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[Fixes][03Apr] ICS Problem Fixes / Mods

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By Hawke84, Senior Member on 22nd December 2011, 10:06 AM
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Since the new Sensation Ice Cream Sandwich Sense ROM was released all the threads are getting flooded, a lot with the same questions, so i thought id collect fixes for some of the common problems here. hope you find this useful. feel free to tell me if something is wrong and shouldnt be here!
I'll add more as i figure out more! Any updates will have the date they were added / changed so you can get an idea if a topic has more info
Thanks to skygear for organising the OP for me
Please note that all these fixes / mods are for ICS based roms only.

If your new to ICS check out This Guide for how to first time flash. Its written for ARHD but you should be able to apply it to any ICS based rom. Thanks joaquinf for the guide


[03Apr]Clock / Weather App only showing country and not current location
Go to Settings>Apps>All and try clearing data for Clock Widget, Google Maps, Weather, HTC Weather Sync provider and Weather Provider.

Finally, refresh the widget and hopefully that will solve your problem.
Thank you to SenseBugs for this, its been bugging me for ages!

[30Mar]Ad-hoc connections not working
If your wanting Ad-hoc connections to work on ICS check out this guide. Thanks to bASKOU for the guide.

[30Mar]Browser.apk, not loading pages from external links on first click
If this is your problem while using the stcok browser check this out which should fix it for you. Thanks to liamstears for this.

[30Mar]Revolutionary S-OFF fails on OTA S-ON update
Something no one want to see! If your in this boat check out this very good guide HERE. Thanks Forever_n00b for this. Give me some feedback if this works for you, not a lot of feedback in the thread..

[30Mar]battery % mods not working / showing correctly
If your using a % battery mod like the ones cooked in UOT kitchen and your having problems with the reporting check out THIS fix which should sort you out. Thanks again to liamstears for this.

[30Mar]WiFi keeps wakingup on its own!
If this is bugging you, check out the fix HERE seems to be working for some. Thanks V6-Maniac and Virtuous Dev Team.

[13Mar]WiFi wont turn on
If your having issues with your WiFi suddenly not turning on after it was fine for a while, try the fix suggested by Zeustopher HERE. Hopefully that will sort it for ya

[08Mar]Long Camera Picture Image Names
On some ICS ROMs the images file names are kinda long and weird: IMAG0207-1330595925228.jpg
If you navigate to data/data/ prefs you'll see a file named
In this file you can adjust some setting and in oneder to have the correct file naming back I needed to change the numbers in line: <string name="counter_imagefolder">225</string>.
Adjust this, reboot and the filenames became normal again.
Thanks to BioTecK for the fix.

[30Jan]USB Disk Mode = Sense Crash
If you using the phone in usb disk mode and keep getting sense crashing and restarting, Go to settings>apps>On SD card and untick everything there. Having apps on the sd card is forcing sense to close. Thanks to joaquinfernandezcarvajal for the fix.

Further to this Jonny has found another fix, if you downgrade Rosie.apk file to the one from 3.12.401 base and the issues are gone. Get a flashable version HERE.

[28Jan]Ringtones dont stick on reboot
If your having problems with ringtones sticking on reboot, seems to be especially a problem for custom ringtones, create a new soundset with the ringtone in and that will sort it for ya thanks to malybru for the fix.

[27Jan]Google Navigation Voice Issues
If you're having issues with voice distortion in google navigation, check out dfwcomputer's fix HERE.

[25Jan]ROM Based on android 4.0.3 Wont Boot Ever
Make sure you've flashed the latest firmware and HBOOT (1.23) this is required for the latest Android version ROMs to function. I highly recommend you make your phone superCID to save you getting half way through the update and being warned "incorrect CID / MID" See Mike1986's firmware thread HERE. For more info see start of this post. If your using a Sense 3.6 based rom you'll need the latest firmware which is based on HBOOT 1.27. Have a good read of Mike's thread for info.

