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By texasice, Retired Recognized Developer on 28th November 2011, 08:25 PM
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Evervolv is maintained by MongooseHelix, Preludedrew, and myself. Our goal is to bring ice cream sandwich to unsupported devices guided by the aosp philosophy, everything we do is opensource and transparent to the public. Visit our Gerrit or Github.

We have a few customizations such as:

  • Androidian Theme
  • Battery percent
  • QwikWidgets
  • Six bar signal strength
  • Standalone power widgets
  • Tri State lockscreen with customizable actions
  • Trackball / Volume wake
  • Volume button music controls
All of these can be turned off or set back to aosp apperance via our EVToolbox for those that wish to have a pure google look.

I originally started porting ICS to my beloved nexus one the very same day google released the source back in November. I had very little knowledge and no experience porting android. It took 2 days to sort countless build errors and get it booting, only a few days later i was able to release my first alpha (where absolutely nothing worked) It has come a long way since then, with hundreds of hours invested on my part and undying support from this wonderful commutity, I am pleased to announce: as of 2.1.0p11 this rom is /almost/ stable. However it will remain in alpha/beta (whatever you want to call it) a while longer, but the majority of people will find this usable as a daily driver.

For those of you not following this thread. You may not know my nexus died. As in the NAND finally gave out ((bootloader) rbchk: Total 1191 bad blocks!!). And I was able to get a replacement on ebay for $142.50 USD. Paid for entirely with your donations! Thank you to everyone who donated (i can't appreciate it enough). I look forward to bringing you the latest and greatest Ice Cream Sandwich to your n1's.

I have spent many hours and sleepless nights on this. So if you like it please feel free to hit that donate button above that picture of me.

Working: [person who helped fix it]

  • 3g (Radio: i use - 5.12 reported working just as well)
  • Accelerometer/Compass [me][chrs2021]
  • Apps2sd [me]
  • Bluetooth [me]
  • Calling
  • Camera [rampv78] Preview [kushdeck] Video [mongoosehelix/me]
  • Fm (reported working with third party apps from market)
  • Gps
  • Hardware Acceleration [me] (p8 and up)
  • Headphone jack [zivan56]
  • Home button [MongooseHelix]
  • Init.d [MongooseHelix]
  • Led (TrackBall) Notifications
  • MMS
  • Network Stats and Quota [me]
  • Opengl support [me]
  • Screenshots
  • Sound [sean neeley][me]
  • Signal Strength [cm][me]
  • TouchScreen [dr1337] Multitouch (2 finger) [theomy]
  • Trackball (navigation) [me] (clicking) [jaybob413]
  • Trackball Wake [me]
  • USB Mass Storage (native now working)
  • Usb Tether (dk-zero-cool)
  • Wifi [cm]
  • Wifi Signal Strengh Icon in Status Bar. [preludedrew]
  • Wifi Tethering


Not Working:

  • Gapps might not work properly (search the thread for fixes before posting issues)
  • wifi ad-hoc/p2p
  • Builtin alarm clock app doesn't work 100% of the time.


TODO list

  • Fix omx video


Short FAQ

  • Q:Screen wont come back on, the buttons light up but i have no screen?!
    A: Try taking out your sdcard. If it works you need to reformat your sdcard and whatever you do dont use clockworkmod!
  • Q: Im getting lockups and have to pull the battery to restart?
    A: Easiest way that seems to do the trick: Goto: Evervolv Toolbox -> Performance -> Processor -> change Min Freq to 384Mhz
    A: Or: change the governor from ondemand to smartassv2

You must install blackrose hboot before flashing ICS. Instructions.

You must increase the size of the system partiton to fit ICS to at least 210MB
*4/14* I had previously recommended 210 system but am now changing that back to 220. The size of ICS and mainly Gapps is growing and with 210 system on the a2 release, after gapps there is only 6mb free space. That doesnt give me very much room to grow on and can cause problems with people who have bad blocks on the system partiton.

