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[APP] WizTiles -[R]- 21 DEC 2011 -[U]- 06 FEB 2012 -[V]- 1.2.0

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Wiztiles has made it to the Top 16 for the Windows Phone Next App Star Contest! There is no better way to make our statement heard, that Windows Phone users want to customize their home screens.
I have tried my best to convince Microsoft that developers need access to launch First Party and Third Party applications, and access to live tile notifications. They have partly given us what we want, which is launch Third Party apps, but is still very limited. Please help me keep the pressure on, and get our voices heard by getting their attention. We are now in the spotlight for making it to the Top 16 of a contest that Microsoft is promoting. For every round we win, we will get noticed even more. Also, you just might win a Lumia 920!

Please vote here:


With the new APIs, different resolutions, and different tile sizes, we had to basically re-write the application from the ground up. I know we’re taking long, but I don’t want to release an update that will remove all the current features we are enjoying now. Aside from the current features already available, these are being added:
1. Support for higher resolutions
2. Support for all tile sizes
3. Launching of some third-party apps allowing their apps to be launched (Facebook, Groupon, WhatsApp, Nokia Drive, etc.)
4. Launching of more tasks (battery, music, etc.)
5. Folders
6. Custom background behind tiles
7. Uploading your themes to share with others
8. Downloading your themes to other phones you own
9. Applying and cycling through different themes of already pinned tiles at timed intervals
10. Custom lock screen wallpaper

Let me know if you guys have any questions about these upcoming features, or any suggestions. Thanks!

UPDATE: 21 MAY 2012
Version 1.3 is now available!

You are now able to cut up images into tiles, as well as use your phone's accent color easily as your tile's background color. Update to free version is also coming soon! If you can't wait for the free version, download the TRIAL of Wiztiles Pro. Here is a complete list of the new features:

1. use accent color as background
2. ability to create themes
3. ability to edit themes
4. ability to cut up images into 8,6,4,2 tiles
5. pinch to zoom in/out for image cutter
6. drag/drop to move image around in image cutter

C'mon guys, we are 190,000+ strong! WP8 is right around the corner. If you want to launch all apps, hubs, and settings with live tile notifications, please vote! It only takes 2 clicks, and you don't even have to register! Let's make this happen for the next release of Windows Phone! Please vote below:

UPDATE: 21 FEB 2012
I've been getting emails about people's themes not working when they upload to their Skydrive or Google Sites accounts. For some reason, both those services don't work with the Wiztiles application. One service that does work is I tried to doing this on the phone browser, but easier with desktop. So after you create an account, upload your zip file to the Public folder. When that file shows up, click on that file's row.. a little dropdown appears on the right. Choose "copy public link". There is also an option to "Shorten Link". Copy/paste the link to email to yourself, or just type it into Wiztiles application to download the theme. We will add the ability to upload the themes easily in Wiztiles Designer, but this is a nice temporary fix. Also, don't be shy! Share your awesome themes with the rest of the community, and post on this thread!

UPDATE: 20 FEB 2012
Hi everyone. I'm very excited to announce a little tool we created so anyone can now make themes. It's called Wiztiles Designer, and it's a little Silverlight app that will run on any Windows or Mac Web Browser that allows you to specify a background for both front and back tiles. The theme will automatically be packaged, and ready for download. This is Version 1.0, and more features will be added in future updates. After designing your theme, all you need to do is post the zip file somewhere to share, like this thread. I will add your creations to the front page for everyone to download. Go nuts!

For anyone wondering, YES this feature will be available in the Wiztiles phone application as well. For now, we want anyone to make themes even if they don't own a WP7. Let me know if you guys have questions. Also feel free to email for any bugs, suggestions, or if you want us to feature your awesome theme!

UPDATE: 9 FEB 2012
Some people are reporting that their pinned tiles no longer work after the update. As djntraining45 posted on the Wiztiles Marketplace review page, unpin from your home screen, and pin it back again from within Wiztiles. The tiles should work again as expected. Sorry about that bug, there was no way for us to catch it during testing. Thanks everyone who sent in the bug.