[25Jan]Sense 3.6 Browser flicker
If your fed up with the disco effect of the new browser included in Sense 3.6 check This Post out for a fix. Its basically downgrading the browser to fix. I'll make a flashable version a little later. Thanks to rddocke for the fix and thanks for joaquinfernandezcarvajal for finding the post for me!
For flashable version of this fix Sense 3.6 Browser Patch,
to remove Remove Sense 3.6 Browser Patch. Thanks to dfwcomputer for making flashable version of this.

[25Jan]Apps and games owned by this account will appear here error
If your getting this error in the market check out joaquinfernandezcarvajal's post HERE.

[25Jan]Update - Firmware
Yes more firmware is out for the newest leak which is again based on Android 4.0.3 but this time its Sense 3.6. The latest firmware package is required for Sense 3.6 ROMs to work, if you dont have it, it wont boot! check out Mike's Firmware thread for this new firmware based on HBOOT 1.27.

So in Summary:
Android 4.0.1 ROMs need HBOOT 1.20
Android 4.0.3 Sense 3.5 ROMs need HBOOT 1.23 (firmware package 3.12)
Android 4.0.3 Sense 3.6 ROMs need HBOOT 1.27 (firmware package 3.24)
Note its not just HBOOT thats updated in the firmware.

Hope this makes sense, please feel free to ask if your not sure. a lot of into there!

For the love of god check MD5's of the firmware before flashing!!

[10Jan]Wi-Fi Teather Doesnt Work
This is a work around to get the function working.
Downloaded barnacle wifi tether from the market, go into settings and select skip wpa_supplicant. This should then let it work. Thanks to coolkid893 for the fix. Seems to only work as ad-hoc..

[09Jan]Help my HBOOT says **Locked** when I updated to the new firmware
Ignore it, its fine, your still S-off and the bootloader is still unlocked. The only thing thats locked with the new firmware is the ability to perform advanced fastboot commands so flashing splash screens, pushing a radio. It wont affect most normal users, so no need to worry

[09Jan]T-MobileUS Wi-fi Calling Patch
Patch to fix wi-fi calling for T-mobile customers. Zip is for ARHD ROM but there are instructions in the post for how to make it for other roms. Thanks to casper200519 for creating this fix.
Post is HERE.

[09Jan]Wi-Fi Sleep Policy
Seems to be a bug where the Wi-Fi sleep policy settings are reversed. Selecting "Never" sets you to "Always", selecting "Always" sets you to "Never". No fix for this but something to be aware of. Thanks to PaulGiz for pointing this out. This doesnt seem to be the case for French phones. thanks yepayepa for the extra info on this.

[09Jan]Turning on Wi-Fi gives an error after flashing hacked Kernel
This seems to happen if you flash the 4.0.1 kernel on a 4.0.3 ROM, make sure you've flashed the correct kernel for your ROM base and cleared both cache and dalivk after flashing.

[07Jan]Update - Firmware
New android leak 4.0.3 is now on the forums. Along with this there is a new firmware (including hboot 1.23) and new radio (11.65.3504.00U_11.19.3504.29_2) you must have the new firmware package to use android 4.0.3 ROMs, if they wont boot thats your problem. All other info above still stands, just a newer hboot and radio.
If you dont want to be SuperCID flash Mike's Latest ICS Firmware (No need to SuperCID)<-- that package allows most CIDs to flash without having to Super CID your phone. Big thanks to Kohr-Ah for putting together the huge list!

[07Jan]Can I use a custom kernel to OC?
All Gingerbread customer kernels dont work.
ICS Hex edited kernels to allow faster GPU and 1.5GHz on non-XE phones.
See the thread HERE thanks to SebastianFM for this!

[07Jan]Contact pictures dont all download from facebook etc
See HERE for a fix which seems to work perfectly. details for new rom installs and if your already setup and still having issues. thanks to wmoore and lee1019 for the fix.