RECOMMENDED: System 220MB Cache 10MB Data 206MB Download

System 210 Cache 8 Userdata 218 Download
(or make your own with the Blackrose installer).
All past builds will work just fine on either layout 210 and 220
Future builds might not fit on 210 as of a2 it is pushing it.
If you are installing for the first time choose the 220mb system.

fastboot flash hboot hboot_brcrust_220-10-206-ICS.nb0
fastboot reboot-bootloader
fastboot -w
If it flashed correctly: after the 'reboot-bootloader' command you will see TexasICS on the second line (under blackrose)

Keep up with latest developments
To build Evervolv
repo init -u git:// -b ics
. build/
breakfast passion
To flash the img files.
tar xjf <release name>.tar.bz2
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot -w
fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot reboot
Join us in #evervolv on freenode
My nick is drewis.

Enjoy your TexasIce Cream Sandwich!!

Screens from p9. (left lockscreen, middle notification toolbox, right phone info)
More screens (from my g+)
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28th November 2011, 08:26 PM |#2  
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CHANGELOG / Downloads
CHANGELOG / Downloads

Here is the final version:

  • (latest are posted to mongoosehelix twitter page) or dl here 5-20-release (thanks TuSKan for the mirror)
  • Gapps are NOT included in the rom. Reasons for this is 1) smaller upload for me 2) Gapps seem to be the source of most peoples problems. This way you can flash whatever version or package you want/works best (or even make your own custom gapps package)
  • About the included apps2sd see: ->here<-
STOCK KERNELS: (no need to flash, provided if you try another kernel and want to switch back)
Evervolv-Perdo-2.2.0a6 (7/20)
Unofficial build from lacus88:
Includes the last few commits we submitted to ics before jellybean came out. that didnt make it into the last build.

Evervolv-Perdo-2.2.0a6 (7/1) (final)
  • Request fill week:
    • Notification toolbox now QwikWidgets with easier widget reordering
    • Long press back to kill apps
    • Trackball Alert Patch to custom colors using lilhermits app
  • Toolbox and Themes removed from app drawer: now access through settings
  • Androidian theme is now mostly complete and usable.
  • Revert some linaro patches to try and fix some weirdness
Rebuild (7/2)
  • Fix bootanimation
  • Cleanup to honeycomb lockscreen
  • finishing touches to androidian theme

2 builds are available this time only difference is the toolchain
I put the wrong boot animation in a6.
Here's the correct one :
Or the old one if you dont like it:
THESE ARE NOT FLASHABLE: push or copy to /system/media/ with adb or root explorer.

Evervolv-Perdo-2.2.0a5-passion (6/23)
  • main thing here is camcorder, native omx encoding is working but decoding is still broke so you can record videos but cant play them back. Issues: video is capped at 15fps so it is a little choppy, recorded video is rotated 90 degrees
  • usb tether support: not native, using the motorola usb app not included (push to /system/app then the toggle in settings will work) i'll probably never include this app in the build since it runs as a service and that bothers me
  • be sure to check out new options in the evtoolbox (lockscreen and interface) and the new evtips widget
  • and get the new gapps installer from bexton
AROMA ZIP INSTALLER repacked by bexton:

Evervolv-Perdo-2.2.0a4-passion (6/8)
  • Forgot to bump the version so its still a4
  • probably 200+ new commits here. Vast majority do not concern n1. but thought it was worth mentioning
  • bump IMM76L
  • surfaceflinger hacks: make ui smoother (error in makefile prevented them from being turned on before)

Evervolv-Perdo-2.2.0a4-passion (5/28)
  • lockscreen 'wave' animations will follow the unlock around (not just go right)
  • 180 degree (upsidedown) rotation support
  • kernel updated: kgslv3.8, tiny rcu optimizations, autogroup, bfqv3r2, smartassv2, armv7 changes from caf
  • newer adreno libs: in combination with kernel updates should make ui noticeably smoother (note: not backward compatible with any pre a4 kernels including tiamat)
  • updated cli tools: htop v.9, busybox updated 1.20.1, a2sd cleanup: checkext should work better