We've also had a complaint about the loading screen. Please note that having that loading screen does not slow down the launching of pinned tiles in any way. We had to put that in, as we needed a loading screen when loading the main application. It will go away once we've figured out a way to make a separate loading screen for the main application. Thanks.

UPDATE: 6 FEB 2012
Get it here:

How to force an update:
1. Open Marketplace
2. Search for "Wiztiles"
3. Press "Share"
4. Press the back button
5. Press "Update"

If you don't see the Metro theme, just download it from "download themes" list.

The new update will break the old themes. I am currently updating all the old themes for compatibility with the Version 1.2. This block need to be added to the top of Theme.txt:

Description=Metro theme

Please let me know(PM me) what Description you want, Author Name, Author Website for your respective themes. This information will be visible to users when they are previewing your theme. Thanks!

*Got an email today that it passed certification. Update should be available in the next 24-48 hours*
Certification for FREE Version is taking longer than expected. I've attached the new version of the following themes below: Metro, Museum, and Metro Plus

I've also posted instructions on how to make themes:


Looks like some of you have been busy making themes. I'm listing out all the themes submitted in this thread. From you phone browser, long press on the link below, "copy link", fire up wiztiles, go to download themes, click on textbox, paste the link, click on download theme. Theme should get added to your theme list to the right. Let me know if you guys have problems downloading the themes. Also, I made a URL shortener, so if you want to type in URL of theme, just type in the short URL below. On the download theme textbox, no need to type in "http://" just type:

CATEGORY TILES by smoedjn:


WEBSITES+APPS by Wiztiles:

EAT+DRINK by Wiztiles:


BOKEH THEME by Frosty3k:



MUSEUM THEME by Wiztiles:

METRO THEME by Wiztiles:


HALO THEME by ceed0t:
V2: (for Wiztiles 1.2)

V2: (for Wiztiles 1.2)

V3: (for Wiztiles 1.2)
V2: (optimized images)

V3: (for Wiztiles 1.2)
V2: (optimized images)

V3: (for Wiztiles 1.2)
V2: (optimized images)

V3: (for Wiztiles 1.2)
V2: (optimized images)

BLUE BEAR THEME by CreamPuff007:
V2: (for Wiztiles 1.2)

V2: (for Wiztiles 1.2)

V2: (for Wiztiles 1.2)

HELLO KITTY THEME by CreamPuff007:
V2: (for Wiztiles 1.2)

BATMAN THEME by ceed0t:
V2: (for Wiztiles 1.2)

UPDATE: 01 FEB 2012
Wiztiles Pro is up in the Marketplace!

Download it here:

Quick Notes:
You guys currently have the FREE Version. The FREE Version will also get an update shortly, as soon as it passes certification. The PRO Version contains TRIAL and PAID versions. As of now, the TRIAL of PRO Version will be exactly the same as the FREE Version that you guys already downloaded. The advantage of using the TRIAL of PRO Version is that if you ever decide to upgrade to the PAID Version, all your themes and settings will be saved. Also, the PAID Version will eventually have additional features that the FREE and TRIAL version won't have.

So what's changed?
All the FREE stuff that you guys currently enjoy has been preserved. Plus, we've improved the loading time of custom tiles, as well as overall app performance. We've also added new backgrounds and icons to the base Metro theme.

What's the advantage of getting PAID version?
PAID has additional features to make downloading of themes easier. It also has theme versioning, so if a new version of a theme is available, the app will let you know. Then all you have to do is download the new version from an easy interface. PAID also lets you store unlimited themes into your phone. FREE and TRIAL will only allow you to store 1 theme at a time. BUT, if you've been downloading themes the old way (putting in the URL to download from server) you are allowed UNLIMITED number of those. Why did we do this? Because we want to encourage the community to keep making themes on their own, and share with the community. It also lets theme designers test their creations without limitations. So, if you are willing to maintain your own version of themes, and download themes the OLD way, you can probably live with the FREE or TRIAL version. If you want the convenience of EASY downloading and version maintenance, get the PAID version. Also, if you just want to support us, get the PAID version

What do you mean FREE and TRIAL Versions allow only ONE theme at a time?
If you downloaded a theme the easy way, which is pick it from a list of available themes, and pressed "download theme", you only have 1 slot available on your downloaded themes list. You can always delete a theme from that list to download another theme. To delete, simply long-press on the theme you want to delete, and select "delete". As I mentioned above, if you downloaded a theme the OLD way, you are not limited to just 1 theme at a time.