[04Jan]General Speed / FC Fix
In the leaked RUU was other firmware for various phone partitions which after flashing has been reported that it improves general phone speed and stability. The firmware was extracted form the RUU and uploaded HERE. thanks to Mike1986 for this. The firmware here will also update your radio to the latest (11.59.3504.00U_11.16.3504.16) you will need to be superCID to flash this so make sure you are first. Info on how to superCID HERE. Please read through the thread to make sure you unerstand whats your flashing and ask if u dont know before u flash. This will update your HBOOT to 1.20 and it will read "locked" on the HBOOT screen but panic not, your still S-off, you just wont be able to use advanced fastboot commands unless u downgrade to HBOOT 1.17 HERE, however HBOOT 1.20 is needed for stable use of the latest radio. This is a onetime thing, you can flash and thats it, changing ROM wont change the firmware.

[30Dec]I cant select my carrier on first boot??
This seems to be a bug where all carrier info on first boot is blank.
If you click to select the text will become visible, you'll have to click each to find your carrier.

[30Dec]Fix Unable to set wallpaper / find photos in gallery
to fix this do the following:
1) boot into recovery
2) go to tools and do fix permissions
3) again in tools select file system check
(Note this is using 4ext recovery - not sure how to do it in CWM)
reboot and that should fix it..

4) if you still have problems try updating the super user bineries in the SU app under settings.
5) still having problems reboot into recovery and try another fix permissions
6) still problems, clear data for music and galery in app manager.
7) still not getting anywhere install 3D Gallery from the market, this has solved it for some. Thanks for deem1 for the tip.

[30Dec]Can see Gallery pics but still cant set wallpapers
1) go into gallery
2) long press the pic you want for the back ground and set it to wallpaper
Thanks to stroobach for this.
3) If that doesnt help try disabling force GPU Rendering (reverse the steps lower down)
thanks to denis111 for this fix.

[30Dec]General SD card problems
If your getting general slow SD card, issues with content on there being read, backup the importent stuff like photos etc and format SD card, seems the old android files on SD card may be messing things up. thanks orihuri for the tip.

If this didnt help and your still having prolems with slow SD card speeds download sd booster from the market and set the cache to 3000+ thanks to lws803 for the tip.

[30Dec]Wallpaper FC loop
It happens when you place a 3rd party app on the bottom dock. The Wallpaper that force closing is the lock screen, if you change to the weather lockscreen that will start FCing as well. Unfortunately, I don't know of a way to fix it, only how to prevent it.
Thanks to groovechild for the info.

[30Dec]Changing lock screen shortcut apps
Well you cant, sort of, the lock screen aps reflect the apps shortcuts you have on the bottom of the homescreen, change them and you'll updat the lockscreen apps.

[30Dec]My phone isnt booting after first flashing the new ROM
First boot does take bloody ages, if you get to like 20/30 mins pull the battery and it will boot straight away, seems to be getting stuck for some people. for most when it works its 5/10 mins for first boot..

[30Dec]How to force Hardware Acceleration
1) settings
2) devolp option
3) tick force GPU rendering
However before u go forcing it on read THIS Ive seen it cause some issues in a couple of my apps.. thanks Azkabor for highlighting this.

[30Dec]Im getting terrible signal
Make sure you either flash the radio recomended by the ROM developer or if your using a different radio, flash the matched RIL file.
Check out mf2112's fantastic Radio / RIL Thread for a guide and all the files you'll need. Find it HERE.

[30Dec]After going into power saving for low battery my buttons dont vibrate!
seems sometimes u have to re-enable this after the power save turns it off, annoying i know, its located in the strangest place:
1) settings
2) sound settings
3) vibrate feedback - tick it!

[30Dec]The Market isnt working
If you're having problems downloading from the market on first boot, restarting the phone should sort it out.
thanks to mbatson for tip.

[30Dec]Im really in the mood for some ICS wallpapers, what should i do?
Go here

[30Dec]Music Player Force Closes
Changing skins seemed to be the problem with music player. Going back to default skin seems to fix.
thanks to AGunz82 for this solution.

[30Dec]Reduce Lag - Force CPU1 Online
1) Install system tuner from marker
2) open system tuner
3) tweaks - cpu - boot settings - active tweaks - force all cpus online - on boot completed
4) now reboot and enjoy the faster experience
Thanks to stroobach.
This will cause more of a battery drain, might not be a big drain though. report any issues.

To make things smoother, see the tips in this post seems to help make things really smooth, some tips for editing your build.prop. thanks to lyrical1278 for the info.