TARBALL: Evervolv-Perdo-2.2.0a4-passion.tar.bz2

Evervolv-Perdo-2.2.0a3 (5/7)

Evervolv-Perdo-2.2.0a2 (4/13)
  • Bulgarian keylayout, Dutch dictionary added
  • working google backup/restore (RMerlin)
  • Volwake/music controls can now be used concurrenly
  • battery percent icon by default
  • lockscreen sound toggle icon now updates properly
  • bluetooth tethering (untested)
  • attempt to resolve auto button backlights being too bright in low light
  • audio files have been restructured. you might have to reset your ringtone / notification settings (not needed if you wipe)
  • kernel update sha/memcpy optimizations one ondemand gov update (per my wip19 branch)(been using for a week with no issues)


Evervolv-Perdo-2.2.0a1 (4/2)
  • merge android 4.0.4
  • finish merge for omx in framework (still not working, falls back to sw)
  • removed barcode patch from camera (more stable pictures)(so no panorama,video or barcode now)

For older builds look at Post#3.
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28th November 2011, 08:26 PM |#3  
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Older Builds
Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p14 (3/27)
  • update to gralloc/hwcomposer (slightly smoother)
  • enable singlepdp ril feature. (should allow easier apn switching)
  • omx libs included. native hw assisted video not complete in framework (although youtube hq now utilizes the adsp heap, so that progress)
  • wifi: eap pwd support
  • mms: misc updates
  • kernel rebuild with xz compressed, genlock update
  • much better multitouch experience (theomy)
  • camera preview works (kushdeck) barcode scanning (tested w/ google goggles) (panorama, video have issues, also there is a memory leak, leaving the camera app open for 2+min will cause OOM to kill the system server possible causing a reboot)

Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p13 (3/15)
  • Redemption for p12

Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p12 3/12
  • Nothing major, but many small changes/optimizations
  • youtube standard def clips shouldnt stutter (color banding still happens)
  • evtoolbox: statusbar icons: battery % mod from mongoosehelix
  • standalone powerwidgets from preludedrew
We will be using for hosting from now on.
TARBALL pulled
ZIP pulled

Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p11-passion (2/27)
  • Phone should not lockup anymore when rotating display. Landscape mode is still strange, status bar is rendered halfway off screen...but only when rotating right...going left its fine.
  • Moved to cayniarbs stock(ish) kernel with my kgsl commits and ksm/zram backported from 3.0
  • EVtoolbox: new menu 'performance' control zram(aka compcache) and ksm, both disabled by default. ksm will reduce memory overhead by 10-15mb with minimal cpu usage (0-1%). ive read that ksm likes to have swap (10% zram should be enough) but youll have to experiment and see. also added 'processor' menu (also from cm) to view/control cpu stats.
  • Apps2sd: support moving /data/data, (run 'a2sd install' again and choose y when asked about appdata) im still wary of how to handle wipes when appdata2sd is active. so ive added two functions to a2sd: 'nodatasd' which removes appdata2sd flag and optionally removes the appdata from sdcard and 'nosysdata' which removes only the system appdata (ie anything starting with from the sdcard
  • Browser: i revised hwcomposer. redering is faster < 1 to 2 secs max under heavy scrolling
  • Camera preview is still broke.

Devhost was broke while i was uploading this so everything is just up on the mirror site.

Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p10-passion (2/21)
  • Rebooting issues should be resovled
  • Added /system/etc/sysctl.conf to set various vm values. Feel free to modify to your liking

Fastboot imgs:
Flashable zip:

Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p9 (2/16)
whats new:
  • kernel update: 32bit color (fixes gradient backgrounds)
  • hwcomposer: rewrote from scratch for qsd8k. (main fix is screen off animation)
  • statusbar: new toolbox, settings button back to opening settings (swipe to change screens). notifications back to stock behavior. toolbox can even be turned off in evtoolbox
  • browser: slowed rendering, (fuzzy text takes a few seconds to clear up) is much faster now. (1-2 sec instead of 4-5)

known issues:
  • reboots: check here for initial workaround
  • removed omx libs due to build error (just use the ones from p8 if you really want them)
  • rotation still broke, seems to lockup the most on the home screen.
    kgsl kgsl-3d0: |kgsl_mh_intrcallback| axi write error interrupt
  • and everything else that was broke in p8
  • updated bug list thanks mrhohoha

Gapps not included:
Flashable zip: 100.48 MB
Fastboot imgs: 98.69 MB

Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p8 (2/10)
Going forward with release. Nothing major changed since pre-p8. Still same major issues as outlined >here<. But its working good enough mainly releasing for those itching to try out chrome beta.
Whats new?
  • Massive kernel upgrade: misc wifi updates, fix ext 2/3 mountisg issues, add in call recording feature, updated kgsl (3d driver) to version 3.3 (cherry-picked partial upgrade to 3.7), other misc updates required for new kgsl driver. source is temporarily at
  • Rom: now build with proper ICS OPENGL support (ie 100% hardware accelerated)(well more like 80-90% for now). I still have several issues to sort before hwa is working properly but this is a great start (imo). Screen off animation not working due to hwcomposer issue.
  • This build is much less stable than p7 (or lower) but faster
  • You must turn off auto rotate in Display Settings or you will experience lockups that require a battery pull. (i know whats causing it but it will be a fairly difficult fix)
  • kernel build #119 which means i build the kernel 119 times to get this far, and that number is much much lower than the actual number of times i built the kernel before i got it booting and (mostly) working. Just something to think about, in terms of how much work it took to get this far
  • camera preview dont work but still takes pictures. also does not include rapmv78 newest fixes for panorama and barcode (didn't seem necessary to include them sinc camera preview doesnt work)
Gapps need to be flashed separetly.
Fastboot: 99.31 MB
flashable zip: 101.00 MB

Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p7 (1/28)
  • camera libs now built from source.
  • fix the tiny mms pics for t-mobile.
  • removed prebuilt omx libs so hw video decoding wont work anymore. (these will be added later when we merge the source from cafs)
  • updated gapps: paid apps should work now
  • autobrightness should be working better
flashable zip - 126.0 MB
fastboot images
Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p7-passion.tar.bz2 - 124.8 MB

Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p6 (1/16)
  • lockscreen: can choose whatever you want for the actions in evtoolbox (i'll fix up the "waves" for next time)
  • evtoolbox: lockscreen stuff - new submenu: interface with tbwake toggle (this was a fucing bitch to make work), vol wake, vol music contols moved here. - sixbar signal toggle in statusbar menu
  • camera: newer libs from rapmv78 for video
  • a2sd: added 'checkext' to fix errors on sd-ext partition (you dont need to run this...its already being done on every boot)
  • kernel: revert to p4 version
gapps included:
flashable - 125.3 MB
fastboot images: Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p6-passion.tar.bz2 - 124.0 MB

calendar fix

Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p5 (1/9)
whats new in p5 wipe recommended
  • notification toolbox: tap settings icon to switch between, long press to open settings
  • lockscreen: volumebutton music control
  • lockscreen: nullpointerexception soft reboot issue resolved
  • kernel: rebuild based on latest from tiamat
  • 6barsignal: new drawables
  • camera: rapmv78 libs
  • launcher2: a couple options like hide search bar (there are a few options in the launcher settings that dont do anything yet, the only working opiton is hide search bar)
  • UMS: should properly detect plug/unplug events now (this is where the wipe is recommended if its not working for you, its cause the old not working settings are saved)
  • misc: new bootanimation from Bexton
  • latinime: more dictionaries
  • apps2sd: rewrote for more awesomeness see: ->here<-
gapps included
flashable zip: - 128.4 MB
fastboot images: Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p5-passion.tar.bz2 - 127.4 MB

Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p4 (12/31)
whats new in p4
  • 6bar signal strength icons
  • Lockscreen: bring back tab and rotary style, defalut 3way ics style can now choose what app you want. all options in EVToolbox (all thanks to preludedrew...i did pretty much nothing lol)
  • Rebuilt kernel: still based on Evervolv/tiamat-kernel 8x50 branch
  • cyan trackball notifications (samuaz)
  • facebook sync in contacts
About the power button and reboots: i have been unable to reproduce it so i dont know whats causing it
And i think thats it enjoy your new year.

(gapps included)
Fastboot img's: Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p4-passion.tar.bz2 - 123.7 MB
Flashable zip: - 124.3 MB

Whats new in p3
Phone: can now disable voicemail notifications (added as many translations as i could so if i missed you let me know)
Lockscreen: experimental new 3way style (silent toggle / unlock / open messaging app)
(will eventually let user choose between lockscreens) (feedback please)
Mobile Network: auto connect fixed? (thanks samuaz) (please report)
New kernel based on tiamat 8x50 w/ smartass gov (please report all problems / fixes)
Note: new kernel does not bring hw accel (everything should be mostly the same as the pershoots one)
Apps2sd: modded scripts.
now has dalvik-cache to sd. just run 'a2sd install' again to activate
swap support (if you have a swap partiton on your sdcard)
new help menu run 'a2sd' without arguments to see
Note: all apps2sd info is logged in logcat. Its at the very beginning under the evervolv banner.
USB: native usb mass storage - almost but not working yet (but we're closer)
Note: even though it doest work we now have some annoying usb and adb icons persistent in status bar. sorry i tried to rush the usb fix into this build and didnt feel like taking it out after it didnt work. (we're gonna start porting new usb gadget eventually to fix this)

(gapps included)
Fastboot img's: Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p3-passion.tar.bz2 - 124.5 MB
Flashable zip: - 124.9 MB

Rebuild of Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p2-passion
Modded a2sd. Doesn't auto install anymore. Run 'a2sd install' (only need to one time. after that wipes (thats fastboot wipes) won't affect it. it just needs to set a flag on /sd-ext)
Trackball wake (yes you heard me (well read me)) Trackball wake
Merry christmas
Full version for custom BLACKROSE only: (eng build)
Img's for fastboot (w/ Gapps): Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p2-passion-tbwake.tar.bz2 - 123.9 MB
Flashable zip: - 124.1 MB

Init.d support.
Included my homebrew a2sd that just sets /sd-ext/app and app-private on the first boot (assuming you wiped with fastboot (actually i think it works without wiping as well but untested)) all the apps already on /sd-ext will then show up without further involvement. (if you wiped with recovery it probably removed the apps on /sd-ext. You can prevent this by going to advanced and only wiping cache and userdata.)
If you dont want that. remove /system/etc/init.d/05mountext and 10apps2sd then flash dark tremors.
Google TTS should now work (was missing a library)
SuperUser should be working.
Removed some extra fonts (saves like 2mb)
e2fsprogs and bash are actually included in this one.

Full version for custom BLACKROSE only: (eng build)
Img's for fastboot (w/ Gapps): Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p2-passion.tar.bz2 - 123.8 MB
Flashable zip: (w/ gapps): - 124.4 MB

merge 4.0.3, trackball works (thanks jaybob413)

Full version for custom BLACKROSE only: (eng build)
Img's for fastboot: Evervolv-Perdo-2.1.0p1-passion.tar.bz2 - 99.0 MB
Flashable zip: - 100.0 MB
Gapps: - 25.4 MB

New boot.img for 2.1.0p1
Includes init.d support -> tested and working with Darktremor Apps2SD Beta 4a
Removed genlock from kernel: Possible fix for lockups.
boot-12192011.img - 1.9 MB

EV-Alpha3 as flashable zips - 101.1 MB
Merge in surfacetexture mod by rapmv78. No more "unable to dequeue native buffer" errors.
So this is basically a combination of rmcc, TwistedUmbrella, and rapmv78 egl mods.

