kernel source.
disabled CPU overclocking
sdio: Handle graceful shutdown
sdio: fix MCI_CLK corruption
driver/vibrator: reduce debug message spam to dmesg log
Added JRCU (thanks to Joe Korty!)
Patched MMC lock up issue
Removed additional Panasonic Gyro Log Spams
Patched RPC and SMD drivers

Version 009 - Mar 13, 2011 (Current, GB)

Reverted back to Fast NoHz RCU (better battery life than jRCU)
disabled Gentle Fair Sleepers (supposedly better for Android interactivity)
tweaked RAMDISK settings for kernel scheduling parameters for better interactivity
Reduced 2D instantaneous bandwidth demand to conserve more battery life
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23rd November 2011, 07:54 PM |#4  
Senior Member
Asheville, NC
Thanks Meter: 954
Hello and welcome faux.

I have your kernels on my G2X (DS OC/UV) and family plan member's MT4G (stock).

I will be trying this as soon as the link is up. Will also be helping you to get the phone, but am traveling (back in CA) right now.

I like this device so far. Has the best camera and video cam I have tried so far.

Will be even better after HTC drops the source - it needs AOSP/Cm7(?)/Miui real bad.

Xboarder (all 16 years) has been doing all the heavy lifting so far, so your coming over here - especially with respect to kernels, is a very good thing.
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23rd November 2011, 08:20 PM |#5  
mike1986.'s Avatar
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Thanks faux, gonna update my rom today how about tmobile compatibilty?

Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using Tapatalk
23rd November 2011, 09:51 PM |#7  
Senior Member
Flag Denver
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Faux123 it's so great to see you over here in the Amaze forum, loved your great work over on the MT4G. Hope to see the bounty take off so you don't have to dev blind.
23rd November 2011, 09:56 PM |#8  
Senior Member
Asheville, NC
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Originally Posted by faux123

I need some help....

Can someone with the phone tell me which partition the boot.img is located?

My guess is either /dev/block/mmcblk0p28 or /dev/block/mmcblk0p32


I am not sure how to find that out. There had been a thread on the partition layout of the Amaze, but now can't find it.

New thread in General says Amaze source just dropped - will that show it?

Actual link:
23rd November 2011, 10:00 PM |#9  
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by faux123

I need some help....

Can someone with the phone tell me which partition the boot.img is located?

My guess is either /dev/block/mmcblk0p28 or /dev/block/mmcblk0p32


i'm still waiting for my precious and, by the way, it's great to see you here
but maybe this will help
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23rd November 2011, 11:48 PM |#10  
Amaze Enhanced Kernel with JRCU is OUT.. Check OP for link and check 2nd post for change log for this initial BETA.

WARNING: THIS IS A BLIND BUILD, please keep this in mind when flashing this kernel. This kernel is stock @ 1.512 GHz with NO OC and NO UV enabled. Once I get my hand on the hardware and TEST the OC/UV myself, I will add those capabilities to this phone.

ALSO this is BASED ON T-MOBILE kernel source. I realize there's a separate Telius source and I WILL MERGE the two together as 1 unified kernel but again I will reserve it until I have the hardware in hand.
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24th November 2011, 12:17 AM |#11  
Senior Member
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Thank you Faux. Will SetCPU work for underclocking?

Just tried installation and received error: assert failed:
write_raw_image (" /emp/newboot.img", "boot")
E:Error in /sdcard/download/
(Status 7)
Installation aborted.
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