[30Dec]Some apps dont work
If your problem is some apps look like THIS try disabling force GPU acceleration, that should fix it.

[30Dec]Small MMS
This is a possible fix, V2 seems to solve it for some, let me know more feedback.
Note this is only for people in USA on Sensation 4G
thanks schoei1& djdant for the info.
Download and flash THIS
If your no in USA or your still having small MMS try THIS thanks djdant for finding this.

[30Dec]MMS wont send on Stock AOSP Messaging App
Only found a fix for TMobile people now but i'll have a look at whats done and see if i can make a flashable zip for all.
See HERE thanks to Ducter for figuring this out.
To use, go to the market and download APN Back up restore, create a folder on your sd called ApnBackupRestore exactly as typed. Unzip the attached xml into that directory, start the app and delete apns, then restore using the one provided, reboot and enjoy MMS, sometimes it may take like a minute to send, but it does.
- Someone please let me know if this works for non t-mobile people

- Further fix for T-Mobile people see HEREthanks to Shagman68 (cant find the original post)

[30Dec]Getting FC in Security Settings
If you have an exchange account that requires a Device Admin and use a pin it seems once removed, the security settings worked without a problem. Its a workaround at least, thanks cortez.i for this.

[30Dec]Voice Search Not Working
Try HERE Not tested yet so let me know.
Thanks to lws803

[30Dec]Im using the stock ICS launcher and now i cant add widgets
You can add widgets to the default ics launcher by going into your apps draw and then click on widgets.
You can now place widgets from here onto the launcher.

[30Dec]APM for ICS
Thanks to the RCMix Team, this is a work in progress from their ICS ROM Thread. Get it HERE. Flash in recovery, clear cache and dalvik. May not work on 4.0.3.

[30Dec]Improve scrolling
To improve the scrolling in ICS do the following:
Go to your build.prop, edit the following strings to read as follows:
# Increase overall touch responsiveness
thanks to rddocke for this info.
Further note - Sense 3.6 based ROMs seem to have this fixed.

Known Bugs (Updated for 4.0.3 ROMs)
These are bugs I cant find a fix for yet:
- Something still up with Wi-Fi some not getting any signal
- issues with gallery for some even with all tips above
- music player FC'ing for some <--Fixed in Sense 3.6
- Going into security in settings give FC <--Fixed in Sense 3.6
- Small MMS
- UOT Kitchen mods dont work and the kitchen cant cook new ones (yet)
- Bluetooth Won't allow PAB Access, nor prompt for it, generally seems to be a bit hit and miss
- Browser Bookmarks do not work - Causes FC.
- Bookmark widget has bookmarks but will not create thumbnails
- Cant add app through personalize app, work around by using long press from app draw.
- Wi-Fi hotspot doesnt work, will turn on but thats it, wont give IP address to clients.
- Premium Navigation doesnt work.
- Exchange sync for hotmail (and maybe others) doesnt keep some custom settings e.g update schedule and download past mail.
- Stock and 1.5GHz kernels both seem to be a tad buggy, some reboots. Seems to be mainly when CPU1 comes online when phone is really working hard! Maybe fixed in later hacked kernels.
-HTC Sync app is now present and some aspects work, but calender doesn't
- Error when restoring contacts from SD card "Failed to parse Vcard for unexpected reason(File ended during parsing BASE 64 binary)"
- When I try to take a photo with an effect, the camera takes the picture, but then FC's. And the picture doesn't get saved in the gallery.
- Skype doesnt work for video calling, you can see them but they get a green screen. Audio is fine.
- Blue Hue on Sense 3.6 using Acer manufactured screen. See HERE for info.

ICS Mods
Please note that Themes seem to be a bit picky, Android 4.0.1 will only work on 4.0.1. Android 4.0.3, Sense 3.5 will only work on that base. Sense 3.6 seems to again need something specific.

Remove sense and install stock APKs
Full flashable mod in 2nd post, im working on splitting things out where possible..