It seems very smooth and usable therefore; im am releasing two builds one for blackrose(the one i posted), one for stock.
You might get a random offset error but it will still work just fine.

Evervolv - 26.0 MB

EV-Alpha2 ics-passion-ev-alpha2.tar.bz2 - 129.5 MB
Stock Evervolv with these additions:
Merged it TwistedUmbrella egl mods
Added gapps, Bexton's UMS with notifications, bash, htop, rsync, other cmdline goodies
Use N1 boot animation
Gallery works, Maps work.
Haven't had a single crash in 1 hour (make that 2 hours) of use so far. I even watched a video on youtube.
Might be the best one yet (let me know).
Proc usage while playing youtube video:

EV-Alpha1 ics-passion-ev-alpha1.tar.bz2 - 127.2 MB
I joined with the Evervolv team.
This is stock evervolv ics (with my passion device directories).
These are build without opengl but with the rmcc egl hacks and the old gralloc.
This is an eng build with strictmode disabled. So all 'extras' that come with eng are included. (except strict mode)
I added gapps. and Bextons usb mass storage app.
Tested sound and gps they work.
Other than that gallery crashes, boot animation is too small, maps won't load.
Pedlars notification widget and CMSettings aren't in this one.
Nothing drastically different from alpha13. Just a different build tree.

Alpha13r1 ics-passion-alpha13r1.tar.bz2 - 134.3 MB
Exactly the same as alpha13 but without opengl enabled.
Difference: Notably slower, but all the apps work and no crashes. This is much more usable than alpha13. Im gonna stop messing with opengl until we get a proper kernel.

Alpha13 ics-passion-alpha13.tar.bz2 - 131.4 MB
In my failure to bring real hardware accelaration; here's a little hack for you.
There is alot of hype floating around about hardware (gpu) acceleration. The truth is nobody with adreno gpu has it. They only have software acceleration. Some have gotten it to work better than others. Personally i have not put very much time into the 'software hacks' being used. Because heavy kernel mods need to be made to get proper gpu acceleration; on this I have spend nearly 40 hours on with no notable progress made. I'd say in total I have spent 200+ hours trying to make this rom work but it really isn't an easy task. This rom is still very unstable and won't ever work properly until we have proper gpu acceleration. For general purpose (ie. Calls, Messaging, Web Browsing, Music) it works fine, please dont expect more from it. Thanks for testing.

Includes latest from CM.
Ril has these options available in build.prop:,skipbrokendatac all,facilitylock,datacall,icccardstatus
Only one that is enabled is signalstrength. You can try a combination of them an see if it fixes your data issues.
Fixed (from alpha12): Sound, GPS, Mobile signal, Enable opengl (w/ software hack)
Removed DTApps2sd since it won't work without init.d support.
Gallery keeps force closing. Don't know why.
Settings keep crashing. Don't know why.