New for Version 1.2.0
1. faster launching of custom tiles
2. performance enhancements to make app faster
3. easy access to 12 new themes!
4. theme versioning
5. theme preview with screenshots
6. create tiles without using a theme
7. updated none task to go back to home screen
8. added task to launch wiztiles application
9. quick access to review app
10. added mini icons to metro theme for use with wallpaper themes
11. added backgrounds with gradients to metro theme
12. added url parameters to browser task for theme designers
13. added disabled back tile for theme designers
14. improved overall user experience

Here are screen shots on how the new icons and backgrounds from the base theme can be used:

UPDATE: 19 JAN 2012
Apologies for not updating for a while. I'll try to answer some of the questions asked on this thread later on. We've been busy with the next release. We've solved the loading problem, so custom shortcuts will now load within 1 second or less. We've also made it very easy to download themes. I will update more as we get closer to next release. In the meantime, here's some screen shots. Enjoy!

UPDATE: 29 DEC 2011


Surprise! We took out the ads! We removed everything you guys hated about the app. It is still FREE!!! Enjoy, and Happy New Year! Please rate our app after you download. Thanks!

New for Version 1.1.0
  1. No more ads!
  2. Performance Enhancements
  3. No more annoying splash screen image
  4. Added ability to disable back tile
  5. Improved overall user experience
  6. Removed having to click back twice to reach home screen

UPDATE: 22 DEC 2011
It's been a crazy 24 hours. Thanks for all the tremendous feedback! Please keep them coming! It helps us improve and find out which is annoying to users. So first thing first, I will list the pains that people are experiencing. Most of the reviewers seem to remember the bad, and the satisfied reviewers just don't say anything. So please, if there is something that you love and hate about the app, we would love to know about it. So, for the pains:

1. Hate the wiztiles splash screen
2. Hate the loading time of the created shortcuts
3. Hate the ads

Our response:
1. Windows phone apps are encouraged to embed a jpg image while the app loads. This is what you guys are seeing every time you click on your custom tile. Obviously, our app has to start in order to launch your action. We are not intentionally plastering an image in your face for a few seconds to remind you of what app your are using. We are simply launching the wiztile app. We are working on making the launch time shorter, so you won't have to wait so long, and hopefully the launch time will be short enough, that we won't need to load a splash screen.
2. We are currently looking for ways to optimize the app, so load time is cut short.
3. The app is free. We need to eat. We are working on the paid app. We refuse to sell an app that does not meet your expectations. The paid app will hopefully get around all the loading time issues, and hopefully when that paid app is released, our tiles will behave as you guys expect. Fast loading, and with more features.

Conclusion: We love the feedback. Especially feedback that tells us how to improve the app. We do hate the 1 star review. Please rate us fairly, as we want the app to bubble up to the top of the marketplace, and get the word out. If you love the app, please rate it! We need the positive reviews! I will post more later about making themes, and where to find them. Thanks for all your support!

UPDATE: 21 DEC 2011
Name: Wiztiles

Hi guys, I'm proud to announce that my app is finally here. It's late getting certified in the Marketplace for 2 weeks because of a silly icon that did not pass, but it's finally here now.
Basically this app lets you create custom tiles and tile themes for your homescreen. Sure, there are tons of similar apps in the marketplace, but I promise, this one is different. The main difference is that you can create themes, then download them into your phone. We've also created 15+ basic tasks that you can execute from the custom pinned tiles.

