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Extreme measures for better battery life

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By MartyLK, Account currently disabled on 7th December 2011, 02:26 AM
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11th December 2011, 12:45 AM |#51  
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Originally Posted by Irvysan

Blahblah (at work) reply to emails and messages throughout the day, on twitter A LOT (plume premium)

Don't you have a powerpoint at your office desk?
11th December 2011, 12:48 AM |#52  
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The thing is, that battery consumption should be minimal AS LONG AS it doesn't make our devices unusable. So - unlike some people - I'm not willing to disable EVERYTHING to gain 3 more hours of usage.

I have an HD2.. with a regular 1230mAh battery.

I use android alarms all the time so I keep TypoClock on my homescreen all the time. I also use the calendar and tasks.. so I have pure calendar on. I have 10 icons of my most used apps (along with the lower shortcut bar in launcher pro) and I read tons of RSS articles so I have Scrollable News Widget (which is AMAZING, btw).

What I am doing, is maximize battery life in a different way.
I use Tasker to do most of the job for me. I have like 20 profiles..

I can also assure you that putting on a black theme instead of white one will NOT help your battery life. It will kill it. The lighting - as far as I know - has nothing to do with the color of your background. A white background will only help you see better since you need less light to see things since it returns most of it. A black background will swallow more light and you will have to use higher brightness.

I'll try to algorithm-ize everything (this is NOT what I use in tasker.. it's only a logical array of what's actually going on).

1. Data
If "WiFi Available" And Not "Dead Hours" Then
     Enable "WiFi" & Disable "Mobile Data"
     If "Mobile Data" is Required Then
          If Not "Signal Strength" = Very Low
               Enable "Mobile Data"
          End If
          While "Dead Hours"
               Disable "Mobile Data"
               Disable "WiFi"
     End If
End If
2. Bluetooth
If "Bluetooth" is Required Then
     Enable "Bluetooth"
     Disable "Bluetooth"
End If
3. GPS
If "Relevant Applications" = Running Then
     "GPS" = On
     "GPS" = Off
End If
4. Brightness
If "Alarm" = On Then
     "Screen Brightness" = 10
Else If "Relevant Applications" = Running Then
     "Screen Brightness" = Auto
     Use "Brightness Motion Pro" (for fast manual control)
End If
While "Dead Hours"
     Disable Auto-Sync
6. USE A WATCH! How many times a day do you turn your display on to look at the time? You're not only waking up the screen. You're interrupting sleep mode.

7. Data sync. I will not get into it too much as every person uses a different set of applications. The idea is, that you need to learn what's important to you and at what frequency and set the polling interval to as low as possible or to not at all.
For instance, I poll my work mail every 15 mins instead of using push and it's a battery saver.

8. Use "Current Widget". You will learn how to act accordingly.

9. If you're not a market addict, use wifi only for updates. Using mobile data for downloads is MUCH worse a battery eater than downloading thru wifi.

10. Use MORE apps which SHORTEN your usage - LESS apps which you do not use.
When you spend more time with your display on (which is, of course, the WORST battery killer) you will need to recharge more. I use Homescreen Icons, Launcher Pro's shortcut bar and "Wave Launcher" to minimize the need to look for apps in my drawer and I use SwipePad to call my favs instead of having to look for them in my contacts app. I also use Delayed Lock so that I don't have to unlock my phone every time when i'm in a familiar place. Idle apps will hardly consume battery - and these apps are 99% idle.

Some apps which you're not using might require background sync/whatever...

11. Minimize SD Card usage.
You don't have to stop listening to music if that's your thing. What you CAN do, is move as less apps as possible to your sdcard. SD access consumes more battery (if i'm not mistaken) than nand access.

12. Disable as many "less important (to you) features" as possible, in settings.
Disabling haptic feedback and other vibration-using features will help a lot. Disabling animations.. will help less, but still help.

