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[KERNEL][TWGB][updated 1/16] KGB Kernel: A Kernel for Gingerbread (EH09/EI20/EH03)

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By comradesven, Senior Member on 27th November 2011, 02:40 PM
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KGB Kernel
A Kernel for Gingerbread

Last updated: 1/16/2012

Standard disclaimer: I did this for myself more than anything. If this kernel causes you to sleep through an appointment or kills your firstborn or whatever, them's the breaks.
By using this kernel you understand that it comes with no warranty whatsoever, and that flashing anything to your phone invalidates the warranty on that as well.

For Fascinate, Mesmerize, and Showcase
and ROMs based on EH09, EI20, and EH03

TKSGB has been renamed to KGB Kernel, because it's a kernel for Gingerbread (for the SCH-I500, and TouchWiz ROMs). I decided that posting a new thread would let me rename the kernel with the Most Imaginative Name EverĀ®, close the old thread for getting too long, and rewrite the first post all at the same time.

I wrote an app to replace the command-line scripts that controlled some of the settings in the kernel. It will auto-install upon boot and may even work with some features of the other TWGB kernels out there.
Voodoo Lagfix (with autoconvert) and Voodoo Sound v10. Compatible with Voodoo Control app.
Supported up to to 1.7GHz with Pimp My CPU/Voltage Control.
ondemand is the default and recommended CPU governor. interactive, smartassv2, and tweaked conservative governors are included. ondemand and interactive are renamed from ondemandX and interactiveX, updating what was already there.
deadline is the default and recommended I/O scheduler. sio, vr, and bfq are included. deadline, sio, and vr have been tweaked for flash memory.
The Wi-Fi driver is ported from i9000, and has updates that some have said make it more stable than the driver included in the stock kernels. Tethering with Wireless Tether for Root Users and other apps is supported.
Using Verizon's built-in 3G Mobile Hotspot is never recommended.
Batteries for other Samsung Galaxy S models, off-brand batteries, and third-party extended batteries are all supported. Genuine Samsung i9000 batteries and third-party batteries that live up to the 1500mah ratings can now be had for well under $10.
Credit for this feature goes to djp952. There are still a couple of reasons why this is considered experimental, but it will definitely get rid of Gingerbread battery drop if you are experiencing it. I extended it so that it can be enabled from userspace, so that one version of the kernel can accommodate people who want to use this feature and people who don't. Turning trickle charge on can be easily done with the included KGB App.
User-adjustable in-call volume boost settings can be changed by running the included KGB App.
User-adjustable in-call mic gain settings can be changed by running the included KGB App.
Voodoo Color hasn't been working right for anybody and was causing greenish blotchy artifacts on videos, so AOSP-style color tuning has been implemented and can be adjusted by running the included KGB App.
Custom touchkey backlight timeouts is another AOSP feature ported to KGB Kernel, and can be adjusted by running the included KGB App.
neldar's BLN v9 is included, and can be enabled with BLN Control app or Blinky.
At the cost of increased CPU usage, zram effectively gives you more RAM by setting aside a portion of it and compressing what gets stored there.
zram can be enabled by running the included KGB App.
Apparently this is working to the satisfaction of those who actually have docks (I don't).
Didn't work with stock kernels, but works now. Strobe is not supported.
Automatically chooses between Samsung-style boot animations and AOSP-style (zip) boot animations.
All built into the kernel, with no need to load any modules
Various autogroups, RCU updates, jhash3, ext4 updates, and memory management updates are included. So are patches for the ARM SoC by ARM and Samsung and a number of other patches to the Linux kernel. In sum these clean up the kernel source code and help interactivity.

KGB Kernel source on Github: I don't know C. I kang everything.
Don't you dare think that you have to ask for my permission before using my source however you like.

It appears that I have finally gotten the .gitignores correct and the git repo will build a working kernel! Let's not dwell on how shameful it is that my repo didn't even build until two months after my first release. I have updated the xda wiki article on building KGB Kernel. If someone tries it out let me know how it goes!

Unwitting contributors
imoseyon, ccampos784, djp952, existz, jt1134, Tk-Glitch, Efpophis, SirGatez, erasmux, supercurio, renaudallard, zachariasmaladroit, xcaliburinhand, a bunch of people who made it into the mainline Linux tree.

I've tried to credit these people and others as best I can in my git repo's commit messages, but some of these people are on here because I used their code as a model for various things.
People from IRC/people who helped the community/testers/teamsbrissenmod members, including adrynalyne, imnuts, times_infinity, navenedrob, nemesis2all, nitsuj17, chopperthedog, ACLakey, veteranmina, brickbeats, etc.

Everyone who has ever tried my kernel!