Alpha12 ics-passion-alpha12.tar.bz2 - 123.0 MB
EDIT: DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS. Looks like sound is broken too. Looks like alpha10 is the best bet sofar. Only downhill from there.
EDIT2: err looks like you can push audio.primary.qsd8k and audio_policy.qsd8k to get sound back. (untested)
EDIT3: I was wondering why system size was so much smaller lol.
DISABLE OPENGL: The HWA hack just sucks too much.
Use N1 stock bootanimation. It's cooler. (Oh, and I don't care what you think)
set config_hspa_data_distinguishable to true (Get an H instead of 3g)(I like it more)
Add some overlay items from crespo
Add some optimization cc flags
There were a couple ril changes to cm, maybe this will fix your data issues?
It seems Gallery will not work unless opengl is enabled (regardless of dalvik heap size)
Add htop, powertop, nano, vim, e2fsprogs (when using adb shell type bash to get them to work)
Remove Maps: So you can install the market version.
GPS is broke. It couldn't get it to build so just copied gps.mahmahi from previous build but that didnt work. I'll sort it out later. If you need gps dont upgrade.
Added Darktremor's Apps2sd modified for native bash support (in xbin). But it is not working. /sd-ext is not being mounted. It wont execute at runtime. The way it is set up. init.rc calls etc/init.local.rc calls bin/sysinit calls xbin/run-parts which calls etc/init.d/05mountsd now for somereason 05mountsd is not installed as executable even though it is executable in my out folder. changing 05mountsd to executable afterward still doesnt work. maybe someone can help me out here. my thought is init.d isn't setup properly. Also i would like to keep sysinit (or run-parts) being called from init.local.rc to keep init.rc and init.mahimahi.rc cleaner.

Alpha11 ics-passion-alpha11.tar.bz2 - 130.0 MB Alpha11 is provided out of courtesy and is not supported my me complains about it will be ignored.
system img is ~210MB
aosp apps updated to r1.2
Turn off lockscreen/touchscreen sounds
Decrease animaition by 50% (forgot to change back when added opengl)(increase till your hearts content)
Increase pointer speed to 100 (clicking still doesnt work but hey fast cursor lol)
Update to wpa_supplicant 8 (fixes wifi icon)
Enable OPENGL: Pulled HWA fixes from preludedrew's (evervolv) repo. (NOTE: not real HWA but better)(May exerience significant battery drain)
Update adreno blobs from inc evervolv repo
**W/HardwareRenderer( 1557): Mountain View, we've had a problem here. Switching back to software rendering.**
Add Pedlar's CMSettings (experimental WIP) (has 2 icons don't bitch about it)
Add bash,nano,vim,ncurses,ssh,rsync

Alpha10 Link
SHA256 crypto to kernel
fuse module to system (for future extended data on sdcard)
Camera app (camera still broke)
GoogleCalendar (1st in appdrawer is AOSP if sync doesn't work for you just remove Calendar.apk and use CalendarGoogle.apk)
FileManager (from CM)
**Pedlar's notification power widget (still in WIP stage) Install this to allow configuration.
Resized bootanimation
Correct location/name of some permission files
qralloc.qsd8k (slows down UI on not HWAccel builds)(Also removed in Alpha9)

Alpha9 Link
First taste of CM9
Kernel: Kanged pershoots with netstats ported by me from teamhacksung.
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28th November 2011, 08:42 PM |#4  
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Thanks texasice, great work! Will test now. To clarify, is the partition layout mandatory? I have blackrose and can change it myself, but any rationale on this 220/16/200 layout in particular would be helpful.
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28th November 2011, 08:43 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by olm3ca

Thanks texasice, great work! Will test now. To clarify, is the partition layout mandatory? I have blackrose and can change it myself, but any rationale on this 220/16/200 layout in particular would be helpful.

Any system partition with 200MB or more will work [But the ramdisk is setup for the sys220/cache16/data200 it should still work with other layouts though]
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28th November 2011, 09:05 PM |#6  
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How is texting speed on this one without HW Accel?
28th November 2011, 09:07 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by bnguyen1983

How is texting speed on this one without HW Accel?

I removed gralloc from this build so it is much faster than alpha8. Texting is fine for my slow fingers
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28th November 2011, 09:08 PM |#8  
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So what is to become of the stock Rom?

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28th November 2011, 09:54 PM |#9  
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Thanks for your hard work, really apreciated

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28th November 2011, 09:54 PM |#10  
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this is exciting.
28th November 2011, 10:01 PM |#11  
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And my N1 lives again. This is awesome.

I sometimes do get frustrated by lack of processor and memory. but I just can't seem to upgrade from my N1. Maybe if I get ICS on my N1 I might not have to.

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