[27Jan]AOSP ICS Keyboard
Fully working AOSP stock ICS keyboard, get it HERE. All my own work

[27Jan]ICS Stock Theme
Credits to Shnizlon
if you are using android 4.0.1, download this version:

if you are using android 4.0.3, Sense 3.5 download this version:

if you are using android 4.0.3, Sense 3.6 download this version:
thanks rddocke for finding this for me!

[11Jan]ICS Stock Sound Effects
Thanks again to Shnizlon for this

[11Jan]Alternative AOSP Mod for Sense Based Roms
oFcAsHeEp has put together an alternative version of whats in post 2 with some different things included and taken out so its a different flavor for those who may miss some of the sense apps or annoyed with the currently buggy AOSP Mods.
Check it out HERE.

[11Jan]4.0.3 XE and Non-Xe % Battery Mods
Thanks to malybru who is currently working on battery mods for both XE and Non XE Android base 4.0.3 Roms. Check out his thread HERE. Work In Progress.

[10Jan]T9 AOSP Dialer
ICS AOSP dialer with T9 prediction, so predicts who your typing the number for, same as in sense. Made by beady_uk, get it HERE thanks to NetSoerfer for finding this for me!

[09Jan]ICS Battery Themes
Another, different ICS stock theme can be found HERE thanks to gbzbar for the work on this. Screen shots are included in the linked post. Currently mods for Sensless ICS builds and for ARHD Sense ICS. Updated to work with 4.0.3 Base.

[30Dec]ICS Stock messaging app
Get it HERE Big thanks to mox123 for putting this together and doing hours of testing! dont flash when you have an unread message notification or you'll be stuck with it!
Also if using stock message app you wont get a popup number on the shortcut when u have a new message, no fix yet..
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File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (2.37 MB, 1970 views)
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (1.83 MB, 983 views)
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22nd December 2011, 10:06 AM |#2  
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Stock ICS AOSP Apps
(Open Beta)
Version 4.4
(28Jan12) - Sense 3.6 compatable

Ok This is a little mod myself and Mox123 have been working on to allow any ROM to be turned into AOSP, so you keep the rom you love but without all the HTC applications, its basically a way of de-sensing your ROM.

Once things are working fine and i understnad what goes with what im planning on making seperate packs so you can flash stock messaging app, or stock calendar etc etc.

Im not responsible if your house blows up, your cheese goes mouldy or anything else if you flash this..

Note this is only for use on ICS 4.0.3 Sense 3.6 builds, dont try and flash it on gingerbread or your phone wont boot and i wont be impreseed..

What you Get
- ICS Stock Theme (thanks to Shnizlon)
- Messaging App
- Dialer
- Launcher
- Contacts app
- Gallery
- Music app
- Email app
- Calculator
- Desk clock
- Browser
- Keyboard
- Calendar
- Lockscreen
*Note this does change lockscreen to stock and theres 1 bug, you have to unlock to answer a call If you want HTC lockscreen back i'll add a zip to get it back. Attached to this post.

A Possible fix to unlock to answer is to install full screen caller id from the market which works with stock lock screen both come with lite or a free trial let me know if this fixes it. thanks payneardo for the info.

**For browser to work when you first boot, go to manage apps and clear the data from the browser**

Screen shots are HERE

To Do
Fix lockscreen issues
stock camera - maybe..
Something else i forgot im sure!

- Stock messaging app MMS sending issues, see post 1 for fix for tmobile
- playing youtube videos with the internet browser full screen appear green
- Unique ringtones set for contacts dont work?
- for some reason during sim unlock says please contact customer support?! ignore it, dont know how i managed to triger that!

Massie thanks to Mox123
Hes done an amazing job on this on getting this off the ground.

Flash in recovery,
Clear cache
thats about it!
would like to hear some feedback!
If you already installed an earlier version should be fine just to flash this over it.

Please note the first boot will be laggy while things unpack, give it a moment to get going!

If you flash and dont like it, ive made a flashable zip to remove the mod and take you back to stock HTC ICS build {Coming Soon} for now if you want to remove the mod, reflash the original rom you were on when you applied the mod and it will remove it for u but keep your data.
Thanks to Mike1986, these apks are from the ARHD ROM but should work for any ROM to return you to HTC Stock ICS

Release Candidate 4.4
-Patched FC issues people were having. 
All my testing seems ok...