Here are some examples:
1. Make a phone call
2. Compose email
3. Launch a website
4. Compose text message
5. Take a picture
6. Share status to: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Live
7. Airplane Mode
8. Bluetooth Settings
9. Cellular Settings
10. Wifi Settings
11. Directions
12. Location Search
13. Bing Search
14. Browse Marketplace Applications
15. Browse Marketplace Music and Videos

The one you will most likely use is Launching websites. Instead of ugly pinned website shortcuts, you can make custom tile shortcuts to your favorite sites like or So the most interesting part of the app is the themes. Themes are zip files with a bunch images and text files inside to define a theme. I've attached a sample theme here:

A sample blurb from the theme text file:

back.text=this is awesome!

Currently, you can make themes on your desktop since it's much easier with a big screen. I'm attaching a PSD Template to get you guys started.

Once you've created a theme, zip it up and upload somewhere. Then from the phone app, pivot to menu, then click on "download themes". Enter the URL in the box, and click on "download theme" button. So that's about it with themes. I hope you guys like the app, and feel free to post some theme files on this thread. I'm excited to see what you guys can come up with! Also, please review the app in the marketplace! We would love to get 5 stars if you like it


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22nd December 2011, 07:59 AM |#2  
Junior Member
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thx for share!
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22nd December 2011, 10:26 AM |#3  
Flag Aldershot
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Really good work.

1 question - if i have an image that i wish to use as a background, how do i split the image so it spans across all tiles?
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22nd December 2011, 10:35 AM |#4  
DJSave's Avatar
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are the pinned tiles Live? or just static?
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22nd December 2011, 10:43 AM |#5  
OP Member
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Currently, the app itself can't split images. It is the highest priority feature right now that is being worked on. It just didn't make it for this release. The next release is coming very soon, depending on how long certification will approve. You can manually make these images from the I attached above. I will let you guys know as soon as Version 1.2 is available. Thanks!
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22nd December 2011, 10:48 AM |#6  
OP Member
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Originally Posted by DJSave

are the pinned tiles Live? or just static?

Yes, pinned tiles are live, as they flip to reveal more info that you specify. It does not, however, give you counts of missed calls, new sms count, new email count, etc. We will try to implement these in the near future, depending on how much is allowed by the API's. There is no easy way to do this with the tools Microsoft currently provides.
22nd December 2011, 11:33 AM |#8  
Livven's Avatar
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Really nice, just tried it out on my HD2. Gonna be featured on the portal .

I think you should include some more pre-made themes, as most people probably won't want to create them themselves. But otherwise, very nice and polished app, combines theming and shortcut functionality.

Will you make paid versions? Since now you're showing a WizTiles screen after pressing a live tile, which slows it down unnecessarily.
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22nd December 2011, 11:42 AM |#9  
OP Member
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Thanks, Livven!

I have a few friends who are making themes and will be posting a couple soon! Paid version is coming soon! As far as showing the WizTiles screen, that is really the loading screen for the app. We are investigating why it takes about 2 seconds to load the app. We are trying to find out how we can load it faster, so there will be no delay. Thanks for planning on featuring in portal!
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22nd December 2011, 12:19 PM |#10  
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I could actually make some themes (been theming and tweaking WM 6.5, but yeah, lost interest...) now that there are holidays. Let's see.

What I'd also really like to see are more custom actions, like in Supreme Shortcuts.

Some other observations: When changing the picture/icon/color, the app bar buttons are above the ad, and it's not obvious what the color field does. Also, the app icon isn't pixel-perfect to be displayed in the app list (seems to be scaled down from the tile-icon that is pixel-perfect).

(Yes, I'm a designer )
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22nd December 2011, 12:32 PM |#11  
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Your App is going to Rock. Themes had been a major wanted feature and till now was possible via some custom tool. I have done a review on wpxbox

Also I will suggest you to check the Windows Phone Hacker Tool and see if you can get something like that done specially for Installed Apps or Homebrew Tools.

Secondly Can you get the process automated which will be like replacing the start screen with the theme or pin all of them automatically.

---------- Post added at 05:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:52 PM ----------

Originally Posted by DJRedLine

Really good work.

1 question - if i have an image that i wish to use as a background, how do i split the image so it spans across all tiles?

You can try the Windows Phone Icon Maker Tool
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