13. Volume
Lowering the Volume of ringtones and notifications in quieter places will consume less battery. For instance - I use:

While "Location" = "Home" || "GF's Place" || ...
     If Not "Alarm Volume" Then
          "Volume" = 30%-
14. Last thing. Some of you probably turn it on to see if something has changed in the last 22 seconds (IT DIDN'T!) or to click the app drawer, roll thru the apps, and turn the screen off again. Stop that. It's stupid. It doesn't even have anything to do with your battery life.. it's stupid regardless of that

You're invited to pm me if you want some help with setting up tasker.

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11th December 2011, 03:59 AM |#53  
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You may want to try using the app Screen Filter. I think it's great because it let's you reduce your displays brightness by a percentage in addition to using the automatic sensor.

I'd also suggest you use Screebl. That way anytime your phone isn't being used the screen will shut off immediately.
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11th December 2011, 01:09 PM |#54  
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I have LG optimus 2x with CM7 nightly 204 with vorkkernel. Yesterday i was on an excursion in Wien and I watched 6 hours of series with 20% of brightness on 600 mhz, then i was using gps all day (the effective navigation was only 3 hours), i was telephoning half an hour. No wifi, no 3g, juice defender was on balanced.
My battery fully depleted in 15 hours. I did not thouch the homescreen.
I think this is quite good battery time.
11th December 2011, 04:13 PM |#55  
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Best solution is to use an solar powered recharger or turn off the damn thing :P
Turning it off is the extremest way to save BL I've ever seen XD
11th December 2011, 05:40 PM |#56  
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CPU Tuner
I'm using the app CPU Tuner for a while now. You can set it to automatically disable auto-sync, wireless connections, and underclock you device when the screen is off, or when the battery is below a certain level.

It has many options, very useful!
11th December 2011, 06:24 PM |#57  
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Originally Posted by sdk16420

I'm using the app CPU Tuner for a while now. You can set it to automatically disable auto-sync, wireless connections, and underclock you device when the screen is off, or when the battery is below a certain level.

It has many options, very useful!

Do you think that is the best way to save battery ?
I'm using and testing differentes kernels to get the best for me.

11th December 2011, 06:47 PM |#58  
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mytouch 4g battery life
I have a t-mobile mytouch 4g and the battery is pathetic, well at least before. here's my current setup:

1. disable auto brightness and instead, use the power widget and turn up display brightness one level up. when checked at display settings, it's about below 20% brightness. it's more than enough brightness for me to use under the sun and indoors. and it's quite easy to adjust incase I need to --just hit home and use the power widget.
2. I connect to wifi for data 100% of the time. I use a mobile hotspot (mifi) for data connection when outside the house/office or when commuting. at work and at home, I use wifi and I never turn it off so it will automatically connect when I reach home or the office. this gives another huge improvement on my battery life while staying connected all the time.
3. I exclusively use GSM (2G) only. not auto, not 3G only. this is because I don't need 3G since the phone now only handles sms/calls. all data are handled by wifi which is a huge battery saver.
4. set Go Weather widget to update every 6 hours and disable FB sync.

with these settings, I can get through 24 hours before battery indicator turns red. just thought I'd share my settings.

EDIT: oh, and I only enable GPS in the settings menu when I use google maps and navigation. else, it's disabled.
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11th December 2011, 06:52 PM |#59  
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Donate to Me
I just want to say that on the X2 I have noticed my phone stays in sleep mode longer ((screen off and idle...battery graph shows less awake time)) when I have the setting "use network provided time/date" turned OFF. I have noticed better battery life due to this.
Just wanted to add this in hopes others will notice better battery from this simple tip
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11th December 2011, 08:06 PM |#60  
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I have some tips for better battery life that I have been using for a long time now. First, don't install any programs automatically toggle wifi, gps, bluetooth, etc. Do it manually, it's more precise and saves ram usage (if you care about that)

Basically, the best way to have a long lasting battery is to do everything manually! That includes auto brightness, I suggest turning it off!
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11th December 2011, 08:58 PM |#61  
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Here: root+phenomenal kernel 1.1 + checkrom HD 4 + espier launcher + lot of stuff frozen with titanium
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