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27th November 2011, 02:41 PM |#2  
OP Senior Member
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KGB Kernel doesn't come with CWM. You can use the CWM 2.5 that is supposed to be more compatible with nandroids and the blue CWM here, among others. I'll be working on this in the near future.

FA16 (2012/1/16): ODIN CWM
Changed buildcode naming scheme to match Samsung's
Removed boot logo
Switched from Voodoo Color to AOSP-style color tuning
Reimplemented in-call volume boost, added custom in-call mic gains (thanks Efpophis)
Rewrote touchkey driver to better deal with EM interference and implement AOSP-style touchkey backlight timeout
Extended djp952's trickle charge patch so that it can be enabled from userspace
Wrote KGB App to handle all the functions of the old zram, callboost, and bltimer scripts + adjust color tuning + enable trickle charge
Changed some LMK values around
Kernel: updates to kernel power management and a couple different things including a different implementation of semaphores (specific commits were in Talon)

You may want to use the startup script uninstaller linked below with this one.
1212: ODIN CWM
Revert changes to zram and readahead, somehow caused slowdown
Update Voodoo stages
Autoinstall bash and nano
A couple minor commits to bring us up to date with AOSP's Samsung GB kernel
Changed splash screen
1202: ODIN CWM
Custom splash screen
Try to use Samsung's deep idle implementation
Updates to all my scripts. They're now better in every way
Updates to zram from Linux 3.2-rc1
1127: ODIN CWM
Initial release of KGB Kernel after renaming from TKSGB.
Exact changes from EH09 source are visible on my github.
Includes all the updates from EI20 source and elements from EH03 ramdisk.
bash and nano: CWM
bash, nano, and libncurses. Should work for all TWGB ROMs.
Kernel cleaner script: CWM
You only need this if you want to uninstall any startup scripts created by the command-line zram, callboost, and bltimer utilities. For example, you may want to use KGB App but it's yelling at you about startup scripts and you don't know how to remove them manually. Flash this CWM zip to remove 05zram, 91callboost and 99bltimer scripts from /etc/init.d/.
BLN framework patch for TSM Resurrection 2.0: CWM
Flash this patch on top of TSMR 2.0 and BLN will work like it's supposed to!
BLN framework patch for SuperClean3 Milestone 1: CWM
Flash this patch on top of SC3M1 and BLN will work like it's supposed to!
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27th November 2011, 02:41 PM |#3  
OP Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 294
One-off builds that I won't call releases (CWM only, no support on the changes)

FA16 for EI20.
FA16 for EH09.
Neither of these has been tested. They should both include all the new features and autoinstall KGB App just like the regular EH03 version. I won't know what's broken and needs fixing until someone tells me and/or I do some testing myself.

1212 with trickle charge.

1212 for EH09, no trickle charge.

1202 with trickle charge.

1202 for EH09, no trickle charge, video and camera hopefully fixed.

1127 with trickle charge.

FAQ and some more content is coming later.
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27th November 2011, 02:42 PM |#4  
OP Senior Member
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logcat doesn't work on EH03. Fixed with logcat binaries from EH09/EI12, see other download section above

Video playback and possibly camera are broken on EH09. Fixed with one-off builds.
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27th November 2011, 02:54 PM |#5  
skynet11's Avatar
Senior Member
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For someone who's "not a dev" you do excellent work Thanks for all your efforts.

Has anyone seen John Connor?
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27th November 2011, 05:01 PM |#6  
brickbeats's Avatar
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Thanks for the shout out and thanks for your hard work!!!
27th November 2011, 05:36 PM |#7  
ssewk2x's Avatar
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<in my best fake russian accent>
Nice job, Comrade! And you could not have picked more appropriate name.
</fake accent>

I've got this running solid as a brick on my wife's phone, OC to 1.3GHz with -50mv across the board. Was never able to OC her phone before without it going nuts, but I had chalked it up to the phone being a refurb. I guess it just needed the proper software after all

Let me know if you ever need a hand from someone who knows a little C, ok? I'd be glad to help if I can.
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27th November 2011, 07:28 PM |#8  
Senior Member
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Does this kernel support the deep sleep which appears new in EH03 stock?
27th November 2011, 08:08 PM |#9  
laureanop's Avatar
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Just installed 1127 trickle, no installation issues, zram audio boost confirmed working

"the relentless pursuit of the perfect rom"
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27th November 2011, 08:38 PM |#10  
Senior Member
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If we are coming from an older version of this kernel do we have to re enable z ram and audio boost to have it function correctly?

Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk
27th November 2011, 08:43 PM |#11  
Senior Member
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Also do back light stay on constantly on the latest kernel cuz I have them covered up so I was wondering if they time out now or is that rom related?

Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk
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