Release Candidate 4.3
-Patched for Sense 3.6
-Removed SMS apn.xml, made things worse :(

Beta Version 4.2
~Release Candidate~
-Actually really does remove HTC lockscreen this time, promise!
-Settings.apk and phone.apk working thanks to RMK for his work on these.
-Added T9 Dialer application thanks to beady_uk (i know this isnt actually AOSP but its cool)
-Fixed mms not sending (i think)
-Contacts should now be working properly thanks again to RMK.

Beta Version 4.1
- Added new base 4.0.3 browser

Beta Version 4.0
- Removed HTC lockscreen, now stock
- Stock lockscreen camera shortcut works now
- Re-built mod for Android 4.0.3 compatibility

Beta Version 3.2
- Fixed force close on 
- Fixed facebook sync issues (I think!)
- Fixed keyboard for other languages (again i think!)
Beta Version 3.1
-Internal Test
Beta Version 3.0
- Added Stock Calendar and it seems to actually work this time!
- Added ICS stock sound effects (thanks to Shnizlon)
Beta Version 2.9
- Internal test, didnt quite work :/
Beta Version 2.8
- Stock ICS Keyboard working!
- HTC Gallery is actually removed now (coding derp by me!)
Beta Version 2.7
- Removed Stock Calendar, not working yet :(
If you already flashed beta 2.6 and want htc calendar back, 
file attached to this post, HTC_Calender, flash that.
Beta Version 2.6
- Added browser (thanks scm_crash)
- Added desk clock
- Added calculator
- Fixed keyboard crash
- Added Calendar
Beta Version 2.5
- Updated Shnizlon's ICS theme from V4 to V6
- HTC Gallery is now auto removed
Beta Version 2.4
- Initial Working Release
Beta Version 1.0 - 2.3
Internal pre-release builds, most of which didnt work!
Attached Files
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File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (143.6 KB, 482 views)
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22nd December 2011, 10:07 AM |#3  
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MOAR space saved!
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22nd December 2011, 10:23 AM |#4  
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Thanks for the tip, but my Album still does not load any pictures that I have...
22nd December 2011, 10:28 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by kristofpetho

Thanks for the tip, but my Album still does not load any pictures that I have...

that seems to have fixed it for most, after doing all above, reboot and try and do another fix permissions (seems to take longer)
if that doesnt work, try and take a photo and see if it can read that, just to make sure it can read your SD card ok.
otherwise backup and re-format SD card..
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22nd December 2011, 10:29 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by Hawke84

that seems to have fixed it for most, after doing all above, reboot and try and do another fix permissions (seems to take longer)
if that doesnt work, try and take a photo and see if it can read that, just to make sure it can read your SD card ok.
otherwise backup and re-format SD card..

The funny thing is that if I take a picture, that will show up just fine, but only that picture, none of the previous ones... ???
22nd December 2011, 10:33 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by kristofpetho

The funny thing is that if I take a picture, that will show up just fine, but only that picture, none of the previous ones... ???

exactly what i had, the steps in the first post solved it for me but i had to do another fix permissions for some reason.
at least you know the SD card is working!
sorry i cant help more, ive had a look around and not seen any other fixes,
let me know if u figure it out and i'll update this thread
22nd December 2011, 10:34 AM |#8  
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Those anyone have the ics icons flashable zip?
22nd December 2011, 10:35 AM |#9  
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will stock apks give stock ICS launcher as well ??? if so can you please share some screen shots
22nd December 2011, 10:39 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by mustafa.aziz

will stock apks give stock ICS launcher as well ??? if so can you please share some screen shots

yes it will give stock launcher, i cant do any screen shots at the moment cos im at work, but it is just the normal ICS launcher, lockscreen is sense still.
there is a no sense script you can flash to remove all sense things, but i havent tested it on ICS yet..
22nd December 2011, 10:44 AM |#11  
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i installed no-sense script after i installed your flash file]]and it works, the lock screen is changed to default android one

only thinkg i need now is the default ics camera and people app, anyway i can get this?
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