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Hey Everyone nogoodusername here...
As u all can see CM9 DEV thread is all messed up with questions and all kind of crap...
I had to make this Thread...

So what u do here... U post whatever questions/bug reports/anything else related to CM9 ONLY and keep the DEV thread clean...

So lets start...

1:If u have bug report... Type BUGREPORT before stating it...FOr example...
Drawer,Dock,Icons In Preferences don't work

2:If u have a question... Type Q before it...

3:Any other stuff... Keep it as u like(Be appropriate)

4:Add the Build Version(With Kernel Type)And Model Number as well as Lens Color(Not applicable for Defy Plus)at the bottom
Like Nightly0812

5:Strictly CM9/ICS related posts only...

6:Bugreports about 3rd party will not be given Higher Priorities(As CM9Defy is still Beta)(You will get answer but can't promise)

7:Clear Cache and Dalvik Cache after every flash!

8:EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Please Read All The Three Posts Below Before Posting!(I can't keep answering all the se repeated questions!)

So What The Current Status of our CM9 build
Feb 22nd,2012
Whats Slaps ]\/[oTo's face:
Touchscreen(W/ multitouch)
2D and 3D
Video Playback
Proximity And Light Sensor
Magnetic Field Sensor,Accelerometer,Orientation Sensor,Temperature Sensor
Native WiFi Tether
FM-Radio(In Development)
Camera(Pictures,VideoRec w/o panaroma)

Whats needs to be fixed to Slap ]\/[oTo's face in future:
What? This list is Empty?
Oh Hardware Acceleration is partially working!

Link to the Main thread:"AOSP/CM9" Experimental Builds for the Defy

Builds By Epsylon3:Here

Builds by Quarx:07Dec11 Here

Epsylon3's GitHub:Here

And THanks to Epsylon3,Quarx,WAlter79, ANd whoever else helped to get Defy to this position...
Thanks to Neetishkanungo for 6 and 7th rule...

BUG reports and Fixes will be add over time...

And help me make this thread better... Send me sum PMs...
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8th December 2011, 07:49 AM |#2  
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BUG Reports And Fixes will go Here...

1:No battery Charging when phone off(Fixed)
2:Su binary update fc(SuperUser 3.0.7 error,Fixed)
3:Video Playback Lags(a lil bit)
4:FM-Radio(In development)
5:Google Calender sync(Reflash
6:Can't Buy apps from Market(Use PC to buy,Its safer... :P)
7:Things related to Microphone doesn't work(Fixed)
8:Wifi problems(Fix in Post 3)
9:Integrated SIP(VOIP) doesn't work(Fixed)
10:The Wallpaper bug Here(Confirmed)
11:No Song Text over A2DP Handsfree with Stock player(Confirmed working Here)
12:USB Debug not working(Fixed)
13:Video Playback Error(Only Audio,No video on HTTP LiveStreamHere)
14:Soft reboot when adding a project to MovieStudio
15:AutoBrightness Error(Description Here)
16:LockScreen rotates even after turning off AutoRotate(Blame ICS)
17:SIM PIN CODE bug(Fixed)
18:HSDPA doesn't work
19: Problems connecting to Wireless Ad-Hoc Network
20: Color Banding Issues
21: International Numbers cannot be dialed
22:Mobile Data turns on Automatically even after turning it off(Fixed,Seems to be back)
23:Gallery doesn't delete multiple files...Files still stay on the sd-card

Nightly 20.12 Bugs
25:Youtube NON-HQ video playback error(Lag)
26:Wifi Toggle possible only once per boot(Fixed)
27:3G Transfer disconnects after a few minutes(Fixed

Nightly 22.12
26:Wifi bug still there(Description
27:3G Transfer still disconnects
28:Call Not Sent(Fix-Use 2G only mode)

Nightly 23.12
26: More Description for WiFi bug
27:Many problems with Calling and sms(Fix-Use 2G only)

Nightly 03-01-12
Fix for Calender Sync,missing Mms.apk and GoogleMaps at Hit thanks!

WIFI Bug Returns!
Video Playback laggy

12 Jan (GB build)
~WiFi,Calender bug(Fixed by flashing this... Hit thanks!)
Need to wipe data of Calender and Calender Storage to make sync work...
~Video Playback Laggy
~Voice Input not working

29Jan (Froyo Build by Quarx)
~WiFi bug

Feb 4(Epsylon3)
~Camera only works for SOC modules(Black preview but it clicks!!!)
~24HR clock unavailable
~Battery,Network and Time settings in StatusBar settings not working
~YouTube NON HQ video playback still laggy

Feb 24(Epsylon3)
-Camera only for SoC modules
-YouTube NON HQ playback error
-Laggy Video PlayBack
-DATA enables automatically when USB is connected to PC

26th Feb(Quarx2k):
-Error In CallerID(Outgoing Calls shown as 'Unknown' even if they are in Phone Book)

29 Feb(Quarx2k)
-CAMEra work with preview for both lenses!!
-Outgoing calls shown as Unknown
-If Red Lens Camera Doesn't work for u then pust this to /system/lib and correct permissions

3 March(Quarx2k)
~No Tether
~Many Camera Still don't work
~Laggy YouTube NoN-HQ playback
~Delete "/system/lib/" to get a proper video playback...

04 March(Epsylon3)
~No CaMeRa!!

05 March(Epsylon3)
~Camera Only For Green Lens(With working Video...

08 March(Quarx)
~Network Toggle Switch in Notification doesn't work

APN cannot be editted

If anyone finds a bug report on ICS DEV Thread plz see if it is real and post it here so that i will add to bug list...i will not be following that thread much...
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8th December 2011, 07:50 AM |#3  
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A How to on flashing ICS(Defy Plus Builds)

1:Head over to Stable Recovery from boot menu
2:Wipe Data (Nandroid Backup Before Doing this [optional])
3:Install Zip from SD
4:Select ur ICS(DefyPlus) zip
6:Flash CM9 Kernel [Note: Defy Plus users DO NOT FLASH KERNEL ZIP!]
7:Flash Gapps zip(On first page of ICS DeV thread)
8:Flash Battery Fix(Only for Red Lens)
9:Clear Cache and Dalvik Cache

How To Flash ICS(Defy Builds)

1:Head Over To Stable recovery
2:Wipe Data
3:Install ZIp from SD Card
4:Select ICS(Defy) .zip
6:Flash Gapps and CM7 Kernel
7:Clear Cache and Dalvik Cache

How To Update Nightlies

1:Rebot to Recovery
2:Choose Zip from SD Card
3:Select your zip
A:If U are on Nightly for Defy(Original)
~Updating to a nightly for Defy(OG)-U do not need to flash any kernel zip
~Updating to a nightly for Defy Plus-U need to flash CM9 Kernel zip and also wipe battery stats
B:If u are on Nightly for Defy Plus
~Updating to nightly for Defy Plus-No kernel flashing
~Updating to nighlty for Defy(OG)-U need to flash CM7 Kernel and wipe battery stats

No Data is lost During nightly update!(Unless u do a data wipe(Duh!))

FIrst Boot will take some time...


I have seen lot of confused user out there asking about which kernel to flash and stuff... So here u go read below...
So our beloved Awsome Developers make two types of nightlies
1-For DefyPlus(Can Also be used on Defy(RedLens))
These are the GB/CM9 kernel builds
These are found under /cm9-nightly-defy+/ folder of the servers which we have
To install these you need to follow the TuT to install ICS Defy Plus Above...
Green Lens Camera Wont work on these builds

2-For Regular Defy(Do not work on Defy plus)
These are Froyo/CM7 kernel Builds
These are found under /CM9-Nightly-Defy/ folder of the servers which we have.
To install these follow the TuT to install CM9 ICS FOR Defy stated above

3-Well there is no 3rd build(There is The MileStone2 Port by Walter79,But now that we have camera on our builds that one is not usefull...)

>WiFi Bug ('Wifi turns on only once per build' bug or 'Wifi error' bug)
>Calender Sync
>WiFi And Baseband Fix

THEMES SECTION(So far only Circle Battery)(I will make some on request :P)

For 20th Feb(Epsylon3)

For 24th Feb(Epsylon3)

[Thanks To UOT Kitchen for saving my and your time...]

Follow THESE instructions to flash 08-12 or later nightlies(WHICH DO NOT CONTAIN boot.img and DEVTREE) without flashing 0712 nightly...

How to Revert
MethodA:Flash a full froyo/eclair sbf
MethodB:WIpe Data and flash ur CM or MIUI (Or any other) ROM [I haven't tried this]
MethidC:Wipe Data and Restore Ur Nandroid,then goto advanced restore and restore boot.img and Devtree

1::Flashing Any of these builds will not affect ur Downgrade ability...
2::No need to flash GingerBread SBF to use ICS
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8th December 2011, 07:59 AM |#4  
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Dont forget the charging problem when phone is off at the has to be fixed list.
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8th December 2011, 08:07 AM |#5  
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Also the integrated SIP (VOIP) internet calling does not work. There is no sound after the other person picks up.

Voice Dialer and other apps that use the microphone don't work.
8th December 2011, 08:36 AM |#6  
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I'll just copy my thread here then :

So here is my bug, not reported yet (as far as i read) in the CM9 thread.

My wallpaper don't display properly. First, they center strangely, depending on the wallpaper. I mainly tested those from the wallpaper gallery, and a few personnal photos, for most of them, it centers on the upper left corner of the cropped picture.

Second, they don't scroll, at all, when switching desktop.

The animated wallpapers, strangely, center in the middle of the picture and animate as they should. They don't scroll, though.

Not a biggie, but might be adressed.

Thanks to the dev for their awesome work !
8th December 2011, 08:38 AM |#7  
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No song text over a2dp bluetooth handsfree with stock player, works with cm7 and stock player
8th December 2011, 08:53 AM |#8  
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Please FOllow the rule

right BUGREPORT before ur reposts
will be easier for me to sort them....
8th December 2011, 09:34 AM |#9  
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Nice initiative...:)

Sent from my Moto Defy
8th December 2011, 09:35 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by schlackxda

No song text over a2dp bluetooth handsfree with stock player, works with cm7 and stock player

what do you mean by "no song text"?
I get music and lyrics over a2dp just fine.
8th December 2011, 10:03 AM |#11  
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MethodC: Restore nanroid Backup and then "advance restore" the boot and devtree
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